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  1. Chelsea vs Plymouth Argyle

    My mate's marital Derby this one ! There will be much crowing in his household if they were to upset us.
  2. Chelsea Women

    Back in form in the League Cup - WHU 2 - CFC 4
  3. Chelsea's forward issues

    You pompous, obnoxious fool.
  4. Oh my goodness, you see Lampard and wank references everywhere ! You really are a small-minded fellow. Why do you have the pathological need to refer to people on here as stupid, lacking in understanding or perception, and being irrationally attached to whatever straw man you erect ? Were you bullied at school, or are you just a poisonous individual with a need to put down your fellow man? Whatever it is, you poison this forum and it would be a much better, more constructive place if you just went away.
  5. No. The solo flying bedroom warrior strikes again. Once more you allow your Lampard obsession to make yourself ridiculous. No-one else is even thinking about Lampard, let alone mentioning him. I actually laugh out loud every time you spout this stuff. I probably shouldn't, because it is, as you say, "truly pathetic" from a grown man. If you genuinely can't see that some of the players have been truly crap (including some of your favourites), then there really is no basis for discussion, because you obviously have some kind of disorder, which makes me worry for you.
  6. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    I agree. I didn't see a lack of effort. I also didn't see evidence of excessive fatigue (with the exception of Mount) - we have played a lot of games, but we have a lot of players (perhaps someone could do an analysis of how many games each player has played in comparison with City an Liverpool players). What I did see was a crisis of confidence, a lack of direction (and paradoxically a lack of flexibility) and the same old failures in the final 3rd. I also saw a failure on TT's part to react to what was happening on the pitch. There is no easy answer to this. We look worse than we actually are at the moment. It isn't going to get any easier and I think 3rd is going to be a struggle now. We definitely need a striker, an attacking midfielder and a full back, but we aren't getting one in this window. All quite depressing really.
  7. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    Welcome back Jane. Don't forget, he's only a baby and he is probably still growing ! He is looking knackered and I think Covid may also be playing a part.
  8. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    Lukaku just needs to **** off!
  9. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    Ziyech now playing quite well. Terrible miss from CHO, who is having a poor game after I talked him up after his City cameo!
  10. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    Cracking strike
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Cool. These guys do a great job under a surprising amount of stress.
  12. Media / Press

    Absolutely brilliant. I love it.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    You are out of order mate. What you should have said is, "Thanks for doing the unpaid, largely thankless job of keeping this forum honest and (mostly) respectful......and I respect your loyalty and your right to an opinion, but I respectfully disagree".
  14. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 0

    To be fair I do think Rice is worth £100. I'd pay it myself if he would come to us 😆