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  1. Salomon Kalou

    Thats more to do with him being a fan of the WWE and John Cena: Also here:
  2. Gael Kakuta

    Thanks for relieving the tension.
  3. Gael Kakuta

    No doubts on that. Though I'm starting to think that Ancelotti intends to play Benayoun in a different midfield role, ie. as one of the 3 CMs. On Kakuta - I read (somewhere) about him being given a break because of his exertions during the summer, hence I asked that question.
  4. Gael Kakuta

    Just a question on Kakuta - is it simply possible that because of his involvement with the France U19 squad over the summer (preparation + tournament), the club may have actually given him a bit of time off? I'm aware he made the trip to Germany and came on against Hamburg. But perhaps the club has allowed him a few weeks rest before he trained with the first team. I'm asking this because I read about this somewhere and it seemed the most logical answer explaining his absence - unless he's been training with the first team (don't know).
  5. Gael Kakuta

    Injuries, rotation play a part in a long 50-55+ game season - so he's bound to get chances. Atleast thats what I'm inclined to believe.
  6. Gael Kakuta

    Its easy to make that judgement simply because last season was Sturridge's first at the club. How about waiting till the end of the season and see where this one ends up.
  7. Gael Kakuta

    Perhaps you'd like to know, according to the Blues News headlines, on the official site (video player on the right), Sturridge didn't train with the rest of the squad today because he was working on 'an ankle issue with the doc'. Seems only right if Ancelotti didn't want to risk him in the WBA game. A plausible explanation.
  8. Injury News

    Bruma has a groin injury and will need surgery.
  9. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Any idea/information on how Sturridge & Mancienne played for England U21s?
  10. Ashley Cole

    From the BBC Gossip pages: Former Blues boss Jose Mourinho, now at Real Madrid, says there is "no doubt" that he wants to manage in England again one day, but will not be pursuing his interest in signing Chelsea's Ashley Cole - "when a coach says no, it's no, and we have to accept that." (Sunday Times)
  11. Salomon Kalou

    You easily forget Kalou's performance in that game being an insult to Hiddink in the first place.
  12. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    I like what I've seen of David Luiz and I think he'd be a good addition - cultured defender and capable of seamlessly bringing the ball out of defence. He's also versatile in that he could do a job at LB as well. But the prices mentioned are ludicrous. Especially when you consider that an equally talented younger CB, in Simon Kjaer left Palermo for 'Schteve' Mclaren's Wolfsburg for 1/3rd the price quoted on Luiz. We may well have to strengthen at CB if Carvalho is leaving (personally I'd like us to get one more season out of him). But I'm pretty sure there are good talented defenders out there who'd come in at a better price.
  13. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Saw the France Croatia game. Kakuta seemed quite efficient in what he did, nothing spectacular. France were pressurised early on and with Gael playing centrally he always had 2-3 Croats closing him down whenever he was in the zone between their defence and midfield (as is the case in modern football nowadays). He did relatively well in keeping his discipline, trying to link up play and often drifting wide to stretch their defence. Well taken goal, albeit aided by the defender's suicidal header backwards (what was he thinking), which took Delac completely out of the equation (in terms of closing the angle on Kakuta as quickly as possible). A mature if not spectacular performance from Kakuta. Delac - did well throughout, perhaps he could have been better positioned for the 2nd goal. But credit to Bakumbu for hitting it the first time.
  14. New Kits

    A bit like the Adidas Goalkeeper jerseys at Italia 90. As for the new Away kit, seems very similar to the black away kit we had in the first year of Adidas at the club. Only this time the white is replaced with orange.
  15. Ashley Cole

    Carlo says the next batch of players will return on July 22nd and 26th. http://www.chelseafc.com/page/LatestNews/0,,10268~2084731,00.html
  16. Injury News

    Again pertaining to Bosingwa, Mikel & Essien: http://www.chelseafc.com/page/LatestNews/0,,10268~2084852,00.html
  17. Injury News

    From Stamford The Lion: Guess we'll know more during the next week.
  18. John Terry

