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  1. Chelsea 2 Plymouth Argyle 1

    It can't be fatigue. They just had a two week break. Or that isn't enough? Or we worked super hard in training? Nonetheless, I still feel players like Lukaku are doing a pisstake.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    I did not say everybody else...I do not expect Villa, Arsenal, Wolves and co. to overtake us. Now, that's a blatant lie or a misunderstanding regards to optimism. I never said anyone being optimistic is idiocy or "toxic". It's when they are being optimistic. Like last summer, despite what people said about Lukaku in the other forum, I showed optimism that Lukaku will storm the PL and evolve. Because we brought in a striker, who at the time was banging in goals. Something new and exciting. I was very excited two summers ago as well. Then there's that OTHER side, when let's say Lampard who has ZERO experience, losing games left, right and centre and fans still believe in him he can turn it around. On what basis. Werner. You can sit on that hill and say "Werner will eventually turn it around." Based on what? Here's the thing. If you become so optimistic, you raise your expectations. Some fans fell in to the trap pre-December that we will go all the way despite massive cracks you can see. And when it comes crashing down, anger comes shortly after. I raised my expectations on this season because of Lukaku. Big mistake, because all he did in the end was give me more stress. It's nice that beat City and won the CL and I was filled with joy when we won it. But that's last season. Have we competed with City? Really? Do I have remind you how super poor we were against them BOTH times this season? Liverpool though, fair game although...I dread the final. Liverpool have the firepower. We don't. Thanks Dr. Phil.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    ...Um. You do realise he said that word first?
  4. Chelsea 2 Plymouth Argyle 1

    Lolkaku wants the summer to move away from Chelsea. I think he knows his time is done hence why he was wearing Timberland boots today.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Crisis - "an extremely difficult or dangerous point in a situation". Okay "In Crisis" is the wrong term. But the iceberg is coming so fast. I'm breaking this down for you with ALL those points you mentioned. 3rd in the league - We dropped 20+ points since December. This is an extremely difficult situation. 300m+ spent over the two years, and we only got 2/3 wins between December and January. We are 3rd, but played games more than everyone around us. United for example are 9 points behind, with 2 games in hand. Win them both, they are 3 points behind AND we have to go OT. That's one example, but West Ham and Spuds shouldn't be far off. Honestly I have to thank the clubs below us like United who are having bad seasons as well because if they were decent we should be at least 4th or below. Still in the CL - Ok, we got Lille so we should EXPECT to beat them. But as long City, Bayern, an in-form RM and PSG are in the tournament, we will not win it. I can even place a clown avatar on me if we go on to win this. Still in both domestic cups - Play like we did against Plymouth today against Liverpool and we are smoked. This team needs Chilwell and RJ back SO bad. I have no confidence in beating Liverpool bar a rub off a green such as a 'Pool sending off or a moment of madness from them. FA Cup well...City and Liverpool are still in it and we cannot compete with them. 4 games lost - It really doesn't mean anything without context. Like you can go a full season unbeaten (but lose in pens in cups) and finish 7th. Our goal this season was to challenge City or at least have a comfortable 3rd place finish. Former goal we have failed, and the latter is slowly becoming a fail. If we lost 15 games but win the league, who cares? And again, let's not forget Chelsea OFF the pitch as well. There's problems that I mentioned in this thread before. But because we failed to do anything this window, next summer has to be major huge. Like mega. A clearout of useless players while bringing in better ones. Otherwise I can't see TT staying in this club much longer. And it will not be his fault.
  6. Chelsea 2 Plymouth Argyle 1

    We look so disjointed. This can't get any worse surely. CWC starts next week, I'm scared that this squad's going to feck it.
  7. Chelsea 2 Plymouth Argyle 1

    Keep making dumb excuses. It's not like we were so much better before the break.
  8. Chelsea 2 Plymouth Argyle 1

    Well done Kepa but God. It looks like the PL break did nothing to us.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    No, I did not ignore those people. People went on about our squad depth being big, but it got exposed heavily during this period. The window was open. We did nothing. Transfer window closed, fans say it's fine. The reality is, we are far far away from challenging any PL title. Shut up of course we are the latest club to win the trophy. But we won it LAST season you stupid muppet not THIS season.
  10. Chelsea 2 Plymouth Argyle 1

    Struggling to beat Plymouth. How.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Well, that’s easy to say that now lol. Of course it hasn’t gone to plan. I know what crisis means thank you very much, that’s why I used the term.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    When somebody tries to call me out as a pessimist, while not agreeing something is wrong with the club and telling me that I should chill and everything is fine, that’s when it becomes toxic positivity territory whether you like it or not. Just because we beat Spuds doesn’t mean things are back to normal pre- December. We had Lukaku coming out wanting out of the club. Rudiger and Christensen refusing new contract. 2 wins out of 8. On top of not getting anybody in January. Had to recall Kenedy. All because of players who are underperforming are in HUGE contracts. We are not much in a crisis compared to say, Arsenal but we kind of are. Is Liverpool having this problem? I know there’s the Salah contract situation but Pool can’t deal with this further until Salah returns from AFCON. Does City have this problem? Fans here who just ignore these things and burying their heads in sand and shout “CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE!!!” you can’t sit there and tell me that isn’t toxic. That was last season. LAST. I am talking about NOW and the future. We are in a final but we only beaten Klopp’s Liverpool TWICE in like 8 or so meetings. And we are not in good form right now compared to them. Nothing suggests apart from luck that we would beat them. (I am just saying this before someone points the final out). You’re right, things may quickly change in football. MAY. (Although I strongly disagree 1 win tomorrow makes us kings again.) But you can’t always assume that things will change quickly. Let me remind you of Lampard? (And before you ask, no I am NOT TT out)
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    There’s also toxic positivity which happens in fanbases. Just sitting there doing nothing and saying everything is fine when it’s not. Small clubs like Villa and Everton have strengthened. It will be harder to beat them next time round. 2 wins in 8 PL games (me personally it’s 1 in 7, Spuds don’t count as we always beat them) is not something to be “optimistic” about. You all are having a laugh if you think for example Werner will flip a switch and start banging in goals. I know football is unpredictable, but records and trends show that Jorginho is going to be one of our top scorers for the club yet again due to penalties. If we bought new exciting players in this window, THAT would be the time to be optimistic and have great hope. We just finished a disgusting January on top of December only winning like 2-3 PL games, once top of the league now like 15 points behind, slowly dragging to the top 4 race and we should be optimistic. Lol. P.S. - I am talking about the league here only even though…I can’t see us beating Liverpool in the final. They strengthened when they are already ahead of us.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Because we did that the last two (now three) transfer windows and next to nothing happened. Actually looking back, the last 6 windows (not counting the summer we were banned) only 1 window we actually DID something. Summer 2020. So that's why we are anxious. We HAVE to deliver next summer otherwise we are going to fall way behind. We need Rudiger to extend his contract. We need a backup LB (so we can get rid of Alonso) and RB. We need a striker or an attacking player who can actually finish a dog's dinner. Lukaku wasn't the answer and we shouldn't have bought him. I wish we can dump him because not only he's not scoring goals, he's not doing much elsewhere on the field AND he embarrassed us, the fans and the club.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    We also have some deadwood that are on their last months on their contracts. But we also have to believe. We cannot stand still in back to back to back transfer windows (Getting only Lukaku last summer wasn't enough in my standards). That would be unacceptable especially when other clubs are upgrading their squads. We will be definitely be even further away from City and Liverpool if we stand still. Haaland should be one of our targets.