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  1. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Almost instantly you could make out that Paim's technique and skill on the ball was something different. Looks a very interesting prospect indeed. He's also got a bit of an arrogant streak in him, which is nice to a degree. The players that impressed me most were Bridcutt and Mellis. Responsible for bringing us back into the game very efficiently. I'll be keen to know more about Bridcutt's development and whether he can be a long term prospect for the DM role. Overall, very pleased and enjoyed watching this game. The players looked to have good technique and seemed to be very well coached and schooled. Good work.
  2. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Thanks for the link. :) Never seen a Chelsea reserve game before, but this was quite enjoyable TBH. We looked quite stunned at Arsenal's speed of play in the first 15 odd minutes. But quietly I thought the duo of Bridcutt and Mellis brought us back into the game. Really liked the look of both of them. Stoch looks an interesting player, although my first impression is that he likes to do too much with the ball. Good workout for Drogba, and it'll be nice if he comes back in decent condition for the Citeh game. But interestingly, both him and Sinclair seem to have a good understanding from the looks of it. Both seem to be reading each other's movement very well. Thats the impression I got. Something positive for the first team. Looking forward to seeing Paim as well.
  3. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    For this season Mikel is eligible to be included in List B. List B: Mikel is born in April 1987, so he'd qualify, since he's been at the club for two seasons. That'll open up a slot for Hilario.
  4. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Stoch and Woods would qualify for List B, which would require two uninterrupted seasons at the club. As I understand, for List A, the player needs to be registered at the Club for 3 seasons (I don't recall any loan requirements being mentioned). Sinclair didn't qualify for List B last season because of the loan situation. Last season because of the lack of Club Trained players, we had to Ballack (albeit injured) out of the squad and then for February it was Pizarro, Sidwell and Ivanovic (for differing reasons). Our Squad size was reduced to 23 (from 25) because of it. This season there should be no hassle on that front, although the less Club Trained players we have, the squad number will reduce. But even then there'd be space for the likes of Belletti, Fabio Paim.
  5. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    As Tweeds mentioned there's the possibility of us including them in the Champions League squad for this season. Mancienne and Sinclair would definitely qualify as Homegrown (Club Trained players) like John Terry. I'm not sure on Woods and Stoch though, I doubt they qualify as Homegrown Club Trained players just as yet. Cork would have been one for sure. We need 4 Association Trained (which we have - Lampard, Bridge, A.Cole, J.Cole) and 4 Club Trained in a 25 man squad. On Sinclair and Stoch - with SWP's departure I'm quite sure Scott will get alot of chances now. He may even be in the squad for Sunday's game, with us being short of options in midfield and Drogba missing. Stoch, I guess will also be given a chance as the season progresses.
  6. Salomon Kalou

    So long as his effectiveness per game increases from his standard 15-20 minutes (out of 90), then we'd have an even better attacker on our hands. At this moment, with his current effectiveness per game (includes his woeful finishing), he's still the best version of what some would call a 'super sub', that we have in our squad (I'd be tempted to include Joe Cole in that list as well). The problem with Robinho is relatively similar to that of Kalou. Its more a question of consistency and a degree of effectiveness per game. Once that factor is improved in Robinho's game, then I'd actually go onto say that he'd be alot more decisive and better than Kalou, because his technical attributes, ball skills, control, acceleration, directness and speed are much better than that of the Ivorian. Kalou though is a better threat aerially. To add here, Kalou's turned 23 this year (August), while Robinho turned 24 in January. So they'd both qualify as young players who'd need time, no? Robinho's arrival may reduce Kalou's game time to a degree (moreso if we play a 442), but if it'd help in raising Kalou's game, in terms of his effectiveness then its worth the investment. I'm one of his apparent critics on here. The main bone of contention for me is that alot on here tend to portray him to be the second coming of a world superstar which he isn't. He's a decent player, who in time could get better and contribute alot more. Recently one of the posters on here (in another thread) stated that Kalou's performance in the CL Final was quite good, certainly better than that of Malouda. Given that Malouda started, and Kalou came on as a late sub, its hard to see it as simply as that. Circumstances were different. Kalou came on at a time when the opponent's defence was tiring and the best solution for him was to be direct and run at the opponents with the ball or try and run behind the defence in an attempt to stretch them. He really didn't do anything of the sort, yet he gets praised because he's compared to Malouda (who'd had a poorer first season, amidst the chaos and confusion at the club). Simply put, my criticism also stems from seeing him do the simple things poorly yet occassionally do something hideously difficult with such consumate ease (cliche alert). A cringeworthy arguement if any on here (you were arguing his case so well till then) - though, I confess, it may be true to a degree.
  7. Salomon Kalou

