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  1. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Read all the possible reports on the game but the best description of Inter's tactics were posted on a Twitter account of France Football's Phillipe Auclair:
  2. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Right. And Inter's response was perfect as well. Go down at the slightest touch from a Barcelona player. Perfect response from them. Something which I remember Chelsea players doing and responding in kind at the Camp Nou in 2006 (2-2 game). Barcelona don't like it when someone does the same to them. Pity Chelsea's players never did the same to Inter in both of the matches earlier this season. I watched the match last night just curious to see how it unfolded, even if it was mostly playing into JM's hands. One thing Inter's run to the final has emphasized for me is that it seems more of an advantage to play the Home game in the first leg, get a good strong result there and play a cunning counterattacking game in the second leg away from home. As for Cambiasso and Zanetti - two brilliant performers. Cambiasso is by far the best defensive midfielder in the world today. Zanetti's ageless performances and consistency can and only will be matched by one Frank Lampard. Thats because in both the semi finals against Liverpool, Benitez and Liverpool did to Chelsea what JM's Inter did to Barcelona. Defend, defend and defend well. Mourinho couldn't find a solution to that - regretably. Would have been interesting to see the matches between Inter and Barca with the first leg at the Camp Nou and the second at the San Siro. Hopefully that gives you a message that its time to move on from him. He's clearly moved on from Chelsea along time ago, despite all his claims of 'his' Chelsea being robbed/denied by Ovrebo and Barca. He didn't have a problem when decisions went in his favour against us. I refuse to be included in the 'us'. :) Though I did enjoy the fact that the team which is 'more than just a club' couldn't handle defeat too gracefully.
  3. Media / Press

    More like ManU equalising in the 90th minute after Sunderland went down to 10 men and missed some genuinely clearcut opportunities. But you're right they did give it a real go at OT. Whether they do so on Sunday only becomes relevant IMO if we win at Anfield.
  4. John Terry

    Buffon's approach to Tabloid stories
  5. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Wonder if he'll be castigated in the media/UEFA/FIFA for not being honest enough to admit that he handled the ball in the penalty box. Where's the honesty gone in the game? After all Thierry Henry was ruthlessly maligned in the media, all in the name of sportsmanship.
  6. John Terry

    As far as I can remember this is probably the 3rd time, in the buildup to a major international tournament, that the English press have created a furore over personal issues. IIRC, Hoddle's contract was terminated 2-3 months prior to Euro 2000 over comments he made - how well did England do there with Keegan? Then prior to the 2006 WC, the Sven Goran Eriksson - Fake Sheikh affair took the headlines - his contract was terminated after the WC. And now this John Terry saga - who's now stripped off the captaincy. As far as JT, well he just has to concentrate on helping Chelsea to win match after match, and sort his life out.
  7. Salomon Kalou

    I remember having a similar discussion with MikelBlue, early in the month, wherein the same point was made ie. his best position is that of a striker and not a winger. Back then he'd only started one game. Now I'm quite sure he's started quite a few. At the time I countered by asking that given his 100+ games experience over a span of 3 years (his first season, he made 50+ appearances), was it too much to ask for some basic level of consistency from him? I made this point in particular: Add to that the basic ability to play a simple pass instead of running into blind alleys - he did the latter at Wigan. IMO, if you've got enough trickery or pace to outwit two defenders closing you down, or enough intelligence to draw a foul from them, then by all means run into those blind alleys (but not every time). Kalou frankly hasn't done much of that as well, and instead loses the ball. Kalou, IIRC, had 3 excellent opportunities to make an impact against Wigan: 1) For perhaps the only time he actually got beyond his fullback, he had a choice to either cross across the goal (Drogba's path), or cut it back where Lampard had made a trademark late run into the box and was free. Whether the others scored is irrelevant, but they needed to be provided that opportunity. What does Kalou do? He blazes the ball well over the goal. He did something similar against Sunderland as well. 2 & 3) Two opportunities when he was at the edge of the box, and crosses were put to him. For all the talk that he's better as a striker, there's never a better opporutunity than actually positioning yourself cleverly (which to his credit he did), and take a first time shot at goal when the defences are deeper. Both ocassions he instead attempts to control the ball, and ends up killing the momentum of the move. For the record, I've been a critic of Kalou for quite sometime, but have also acknowledged that he's a useful squad player to have. For the last 2 seasons I've always felt that his potential (at Chelsea) was always limited to being more of an impact sub, and a squad player who could be relied upon. FWIW, I've never seen the so called 'pace' that many people harp on about. He isn't quicker than Anelka, who despite his age is perhaps our quickest player, or Bosingwa and A.Cole. Unpredictability - yes, because no one's sure what he's capable of pulling at any time (take it as a compliment and a critique). And this is not exactly Kalou's fault, but I've felt that this season, we've put too much stock on him turning out to be a consistent perfomer over the course of the season. Consistent enough to be called a valuable 3rd striker ie. someone who can easily challenge for Drogba/Anelka's first team spot. That we didn't sign another quality striker in the summer, may actually prove to be an issue over the coming months, especially since we're not sure of when Sturridge will be fully fit, and whether Borini can take up some of the workload (which is too much to ask of him).
  8. Gael Kakuta

