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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    That might be the longer term but I do think it won't be something that'll be fully action until Thiago Silva moves on and we have another #6 in the side outside of Jorginho. I think we'll still largely play a back three this season, and I wouldn't even be surprised if we do retain it moving forward despite the players we're linked with signing. They're all capable of playing in either system, and given our back three is fluid as it with the capabilities of being a back four system in possession, it gives us greater flexibility anyway.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    He has, but he also plays his best football in a 433 out on the right. We've seen patches of that during the small periods where we played 433. I'd still prefer to bin Pulisic over Ziyech myself, just because the latter does provide something different with the ball. That said, at 29 with the system we currently run, and not being a consistent in the side, I can understand why both parties may look to part ways. He'd be a really good pickup for AC Milan.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    The general opinion of a few Southampton fans I've seen on social media seem to suggest his appeal waned pretty quickly. Started well before his work rate and output fell off completely, and was extremely poor during the second half of the season. Supporters went from wanting to sign him on a permanent deal early on, to that interest being dead by the end of the season. He was singled out by Hansenhuettl at one point about not working hard enough off the ball as well. Far too raw of a player for what we need. Might develop more later down the line, but right now he's too limited, selfish, and goes missing in too many games. If any club seriously dangles £30m in front of us we should be snapping their hand off. He's another one of those players that if he had no Chelsea connection and was at another club our interest in him would raise eyebrows.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    From what it sounds like the possibility of Ronaldo is being put forward by ownership and would be outside the already set aside transfer money. I imagine wages would also be an expense ownership would shoulder as part of making that sort of deal. The notion of his marketability globally would offset a lot of that anyway I imagine, or at least that's how ownership will likely view it. Personally, I don't think Ronaldo signing would have great influence on impacting renewing other players, unlike say what we pay a Pulisic or Hudson-Odoi with no previous football substance to warrant it, there's a pretty common understand why someone like Ronaldo would command the sort of money he does. For me I'm on the fence. He'd be the "cherry on top" type of addition providing we get the more urgent signings we need done first. Not a must, but if the opportunity does arise then I'm not completely against in. Having seen him at Juventus and then again at Man Utd he's still a top level player in the right side, I suppose the question ends up being if we're that side with how we desire to play.
  5. New Kits

    Not just me that immediately thought QPR when seeing the away kit for the first time, right?
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Not that it's a surprise given the man is 37. No one signs Cristiano and is expecting a high pressing forward, and if they are they then I'd be gravely concerned.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    FWIW Pedulla is a bit hit and miss with general Serie A rumours, tends to lean more to knowing AC Milan related news the most. Also, this is a regurgitated point on his behalf that shouldn't increase his credibility. Juventus have always been interested in cash only, it's been their stance long before this whole transfer saga came to fruition.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Belotti has agreed to join Monaco unfortunately. .
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    You sure about that? A big problem we've had is the midfield's ability to progress the ball forward through quick efficient and effect passing. Kovavic has tried to do a bit more of it at times, but outside the pickings are slim - even if you throw Gallagher into the mix he's another ball carrier and not the sorely needed passer we lack. Not only does it cripple us going forward far too often, but it massively impacts the trudged nature of our ball movement because we lack someone with the vision and willingness to be more expansive. The idea of sitting through another season with our midfield passing backwards or sideways, ignoring runs made ahead, or simply being guilty of butchering attacking phases through under or over hit passes, doesn't fill me with much enthusiasm.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    And those that are still relevant are more or less "complete" types, which don't exactly grow on trees. Teams would rather take a more mobile and active winger/attacking midfielder and convert them into a forward/striker hybrid, even if they aren't as accomplished around goal. Their ability to be more mobile and active via the press is seen as a bigger advantage for the team as a whole. We're seeing this trend also bleed into midfielders, where it's also more attractive to be a mobile runner opposed to being less athletic but with superior ability with the ball.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    This is what I dislike the most about what modern football is right now, in particular with heavy pressing systems in the Premier League where the primary focus is more about being an uber athletic runner opposed to a skilful footballer. It's completely stripped the variety out of the game. A striker can no longer just be a goalscorer or creator, they have to press from the front like a midfielder and be just as agile and mobile otherwise they're seen as more of a hinderance. I'd hate to think how players like Pippo Inzaghi, van Nistelroy, Klose, OGS, Andy Cole and so on would've faired had they all had the same sort of expectations placed upon them. As you've said Ronaldo will score goals wherever he goes, it's the fact he isn't going to press for 90 minutes that makes him a less desirable option. Which is crazy when you consider his goalscoring record and our need for a goalscoring forward.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Stumbled upon this, paints a pretty interesting situation if there's actual weight to it. Surely, it would need to be looked into further if actually true.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    We won't sign all three, and agree it appears more like De Ligt is the main focus, with the second target being Ake. Colwill and Ampadu will likely depend on how they fair during pre-season, especially Colwill. He'll be the most impacted by whichever two CB's we bring in and whether he looks ready enough to genuinely compete at the level we're at. Ampadu I can see remaining as a bit of a utility player that can backup Jorginho in that deeper midfield role (albeit a slightly different type of player), while also chipping in at CB should we ever need. He'll have his uses. Maatsen is being linked with a move to Feyenoord and his future may hinge on what happens with Alonso and Emerson. I dare say Sterling will get a opportunity in pre-season as well with Tuchel apparently liking the sort of player he is, whether he's up to par though remains to be seen. Some of these are sort of secondary situations where we can afford to sort them later in the window once we've addressed other more urgent priorities.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    A solid forward who's played in some real mediocre Torino sides over the years where he's had absolutely minimal help in the attacking third. Has 113 goals in 251 appearances for Torino which is a damn solid record for the sides he's played in. I just like his overall energy and willingness to work for the team, a true no frills striker.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    Sport Mediaset in Italy are suggesting either Kante or Jorginho + cash in a deal for De Ligt. More I think about the idea the more a deal using Kante makes sense for both sides. We can decrease some of the skillset crossover bloat we've acquired with Kova, Kante and Gallagher. It also means we can avoid possibly either losing Kante for nothing or locking a visibly declining player down who has a play style that will continue to age poorly. Kante pairs well with Pogba for Juve, just as they do for France. While Serie A at this stage of Kante's career could help extend it with its less taxing nature.