    He starts of with 'While it may be true ....' and then proceeds back to form with his usual pandering to the Guardian's JT-agenda. Nothing new I'm afraid. A classic case of someone who believes he's got an opinion that matters. Something that he usually accuses Terry of. The irony.
  19. John Terry

    He's actually one of the few, perhaps the only one, who actually criticised Capello's decision to strip Terry of the England captaincy. So he's been consistent in that respect. Interesting that Capello stated yesterday that there was no chance of dropping Terry, because he was one of the 'most important' players. If he made that big a mistake in speaking out, in trying to challenge and undermine Capello, in upsetting his teammates, then perhaps he should drop him - and as the press love to quote 'show JT who the real Boss' is. Instead he now expects a big performance from a man who he's made a virtual scapegoat for his own possible failings.
  20. Salomon Kalou

    More like Carvalho and Ferreira easily ushering him into non threatening areas of the pitch. Seemed one step behind the likes of the quick and clever Gervinho (who stretched both RC & PF when he played on the left) and even Dindane (who's direct enough to pose a threat). His shooting technique at the best of times is very poor. In short a typical Kalou performance. Lots of endeavour and effort from him, unfortunately the end product is always lacking.
  21. Injury News

    Lampard's been named as the Vice-captain. The injury situation for the Chelsea players is ridiculous. Essien and Mikel are unfortunate in that they miss a World Cup, moreso the first on African soil. On Drogba, apparently his injury will be re-examined today. If there is a need for surgery then Chelsea also have to give their consent for it to happen.
  22. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    1. To say that it creates an awful demand on an Inter team which hasn't had many severe injuries (Chivu's fractures skull in Jan comes to mind - but he was playing with no problems since March), a midseason break, a cup competiton less, is stretching it abit too far. Inter even had the benefit of playing on Friday evenings, allowing them more time for rest and recuperation prior to big Serie A or CL games. 2. A stronger team which even you admit later on was poorly or oddly planned. Last season we won the FA Cup and were seconds away from getting to the final but we were out of contention to win PL after the loss at Spurs at the end of March - maintaining 3rd or achieving 2nd was the aim then - (in February it was mainly to achieve CL qualification). We eventually finished 7 points behind ManU despite them losing alot of points in April. Last season we lost 3 games to ManU, Arsenal. 3. I think most clubs play Chelsea with a specifically prepared plan. You still maintain that Wigan outsmarted us at their home, and while to a certain extent you're right I still believe that we were getting the better off them moments before Cech got sent off. Thats why till date I still dispute your claim on that game. On the Inter game: at the San Siro - we played relatively well going so far as to even controlling Mourinho's attempt to score a 3rd goal. Kalou, in your opinion was allowed too much freedom to no use (for us). I'd agree. But thats the difference between having an A.Cole/Zhirkov at LB instead of Malouda. At the Bridge it was the typical Inter blueprint for the entire competition. We had some good opportunities but their last ditch defending was good. Ballack comes off and Joe Cole comes on and Chelsea's right side of midfield collapses allowing Sneijder the freedom to dictate the counter attacks. The one thing I learnt from Inter's CL win and our performances in the CL last season - its better to have the home leg first.
  23. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Not really. Especially if they've been the better team/squad by a margin over the last 4 years. They won Serie A at a canter last season - by 10 points. They improved the squad this season with better players (Milito, Eto'o, Sneijder, Pandev) in attacking positions. They have the best depth of any squad in Italy and most squads in Europe - definitely more options in attack than us (bloody hell, Quaresma got a medal last night and he's barely played for them). With that squad and that depth they should have sealed Serie A much earlier. This season they won Serie A on the last day by 2 points. Who were their rivals? Ranieri's Roma. A team that was poor at the start of the season but only picked up midseason. Also if the points were level at end of the season, Roma would have won with a better head to head record over Inter. Juventus imploded completely and finished 7th (Italy's version of Liverpool this season). Milan lost their manager (who's impact at maintaining that Milan side has been under-appreciated) and Kaka at the start of the season. They've barely reinforced their aging side with quality players, and now Leonardo's gone. With the squad they had, and their rivals struggling Inter should have sealed Serie A much earlier. Plus do consider that they have the luxury of a midseason break and one cup competition less. You're not very impressed with Ancelotti's successes this season in a tougher leaguer (as Cameron implied) yet Mourinho's routine success in Serie A was impressive for you? Oddly enough the most impressive performance in Serie A was by Claudio Ranieri. He took a struggling Roma side to within 45 minutes of winning Serie A. Plus the Juventus he managed the season before imploded spectacularly this season. Van Gaal reaching the final with that Bayern defence was a bigger achievement. Credit to Jose for winning the CL. Essentially Inter's defence and organization was a much better force for any of the teams than they played. They had the right mobility and pace upfront to execute that counter attacking philosophy. They also had some luck as well during the competition but that goes for any team that attempts to win a Trophy. Oddly enough despite having a better squad at Chelsea he couldn't get us to the final (2005/06 was a real blot on his CL copybook). Essentially he was outdone by Benitez in two semis in the same way he won this season's competition. At Madrid it won't be a problem for him as such. They already have a strong squad and the top two in Spain are miles ahead of everyone else in La Liga. Simply a case of outdoing Barcelona and attempting to win the CL.
  24. Salomon Kalou

