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  1. From what I’ve read in this thread there’s a consensus that Guardiola and Klopp have been successful at their respective clubs. The common denominators for both seem to be both had a clear vision of how they wanted to play and operate, they both took time to actually implement the systems and actually win something and I suspect both get a large input into who comes into their playing staff. That sort of model tends to work when forming most ‘teams’, whether sporting or business, assuming you choose the right person in charge and the latter is the key question. TT for me, has earned the right to be given time and the tools to be able to give challenging the current top-two a good go. It’s up to the new owners to give him authority to get his choice of players in, perhaps an area that previous coaches/managers did not always get their own way.
  2. Chelsea 2 Watford 1

    A few here have mentioned or eluded to progressive midfielders. We functioned best with the two wing-back and Kovacic, the latter being exactly that. In my simple football world, we need two or three midfielders who’s first thought is to pass or move the ball forwards. I’ve watched Gallagher closely and he ticks that box, it’s whether he’s good enough for a top four side that the key question?
  3. Chelsea 2 Watford 1

    Well, that’s a season that in the end withered away. Attended every league game this season and watched as we went from genuine contenders for the title to a best of the rest, when the rest had loads of issues themselves. Plenty of reasons for the demise of our form, not least the two wing-backs getting injured. The last months, since the sanctions have been difficult, as have the team been generally difficult to watch. Lots of change going to happen in the next two months and I hope we can rise again and compete against the top two, although I believe that third will be the best we can do for a season of two.
  4. Andreas Christensen

    A personal story about AC as witnessed by myself a few seasons ago - Away to Burnley. He’d not been selected in the squad and the unused players and non-essential staff members used to sit in a small square of seat that were sectioned-off with low level solid wooden panels. These were in the middle of the away section and we were sat right next to them, separated by about 9ft. He hardly had an interest in the game, spending all his time chatting to one of the Burnley players, who’d also not been selected. It struck me that this was a fella who might not actually enjoy football. If he’s told TT on more than one occasion that he’s not ready to play, and it would appear from comments made by TT that’s the case then I’d suggest he’s in it for the easiest time and the most money. Not traits I’d want from any single professional footballer. Not surprising for me that’s he missed loads of games since his talks with other clubs have stated.
  5. Chelsea 1 Leicester City 1

    Really good news and hope that he comes back with full function. If it had happened to me, it'd take stages to get my confidence back as regards the knee. That's why I'd have him nowhere near tackles or twisting movements/scenario's that a full on game would put him into. Train with the team, keep training lightly through the close season and then get a full pre-season into him. For me, hed then be ready to go for the friendlies and PL for season 2022/23.
  6. Khobar's Legacy

    And the ‘bestest defender ever, ever’ demands a free kick for it! Laughable, and they’re still whining at the ref about it after they score.
  7. Khobar's Legacy

    There'd be some delicious irony tonight if they dropped points against Villa, Coutinho scoring would be the icing on the cake. One can but dream.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    PSG we’re looking to take him back, but have to deal with Leonardo who was happy to release him. Also Leipzig are trying to tie him up for another year in a similar type of deal that Dortmund did with Haarland. Listened to the above on some European transfer segment of Hawksbee & Jacobs radio show yesterday. So is probably gossip. Decent attacking option though, although Timo looked a bit of a goal machine when there (cautionary note).
  9. Chelsea 2 Wolverhampton Wanderers 2

    You should, right at the end we had the ball in the corner. 100% our throw, ref gave it to them. I’m 20 yards from it and saw it clearly.
  10. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    Add to the list, likely substantial ticket price rises across the board after year 1 of ownership. They'll probably look at what the villans at the two Nth London clubs charge and mirror it.
  11. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    Matt Law of the Telegraph is very clearly briefing for the current preferred bidder. If the PL are not very careful the balance of ownership of the clubs within the league will sit too far to the good 'ole US of A. And for no better reason, I'd prefer a British based ownership model.
  12. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    True and wish him nothing but the best. He’ll know that he’s going to be a substitute at best and no matter how that’s dressed-up he’s going to know what he contributed. Oriel Romeu and Ross Turnbull each got a winner’s medal for us in 2012. Unfortunately for Eden he’s going to be a bit-part for them. Grass ain’t always greener is the lesson there and that’s a shame, because he seems a carefree, decent chap.
  13. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Potless Noballsy Downside to the result is Courtois gets to play in a final. Upside is, Real Madrid are probably the only side that might get fair treatment in the final from UEFA, refs and VAR when playing the red scum
  14. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    I’d be looking along the lines that SJR, being an extremely shrewd operator may well know how to play this one out, talking with the Government reports say. Wasn’t he reportedly involved with some level of discussion previously as regards a purchase of us? Might even have a hotline to the boss?
  15. Official: Chelsea Sign Christian Pulisic

    Or, why he never plays in the 'hole'. The position on the pitch, for goodness sake. 😉