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  1. Chelsea's forward issues

    Pompous, obnoxious perhaps. But I do understand what I am talking about. You should listen.
  2. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    All very sensible stuff. Not quite sure about 5. Cech and the lack of cover. We have a huge squad, and CHO aside all are >21 so none need special nursing. And all started the season fit and raring to go. Of the back up players, GK3, Saul and Sarr all look competent for the role they have in the squad (Saul and Sarr are clearly better than their first appearances suggested). I have my doubts about RLC as a first X1 choice but he seems to be CB 4 or 5 joint with Saul right now. Barkley is the only player not up to full standard IMO - and I dare say some will stand up for him too - he is certainly a more usable option than most PL clubs have below 20th in the pecking order. If anything we have seen the standard reluctance of a top manager to use his full squad which lead to our squad getting thinner and thinner through the 2010s until the 15/16 disaster happened.
  3. Chelsea's forward issues

    ............... You might as just say you follow no rational thought pattern other than listing a bunch of myths in order to moan. Of course our managers are involved in the key decisions. Bull. The numbers speak, you don't understand the language. Go find 4 players at random - one who plays CF, two who play AM and one who plays AM/WB, and find how many they score in the prem over 44 games (that is 4 players * 11 games each). At random it would be about 13 goals. This is not "paltry" this is just boringly normal. It means pick all 4 together and they will get 1.2 goals a game between them. Unusually I will apologise a little for coming across patronisingly - the level of maths understanding required to recognise how common your stats are is actually quite high. However if you don't have that knowledge you should avoid creating confused stats
  4. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    He referenced the home game against Brighton, which was only 3 or 4 weeks ago and also a disappointment, and Bissouma did play then. Yes but not to Lampard. Generally Lampard played left of the V with the front 3 (or front 2 plus top of D) and also mostly the right of V all playing upfield of Lampard. By the end of the move Lampard might arrive in the box, but others would have been there long before him. So yes the odd thing is Lukaku expected to join play with AMs who aren't pushed up while at the same time Lukaku is pushing to the offside line. The other part of the comparison with Lukaku ought to be goals. Lukaku's 8 goals in 16 starts so far would be pretty good for Drogba who only got more than 16 goals in all comps in a season or 12 PL goals for us twice.
  5. Squad Status: 2022/23 Season

    We sold a few players too. The budget of Chelsea Man U and Liverpool are roughly balanced. The budget of City is balanced only with big injections from related Abu Dhabi related companies. You start with a period immediately after the PL win. In that period we have been 5th once and top 4 the other years, won FA cup, Europa Cup, Champions League and been runner up in 3 other cups (+ super cup and LC finalists this year). Happy to stand by my comments.
  6. Subtle change of direction from the players being crap (Sleeping Dave) to RDC wanting to claim I denied they played crap (which I clearly haven't). Another who can't understand why players under the beloved Lampard turned out to be excellent when coached - BUT is so invested in Lampard he refuses to even recognise it. (Was that another wank reference?)
  7. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    You do skip about from one way of criticising him to another without defending any. When the oppo put one man against our DM that is the definition of being a good player. Especially if it is Bissouma. You (and Brighton) are complimenting him. It frequently happens, and we play around him freely.
  8. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    Yes it is an international break, but most European teams are not playing internationals. Someone said it is just Pulisic and Silva (& Mendy at Afcon) so it pretty much is a 2 week rest. And it restarts with Plymouth Argyle - so arguably 2 and a half weeks.
  9. Then go find a quote - 80+ has always been my yardstick for a club challenging for the prem for several years now. I might have predicted 85+ for this team this season, can't recall. The whole players are crap thing has been Lampard apologies for 18 months now. In the meantime some of his "worst players" have become superstars and won CL and WC. It is quite pathetic from grown men.
  10. Chelsea's forward issues

    Bull - hope you know a bit more about men and women than you know about numbers. Cherry picked numbers too, I'd guess half of them by players in AM roles (or even WB roles).
  11. Chelsea's forward issues

    I don't see your issue. 13 goals in 44 * 90 mins is not brilliant. But not bad given you cherry picked the competition's, players and time period.
  12. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    First para we seem to be agreeing. 2nd para somehow you failed to notice that hate group that moans so much about Ziyech. Up yours he is saying. I'm fine with him not celebrating his own goal. So long as they all celebrate their colleagues goals.
  13. You think TT has regressed to the level of Lampard? Is that your point. The Lampard apology, we know. 85 - feel free to read my posts as well as faux quote me.
  14. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    So he can't play with the ball against the press, or he can't defend? Or do you just keep switching from insult to insult to get a general effect. Yes - though rather 17/18 (in 16/17 we added 6 players to the squad and won the prem while not being in any Euro comp). Of course 15/16 was even worse when it came to player tiredness. The other similarity with 17/18 is 3 at back and a very tiring workload for AMs and WBs (perhaps with incredible expectations for Kante too). xG It should there were very few chances to either side. We certainly were NOT outplayed by Brighton - though no surprise you chose to say that. We certainly failed to out play them though.
  15. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    The conviction that Jorginho cannot play against the press and Kovacic can has to be one of the strangest on here. I await the next big player award going Kovacic's way. There is certainly something up with the way Lukaku combines with the team. For me a big part of the issue is that he is expected to be a target man, yet the AMs (we had 3 today with Mount) don't get at all close to him - you can't link with players who don't get close. Either they are tired or just don't expect anything to stick with him. Instead Lukaku does want to be bursting through the offside line when CHO, Ziyech, Mount and Pulisic all wanting to be running ahead of their CF. It is strange how TT, who has the defence playing very clearly according to instructions, hasn't banged the front lines's heads together. Yes - and very rested for this game as others have pointed out - up for it.