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  1. I’ll just add from a football point of view I am absolutely gutted beyond belief. Thanks, Vlad.

    So to anyone who knows, how and why are the government going after Roman (apart from the obvious that is what is happening) I can’t justify anything because for any of us to know the ‘ins and outs’ of what’s actually going on is wrong.

    Even putting the trophies aside and the football, has it ever been truly mentioned how Roman changed English football for the better? Look back at how the league was (fundamentally) before he took over. Arsenal. United. United. United. United. Arsenal. United. United. United. Etc Roman comes in, completely changes the game. Brings a freshness to the league, a new competitiveness, even more people watching the league, Liverpool up’d it, City got taken over and made the league even better. If Roman wouldn’t of done what he had done who knows how the league would be. And what did it do? Help bring billions and billions of pounds in to English football and make it the best league on the planet. The only people complaining were bitter jealous fans.

    What else has he done? Changed Chelsea truly and completely, new training ground, everything state of the art with upgrades at SB (RIP new stadium, thanks, government, again.) he’s helped women’s football, community football, people in the community,  the fight against racism, hate, anti-semitism, old players who needed help and brought back into the football club, people at the NHS during covid proving food and accommodation, and so much more I can’t think of right now.

    He wasn’t just an owner, he was a massive supporter, and attended SO many games until he was shafted by the government, he turned up week in week out, how many other owners did and do that with the huge clubs? He always did everything with the interests of the club always in my eyes, and I will be eternally grateful for it and him. If what was happening in Ukraine right now didn’t happen neither would this, it’s all tough to swallow. Can’t help but feel Roman is a scapegoat and now his money is being questioned when in reality it wasn’t always before. Man City get a pass with their owners, PSG get a pass, and I suppose Newcastle owners and the state get a pass and are all continual angels until their time comes, if it does.

    None of us know the true extent of Roman’s businesses and money. We simply don’t, so I’m not even gonna go there. As said, a massive scapegoat.

    Thanks again for everything, Mr Roman.

    And as a side, I don’t watch a lot of football coverage anymore, the political correctness and other farcical nature of things did it for me. Take a knee for Ukraine. Or is that not allowed?!

  2. Can someone remind me please the last final we won? (As in won the trophy) I recall the last two FA Cup Final’s we lost, the UEFA Super Cup we lost (as in didn’t win the trophy, I know it was a draw technically) then a community shield we also lost? So is it four losses in a row or five? (Again forget the draw technicality) I mean fundamentally how many finals have we lost in a row where we didn’t lift the trophy? As said I count four or is it five in a row? Perhaps I’m wrong.

  3. About time.. was a farcical appointment in the first place and Lampard isn’t and wasn’t good enough as a manager of Chelsea Football Club. May seem harsh but in reality this was always likely to happen. I may seem harsh also but I’m delighted this has happened because the results and performances have been nothing short of shocking for a long while. Hopefully someone competent comes in and can get something out of these players and reach even half their capacity. 
    I’ll await all the pundits ‘he didn’t get enough time’ nonsense, when in reality he really did. Didn’t they argue always English/British managers don’t get top job opportunities? Well Lampard did and showed he wasn’t up for it. I imagine his record here is pretty abysmal, along with two cup final defeats (one technically a draw but a loss of a trophy)

  4. 1 minute ago, Bridge Soldier said:

    Upamecano or Konaté? Upamecano supposedly had a €60m release clause until signing a new contract in June. According to Kicker, the new deal includes a €42m release clause which will be active from Summer 2021. Goes without saying that there will be a host of clubs trying.

    Yeah, Upamecano.. damn that’s going to be an interesting one.. I know we’ve done some to resolve our defensive situation but it still worries me somewhat. Unless it’s the coaching..

  5. Some people are never happy, and that’s coming from me!

    If you wanted a draw we could qualify from, then we have it. If you wanted teams we don’t face ‘often’ then we have that. If you wanted some giant matches where we might get out of the group then we don’t have that. Can’t see us pulling up many trees in the competition this season anyway.

  6. It’s an insane signing.. but obviously a very expensive one. He’s got unbelievable talent and ability he really has, and from the little I’ve seen (only YouTube, unfortunately) definitely some Hazard about him.. and, like Hazard, I can only see Havertz getting the Real Madrid bug as well, unfortunately. Obviously who knows, but you can totally see it happening.. but anyway, incredible signing and incredible talent! His potential is absolutely massive as well it really is.