    No Ivanovic, only Rajkovic.
  8. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    http://www.chelseafc.com/page/LatestNews/0...1362027,00.html Cork, Mancienne, Bridcutt, Stoch, Taylor, Van Aanholt, Magnay and even Bruma were involved in the practice match with the first team.
  9. Didier Drogba

    Drogba happy to stay a Blue! To add here, I've read that both Bosingwa and Drogba have joined in light training at Cobham.
  10. Salomon Kalou

    Yes, I did watch and I mentioned about him here. Gervinho did look quite impressive. But I was more impressed with the 17 year old N'Gossan on the right flank. Did some checking on him after the game and he plays for ASEC Mimosas in the Ivory Coast. It'll be worth to see both of them in the next few games. But if I were to take a punt on either Gervinho or N'Gossan it'd definitely be the latter. Lots more time and potential for him to develop.
  11. Didier Drogba

    Just checked the Olympics' Football schedule and the group stages end on the 13th August, for the Ivory Coast. Argentina and Serbia are in the Ivory Coast's group (along with Australia), and perhaps there's a chance for them to be knocked out early. That could allow Kalou to be in contention for the Pompey game on the 17th, atleast as a sub, unless he's seriously jet lagged and LFS doesn't want to play him. If the Ivory Coast are knocked out of either the QFs (on Aug 16) or the SFs (Aug 19) then there's a chance he'll be back for the Wigan game. Anything beyond that and we should see him in contention for the Spuds on Aug 31st (the Olympics end on Aug 24).
  12. Didier Drogba

    From the same sources everyone on here was/is believing - with regards to his agent touting his services around Europe. It was a common theme prior to the Scolari appointment. More like the club wanted a scapegoat to paper over the mess that had ensued in the last 6-7 months. The ideal scapegoat was the one man who got sent off in the CL Final, and one who's absence perhaps forced an unfortunate slip in our destiny.
  13. Didier Drogba

    So after the happenings in Moscow, when like most on here, the club decided to tout Drogba around Europe, it wasn't a problem then?
  14. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Looked very comfortable on the ball, and held it up well. He passed it pretty well in short spaces and seemed very keen to link up with Lampard. Moreso because Lampard was playing closer to him than the other midfielders and attackers. I'd like to see it against more technically savvy opponents though - as this was the first time I've seen him in action. The thing that really caught my eye though was his ability to control the long or direct pass. He's very confident of controlling it at a height and bringing it down comfortably in one motion (the player who's probably good at it in the PL is Berbatov). Good to see he's strong on both left and right foot. I've always wondered why SWP and Malouda never switched sides and played on the opposite flanks. SWP on the left cutting inside, and likewise Malouda on the right, gives an opportunity for both of them to play closer to the striker and advancing midfielder. And it even allows the FBs the chance to put in the crosses.
  15. Didier Drogba

    Stay-away Drogba sticking with Blues, says Scolari
  16. Didier Drogba

    I doubt he's had a proper recuperation period since his surgery last December. He was out for a few weeks until January (QPR game) and then went straight to the ACN. He returned in February and was immediately involved in first team action up until the end of the season - he did have a couple of games rest. The only worrying bit is how long will he really need for a full recovery. And whether there will be chances of it recurring again. Thats an important bit which the club and the management need to analyse. In 2006/07 he started pre-season fully fit and rested and that season went brilliant for him. His other seasons have some how or the other been blighted by injury in preseason. It still doesn't take away from the fact that we perhaps will need 2 more attackers (forwards/wingers) to add alot more potency to our attack (and to a degree share the workload among the remaining attackers including Drogba).
  17. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    First time I've seen Bertrand play and probably only the second time I've seen Cork play (last preseason was the first). Honestly, I liked the way they played. Both have good technique and composure on the ball and look capable of making the right decisions most of the time. Cork's an interesting player. Reminded me alot of Ferreira in the way he held position defensively but also looked good when advancing. Bertrand also looked very progressive as a LB and tried to link up most of the time with whoever was playing front of him. Both did seem to have some issues in positioning defensively at times but they recovered well enough. Sinclair was an odd one. Its not that he had a poor game, but he also didn't really do much. Whether it was because not much of the passing buildup was done through the flanks. Most of the time it was direct hits to the flank which really wouldn't help his cause. Like Aaron, I think its about time we stopped loaning him around across London and actually keep him with the first team this season and next (hopefully Scolari sees it that way). He's bound to get alot of chances this season (mainly as subs, perhaps the odd starts in the CC and FAC). Training with the first team will make him better.
  18. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Would be a worth pursuing and interesting option for both Betrand and Chelsea, if he were to join Hull on loan for the entire season (a 6 month loan serves no purpose IMO and a sale should not be on the cards at present). As others have mentioned he'd be tested against some of the more creative, direct and pacy players in the PL and he'd learn alot. In terms of planning for seasons ahead this move could be vital because I don't see Bridge playing second fiddle to Cole for that long. He may stay on for this season but its more likely we'd need to find a younger alternative to back Cole. If Bridge were to leave this season, then there's the emergency option of Ferreira at LB, while we would also be able to monitor the progress of Bertrand, if the move materialises.
  19. Didier Drogba

