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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    It certainly puts us in a very difficult position this summer. Especially considering that we have released three outstanding defensive prospects in Guehi, Tomori and Livramento. The coming summer will be a lot of hard work.
  2. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 4

    Once again Tuchel gets his starting XI all wrong. That defense won’t win us many games in the league.
  3. Chelsea 2 Crystal Palace 0

    Well. I do think he is one of the heaviest strikers in the league. Always something.
  4. Chelsea 2 Crystal Palace 0

    Well another final to keep this season somewhat alive. Hopefully we won’t be ****ed over by the ref for a fourth Wembley final in a row. Since this is against a treble winning Liverpool you can bet your house we will be royally screwed over.
  5. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    You managed to misunderstand. They were in the running to buy us and we should applaud that there was an interest, not focusing on their political affiliation or something else completely random and unimportant. I don’t care if our next owner likes Fidel Castro as long as they do what’s best for the club. There’s no way knowing that until it actually happens. So to rejoice at one of the four bidders stepping away is a fools game. We should be happy the more potential buyers there is. Only people leaning to the left would care about stuff that’s been brought up about them yet somehow managed to turn a blind eye to Roman stripping the Russian people of their state owned assets. I mean wtf? Robbing people blind is ok, being a pro-death penalty republican is not?
  6. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    The mind actually boggles somewhat how people can write off and cheer a team of prospective buyers pulling the plug. We should be absolutely thrilled there are consortiums and the like willing to bid for us. Roman bought the club and people were up in arms. Anyone thinking a team ready to pay £3bn+ and not take care of the club and their responsibilities as owners need a wake up call. Hopefully one of the remaining three will indeed end up buying us. But I’m sure there are some dimwits ready to find faults with those bids as well.
  7. Real Madrid 2 Chelsea 3 (5 - 4 on aggregate)

    Proud of the lads but absolutely gutted. Have a a feeling the season is over and not even sure I want us to get into the final only to be undone by another bent ref at Wembley (against Liverpool again). But then again, it would be a shame to not stop City or Liverpool from winning the treble. Lots of hard work to do in the summer. New owners, a new midfield, a new defense and yet another summer looking for a striker that can do the job. Where we are come start of next season is anyones guess.
  8. Chelsea 1 Real Madrid 3

    In real terms he cost us £97m. That we sold players that are just as good as him with the potential to be better is further salt to the wound.
  9. Chelsea 1 Real Madrid 3

    Define “fine”. Arguably we’re fine now. But we are not a striker away from being serious title challengers. We’ll need more than that.
  10. Chelsea 1 Real Madrid 3

    This. 100%.
  11. Chelsea 1 Real Madrid 3

    Had a feeling the overly optimistic expectations before the game would prove to be hyperbolic. You can never dismiss a side like Real. A striker like Benzema is something we have never had at this club and such players can always score from whatever inch you give them. The tie is clearly over. No disaster, it happens. You simply can’t afford to be this casual at this level. Agree with some other posters, time for a rebuild. This side isn’t a championship winning one. No chance.
  12. At this stage, humour is what will keep you sane:)
  13. Oh mate time flies doesn’t it?
  14. 2005/06 he didn’t win it even once. We walked the league that year.
  15. Manager of the month has always been a laugh. How many times did Mourinho win it during his first two seasons with us?
  16. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    Well there’s an outside chance we’ve might be lucky enough it cancels itself. Edit: sorry Jane, just saw your post. Message received (although this was a poor attempt at a joke and not a continuation of the drab discussion).
  17. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    This is one of the most curious posts I've seen on here I must admit. Cancel culture doesn't exist? It certainly does, very strange to pretend it doesn't. And no, it is certainly not the same as losing out to competition. But you already knew that, so not sure why you pretend you don't.
  18. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    Well, apparently we've been owned by a man who openly supports the war in Ukraine and the murdering of innocent women and children for 20 years so I suppose we can't do much worse than that surely. A bit Islamophobia seems quite innocent in comparison.
  19. Was always going to end badly. Was never a world class striker and never will be. Overrated lump with no technical ability. He says he supports us, imagine how bad he'd been if he grew up a United fan.
  20. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    One thing is for sure, no matter who buys the club the press will be all out to find whatever dirt they can find and then run with it until something gives. Personally the only thing I'm interested in at this stage is to see all the restrictions against the club lifted (let's be perfectly honest here, it's not only about sanctioning Roman, most of the sanctions are hitting the club and its supporters hard and completely unnecessary no less). They live off clicks, don't feed their (war) machine. If we want to cause maximum damage to those clowns just stop reading their BS. I haven't browsed a UK newspaper in a couple of years now. The only input I get to what is written is through these boards. We should all just boycott them. Once the club gets new owners, place the so-called journalists in the worst possible seats and offer them a warm cup of scouser piss for a tenner. Don't ban them from press conferences, but place the UK ones at the back and the foreign ones at the front. Give the UK journos nothing, but the foreign ones whatever they wish. The madness has to stop and those leeches be put back in their place. By the way, if the West really wanted to end this war NATO would have stopped it on the second day. But here we are several weeks into the war and the West is (still) doing nothing of value. Actually, this war has been going on since February 2014. What has been done in the meantime? Nothing is the answer. As always there is a hidden agenda here somewhere. You can be sure of that.
  21. Chelsea 1 Real Madrid 3

    Real has looked pretty average this season but to be perfectly honest so have we. I expect a very hard-fought tie which will be decided by some very small margins. One goal either way being the decider.
  22. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    I'm not sure you've noticed what Putin has done in Russia since 1999. He has literally made sure that the only person yielding any sort of influence over his decisions is Vladimit himself. He is a dictator (in practice). There is no one who has any sort of influence on him whatsoever. Why on earth would Roman Abramovic who has done everything he can to move his assets out of Russia be a person that holds any sort of influence in Kremlin? I believe the Ukrainians has asked him to help out in peace talks because; 1. he's famous 2. he was Yeltsins boy 3. his parents were Ukrainian jews (like the president himself)
  23. Which team do you truly dislike?

    Long list for me. Liverpool is a given and undisputed at the top of my list together with Barcelona. Man C are right up there. Cardiff because they are a nasty bunch. Leeds. Tottenham. West Ham. Crystal Palace. QPR. Stoke. Oddly enough I don’t mind Arsenal or Man U.
  24. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    There’s a difference between being connected and being famous. If Roman had influence in the Kremlin he’d be having those talks from the Russian side trying to get the Ukrainians to agree to Putins demands instead of the other way around surely.
  25. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    Well well well. If that is true the sanctions against Roman must be lifted immediately.