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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yeah, Upamecano.. damn that’s going to be an interesting one.. I know we’ve done some to resolve our defensive situation but it still worries me somewhat. Unless it’s the coaching..
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    What’s the release clause of that young French defender at Leipzig?
  3. Updated incase anyone didn’t know.
  4. Champions League 2020/21

    Some people are never happy, and that’s coming from me! If you wanted a draw we could qualify from, then we have it. If you wanted teams we don’t face ‘often’ then we have that. If you wanted some giant matches where we might get out of the group then we don’t have that. Can’t see us pulling up many trees in the competition this season anyway.
  5. I’d be delighted with Poch. Anyone else or?
  7. Does anyone think he can improve? I mean he’s only 25 or...
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Many many many slated his signing. Gonna be weird seeing him in a WBA shirt.
  9. Topic just as an FYI for Michy talk whilst he’s on loan at Palace.
  10. It’s an insane signing.. but obviously a very expensive one. He’s got unbelievable talent and ability he really has, and from the little I’ve seen (only YouTube, unfortunately) definitely some Hazard about him.. and, like Hazard, I can only see Havertz getting the Real Madrid bug as well, unfortunately. Obviously who knows, but you can totally see it happening.. but anyway, incredible signing and incredible talent! His potential is absolutely massive as well it really is.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Starting to wonder about these Donnarumma links.. could be interesting. One year left on his contract I believe? Now Milan will no way want to lose him, but I’m not sure he’s signing a new contract with them? Or possibly not. So it’s either a fee now, a lesser fee in the winter window, or free in the summer if he doesn’t sign a new one with them..
  12. New Kits

    Doesn’t look too dissimilar to the Barcelona away/third kit.. also Nike, of course.
  13. Hope he stays in France really, or in England, I guess. So he’s a free signing.. I wonder if he’s one of these who may actually play for us or a Pasalic type signing. Anyway, quite a shrewd signing I think.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Chillwell Drinkwater.. a good ethos there. Who could be a third? Anyone out there called Eathealthy?
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    The reported fee is absolutely absurd. We should tell them where to stick it if it’s anywhere near the truth.
  16. VAR and Chelsea

    Sounds familiar!
  17. VAR and Chelsea

    True. But shouldn’t the correct decision of a red card been made IN the game? I can’t remember all the aspects about it, but it was a criminal ‘challenge’ wasn’t it? Sticks in my mind anyway.
  18. VAR and Chelsea

    I hate VAR and want it gone. Didn’t want it in the first place at all. What were the worst VAR calls involving Chelsea this season? There were a fair few. The one that sticks in my mind was Lamela? That stamp against Spurs at the Bridge. IIRC it was absolutely a nailed on criminal challenge, yet the VAR didn’t do anything!!
  19. Thing is, and correct me if I’m wrong.. first of all I think Odoi needs a loan. 100 per cent. Also, KDB was smashing it in Belgium, hence why we signed him (and Courtois) now I can’t remember how long KDB was here before, but if his loan to Bremen plus what he did in Germany wasn’t evidence enough that he should get a fair crack here then I guess we don’t deserve to have the guy. Sort of the same with Salah, I was spectacle when we signed him, but again, if his loan wasn’t evidence enough that he deserved a fair go here, then I really don’t know. He did well with Fiorentina then obviously really well with Roma, and then utterly smashed it with Liverpool. Obviously transfers like that can go either way sometimes, but again, we signed them for a reason, lobes then where they both did well, then decided to sell them when in reality (hindsight is great) but even then I wouldn’t have sold them. And actually the same with Lukaku. It’s like we did the right thing with him, then the wrong thing. Obviously people really differ on him but personally I wouldn’t of sold him. And we did really well with Courtois, really really well. Whoever was identifying these Belgian talents really was doing his/her job incredibly well. Thankfully his talent and ability was fairly obvious, and I just think we were seriously unlucky he wanted to leave, and boy do we miss him. So the Odoi comparison isn’t exactly fair, although I guess you’re sort of meaning his age etc which is fair enough. But my opinion on Odoi hasn’t changed.
  20. Transfer Talk Topic

    Anything much on Havertz?
  21. Ziyech coming in as back up? Formation and others aside, I’d like to think and assume he will be in the starting 11, and if not at the start, fairly quickly. I have doubts over Mount starting in the 11, unless he can offer a lot more in his consistency. He’s a good young player no doubt, but he got lucky to be starting and playing so much for us last season.
  22. I still think regardless of our squad next season it’s gonna suck a little seeing him in an Arsenal shirt.. a little different but I guess in the same way Giroud left them and came to us. That must of sucked. But, as I said previously, I still would of liked him to stay here for another couple of years and I’m disappointed it didn’t happen (for whatever reason) because unless someone can tell me, I don’t know what officially we offered versus officially of what deal he’s been given at Arsenal. And I don’t care what anyone else says, it does diminish his legacy here a little, for me anyway.
  23. Just hope he can steer clear from all those knocks and niggles..
  24. I think price wise, though, it’s pretty superb, isn’t it? Only seen him on YouTube but he is a brilliant finisher, extremely quick, great age, and German! And as others have mentioned, a striker. Really hoping he plays down the middle and doesn’t get bundled on the damn wing all the time. He has great pace so hoping we will really be able to utilise this and play to HIS strengths, and not just in the counter attack.