    Thats because all of them are involved in the match day squad. They're all substitutes. Poor example to choose. Drogba wasn't on the subs bench for the Wigan game. So that implies he was not involved in the match day squad. I really do not see an issue with him wearing headphones and sitting in the stands (or behind the bench) as long as he isn't involved in the match day squad. BTW, I really have to ask. Why did you choose the Wigan game specifically? He had the same headphones on at the COMS (Citeh game) when he was not in the matchday squad and was sitting in the stands. We won 2-0 that day. Surely you didn't choose the Wigan game on account of a critical 1-1 draw.
  20. Didier Drogba

    Good to see you're now buying into the media-myths that we won our 2 PLs playing absolute crap.
  21. Didier Drogba

    Perhaps you may find this backs your case: And just to add here, Drogba's scoring record with assists over his 4 years at Chelsea: 172 Games, 80 Goals, 33 Assists. Hopefully the names that people are taking on here can deliver similar levels or performances coupled with a massive workrate, leadership and of course not to mention goals and assists.
  22. Didier Drogba

    Golden words spoken there!
  23. Didier Drogba

    Apologies for picking only this particular line of your post. FWIW I do understand your opinion on the Drogba situation but I won't necessarily agree with finding the Drogba situation difficult. Coming back to the line quoted above; my question is how did Drogba play a huge part in us losing at Moscow? As I recollect he was working his socks off up until his rest mist moment. His sending off did change the complexion of our approach to the game (we then had to be a bit more cautious not to concede with 10 men). Whether we'd have won it with him in the remaining few minutes is subject to speculation. I also can't see how his sending off would have changed the eventually decisive moments in the penalty shootout. True the order may have changed with perhaps JT not taking the 5th one. But there's no guarantee that DD may have scored his (as there is no gurarantee with other penalty takers). So if Drogba's sending off or performance is installed as the main reason for the eventual penalty misses, then its a pretty harsh and perhaps unfair assessment on the man. As for Drogba staying next season. Most definitely for me, if given the choice (alot depends as I understand on this scheduled meeting). I still see no reason for him to leave. He should have a good summer's break and come back refreshed for the pre-season. The only bit I'd consider is actually tweaking the formation for him to have a strike partner. Find the number of asissts he's had over the last few seasons and throw it into the mix as well, for good measure. That'll strengthen your case even more (not that it isn't already strong) on his overall value to the team's cause. First season, he missed two months with a groin injury IIRC. Second season there was the ACN (but it was also the season where he had the highest number of assists). This season, he missed a period of games between the Villa away and Valencia away games, in addition to missing the first two games of the season (CS and Brum). Missed most of December, when his knee finally gave in and had to be operated on. Came back for a token appearance against QPR (5th Jan), only to be make his next appearance for Chelsea (ACN aside) away at Olympiakos (Feb 19).
  24. Didier Drogba

    To add to this. Anybody notice an opposition forward (on loan) holding Makelele in the Chelsea penalty area, elbow him in the face and then wrestling him down to the floor. All this right in front of the referee, who then gives a corner for a deflected Carrick shot right in front of this incident.
  25. John Terry

    The last time he scored a penalty was in a penalty shootout against Portugal in the Euro 2004 Quarter Finals. Lampard, Terry and Ashley Cole all scored that day. So he's had the experience before. Have a good summer's rest 'Bionic Man' (just have those irritating internationals to get out of the way though). After all what your body's gone through over the last two seasons, you deserve a good 3-4 weeks of deserved rest.