    I've always been one of Salomon Kalou's critics but over the years I've come to accept his usefulness as an effective squad player (at the best of times I call him a super-sub), not as someone though who can consistently make a spot in the first 11 his own. I'm not averse to having him the squad, which I still believes needs another quality attacker to make us a better team. My position has been such since his first season when his pace/talent seemed to be overrated by many on here (similar to a position Droy takes - though he's abit more vocal on it). 1) Decent 3rd choice striker - yes. But for the latter part of the second half of the season. Prior to that he's struggled to hold on to that place effectively enough. One of my main criticisms of Kalou is that he's a short spell player. That implies that by giving him consecutive starts in a run of 4-5 games, you'll see his contributions and effectiveness diminish per game. Bring him on as a substitute with as many as 30 minutes to go, and he's focuses enough to do a good job and even create an impact. But for the first time in his entire Chelsea career I've seen him being quite effective over a sustained period. Be it with sub appearances against Villa (twice), ManUtd, and his last 3 starts (Stoke, Liverpool, Wigan) he's been very direct and actually alot less wasteful than usual. Its taken him longer than usual to be more consistent over a period of games, and I'm hopeful that he's better off for it next season. 2) Any major purchase this summer, will not necessarily take the Kalou role. I'm more of an advocate of the theory that form and fitness should be the key determinant of your best tactics over a course of the season. Ancelotti has been able to alter the tactics more times this season with players returning (ie. Deco, Kalou, Ballack in the last few months) to perform better in roles that perhaps don't suit them on the first glance. For a team that ventures to play 2-3 attackers per game (add 2-3 subs on the bench for good measure) we need 6 attackers of decent quality in the squad. Off the current 6 attackers we have (DD, NA, FM, SK, DS, JC) its Joe Cole who's the most vulnerable to be replaced. Both Cole and him have an issue (IMO) in that they take abit too long at times to make a decision which inevitably results in a breakdown of the move or the attacking threat. Can we afford to have both of them in the squad? After this season I doubt it. But I never thought I'd probably say that at this moment Kalou would be a prefered attacking option over Joe Cole. I'll be honest and admit that I was slightly miffed at Kalou's contract extension early this season. My opinion is very similar to that of Droy's. His performances as a 3rd choice striker didn't allow for the proper rotation/rest or cover (without any severe drop in quality) in the absence of Anelka's or Drogba's or both. Their age is also a factor to consider given that we play 50+ games a season. Given his recent surge in form can he sustain it next season and make a bigger impact? Remains to be seen. Tactically I actually rate him quite highly. He's intelligent enough to play a defined role and do it to the best of his talent (even if he has limitations). For example the change of flanks at Liverpool. While he wasn't effective against Agger, his move to the left flank to take on Mascherano was well called by Ancelotti but equally well executed by Kalou.
  25. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Congrats to the Youth Team for winning this trophy after 49 years. Great stuff! Great pics Dan. Thanks for that. Special mention to Juni as well, couldn't watch the match but kept up to date with your Twitter feed. CTV comes on a delayed broadcast on the major sports network over here. I'll try and see if I can record it.