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  1. Salomon Kalou

    Having spent the best part of 3 seasons, and more than 100 appearances for Chelsea, are you trying to imply that unless he's not played as a central striker, we're not allowed to expect any level of consistency and quality from him? Clearly we've not sold him, and CA intends on using him. Still it doesn't excuse him from raising his standards, consistency and performance levels. Does it? Or is that too much to ask?
  2. Ashley Cole

    I was one in the dissenting camp when the Gallas-Cole swap deal went through. The reasons for that, back then, were justified IMO. At the time we didn't need another pure LB to compete with Bridge. We needed someone alot more versatile that A.Cole. We lost Gallas, who many will agree was a key defender who covered 3 positions across the back. Such players like him are invaluable to a squad, let alone a shortened squad like the one we had in 2006/07. And IIRC, that season we also didn't have a consistent RB, which was why we saw Lassana Diarra used there quite a bit. At the time prior to the eventual swap, I remember suggesting that we needed a player who'd cover LB and CB within the squad and as such we'd have been well advised to do so, since we'd lost Gallas and Huth and only reinforced with Boulahrouz. Given the events and injuries we suffered in 2006/07, I still believe I was right. Coming to A.Cole's first few months at Chelsea, I'll also state that I was once again in the dissenting camp when a fit and in form Wayne Bridge (had an ordinary pre-season '06 with Chelsea; started the season though in excellent form) was dropped from the side to give way to a recovering and semi-fit A.Cole (who'd missed the chunk of the 05/06 season with an ankle injury; played the WC; still suffered from a recovering injury; missed the main part of Arsenal's preseason). I still don't see any reason as to why that stance is wrong. Certainly in the 2006/07 season, I saw absolutely nothing to suggest that Cole was any better. I'd argue that Bridge was the much better LB that season. On A.Cole's form eventually turning for the better, that IMO occured in the second half of the 2007/08 campaign. And since then he's been excellent, especially last season when he took his game to another notch. I've not had any issues with that and I'll happily concede that at the end of it all A.Cole's performances have won me over (still believe that he can improve his crossing, that being beside the point). All that said and done, its a contract extension well deserved. And long may his consistent and strong performances continue, and may he have an injury free and successful season.
  3. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    The choice for the final spot in the team was between Matic, Ferreira and Belletti. Matic and Ferreira are injured and recovering from injury respectively, so the choice was a fit Belletti. That'd also explain Hutchinson being included on the A-List.
  4. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Called it right. The one mistake Diaby made, they paid for it. Pity because he was their best player. ManU's penalty, another odd one. 50-50 call but I reckon Rooney was half way down before Almunia nudged him. Still doesn't hide the fact that ManU's midfield, bar Fletcher, was hardly any good.
  5. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Correct score on the balance of play at OT. Hardly a good game given both sides are setup to play a counter attacking game. The team that controls the possession better wins the game (and that is Arsenal) unless Arsenal make some hideous mistakes at the back. Billy Gallas has been very good indeed. Last season's PFA player of the year is having an excellent game indeed (not). Every ManU move has broken down with Giggs. Berbatov could made a difference. I'm still of the opinion that Arsenal will finish above Citeh over the course of the season. Whether they both are in the Top 4 remains to be seen. :)
  6. Salomon Kalou

