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  1. Hi Duffo, I'm not sure if you are still visiting CFCnet, or if you get message notifications, but I thought I should let you know the sad news that Jon Hawkins passed away yesterday. I know that you were friends, not to say mutual admirers, so I knew you would want to know. Jon told me you were suffering from cancer, so I hope you are doing ok.




  2. Media / Press

    Very true. Scudamore also previously said that it was important for Man U to be successful as they are an important part of the EPL brand which is presumably why it was okay for them to win the title for 3 seasons in a row. Vince McMahon eat your heart out.
  3. Media / Press

    And more unbiased reporting from the BBC website. RED CARD - Tal Ben Haim Maccabi Tel Aviv 0-1 Chelsea Posted at 20:26 Tal Ben Haim (I) the former Chelsea defender, sees red for a crazy lunge on Diego Costa. We all know Costa is a wind-up merchant and he has obviously got to his man, as Ben Haim just volleys Costa into the sky. He has to go. Crazy!
  4. Media / Press

    Nice to read the BBC site and discover that Chelsea are top of the running Order most weeks because their struggle is a soap opera with a bit of Jose thrown in and the running order is based on what it believes will be on the back pages of the papers. And there ladies and gentlemen we have it... Match of the Day has less credibility than an episode of WWE and it's structured around the biased whims of the talentless scumbags that masquerade as sports journalists in this country. They seem to have stopped short of adding that the script for this soap opera is currently written by Scudamore and Dyke but I'm sure that will emerge one day.
  5. Media / Press

    As Moany W***s of the Excess makes stuff up without bothering to watch our games, today in tribute to a talentless hack and to placate the people who say "why do you read the Xcess if it annoys you." I shall reply to his latest article without reading it. So W***s the Excess's mythical insiders at the Bridge have the low-down on our club's latest misfortunes do they? I have to say that your secret sources seem very much like every other scumbag journo's secret sources so I'm guessing you all either make it up or have a whip round to pay the bar-staff of an adjacent boozer for their expert opinions. Costa was his usual aggressive self and deserves a career long ban does he? Maybe he should move to the Arse where he can receive the sort of institutional protection Giroud gets. The Stoke goal was clearly onside was it? Remy's slip was clearly not a penalty? Thanks for the usual unbiased, insight W***s. It can only be a matter of time before your journalistic talent receives the sort orf reward it so richly deserves - assuming there is a repeat of the short-lived 1970s toilet paper shortage. I actually felt slightly dirty reviewing your article without reading it so the fact you can crayon an article about a game you didn't bother to watch means you are without doubt one of a special breed of human beings.
  6. Khobar's Legacy

    There's probably some on here who thinks Alan Partridge would be a good shout for is.
  7. Khobar's Legacy

    Thank you Alan Pardew and especially thank younJurgen. We'll take any small crumbs of pleasure at the moment.
  8. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    But wait it's 1-2!
  9. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    And Palace leading Pool. Bugger! jinxed that,
  10. Media / Press

    If the Excess leads on the back page with "Jose bang to rights" it must be Banks? Too Right. Yes, the self appointed mediocre one Submits another unoriginal non-thought provoking free pizza leaflet of an article, built around the FA's arbitrary decision to spoon-feed What masquerades as a free and intelligent press. This must be a dream for an uninspired, artless hack. Moany Wa**s epitaph will read - can't remember what he achieved, but I'm sure it was probably something unimportant and executed badly. Love FA.
  11. Media / Press

    Nice of the FA to provide the BBC et al with a copy of the referees report.
  12. Khobar's Legacy

    I remember almost 10 years ago I went to the FA Cup semi at Old Trafford with an old poster from this board who is one of those bravest of the brave - a Chelsea supporter from Liverpool (in his 50s not a JCL). Outside the Golden Tulip (where I was staying) one of those loveable scousers threw a large stone at a young Chelsea lad hitting hm square on the head. His mum bundled him into the hotel where they were also staying. When I recounted this story on these boards at the time, some Pool supporting scumbag suggested they were there and this event simply did not happen. Perhaps worse a supposed Chelsea supporting apologist on these boards - who wasnt even there - started going on about how things can get confusing after a game. It was only when my friend True Blue Mersey backed up these events on here tha t these two idiots shut up or possibly died of shame. I post this to lend my support to those who claim that there are bare faced liars who happy to air brush the truth for their own warped agenda and empowered by weak-willed apologists.
  13. Media / Press

    You are very right there there my friend.
  14. Media / Press

    Why do you read my posts are you just looking to be irritated? Click.
  15. Media / Press

    A number of us were predicting at the game last night that today's papers would not lead with calls for Wenger to be sacked after the latest Embarrassing capitulation but, it will all be about "lucky Jose" ... and the Excess and the Fail never fail to deliver. Serial scumbag Moany W***s states that Jose should kiss Willian's boots for saving his job. No doubting was brilliant all night. However, it is Moany W***s who should kiss Jose's boots because he has written (poorly and inaccurately) about nothing else since Jose returned to Chelsea and would be out of a job without him. W**ks should have been condemned to crayonista Valhalla years ago, along with the rest of the Key Stage 3 Bash Street kid faced adolescents that masquerade as journalists at that downmarket peep-show booth tissue of a publication called the Excess.