    FWIW, in today's Guardian's Match report on the QPR game:
  9. Salomon Kalou

    Times: A Day in the Life of Salomon Kalou I know there's a lot of talk on his consistency, usefulness and quality (I'm one of those doubters) but this is a nice read on the life and times of Salomon Kalou (featuring Primo the Fish, and the massage chair).
  10. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    From The Telegraph: Chelsea deserve day in the CL Final at the Bernabeu
  11. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Honestly I can't see how this is really true. Granted he was isolated at RB against ManU in the CS, but part of that is also down to the lack of cover upfront. Yesterday he made one major cock-up, and we were lucky. But apart from that I didn't see any mistakes from him at all. He handled Fuller and Kitson quite comfortably whenever he had to. Notwithstanding his performance against Sunderland which was quite impressive. On Mancienne, from the highlights I've seen he's made some errors (I thought he could have done better against Adebayor when he scored). Yesterday's more obvious error for me was Blackburn's second goal off the corner where he just seemed stuck to his position. But then its a matter of him playing at a higher level for a duration of 36 PL games. How he improves or benefits from this remains to be seen.
  12. Gael Kakuta

    Look here.
  13. Gael Kakuta

    http://forums.CFCnet.co.uk/index.php?act=f...&pid=838433 'According to Chelsea TV, Kakuta has travelled to Japan with the France U-19 team, and is eligible to play for them during the next 21 days - which is the amount of time we have to lodge an appeal.' Which is an interesting situation, because the 21 days limit for the appeal comes into effect once we get the full 50 page report from FIFA/DRC on the charges/ban that have been sanctioned. That report is due at Chelsea within the next 10-14 days apparently. EDIT: The Club's Podcast - http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/chelsea Chelsea's communication director Simon Greenberg talks about the issues on the ban. Some points: - Club 'didn't completely deny any wrongdoing in terms of infringement of any football rules'. - Club is 'appealling the verdict' and the 'sentence' to CAS. - Plan to 'take issue with Lens' with reference to Kakuta being injured for almost a year. - Club, a member of the ECA, supports ban of U18 transfers 'with respect to the issue on child trafficking' - says Kakuta case is not that. - Supports new rule changes, but doesn't believe judging this case 'retrospectively' is right. - Capital investment at Cobham & Academy - wouldn't disagree with a 30million investment figure. - 17 & Above: 71% players British; 16 & Below: 98% British
  14. Gael Kakuta

    Harry Worley has some nice things to say:
  15. Gael Kakuta

    Carrying on from Kembo's & Dermotos' post above; Good research, but FIFA's Article 25 says they 'shall not hear any case subject to these Regulations if more than two years have elapsed from the event giving rise to the dispute'. While the FIFA/DRC say that 'on the occasion of its last meeting held on 27 August 2009, the Dispute Resolution Chamber (DRC) was called to pass a decision in a contractual dispute opposing the French club Lens to the French player Gael Kakuta and the English club Chelsea.' There's a section on 'Time Limits' (Page 12/72) in the FIFA: Rules Governing the Procedures of the Players' Status Committee and the Dispute Resolution Chamber 2008. Quoted from there: Chapter 2, Article 16: Time Limits EDIT: If the above 'pdf' link is not working then access it through the FIFA DRC site (Bottom right hand corner, under Document, the 2nd link): http://www.fifa.com/aboutfifa/federation/a...resolution.html
  16. Gael Kakuta

