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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    So Werner leaves with literally no one shedding a tear. However, it leaves us painfully short in attack. With Ziyech and Hudson-Odoi both having uncertain futures here while also not really performing, it leaves us at least one attacking midfielder and an attacker short. At the moment we only really have Havertz, Mount, Sterling, Pulisic and Broja. That’s light both in numbers and in quality. It’s fast becoming a real concern for us. We simply have to get some signings over the line.
  2. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Chelsea (3-4-3): Eddie Beach; Alfie Gilchrist, Xavier Mbuyamba, Bashir Humphreys (c); Dion Rankine, Xavier Simons, Charlie Webster, Lewis Hall (Ben Elliot 83); Harvey Vale (Leo Castledine 72), Omari Hutchinson (Joe Haigh 83), Mason Burstow (Jayden Wareham 62). Some real big talents in there. Mbuyamba, Webster, Hall, Vale, Hutchinson and Burstow are all potential professionals.
  3. Squad Status: 2022/23 Season

    Big well done to our eminent scouting department who deemed Haaland “not good enough for the PL”. The stuff they’ve got away with over the last decade. Yikes.
  4. Everton 0 Chelsea 1

    Solid but slightly fortunate win. We didn’t get any questions answered that we already did not have the answer to. Kalidou solid. Cucurella a real asset. Sterling a vast improvement in what we had previously. But striker is a real worry, so is central midfield. Thought Jorginho was awful today. Still no idea where the goals are supposed to be coming from.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    The quoted prices for Fofana are ridiculous. Obviously we cannot go and spend £80m on him. That would make the Maguire transfer look reasonable. Fofana is at most a £30-40m defender. I don’t think his potential is worth north of £40m.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    That just makes no sense to me. Do we have players for a 352?
  7. Chelsea Pre-Season Summer 2022

    I agree that many believed that we were only a striker away. But the central midfield has always been an issue for this side with the player combos we can tinker with. A rebuild should have happened sooner, but I think the club management thought that had already been done with Lampard bringing through academy players and then adding Havertz, Werner, Mendy, Chilwell, Silva and Ziyech two summers ago and Lukaku last summer. In reality, that work has been done for top dollar. It’s just a shame we have betted on the wrong horses. The work we have in front of us now is a new central defense, new central midfield and a new attack. It’s basically open heart surgery stuff we need.
  8. Chelsea Pre-Season Summer 2022 That’s a laughable claim I’m afraid. Season 2017/18 yes, 2016/17 absolutely not.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Jarrod Bowen, James Maddison, Harvey Barney’s, Youri Tielemans, Wilfred Zaha and before going to Spurs, Richarlison would all walk into our starting XI.
  10. Chelsea Pre-Season Summer 2022

    Cristiano Ronaldo. At this stage a no-brainer. This side lacks goals it’s painful. Ronaldo will score goals. Yes it’s a short-term solution but a solution is still better than five problems. Spot on. If TT knew the problem areas he would have rectified it. We haven’t, not even close. Signing Lukaku last season was laughable. We needed midfielders way more than £100m on a donkey. Fully agree it’s a bloody mess though. Nothing fits together in this squad puzzle. We could almost not have done worse in our recruitment. I spent a lot of time arguing that the squad was not nearly as good as some people seemed to think when Lamps got the sack. Yea we saw a major new manager bounce, senior pros trying to salvage their careers. Now we are back to old habits - poor application, poor attitude and mentality, no edge, losers attitude. Imagine this forum was full of people claiming this was a 85-90+ points side 18-12 months ago. Just imagine. It’s bloody madness, this has never been anything more than a 70-75 point side and so far that hasn’t changed at all this summer. If TT steers us to 75 points he’s done very, very well. We are one Sterling or Silva injury away from being a 65 point side and I reckon we will end up somewhere between 68-72 points the coming season.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Apparently our scouts thought he’d have a hard time adapting to the PL yet thought it was a grand idea spunking £100m on a player we already knew couldn’t adapt playing at a top team in this league. Aguero we said no to because we thought he was too expensive then busted £50m and £200k/week on a busted Torres. Honestly, we must have the worst scouting department in the league
  12. Squad Status: 2022/23 Season

    It seems we are looking to add another CB (preferably a left-footed LCB). That means that the squad is likely to be; Mendy, Arrizabalaga, Bettinelli James, Silva, Koulibaly, New CB, Chalobah, Chilwell, Emerson Kante, Jorginho, Kovacic, Gallagher, Loftus-Cheek Mount, Sterling, Pulisic, Hudson-Odoi Havertz, Werner That’s 18 outfielders. Perhaps Ampadu, Broja and Colwill will get a squad place but for all intents and purposes the main squad is likely to be the one above. If this will indeed be our squad this season I fear we will lose out on top 4.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    So apparently we are looking for a left-footed CB that can play LCB in a three and LCB in a two. Makes the rumours about Ake making more sense all of a sudden. That would also explain why TT isn’t too sold on Kounde. It was probably between Koulibaly and Kounde and we went with Koulibaly. Any ideas of what other CBS out there are LCB-compatible and perhaps also left footed? No mention of us being after additional attackers. Disappointing.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    I simply can’t agree with much of what you say. Much like last summer, where we had signed one of the best strikers in world football you were not very receptive for any other view other than your own. Lukaku is, and always was, a rather fat lumbering striker who thought, and managed to trick others, he was better than he really was. Considering how utterly wrong you were on that one, perhaps you shouldn’t ridicule people with a different opinion to your own? To claim Tottenham has not improved is very hard to agree with. They have added players who will walk straight into their starting XI and they have depth. But above all, they have game changing players. That is worth so much more than a handful of “top names” who can’t do much else but passing it around in the middle third. No football match was ever won that way. I'm with Leboeuf - I’ll be shocked if Tottenham doesn’t finish above us. At this time, we are in a dog fight with Arsenal and Man U for fourth. But then what about West Ham and Leicester? The difference between us down to team 8 last season isn’t that big. Our pre-season is a shambles. If we add a bad start to this we are in a really bad position. The squad is basically a third of absolute dogshit, a third of players who wants to leave and a third that’s worth building on. We have no game winning players, no creator and a defense that consists of 37 year old Silva and a newly bought players from Italy who’s 31. Sterling is a good signing, but he is highly dependent on service. Where is that service going to come from? Hyperbole? Drop your attitude man. People disagreeing with you isn’t hyperbole, it’s called a difference of opinion.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    All I’ll say is this, you do focus on names rather than performances. That’s ok, it’s a common mistake people do. The interesting part is how those names perform as a unit. The pre-season has started in a shambolic way. That’s no small thing, we start the league in two weeks and right now we are miles away from looking like a cohesive unit with any idea of what they are doing. Who’s going to score our goals? Who will create chances? Even if we do manage to sort out the defense, you’d do well to remember that second half of last season we weren’t much better than 5th in England. Others have improved, we haven’t.