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  1. Squad Status: 2022/23 Season

    http://thechels.info/wiki/2015-16_Loanee_Statistics Just had a look at this online and given that we'd need to revamp the squad and given there's a call for the youngsters to be called up it'd be worth seeing how many from these list would actually be of any use for next season. FWIW I don't see anyone who'd be ready to come and command/claim a starting eleven spot in the way Courtois, De Bruyne and to an extent Lukaku could. So he best we're looking at are effective squad players who would have a decent chance at getting a regular spot in the team in the way Zouma seems to have had this season (even if like me you are still not convinced of him). Potential squad players IMO who could add some depth to next season*: Van Ginkel, Christensen, Moses, Pasalic, Ake, Solanke, Baker. I'm tempted to add Cuadrado to that list because I'm not sure whether Juventus would rather spend on him if Oscar were to leave in the summer. Tactically I think Cuadrado is a very good player, but perhaps not got enough confidence to apply himself in the PL. Christensen, Pasalic, Solanke & Baker have all had decent loan spells so far You could only consider them successful if they continue the same performance levels till the season end. But if they were to maintain the same then they would be worth a look at in preseason. Solanke still would need a season more just to see how he would build on the current season step up. But he'd still IMO merit some consideration for a first team squad place come preseason. Two players who I perhaps considered decent enough to make a step up with the loans they've had were Kalas and Omeruo. The latter especially is a big disappointment given he'd have been more useful than Papy given that he had AFCON success and even played at the World Cup. Another loan chance to assess more clearly: Boga, Brown, Perica, Swift, Pantic, Nathan, Bamford. For the likes of Boga, Brown, Pantic, & Nathan, a lot more game time would be beneficial for their development so I wouldn't be too quick to sell them off. Bamford and Swift are perhaps worth another look at more so in the hope they have breakout seasons. As for the remaining in the loan army, probably more of the same ie. loan and loan and loan till they reach a value worth selling at. Crude way of looking at it but thats how it goes. *subjective list
  2. Having seen Citeh and their performances so far this season I'd argue that Pep would have to spend a lot of money to rebuild that midfield. Don't see Yaya Toure sticking around after this season. And I certainly don't see Delph, Fernandinho, Fernando as the kind of midfielders Pep is comfortable with in his teams (see Xavi/Iniesta/Busquets & Thiago/Alonso/Vidal/Martinez). He'd probably have to spend a lot more reinforcing their attacking options with Aguero and Silva injury prone and only De Bruyne and Sterling in their prime. Interestingly it was stated in one of the reports that Pep said we need 10 new players to rebuild the squad. The Telegraph states that Simeone wants 5 new players to add to the squad (not to mention the final veto on transfers at the club). If I'm not mistaken JM wanted 3 new players in April to improve the squad's quality (defender/midfielder/attacker) - not including the like for like replacements. But the board in their infinite wisdom decided that no additional quality was needed. Talk about a 'Palpable Discord'.
  3. Squad Status: 2022/23 Season

    That's Schwarzer taking over the 'Hilario' role then.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Alternatively if Lukaku didn't back himself against Eto'o, Torres and Ba he certainly was never going to do so against Costa, Drogba and Torres (in that order). I'm not denying the club ( in particular than JM) had a role in this eventuality. The disillusionment was certainly evident at the end of the 2011-12 session when despite reaching two finals, and sacrificing the league he wasn't getting any major opportunities apart from some in the beginning and a start at the end (iirc). He was certainly an odd impulse buy at the time despite having the likes of Drogba, Kalou, Sturridge, Torres, Anelka on the books. AVB didn't seem to have any use of him and RDM was always going to go to the tried and trusted. While the WBA loan was necessary I don't think his single minded determination helped him with his loan to Everton. He may have needed games to be in the Belgium WC squad but he'd had have been better off playing and competing at a higher level. Surely that's Everton's transfer budget blown out.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    I believe it will probably be one of Zouma or Omeruo as the 4th choice CB (and backup RB). Probably expect a half season battle between them to decide who says on beyond the winter transfer window while the one heads out on loan. I like the idea of a left footed left back who's abit good at crossing. :) Cole for all his merits has not been as consistent or as effective since the 2009/10 season where his all round game was excellent (May have been down to Malouda as well). Luis from whatever I've seen looks a good solid option to add to the squad and Azpi is perfect to play the versatile fullback on either side. Can't see Bertrand staying for the season, van Aanholt perhaps - that is if we're keen to add more options in the homegrown contingent.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Playing a game every week with no fixture congestion makes it easier to cope without the injured or suspended players. Added to the fact that they had no major expectations on them apart from the last few weeks - where they eventually bottled it. Wasn't it towards the last few months of the season where Rodgers barely made changes to his starting 11?
  7. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    Couldn't agree more. A jack of all trades but master of none. I bet he'd be a decent alternative as a striker if given the opportunity.As a midfielder he may have been a part of a team that outmaneuvered Citeh and destroyed Arsenal but his future or lack of it as a central midfield was evident in Atletico's dissection of us at the Bridge. Always felt that he would improve at the back and some games the season before gave some evidence of the same. Guess we won't know of that in the PL. In the end he played his part in Chelsea winning 2 European trophies and scored some lovely and important goals along the way. Great financial return allowing for a good chance to reinforce other areas of the squad. Good luck to the geezer!!
  8. Official: Cesc Fabregas Departs For Monaco

