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  1. I'm getting slightly uneasy about our predicament right now. I can imagine Tuchel is too. Nevermind the injuries which are bad enough on their own. But right now it's looking very likely that at least Rudiger will sign a pre-contract with Real Madrid in a few weeks. With each passing day it becomes more and more likely that Christensen will do the same. Opinions can differ on this but I believe that will have a major impact on the performance on those two players. And I think we've seen signs of it already. Christensen have been way off the last couple of games and he had been solid as a rock until recently. And what happens if Rudiger signs for Real Madrid and we draw them in the last 16?
  2. Zenit St Petersburg 3 Chelsea 3

    Apologies, Real Madrid.
  3. Zenit St Petersburg 3 Chelsea 3

    I can't speak for others but surely the club must recognize it's a bit of a desperate situation now? A piece in The Athletic today that Rudiger is likely to sign a pre-contract with them in about three weeks. Christensen not looking like half the player he was before the contract stalemate became public and official and Azpi may be heading to Barcelona in six months. Even if he isn't he's starting to show his age and shouldn't really be starting that many games for us anymore anyways. Replacing the quality we saw from Christensen & Rudiger between February and November this year is going to cost a lot of money.
  4. Zenit St Petersburg 3 Chelsea 3

    What a rotten bit of luck. Kovacic just back after six weeks out and boom, Covid-19.
  5. West Ham 3 Chelsea 2

    In what sense? We desperately need our best players back. We are desperate for Kante & Kovacic so Jorginho can be rotated and rested without chaos in midfield. If by some miracle all three of them could stay fit for the rest of the season now I think we'd have a great chance. Chilwell was also a big blow but I suppose we can't hope for a quick return in that case. But midfield is our heart and the foundation for everything we do. So we need to get our best midfielders fit and in form. Then we can do anything this season.
  6. Challenging period coming up for Tuchel now. If we intend to keep up with City & Liverpool it's likely that we need to win every single game in December. Then the first three games in January v Liverpool H, City A and Tottenham H will show if we will fight for the title or not. Thankfully we got two home games coming up in the league right now. If we can get through those unharmed and then hopefully have a fully fit Kovacic, Kante and Lukaku back in the fold for Wolves and Villa away then that would be huge. Because that's two very tough games and we probably need to win both. I think he'll have to rest Jorginho v Zenit wheter he wants to or not. It means Barkley/Saul - RLC in midfield likely which could be a disaster but we are through already and with that in mind I think you'd have to focus mostly on Leeds for now.
  7. West Ham 3 Chelsea 2

    I think most would agree we are on the cusp of something great. Largely we've been fantastic since Tuchel arrived at the club. In my view it feels like this title charge is a year early though. City have a ridiculous squad and a great manager to go with it so I think they will take it home again. I believe we are too thin in certain places and we have already recieved a significant blow with Chilwell likely being out for the season. And we all know of our attackers struggles where City & Liverpool have free scoring attackers and midfielders as we speak. We will obviously do everything we can to win. And I have no doubt Tuchel and the lads goal is no less than the EPL-title this season. But in my view it comes a year early. Some strong investment in key areas in the coming summer and we should be in a even greater position for next season.
  8. West Ham 3 Chelsea 2

    Don't mean to be pessimistic but we are having a much harder time with injuries now though. It all aligned in the run in last season with more or less no injuries but right now we are having a torrid time. From Tuchels post match comments it even sounds like Jorginho shouldn't be playing right now as he's struggling with pain but we don't really have a choice with Kante & Kovacic out already and Saul Niguez unable to prove he can handle it here. Chilwell out for a long period of time is a killer blow to us too in my view. Alonso is not at his level either defensively or offensively so that will make us weaker too.