    It was mentioned just two pages ago. We have yet to receive the full 50-page dossier from FIFA. That will give the club an exact idea of what the charges actually are and the process followed by the DRC (Dispute Resolution Chamber) in reaching their verdict. That document will only be received at Chelsea in the next two weeks. Once we receive the entire document, from there we then have 21 days to make an appeal.
  17. Injury News

    http://www.chelseafc.com/page/LatestNews/0...1791254,00.html Ferreira and Joey Cole played in the practice match against Fulham reserves today. Joe played for 60 minutes while Paulo played for the entire 90 minutes. On Sturridge, apparently he came off in England U21 game (vs Greece U21) with an ankle problem.
  18. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Guardian: Door left ajar for Michel Platini's under-18 transfer ban
  19. Gael Kakuta

    For that to happen we actually need to receive the entire dossier of the ruling in the Kakuta case from FIFA. IIRC, having read in one of the papers (can't exactly place which one) we haven't yet received the 50 page document, and will only expect it within the next two weeks. Only then will the club's lawyers be able to formally process an appeal. EDIT: Gotcha! Here's a link: http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/124911...for-Gael-victim Deleted a previous comment. Take another 21 days after receiving the full ruling as the maximum time allotted for an appeal.
  20. Gael Kakuta

    Martin Samuel's rational look at events.
  21. Gael Kakuta

    The most pertinent point in that link is this: That, quite simply, is the entire crux of the matter. And most likely the main issue around which our appeal is most likely be based. It seems that there are differing standards across Europe because there doesn't seem to be a similar situation in Italy and Spain (two countries where young players below 18yrs have been lured). The timing of our appeal to CAS seems an interesting dilemma. On the one hand the January 2010 window is one which really isn't relevant as compared to the Summer 2010 window. Given that an early appeal could only affect the January window, we're better off taking our chances on that. I do expect the ban to be reduced (given the precedent set in the Roma, Sion cases).
  22. Gael Kakuta

    According to Chelsea TV, Kakuta has travelled to Japan with the France U-19 team, and is eligible to play for them during the next 21 days - which is the amount of time we have to lodge an appeal.
  23. Gael Kakuta

    Chelsea plan to mount the 'strongest appeal' in response to the sanctions. http://www.chelseafc.com/page/LatestNews/0...1787070,00.html
  24. Gael Kakuta

    A similar situation had occured over Phillipe Mexes' transfer from Auxerre to Roma. Roma were banned from entering the transfer market for a year (two transfer periods) and Mexes was banned for 6 weeks. There was an appeal, but the process seemed complicated, and Roma though did serve a ban for one transfer window and Mexes was also suspended. Some links: http://www.mywire.com/a/AFP/CAS-orders-FIF...004?&pbl=27 http://www.uefa.com/competitions/uefacup/n...sid=313525.html http://www.uefa.com/competitions/uefacup/n...sid=324602.html
  25. Salomon Kalou

    Aside from the fact that it was Anelka's first 6 months at Chelsea, which you seem to ignore, I can easily say that his second season (or his first full season), and one which included him being played wide right, was pretty much good. Anelka last season, was very effective when played on the right, especially under Hiddink. I'm quite sure you didn't ignore it. Playing as a central striker as compared to a winger (or vice versa) may not be the same. But it still involves facets such as providing a consistent threat to the opposition defences, providing a consistent and potent outlet for a counter attack, also being able to take chances that comes your way more often than not, help contribute to the effectiveness of the team's play. If you're suggesting that Kalou, does that better than Anelka, then I've nothing else to say. I'm not denying it, am I? I'm merely stating that after 3 seasons, 100+ games of experience at Chelsea, Kalou - whether he's played as a striker or a wide attacker - needs to up his game if Chelsea, this season have to be comfortable with the attacking resources at our disposal. That means being able to take the load of either one of Drogba or Anelka or even replace them. After 3 seasons at Chelsea, can you based on past form, his technical level, and your opinion of him say that he's more than capable of replacing Anelka or Drogba to the same effect? Whether he comes on as a late sub, or whether he starts, my assertion is that he should be able to contribute in a lot more effective manner than he currently has (his performance against Sunderland wasn't noteworthy at all). Again I ask if that's too much to ask of him?