    At present our central midfield options are Matic, Ramires, Mikel, Van Ginkel, and Fabregas. Tiago is probably an imminent signing if reports are to be believed (prob will be confirmed on July 1). Throw Oscar and to a certain extent Willian into the equation and you have enough options for a 433. And for the big games you probably would expect to see the tactic adopted.One of probably Mikel or Van Ginkel may end up leaving, the latter on loan perhaps so you're down to 5 for the 3 central slots. One of the curious bits prior to the transfer was the supposed interest in Koke and Pogba as Mourinho's preferred choices. Curious as in they're both completely different profiles and in the end we landed Fabregas, which perhaps gives more weight to the supposed interest in Koke. Nevertheless an interesting signing to say the least and one which seems more like taking advantage of an opportunity that arose in the market. Slightly skeptical on how he'll adapt at Chelsea but then I was sceptical of the Willian signing as well.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    No one other than ManU are bidding for him - or no one other than ManU are desperate to bid for him at the price they have. PSG was an alternative - they haven't come back since summer. There was talk of Real Madrid but they've sold off Ozil, got in Isco, settled on a system with Modric pulling the strings. The other option was Atletico but I'd be damned if we sent another player out on loan to them, and they'd not be able to afford Mata's wages. Mata wants to leave with the intention of more playing time to get into the Spain WC team. This despite him having only 15 games max to play for them - and a minimum of 18 games with Chelsea (excluding FA Cup game v Stoke). What do you suggest Chelsea have done? Tinker the current system (which is starting to work effectively) to accomodate Mata? Keep him, allow him to leave in summer (which seemed inevitable) and get lower amount?
  10. Interesting to note that no one else was interested in bidding a huge sum for him. With all the talk of PSG bring interested they must have considered that they could have got him for less in the summer. Probably gambling on the fact that with a reduced level of playing time and impact on Chelsea's first elven he'd be available for the same amount we bought him for in the summer. Comes down to desperation levels from 2 fronts - ManU with an intent to show they can attract big players after the Fellaini sweepstakes that symbolized their summer; & Mata desperate to get to the Spanish NT for the 2014 WC. Had this not been a WC year he in all certainty would have stayed till the seasobn end. Questions whether he could have adapted or whether he was given a chance to have been done to death here and there's probably no definite conclusion there. But its evident that for the first time in 4 seasons we actually look a lot more structured and balanced as a team and also more like a team thats comfortable with pushing for the top on a consistent basis. Shaping the squad and playing 11 and getting it to the required level was always going to have some casualties and in this case it was Mata. Mata's been excellent for the club and I'm sure the club's given him equal in return. Would have liked him to stay the entire season as I'm sure he'd have had a role to play - max 16 games to play for ManU, minimum 19 for Chelsea. But in the end its more his decision with the WC in mind and we get a sizeable 37m in the coffers (with all the fancy FFP implications in mind).
  11. Andre Schurrle

    Sounds like the 3rd player to effectively add to the trusted JM 'transitions' methodology. At this moment only Hazard and Ramires have that ability to be effective and lethal on the counterattack. Moses was abit underwhelming in this regard last season, even if he score his fair share of crucial goals. While I do think Lukaku will be another one added into this potential mix.Can't afford to not have good attacking depth especially if we want to go the distance in 2-3 competitions next season.
  12. I simply have 3 words to say anything more on this topic, and I'm serious. "Bring back Kalou!!"
  13. Was astonished that he was willing to be alot more competitive at headers against the defenders during the Newcastle game. Its not a natural element to his game but still pleasantly surprised at the effort.
  14. Official: Romelu Lukaku Joins Everton

    Don't think there was anything stupid in what he said. He was emotional about his lack of playing time and rightly so. He's been playing since the age of 16 (and regularly may I add), so its clear he wants to continue to play more. No harm in being vocal about that. If anything the club needs to shoulder the blame for not knowing what exactly to do with him. We started the season with Drogba, Torres, Anelka Kalou & Sturridge as the strikers at the club. That in itself was a clear indicator that Lukaku, was never going to surpass any of them to get proper match time. Plus AVB's comments made it abundantly clear of Romelu's status at the time - something along the lines of we signed him because it was too good an opportunity to miss. I'm not too fussed about the lack of Club trained homegrown players. For almost 3-4 seasons now we've been competing with a squads of 21-23 (out of the required 25). This season will be no different. Lukaku would have been useful now as probably the backup to Torres, if Sturridge wasn't being lined up there (I say this assuming that's the case). But if he's going to get competitive PL action week in week out under Clarkey (someone who may coach him well) then I have no problems there.
  15. César Azpilicueta

    Depth at RB which was needed after Bosingwa's departure. We'll need an attack minded RB given we'll be either chasing games or inevitably countering teams who'll be defending deep. Hopefully his crossing is decent enough - Bosingwa used to get into excellent crossing positions only for the final cross to be a woeful overhit attempt.