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  1. Injury News

    TOCFCWS: The Crux Of The Matter The official site goes into details about the Cruciate Ligament injuries (in general), suffered by Joe Cole & Essien this season.
  2. Ashley Cole

    Lampard's the Player of the season so far. It'll take a monumental effort from the others to actually catch up with him. A.Cole's been one of the better performers this season, definitely in the top 3-5. In the last few weeks he's not been as effective as he was earlier in the season in an attacking sense. But I'd put that more down to Malouda's absence than anything else. Now that the Frenchman is fit (and is hopefully for the rest of the season) we may actually see A.Cole play the way he did against Stoke for a consistent period. He probably needs a rest though. I suppose alot of the squad may get a good rest in the coming week (before Ipswich). A.Cole, Mikel and Bosingwa should IMO not be playing against Ipswich (Mikel won't be anyway).
  3. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    The Draw: Chelsea - Juventus Villareal - Panathinaikos Sporting - Bayern Atletico - Porto Lyon - Barcelona Real Madrid - Liverpool Inter - ManU Arsenal - Roma
  4. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    He's miss 5 games for Chelsea, assuming Argentina go all the way. Those 4 games would be: Stoke (H) 17Jan, a potential FA Cup 4th round game 24Jan, Boro (H) 28Jan, Liverpool (A) 1Feb and Hull (H) 7Feb. Barring the FA Cup game, I doubt he'd have much of an opportunity to be on the bench for most of those games, unless there were serious injuries. Still I'd rather he gained some match experience in this competition. Might be alot more beneficial for him.
  5. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Today's results will be worth double if we get a win tomorrow. Its not only us who're dropping points at home. And its not only us who've had problems in breaking down tight and desperate defences.
  6. Injury News

    Yes he is.
  7. Didier Drogba

    I'm still annoyed that he didn't have his iPod with him in the dugout last night. What was that all about? I've never really understood the fuss on Drogba on here. Whenever he's played he's given it his best shot. Last season he still played a major part in our run to the bitter end, and all that with a dodgy knee which didn't even have the ideal amount of time for recovery and rest post surgery. The after effects of which were felt this season. He's still way off the ideal fitness level which means that in any case we'd have some decent options on the bench in the games to come.
  8. Salomon Kalou

    I don't know how much of a gamble it seemed at the time, but on the day (Arsenal game) he did have a pretty decent first half. Looked alot more threatening in build up play and actually seemed useful running from deep and into central positions. He even got into a few decent positions behind their defence and would have had a chance at goal (note chance) had he not been flagged offside incorrectly. The second half, after their 2 goals, was hardly anything surprising given the whole team's inability to function well. Against Bolton, he seemed useful but only in bits - got into decent positions but reverting to type, he took a second longer to make the right decision. His best bit of skill, early in the first half, was the instinctive shot with the outside of his right boot which missed Jaskelainen's goal by a small margin - and that came about with a quick passing move involving Ballack and Anelka (perhaps implying that the lesser the time he thinks the more effective he can be). But that in essence has been his game ever since he's joined Chelsea. His performance levels dip with every consecutive game he plays - and that means his usefulness in terms of minutes reduces as well. Its been a view I've held from his first season at Chelsea, and I still believe it holds true. He's best used as an impact substitute with around 20-25 minutes to go, where an urgency in the situation forces him to raise his game alot more in the short time span (his spell of 15+ minutes against ManU, was alot more productive). Whether thats something we'll need in the future, IF we were to bolster our attacking options is highly doubtful.
  9. Injury News

    Perhaps an insight is here.
  10. Didier Drogba

    While Drogba's absence against Arsenal is disappointing, especially since he has the wood over them, I'd be relatively pleased and rather relieved to see Ballack in midfield, and hopefully the likes of the Coles, and Carvalho back against them. Given the way Arsenal are playing, its hard to say which one will turn up - most likely the one which beat ManU. But even then its important we have a majority of our currently missing better players in action on the day. Atleast from the point of view of having more options on the bench. Drogba's still not fully fit and with the CL game sandwiched in between those fixtures, it'd be a good time for him to regain some sharpness there.
  11. Didier Drogba

    http://www.thefa.com/TheFA/Disciplinary/Ne...baSuspended.htm He'll miss the Newcastle, Arsenal and Bolton games.
  12. Injury News