    This season. No problem. Next season, mostly yes. If we were to offer Kalou a new contract it'd have to be (or I hope it is) based on a level of significant improvement from him over the course of this season. I've mentioned this before alot of times before, that this season we're placing a lot of faith on Kalou becoming a consistent player and contributing as effectively as a 3rd striker (in the squad) should - as in provide genuine competition to Anelka & Drogba for a first team slot, being able to deputise effectively for them in case of injuries, suspensions or loss of form. He may be a squad player at this moment but he's now been in the PL for atleast 3 seasons, which is enough time to have understood the league, its nuances and how best he needs to adapt his game and cope accordingly. That sort of experience should now want him to become a more stronger first team player. Last season may have been statistically his best (10 goals and 10 assists), but his performances were inconsistent. That was demonstrated elaborately in his two performances against Liverpool in the CL. At Anfield he did an excellent job in adhering to a gameplan (as in occupying their FBs, and providing us with an option to stretch their defence). Whereas a week later at the Bridge he was hauled off in the first half itself for not being effective enough (Anelka comes in and contributes for our goals). Thats the level of inconsistency that he needs to remove from his game this season. Is he capable of doing so? I have my doubts. Though I expect him to contribute this season, but whether its an improvement on last season remains to be seen. I'd loved to be proven wrong.
  7. Following Chelsea's Loans

    ^ Yes. Will be interesting to see how he does. As well as how Mancienne copes with the likes of Adebayor, Tevez and Robinho today.
  8. John Terry

    Apologies for re-opening this, but this was the only topic where the following could be posted. Telegraph: Terry splits with agent Aaron Lincoln Interesting set of developments which may put some new light on Citeh's interest. Trying to read between the lines its seems as if Citeh were indeed basing their actions (bid and contract offers) on the word of the agent (through middlemen - Chris Nathaniel).
  9. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Interview on the Official Site: http://www.chelseafc.com/news/the-thursday...2243335_1762678
  10. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    ^DiSanto came on with roughly 15+ minutes to go but it took him 5 minutes to get his first touch. Not much to write home about. Made some decent runs off the ball. One particularly good cross from wide right which perhaps could have been attacked by McCarthy or Pedersen. One good header flicked to Pedersen who played McCarthy in behind the defence, but the SAfrican was offside. Other than that he was pretty much resigned to chasing shadows.
  11. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Official: Steve Holland is the new Reserve Manager http://www.chelseafc.com/news/steve-hollan...2243335_1752411
  12. Didier Drogba

    If I'm not wrong, then since the summer of 2006, this has actually been an injury free preseason for him. He missed last pre-season owing to an operation on his knee and the subsequent recovery. And in 2007's preseason, he still had problems with his knee which gave way in the September of that season (at Villa Park). The 2006/07 season saw him play the most number of games he's played in a season for us (50+) and that too without the best of backup or support. A good run under Hiddink, having attained proper match fitness after a prolonged recovery, saw Drogba in good form. That needs to continue now.
  13. Frank Arnesen

    I recall Hutchinson, Sinclair, Mancienne in our preseason starting lineups. Why since Mourinho's dismissal? Back in late December 2006, after a draw against Fulham, when he was moaning about Newcastle having such quality from their reserves such as Ramage and Edgar playing for their first team, and Chelsea not having such, he failed to ignore one particular youngster. IIRC Mancienne was on loan at QPR until Jan1, 2007, and could have been used in games such as Wycombe, Macclesfield, Nottingham Forest, Norwich in the very least - opponents of a level he was used to playing in the Championship. No one seems to be moaning about that. Mind you this was the same Mancienne that he'd named on the subs bench for the Charity Shield and the first game of the PL against ManCity in that season.
  14. John Terry

    Then kindly show me where you posted it. My post on the Lescott reference was here, and I'm not able to see your response to it, atleast for the next 3 pages where in your next post on that topic appears. So Hughes then commenting publicly on the England & Chelsea captain's position at his current club, providing an embarassing sales pitch, asking via the media for permission to talk to him (despite a succint rejection from the club), and then getting irritated after all that for being asked on Terry, is Chelsea's fault? And sure, Lescott doesn't generate headlines like Terry would. Given what you're saying there, wouldn't there be a case for the same level of rumours, mutterings and reports in the press, even if Chelsea and/or Terry hadn't said anything? Would you be absolutely positive that there wouldn't have been speculation on the issue?
  15. John Terry

