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  1. Didier Drogba

    It's nice to see a complete turn around in the guy from when he first arrived at the Bridge. He is a firm favorite with the fans now and for teams defences he is unplayable. I am sure that Sheva has given Didier the freedom to be as good , if not better than he was in France. I am hoping that Sheva will prove to be all what we expect him to be after a period of settling in. It took Maka and Didier a year to come good, let's hope it's less for Sheva.
  2. John Terry

    JT made me laugh on Chelsea TV last night when he was asked about Mikel John Obi. Comments were he's massive, 6ft 3ins bulit like the outside loo and only a baby!!! I'm looking forward to seeing him and Kalou in action.
  3. New Kits

    Is it all a scam by Adidas and Chelsea leaking a design that is not going to be, so the sweat shops in Thailand produce fakes???
  4. New Kits

    The back of the Express has the picture, blame the Yanks.
  5. John Terry

    Everyone is on Eidur's back, his partner has had another clone of Eidur, Eidur has had a bout of flu and another undisclosed illness. Yes he played crap in the first half against blackburn but once the system was changed he was playing to the standard of the football we all know he is capable of. I think he will stay, to get rid of a technically gifted player as Eidur is would be sheer lunacy.
  6. John Terry

    Is it me or do our most important players look a bit jaded and downhearted? Too many games? frustration? I don't know but they certainly, over the past few games, are not their normal happy selves.