    Cech didn't play for his NT against Slovenia. He'll be examined at Cobham tomorrow. Ballack starts for Germany against Wales tonight, so him sitting out training yesterday was merely precautionary. If he comes through today unscathed I suppose he'll be ready for Boro on Saturday (lunchtime).
  13. Injury News

    The earliest he's expected is against Boro on Saturday. But then Roma may be the more comfortable option. Carvalho's expected at the end of this month. Joe Cole and Anelka are still intriguing injuries. Anelka's surely back at Chelsea, after France's commitments for the Internationals are now over. I'd rather we not the take the risk on JT and Ashley Cole for Saturday. Having them fit for Roma (Wednesday) and then Liverpool (Sunday) is more important. The only other doubts are that of Ballack and Cech. Both I expect could be fully fit for Roma on Wednesday.
  14. Michael Essien

    BBC: Essien undergoes knee operation
  15. John Terry

    Times - How Terry's Appeal Was Successful That should shut a few dissenting and moaning voices.
  16. John Terry

    Since when has 'serious foul play' been only a yellow card? Perhaps you'd know since Dirk Kuyt got one for the most polite lunge at Neville in the Merseyside derby last season. Contrast that to Terry's apparent 'serious foul play' and you'll see the joke. For the umpteenth time, and I know it'll be of no consequence still, we argued it on the basis of 'wrongful dismissal'. Was that action from Terry worthy of a red, on Halsey's claim of 'serious foul play'. No, yellow definitely because of obstruction, and not because of 'serious foul play'. And what's the matter if Terry gestured 3-1 at the Citeh supporters? Don't try and claim some moral highground on this because there is none. He didn't rile them or instigate them. And as Martin Samuel rightly said, 'Thank god the score wasn't 2-2'. As for the FA not backing their referees: well the whole respect campaign at the PL level is doing that. I understand that in the amateur settings and at youth level it has its merits. But in the high octane nature of the PL, it is simply another ruse for them to conveniently cover up for some of the errors and inconsistencies of the referees, without being questioned for it. He would after all be one to know the inner workings of the PGMOB far better than anyone else. ;)
  17. John Terry

    I did have my doubts that this appeal (a justified one) would be successful, and its mainly also down to the point that you've stated. If I recall correctly, it was the Times that stated that effectively that the action must not have been card-worthy, for it to be successful. I'm not sure whether thats the way it has been interpreted. While technically a red card cannot be downgraded to a yellow, it doesn't mean that the foul has necessarily not to be a yellow card offence. There's a grey area on this point - unless there's some rule I'm missing. Chelsea appealed on the basis of 'Wrongful dismissal'. Was it a red card based on 'serious foul play'? No, especially if the rules are applied correctly. Was it a yellow card based on 'serious foul play'? Perhaps, but then 'serious foul play' is deemed a straight red. The most important question is, was it even 'serious foul play' ie. attempting to injure an opponent, while denying a goal scoring opportunity? On both counts it wasn't. There seemed no intent from JT to injure the opponent. There was also a fair distance between Jo and the goal for it to be even called a goal scoring opportunity - given that there were two covering defenders. I also get the feeling that Halsey's stubbornness in stating that it was solely for 'serious foul play' may have turned the decision in our favour. The criteria may have been listed by him, based on his interpretation, but on review it must have been deemed incorrect. Under any other criteria it didn't warrant a red card. A yellow definitely. But since the FIFA ruling is that a card cannot be downgraded, we've played by the rules. There's surely, though, going to be a mass cry in the media about the need to try and reduce the occurence of a 'professional foul'. There'll probably be even a call to bracket it under 'cheating', which some journos have done.
  18. John Terry

    http://www.chelseafc.com/page/LatestNews/0...1394407,00.html Honestly, I'm quite surprised.
  19. Gianfranco Zola