    I asked you this the other Terry thread, but you didn't give an answer. Everton made Citeh's bid for Lescott and the subsequent rejection public. Hughes has been constantly asked about Lescott as well. Why then hasn't he made the same pathetic sales pitch that he did for JT? Why isn't he moaning that Everton shouldn't have made the bid public? And even if we made the bid public, which he didn't like, then he simply could have shut his mouth. That he chose not to and deliver (once again I reiterate) that embarassing sales pitch, and again then comment on the issue, is his fault more than anything else. If we didn't go public there would been the same level of rumours, murmurings and utterance from the press, the supporters, and the general theme would be along the lines of: 'there's no smoke without a fire', 'Chelsea's silence is deafening, given that they haven't rejected the bid', 'Terry's silence is deafening' etc. There's been no mention of a contract extension for JT (from the man himself) yet some of the hacks have already come out and called him 'Captain Cash' and that he will get a new improved contract. Had he joined Citeh, the reason they'd have definitely put the 'loyalty sold for cash' campaign. They have covered their angles either way to suit their agenda. JT was on the sidelines in the other games as well and having a laugh. There's nothing to suggest that he was too perturbed by this.
  16. John Terry

    That would be the logical scenario. Though I'd be very surprised if Terry's contract is actually negotiated this summer. Wouldn't make sense at this time, even if the common perception amongst the media and most Chelsea (and even Citeh) fans is that he's bound to get one, or that he's used Citeh's interest to get one. I'd expect it to be most likely next summer, wherein he'd have 2 years left, and almost similar to Lamps, would be given a contract that'd take him upto 35. Most of the players' contracts at Chelsea, in the last few years, seem to be negotiated with either a year or two left on them. Expect the Coles, and perhaps the likes of Alex getting an extension in the next few months. What happens to Kalou, I do not know. :) Guess we have to trust Carlo after all - that goes for the Sky reporter asking the questions. :)
  17. John Terry

    Wonder whether Citeh's CEO Cook will come out and say that Chelsea and Terry bottled it? That'd be the new excuse they'll make. One of them already said so on this forum. Wonder what the famous bluemoon ITK has to say? And it'll also be interesting to see the manner in which the press spin this tomorrow.
  18. John Terry

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I take great pleasure in closing this topic.
  19. John Terry

    Press speculation on the England captain in the English press sells more, doesn't it? :) Fair enough on the Torres issue. But read further on about Lescott and Everton. Then he probably shouldn't get worked up and comment that we brought it into the public domain. To my mind we made it clear that we didn't want to sell Terry, and that we rejected an offer for Terry. If he didn't want to be asked repeatedly on the issue, the he shouldn't answer any questions on the issue unless it gets sorted out one way or another. Instead after the embarassing sales pitch, and after Ancelotti's comments he still talks. Similarly, Everton also made it clear that Lescott was not for sale - information now in the public domain, because they rejected an offer. Where's the public sales pitch to Lescott via the media? Why isn't he now complaining that the Lescott offer was made public?
  20. John Terry

    Then how do you know that Liverpool rejected 3 offers for Torres? Your sources? Or simply put, because Benitez said so in a press conference. How is that any different to the club issuing a statement? What was wrong with what Chelsea did? The offer was made in a very odd manner (during a discussion for Sturridge's transfer value), and the club dismissed it out of hand. To correct the point you made, we made their second bid and the subsequent rejection public - very different to 'we made it public they were bidding again'. Chelsea also specifically said that, and 'will not do so again' that JT was not for sale - a point which they don't apparently understand. And if he was so irritated that it was made public then he could have simply shut his mouth and not commented any further on the issue. Instead, Hughes comes out with an embarassing sales pitch on the potential benefits of a Citeh move.
  21. John Terry

    The former Chelsea legend is most likely to be Frank Lebouf.
  22. John Terry

    Apparently not.
  23. John Terry

    Come to think of it, it seems most likely. :)
  24. John Terry

    From the club's twitter page:
  25. John Terry

    The squad leave tomorrow (if I'm not mistaken). Prior to that there is a scheduled press conference with Ancelotti.