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  1. Injury News

    I think that totally overlooks the fact that all of those players are perfectly capable of playing 50-60 games a season. Assuming that at some point we get 2 AMs injured we easily swap to the 433.
  2. Injury News

    Excuse me if I appear to gloss over the complexity of your argument, because I'm getting very confused by it and it would seem the above point is the deal breaker for you. So in essence Man City and Utd are ****ed because they only have 4/5 AMs and 5 CMs. But Chelsea are more ****ed because we only have 3 CFs and 5 CMs? I don't understand that. I instinctively think it's bullshit, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. The way I see it is that we couldn't possibly entertain having more than 5 CMs, 6 AMs and 3 CFs for the system we want to play and that within that group there is an enormous degree of positional crossovers and tactical flexibility to allow for rotation and the absence of any particular individual. I also really wouldn't want the club to damage the development of any under 23 Y.O. player by keeping them around for a possibly League Cup appearance or the possibility of 2 to 3 starts in March/April.
  3. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Why wouldn't they be on their shortlist? Why wouldn't the biggest English club have a long list of possible upgrades on very clear weaknesses in their squad? It makes absolutely perfect sense to me, and it's irrefutable that they wanted a leftback (Baines or Coentrao), an attacking midfielder (Thiago and Fabregas) and another central midfielder (Herrera and Felaini). Deals for Coentrao, Thiago and Herrera were all but completed, no denials have ever been issued by Utd. As far as I'm concerned they've blown this summer transfer window and probably their chances of winning major silverware this season.
  4. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    Hi. Barcelona are being very badly run right now at an executive level. Fans turning against directors. There's no real rules against what they've done, and I think everyone really needs to be stronger minded than getting upset by them publically pining for our players. It exposes their weaknesses and undermines who they already have in their squad. Let them keep calling. If David decides he wants out then it will be his decision and his alone and we'll have a replacement ready to spend the money on.
  5. Non Chelsea: International Football

    Difference between 1 and 6 was negligible. Created chances and some remarkable misfortune (and indecisiveness) in front of goal.
  6. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    I don't think you've quite been paying attention: http://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/336986/Manchester-United-fans-call-for-Ed-Woodward-to-be-sacked http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/manchester-united-edward-woodward-admits-2253711 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/manchester-united/10282469/Humiliation-for-Manchester-United-as-new-chief-executive-Ed-Woodward-learns-the-hard-way.html Man Utd were slapstick in their open briefings of the press, their use of Daniel Taylor as a media shill, their failed attempts to attract Thiago ("see you in Manchester") or Fabregas ("not even if they tripled my wages"), their perverse bidding process for Fellaini and Baines, their inability to complete a deal for Coentrao (or Herrera). All the time ensuring that everyone knows without question that Cleverley, Kagawa and Buttner aren't quite good enough, while Rooney is jack of all trades and master of none. The rest of the league has improved far more than they have, now lacking the one great talismanic figure that ensured a generally average group of players consistently overachieved. Ferguson WAS Man Utd, do well for him or you're out the door. Moyes? Expendable.
  7. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    The same as us bidding £20m for Rooney. Make the transfer as public as possible and hope the player forces the clubs hand.
  8. Injury News

    50 usable players if you had your way. Can't believe you can still find a way to moan about this after years of genuinely undersized squads. By all means everything can be improved, constantly, that's the name of the game, but there is no distinct competitive disadvantage this season. 2 for every position and 3 for striker and goalkeeper is exactly right for a 4231/433 side. You also bemoan the academy system when Utd's larger squad is entirely down to it's 8 academy products (maybe 7 if we discount Fletcher due to his illness) that allow much greater flexibility with the new rules.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    I don't understand this concept of "weakness" for selling a player that doesn't want to play for you. You've got an asset that's gone rotten and you need to monetize it. It looks far, far weaker to me for them to be so petrified of letting him go that they'd rather have him sat on their bench than playing for someone else. A "strong" club and manager would say, OK, he wants to leave, no big deal, we'll get a replacement and be the better team without him.
  10. 2013/14 Managerial Sack Race

    I could quite happily swap Steve Clarke with Arsene Wenger. The noose round Wenger's neck is getting tighter and tighter and a trophy seems no closer at hand. Their squad is competent and reasonably deep but lacks any outstanding players, he's hesitant to make big money signings and there's growing influence at board level from people that don't back his approach. Another trophyless season where they compete for 4th and not much else would surely put him close to the edge. Has the football even been that good in recent years? Expectations for West Brom will be tempered by the fact that they've spent nothing in the transfer market, but he's still brought in experienced players like Lugano and Anelka that will improve the squad. Same with AVB and Martinez. If Bale stays the pressure on AVB to compete for a title, not just get into the top 4 will be huge, and even if Bale goes, less than 4th will be a failure. Nothing AVB did last year suggests he "gets it" any more than he did at Chelsea. He had 3 more points than Redknapp scoring the same amount of goals and conceding more. Bale's form saved them more times last season than at any time under Redknapp. Where's Redknapp now? Coaching QPR in the Championship... Martinez on the other hand managed to make a team of absolute nobodies in a rugby town, where Victor Moses was by some distance the best player he worked with, not only survive in the Premier League, but win an FA Cup, against Man City. He was a tactical innovator with his use of a 3-4-3 and he got a herd of swine singing barbershop. Look at this squad, it's pathetic. You can't tell me Moyes didn't have much more to work with. If Everton can stick with that dour prick, winning nothing, over 10 years, then I'll be amazed if in a years time Martinez isn't offered a lifetime contract. David Moyes. So far a disaster. Will be judged on results of course. Losing Rooney with no replacement will see results decline regardless of his management ability. That might be his saving grace.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    I spoke to your source earlier, he asked me to tell you to stop pestering him, that he's changed his number and that he's made a request to your agency to have you put on a different paper route.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    The public pressure on Utd not selling him to Chelsea is enormous, I mean this depends on Rooney being adamant that no other club is for him and that he wants to work for Chelsea because at some point you have to imagine any of Real Madrid or Monaco offer a bit more in the knowledge that Utd would accept it gladly over Chelsea's offer.
  13. Van Ginkel

    He's pretty effortlessly covered for Ashley Cole so far, even creating the key turnover at leftback which led to the first goal at Inter. I think Cocu is a very good player to compare him to, but MVG looks somehow quicker and stronger.
  14. Squad Status: 2013/2014 Season

    Considering he's looked competent in every conceivable central midfield role (including a libero-type holding role, a shuttler-role, standard no.6, either getting forward or holding shape and man marking, being accurate and consistent in his passing whilst demonstrating strength and pace), I'd say ALL our midfielders are under threat from him. Can play, want's to play, has played and probably will continue to.