    Quite true. One is a club accused and implicated in match fixing scandals, while the other isn't. Quite gutsy for a West Ham fan masquerading as a Juventus fan - a true internet warrior.
  20. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    You don't really 'produce' a player like Messi, he is bought in and housed until he's legally able to play. Kakuta is not near where Messi was at the same age otherwise he'd be close to starting for us right now. It really isn't a case of finding out with talent of that level, you just know. To add to this, I feel that the comparisons with the Chelsea Youth Setup to that of the Barcelona Youth Setup are unfair. Actually that would also apply to the English Youth setup to that of the Spanish way. A clear point seems to be overlooked here. While in England and in Spain there's a progression from the Youths to the Reserves team (or B teams in Spain), there's one difference. And thats in the nature or the competitiveness of the games that a Chelsea Reserve team play compared to that of say a Barcelona 'B' or a Real Madrid 'Castilla' side. The likes of Barca B, and Real Madrid Castilla et al are playing in competitive divisions such as the Segunda, Segunda B, and the Terceres (England's versions are the Championship, League One and Two). They're even competing for Relegation or promotion, unless their senior team are relegated to that same division. Now contrast that to the Reserves Championship which is at times competitive, if it involves a 'men v boys' scenario (like we faced last season at Brum, if I'm not mistaken, and we lost heavily), or if it is between two teams of similar levels (ie, Arsenal, ManU). But even then the competition's regular intensity is no where near to that what the Spanish clubs second string sides face - and this is all year round. The likes of Iniesta, Messi, Bojan, Casillas etc, have all faced some really competitive action before they've shone and drafted into their main squads. In England the only opportunities that may arise are in cup competitions. They've already gained their experience and grown as players, and the ones who stand out the most (consistency being the key) get their chances to shine. There doesn't seem to be a degree of randomness that may seem so in England. Thats the impression I get - I could be wrong though. Hence, perhaps, you have the likes of Mourinho, Wenger, and Benitez clamouring for their second string teams to play in competitive divisions. While there's always a bias and a clamour for the youth team players doing well and progressing thereby getting chances to play (I'm one of them), the only way we can ensure that they do so is for them to go out on loans. But even then that may not be a best solution (Sinclair being one who's been unnecessarily carted out at times on various loans).
  21. Gianfranco Zola

    Robson De Souza a.k.a Robinho.
  22. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Chelsea & ManU eye the 'New Agger' - Nicolai Boilesen
  23. Injury News

    http://www.chelseafc.com/page/LatestNews/0...1388272,00.html Mikel is in good condition and should start at Citeh. Drogba could play for 45 minutes as well. Not bad news given the circumstances. Only hope that tomorrow's set of fixtures doesn't throw up any other injuries.
  24. Gianfranco Zola

    I don't understand. Its been well documented by Franco himself, that Roman was very keen to have him at Chelsea in some capacity. He's tried many a times to do so. But Franco himself has turned down the opportunities on the pretext of gaining more experience before being of use to Chelsea. So where does our ineptitude come into this? I'd really like to know. I'd have thought that if he was ready to come to Chelsea, he'd have been here already. Obviously he doesn't see it that way, hence he's gaining his experience with the Italian U-21s team (and perhaps now the Spam). I know the Chelsea hierarchy has made some weird gaffes in the last few years, but why should this one (which is not even a gaffe, but merely an individual's preference) be put on their head? I'm not too enamoured myself about him taking that job, and not because of him perhaps being successful there. I'd be more concerned if things go pear-shaped for him there, and the level of vitriol he'd have to take on. That lot never spared the likes of Roeder and Curbishley (who had some past association with them), so I'd dread to see him under that intense pressure. Part of my fears also are down to my impressions, that he really isn't cut out as a manager. I see him more suited to the role of perhaps the more fashionable job in football at present, The Director of Football or as a Youth Team Coach. But then again it'd be interesting to see his managerial approach. If he takes the job - Best of Luck Franco!
  25. Injury News

    We can still sign a midfielder after the transfer window. There's one in particular who's available (he's out of contract) and I'm quite sure you raved about him in the 2006 WC. Hint: He wants to play in the PL and is a national teammate of our most recently injured player. But thats for another topic. I'm quite disappointed that Essien's suffering a bout of injuries. He's been unfit or hampered since the Lokomotiv game and now this injury. Hopefully its not serious that he'll be out for more than 3-4 weeks. Mikel's recovery becomes extremely important then.