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  1. Victor Moses (On Loan: 2013-2014)

    This. Thanks for posting that. Also, Whelan's quotes: ""Chelsea have got to make their mind up - yes or no - and at present they're messing about a little bit which is unusual for Chelsea because they're up front if they want someone. They would usually go and make a bid and get the player." From this I think its clear that we're still waiting on higher priority targets like Hulk and Cavani. Moses is probably our 3rd option.
  2. Victor Moses (On Loan: 2013-2014)

    Its the official ESPNsoccernet twitter account, regardless of the number of followers it has. I know this because its on the soccernet website. EDIT: Soccernet just revamped their website a couple hours back, so might've set up a new twitter account. But I'm 100% certain its their official twitter account. Anyway, doesn't look like they're revealing the source of that piece of news.
  3. Victor Moses (On Loan: 2013-2014)

    ESPN are reporting on twitter that he's passed his medical too and that he's "officially a Chelsea player". "ESPNsoccernet Victor Moses has passed his medical and is officially a Chelsea player. #CFC"
  4. Official: Romelu Lukaku Joins Everton

    I agree that he was crap last season, but I wasn't comparing 2006 and 2012 seasons. I was merely suggesting that over the course of 6 seasons at Chelsea, Drogba improved his touch and technique. Take his Ronaldo-esque free-kick technique for example, which he developed over the course of a few seasons. That requires a certain amount of time and practice, but is ultimately a technique and is just as difficult when you are trying to adopt any other technique. Also as an example, Scolari found it necessary to include development of players' technique on their weaker foot, and as a result we saw a lot of players using their weaker foot a lot more successfully. Now if it is futile to attempt to improve one's touch/technique, why would one of the most technical coaches in the world (yes he failed at Chelsea, but he still won the WC with Brazil and took Portugal to the final) employ such a routine? Yeah my bad I seem to have confused myself. But still, Sturridge was 18 for only 2 weeks of that season, so Lukaku isn't really all that older going into this season. Also, Lukaku was never given a chance last season, but just like it was evident when Sturridge, it is evident to me that Lukaku deserves a chance, and perhaps a loan spell like Sutrridge's is what is required. Anyway, there were people here who hates Ramires in his first season, similar to Lukaku and then fell in love with him last season. A period of adjustment is always required for every player.. And Lukaku is still just a boy.
  5. Official: Romelu Lukaku Joins Everton

    Firstly, Lukaku only just turned 19 in May, whereas Sturridge will be 23 in September, so what that means is, Sturridge was actually 20 when the season started.. This means Lukaku has this season and pretty much all of next season to be where you deemed Sturridge to be at the same age. Yes, Lukaku doesn't have the pace or technique to play on the flanks, but he isn't built for that. He is built to play as a CF. I mean, when was the last time any young player got to play in his proper CF position? We sold Borini, sold DI Santo, converted Sinclair into a winger at an early age. This is why I feel its unfair to judge Lukaku just yet. I agree with this bit. He needs to demonstrate his goal scoring ability, but to be fair he needs to be given a proper chance to show it. A loan is probably the only way I think he's going to be able to show that. Yup, agree with most. I think the problem with Lukaku is that when he first arrived here everyone expected him to be just like Drogba.. But he's not like Drogba at all. I think its going to be difficult for him to be able to use his body strength in the same manner as Drogba, which is why I don't think he will be able to fill that target man role, but in the future I could see him playing a role similar how Gomes plays for Bayern. On the issue of not being able to improve your touch, I think its nonsense. Fact is you can always improve your technique to better your game. Yes, there won't be drastic changes, but for instance, if you take Drogba of 2006 and Drogba of 2012, you will see that there is quite a lot of change in the way he controlled the ball. Not just his touch, but his overall technique and demeanour on the ball. Lampard too for that matter.
  6. Official: Romelu Lukaku Joins Everton

    Uhm, I'm pretty sure touch + technique can be taught... And Sturridge has good technique. God technique is what we're going to see from Oscar, who seems to be able to do pretty much anything with the ball. I also cannot believe the amount of negativity about Lukaku on this forum. Its shocking that people are comparing him, a 19 year old, to Sturridge, a 22 year old. Sturridge was just as rough around the edges at the same age. Also shocking how much people are trying to judge his potential via a few pre-season games. It really troubles me sometimes how daft some people can be. I think a loan would be highly beneficial to him at this stage.. Possibly a 2 year loan ,as has already been suggested. But to be fair, the only areas he needs to improve are positioning, first touch and being able to use his strength better. I've seen him dribble past players, score some excellent goals but for a big guy he gets pushed off the ball way too easily. But its important to remember that he is just 19 and personally, I'd give him till he's about 23-24 to really judge how good/bad he is. We are sometimes too impatient on players.. And if Sinclair and Borini are anything to go by, this kid will be huge.
  7. Victor Moses (On Loan: 2013-2014)

