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  1. Didier Drogba

    Sensible stuff, If it was my club I'd sell but then I wouldnt be paying £30m for another striker Id give my manager and scouts upto £10m and if they can't get a great goalscorer or young player sack the lot!! As a fan this value like them all as no meaning and we would just lose a proven goalscorer. My ST will be the same price either way! Its not like we've got a multitude of 'quality' strikers!
  2. John Terry

    Gotta agree, since JT's return from injury Ricky has looked like the one leading the back line game in and out. I'm sure it will improve maybe he just needs the summer break but he just doens't look as confident (having a knock to the head might do that) and looks a little off pace. It concerns me that he will be out tmrw night as he has been a big part of the team as of late.
  3. Michael Essien

    lmfao, I with Michael on this one. To all intents and purposes it looks like he was caught being over the limit. there's a met statement and BBC comments, if it is true then I'm not really surprised at all. But I do hate drink driving!
  4. John Terry

    JT is a legend in my opinon and I would be a little surprised by this and I believe that it is a over reaction. However, a non Tottenham fan did commnet to me on the fact that "all the black players" surrounded JT after the incident and things do get heated on the pitch so their is a potential that there is some truth in this. When you consider if he was being provoked there are a million and one different comments one could make about someone which could be somewhat racist. We live in a world where passion and angers run high and people reguarly make comments they do not mean in the heat of the moment. Could JT have done this, the answer is yes. Do I believe he did? No, until someone proves otherwise he has done enough to earn some loyalty. Chin up JT
  5. Ashley Cole

    Ok guys and girls here my two pence. I actually don't like posting on any of these issues because none of us will ever know what really happens behind the scences. But.. The priniple would annoy me, £5k a week is not a huge sum to Arsenal if they wanted to keep him and if its something that they previously agreed to. Likewise it might not be much to them as they already earn large amounts but its still £260,000 a year less. That could buy a house or be a nest egg. Oh and writing books whilst your still playing is a joke, I was not that happy when Wisey penned his, I think you should always wait until your retired, then we can get a "truer" story. Its like my boss saying instead of the £550 pw (28,600 a year) we offered you we now are going to pay you £500 pw (26,000 a year) would I be annoyed.. yes I'd be job hunting!
  6. New Kits

    I’ve been reading and thinking of joining this made debate. First off IMO the old “graphite and orange†kit was horrible although I now look back on it and smile because of how different it was.. oh and the fact that Coors is my favourite beer :). Secondly, I couldn’t care what the kit looks like, we do need a third shirt but I have to agree that I would rather see us play in our normal kits at home. I do feel quite strongly about this (for some reason) and think that the see of blue is what we are all about.. Blue Day, Blue Tomorrow, Blue is the colour, True Blue and all that game. Come on Chels sort it out, make this a third key and put a press statement out there saying where we can we will be playing in our “home†kit!!