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  1. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    The liberal left has been the dominant force in much of the western world for the past few decades. It has consumed everything and tries to top itself with crazier and crazier focus areas instead of focus on real issues such as not making yourself dependent on countries like China and Russia who have both been waiting for this moment for the past twenty years (or more!). We are now at our weakest we’ve been since the outbreak of the Second World War. What we do now will matter for decades to come and all we can muster is to sanction Oligarchs and their assets (that I can bet they’ve been working hard to get out of Russia and out of Putins reach). It’s bloody criminal behaviour and achieves nothing apart from signalling to the masses that they are firm. They are not. They are idiots.
  2. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    Putin can’t take money from Roman outside of his assets in Russia. It’s my understanding that the majority of Romans wealth is outside of Russia although I may be wrong. Either case, Europe can’t prevent Putin from taking Romans money that’s within Russia, all they can do is to steal his wealth that’s in Europe. To be perfectly honest, it’s a shameless behaviour. It was Yeltsin who elevated Putin. Chelsea fans should make a concerted effort to write a list of all companies and news outlets that we should boycott. What has been going on over the past few days is definitely something that warrants that. This. It has absolutely zero impact on the outcome of this war. Roman isn’t even in Russia very often and has tried to distance himself from Putin and Russia since he bought the club. This is nothing more than virtue-signalling by the toothless and is a common theme among the liberal left who have lost their moral compass completely. Their ideology is something taken out of a children story. When you refuse to see the world through a lens of realism, you end up like we have done. If the blame should be laid on someone, it’s the western politicians who have 1. been showing weakness which WILL also lead to China making moves and 2. making the region dependent of Russian energy. Sanctioning Roman is just a weak effort to divert attention from their own failings.
  3. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    What kind of breaking news is that? He sanctioned the sale several days ago. The only thing that the morons in parliament has achieved is making sure the money from the sale isn’t going to the victims in Ukraine. A real slow clap all around. The mind boggles in regards to how stupidity can outwit common sense.
  4. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    Well done. Any Chelsea fan keeping their business with them need a long hard look in the mirror. I’d say that’s a great reason to keep it up. The West has been busy trying to be so good they have actually become what they say they despise. I see no difference between Europe, The US, Russia and China. All wankers. Difference is some of those aren’t trying to hide it. How does anything make any sense. Meanwhile women and children are slaughtered in Ukraine. Text book Klopp. Without the PGMOL in his corner he’d be a lot less successful. Well. How can anyone argue with that? You can add all the yank owners to that as well. They’ve been destabilising the world for the past 100 years + with impunity.
  5. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    Difficult to make sense of this. But then again than in itself isn’t surprising considering we in the west has been run by a bunch of absolute twats for decades. This is a time to come together and show the rest of the world what we’re made of. They can try and knock us down but we’ll come back stronger than ever. Might take time, but at some stage we will. **** em all.
  6. Norwich City 1 Chelsea 3

    You know what? I’m totally indifferent if a bunch of players or sponsors want to leave. Couldn’t care less, me supporting Chelsea was never about success. It was the process of supporting Chelsea. If Jorginho and Rudiger and others wants to leave then let them. It’s their loss. If 3 wants to sponsor a different team, go ahead, couldn’t care less.
  7. Thank You Roman

    Actually, I’m not even sure they should stick to football.
  8. Thank You Roman

    Yes, agree with this completely. But then I'm also not going to hide the fact that he deserves a lot of praise and I'm not going to not sing his name because a few half-baked unicorns with a virtue-signalling ailment thinks that's the right thing to do. The hypocrisy is sickening. I sing what I want and I show my appreciation to whomever I want and they can bloody well stuff it where the sun don't shine if it doesn't suit their agenda. My respect for the establishment is pretty much completely gone. It was at an all-time low before this happened, now there is no way back. Europe need proper leaders, not the poxy bellends we vote into office.
  9. Thank You Roman

    But then there is no argument for why we should not sing his name. You're being trapped by the media narrative - exactly what those weasels want!
  10. Thank You Roman

    I think this has nothing to do with proving anything. These days we go by what the media write us to feel about someone. If you are up against that, you’re basically done for.
  11. Thank You Roman

    I’m sorry but no, just no. Roman is of Ukrainian decent ffs. He donates ALL proceeds from his sale to the victims in Ukraine (if he sells for 3bn, that’s almost 2,9bn). Only a person with a very clear agenda can honestly claim he’s in any way responsible for this mess or that we should be ashamed of having him as our owner. **** that.
  12. Thank You Roman

    And neither should you. Good on you Martin, if I was there I’d have done the same. Even in hindsight!
  13. Burnley 0 Chelsea 4

    I don’t see what difference it makes to be honest. Roman hasn’t invaded the Ukraine. He’s actually a Ukrainian Jew by birth. That he can’t publicly criticise Putin for fear of his safety doesn’t mean he’s complicit.
  14. Burnley 0 Chelsea 4

    Torn on the chanting? Why on earth would you be torn on Chelsea fans singing Romans name? As for VAR, nothing surprises me anymore but it is 100% bent. Lukakus goal was clearly inside whereas the Liverpool one tonight was actually clearly offside. Yet we see a totally reversed outcome.
  15. Chelsea's forward issues