    I wasn't referring to you per-se on the Tevez front. Also, Moses played predominantly as a winger for Wigan for most of the season not a striker. If anything, he'd be a Joe Cole type signing. I can see us trying to rebuild that team.. With 3 dribblers and two good strikers. I have no clue where you got this from... The same way Luiz could be an excellent center forward? Don't understand why everyone wants to change Ramires' position. He is a good box-to-box CM, let him be.
  8. Victor Moses (On Loan: 2013-2014)

    Can't believe how under-rated Moses is here. But then again, most people here thought Tevez was a mediocre player and didn't want him when he was free, so I guess anything is possible.
  9. Victor Moses (On Loan: 2013-2014)

    Hoilett hasn't signed for anyone yet. He denied the Moenchengladbach rumours ages back. And Moses is a year younger than Sturridge and was a constant threat when playing vs us. Doesn't drift out of the game as much as Sturridge and seems to work harder. Ok.
  10. Victor Moses (On Loan: 2013-2014)

    ^ If you think Moses and Hoilett are below us, you clearly don't know anything about either of them. They are both classy. Albrighton still needs to develop a bit more.. But I'd love either Moses or Hoilett.
  11. Official: Chelsea Sack Di Matteo

    You know what.. Yeah he was lucky to win the CL; yeah his stats in the league weren't the best... But he didn't get to train the squad his way since we were playing games every 3 days + the fact that we were desperately trying to win games. Now I'll be interested in seeing how the players respond to his methods.. At West Brom, the players seemed to love him and they did play some fantastic football as well.. Combine that with the fact that he played defensive football last season goes to show he is capable of both, which is excellent. Anyway, I'm excited to see how we're going to play next season. Well done Robbie.
  12. OF COURSE AVB said that.. Why are people still going on about that? Is he going to say our squad is sh8t when he has no money to spend? Its you that needs to use the half a brain you claim to possess
  13. Personally, I think its petty to talk about car park spots on the club's official channel, and irresponsible to criticize the manager for something so negligent, especially for players who wanted to leave anyway. What AVB was doing was secluding Anelka and Alex from the squad so he could actually concentrate on using the players that actually wanted to be here. And by the way, Jose bought more than half the team so he had the majority of the squad's attention, not to mention their egos weren't as big back then having not won the league. Mourinho may have helped us to glory but he has also inadvertently hurt this club with the arrogant mentality he imposed on the players.
  14. Okay, I'll give it a go.... Ashley Cole was returning from an injury (he only trained 2-3 times in the week).. Bertrand was too inexperienced.. And oh, I remember Bosingwa marking a certain Messi out of the game 2 seasons back at LB.. SO really, you have absolutely no clue what you're talking about. His job was to change the team. It doesn't matter what route he takes, its the players JOBS to listen to the manager. He is PAID to make decisions FOR the club.. Players are PAID TO PLAY not think FOR the manager. Do you understand the player-manager relationship a bit better now? I hope you do.... In Naples he played the team that LISTENS TO HIM. This is the same squad that turned on Scolari because they THOUGHT his training methods were sh*t.. Who pays these d*ckheads to think? The club doesn't. The club pays them to listen to the manager and get on with his ideas. Lampard couldn't adjust to the style AVB wanted the team to play, and that was clear from the get go.. In fact, it was clear from last season that Lampard had lost the legs he once had on him.. I remember in 04 when he was known to cover every inch of the bloody pitch... Today all I see him doing is running up to the edge of the box waiting for a pass... YOU ARE A BLOODY CENTER MID... ITS YOUR JOB TO PASS NOT EXCEPT A PASS. How difficult is that concept?? And credit to AVB because not ONCE did he slate a player in public.. And always claimed Lampard was a fantastic player and an important squad member. What Lampard should've done, as a senior squad member, is rally those who weren't on board with AVB.. Even though you aren't playing there are different ways to contribute, but instead he chose to act like a spoilt brat, always talking against the manager in the press. Give me a break will ya.
  15. I'm sorry but how do you know his reasons for doing it? Mourinho sacked a backroom member as well when he heard him talking trash to Geremi.. So no, he isn't a tw-fu**ing-anything..