    I can see what you mean, but I also think it is important to remember that it is a 5 min highlight reel. I also remember a lot of frustration regarding Salah and quite a few very indifferent performances from him. He was also competing with Hazard, Willian, Oscar, Schurrle and Mata for a place. So competition was fierce.
  16. Luton Town 2 Chelsea 3

    I'm praying for a Chelsea-Liverpool final and that the team is properly angry over how we are continuously treated like effing garbage by the media and the refs. Just get right in their faces and blow them away 4-0.
  17. Thank You Roman

    The EU is totally dependent on Russian gas for energy. It’s easy to ask your government to seize assets from rich individuals, it is also deeply immoral given that the Russian gas warms the Europeans asses during the winter. This has so many layers in it but one thing is certain, we are continuously run by the feelings of morons instead of logical reasoning. The west has been a lot about fairies, unicorns and rainbows for a good few decades now. Of course that has corrupted the minds of the people.
  18. Thank You Roman

    It is also incorrect. They have missed; League cup titles, 2003-04, 2006-07 UEFA Super Cup 2021 Charity Shield 2005, 2009 21 titles in 19 seasons (still with a shout for two titles more - CL and FAC). It really ought to have been 22 if we didn't have such a corrupt bunch of refs. Well, even ore than that. How many finals have we been ****ed over recently? Three domestic finals in a row?
  19. Thank You Roman

    Yemen doesn’t count for three reasons. 1. Shearer doesn’t know it’s a country, 2. Shearer doesn’t know Saudi is a country, 3. it’s not in Europe anyways so doesn’t count.
  20. Thank You Roman

    And just like that, Roman Abramovich ensures he will be remembered as the best football club owner ever. His moral is not comparable to any of the pariahs who has forced this through. He's a man of honour and we have been lucky to have had him as our owner for the past 20 years. I salute him, I thank him for all that he has done and I wish him and his family the very best for the future. I am not able to keep my feelings within the limits of this forum, so I'll keep this short and sweet. My feelings towards the western culture and our so-called "elite" has never been lower. Absolute ****ing scum the lot of them. Virtue-signalling and "oh look at me, my values are impeccable" instead of actually using their power to anything remotely useful. How this is helping the victims in the Ukraine is anyones guess, but I suppose this had never anything to do with that in the first place. "**** em all" has never felt more appropriate. A solid two-finger salute to the western establishment. **** you.
  21. Thank You Roman

    By the way, the moderators are in a bit of a pickle on this topic. Good luck discussing this without mixing in politics!!!
  22. Thank You Roman

    I think you are right, Western Europe has been all about grandstanding for decades now and it's a part of the world which is solely run by sentiments and emotions. It's a long time since logic prevailed in this part of the world. If Roman is forced to sell I suppose that's it and we can close another chapter of our history as a club. I've been a fan since the early 90's and the owner of the club has zero impact on my support of the club. I support the club, not owners. But you really do have to laugh at the hypocrisy, Roman has not invaded the Ukraine and he can't be asked to come out and publicly lambast Putin. He has a life and family to protect and we all know what Putin does with people who publicly go against him. Personally I'm 100% against the west sanctioning sports persons or private persons not even residing in Russia. Let's play with the thought that the UK would invade Ireland (hrm) and the rest of the world would go after Sir Richard Branson and make AC Milan and Roma to fire Tomori and Abraham. How mush sense would that make? None is the answer. It's the usual snowflake response from weak-minded western politicians. Quite frankly I'm sick of it.
  23. Chelsea's forward issues

    How many times has Pulisic and Ziyech played as wing backs for us. Serious question. If it's more than five times each I'd be genuinely surprised. In all likelihood it's a lot less than that. For something that happens so often it's quite surprising you cannot come up with more examples than a few times a season. Generally the players are played in their positions. There may be various roles within the position, and the job of the manager is to create the best TEAM out of a collective of individuals with their particular skill set. Werner is often asked to play on the shoulder of the defense and to make vertical runs. That's supposedly what he is good at. Lukaku is asked to stay centrally and score when he gets the chances in the box. Mount is asked to do pressing work and lead from the front. Pulisic is supposed to make runs and create space for the rest of the team. I simply do not buy that our players are asked to play roles that doesn't suit them. It's just one of those lazy comments you hear people say when they have nothing better to add to the discussion. Mason Mount is not a player that is supposed to only score or assist. His role is far more broad than say a Pulisic who's only real contribution is goals and assists. Mount is imperative for our pressing game, Pulisic is nowhere near on that level and also, Mount has played a significant amount of time in midfield positions whereas Pulisic has predominantly played as a winger/attacker. But I would agree that Mount hasn't scored enough goals. But it's not his only job and not the only metric he should be judged on.
  24. Chelsea's forward issues

    Have they? As in regularly, do you mean more than a handful of times if even that?
  25. Chelsea's forward issues

    Ok. But we are deep into his third season with us and the trend is quite the opposite. He isn't even close scoring 20 goals in a season across all competitions, let alone the Premier League. Also, doing it in patches is one thing - doing it consistently across multiple of season is a whole different ball game.