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  1. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1

    I have not seen it on the TV, however, the report I read elude to those incidents being part of the handbag at dawn incidents, pre and post the sending off
  2. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1

    So it a complete bias thing with the media with regards to Chelsea when playing the scaly wags. I may not have the luxury of watching the games whilst shepherding, however I guess all the newspapers were lying about the game and the antics of Rudi and Mendy? The Salah booting of the ball was mention in several papers and most said it deserved a card except for the Liverpool echo. As for players screaming in ref faces, that is a problem in every PL game and will not be rectified until such times the Ref decide to start sending player off, therefore the Henderson is just part and parcel of the game. As for watching the games on TV or at the Bridge comes in a few weeks when I am back in blighty.
  3. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1

    So is the coin the PL give the club each season. It would be foolish to try put an injunction your paymaster unless you are wanting to join up with Barca, RM and Juve. “Fortunately the UK is not quite full on with the American suing system. Although it’s getting there”
  4. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1

    Absolutely no chance. It might be a threat coming from the PL, however they don’t have the gonads to implement it.
  5. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1

    Unfortunately those little red scaly wags didn’t rake the penalty spot or boot the ball away with intent. three games in and the VAR paranoia has started. The club will pay the fine and move on unlike some on here.
  6. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1

    Size of the fine will be interesting, to see it is a benchmark set by the PL, for all clubs this season who get charged with similar offences I doubt the is club bovvered, as it’s got loads of money from all their transfers this summer. Marina will just whoop her wad on the counter. Just to pi*s off the scousers. God bless k. Tate & h. Enfield
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Not really sure what point you are making DWMH is the expert on this issue, however the club rarely has huge net spends after a successful season. Premier League net spend table: summer transfer window 2020 Date published: Wednesday 7th October 2020 8:28 - Ian Watson 0 Here is the Premier League net spend table for the summer 2020 transfer window. The figures, which are taken from the wonderful transfermarkt, show only Palace made an overall profit… For all completed deals, head here. 1) Crystal Palace: £1.98m Expenditure: £16.2m Income: £18m 2) West Ham: £540,000 Expenditure: £19.98m Income: £20.52m 3) Burnley: -£990,000 Expenditure: £990,000 Income: £0 4) Wolves: -£2.34m Expenditure: £73.62 Income: £71.28m 5) Brighton: -£2.61m Expenditure: £21.15m Income: £18.54m 6) Leicester: -£9.20m Expenditure: £55.80m Income: £46.60m 7) Southampton: -£12.60m Expenditure: £36.27m Income: £23.67m 8) West Brom: -£21.33m Expenditure: £22.32m Income: £990,000 9) Fulham: -£29.57m Expenditure: £29.57m Income: £0 10) Liverpool: -£34.02m Expenditure: £71.73m Income: £37.71m 11) Newcastle: -£34.63m Expenditure: £34.88m Income: £248,000 12) Tottenham: -£47.79m Expenditure: £59.76m Income: £11.97m 13) Sheffield United: -£50.58m Expenditure: £50.58m Income: £0 14) Arsenal: -£61.52m Expenditure: £77.40m Income: £15.89m 15) Manchester United: -£61.65m Expenditure: £75.15m Income: £13.50m 16) Everton: -£63.40m Expenditure: £67.38m Income: £3.98m 17) Aston Villa: -£74.12m Expenditure: £74.12m Income: £0 18) Manchester City: -£85.64m Expenditure: £141.12m Income: £55.49m 19) Leeds United: -£94.68m Expenditure: £94.68m Income: £0 20) Chelsea: -£154.08m Expenditure: £222.48m Income: £68.40m
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Win win, also puts RM in a position to throw money at Dortmund next summer.
  9. Official: Willian Departs And Signs For Arsenal

    He just received a nice severance pay from his former employer So really no different to ozil and co.
  10. Official: Willian Departs And Signs For Arsenal

    Yeah but imagine how happy Greta Thunberg is.
  11. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1

    In the words sung by Frank Sinatra - That's Life
  12. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1

    Any player coming to a club for that kind of money will always be open for criticism. Torres, Morata, Falcal, DD, Huguain, Sarri, Frank & Jody to name a few who were getting it in the neck before a ball was kicked. the bottom line is - if the club get close or even finish in the PL top spot or wins some silverware this season, then Lukaku has done his job, anything less will in the eyes of many he will be deemed a failure. "He is Mr 98.5 Marmite Man"
  13. Official: Willian Departs And Signs For Arsenal

    that's on par with a qualified HGV drivers in the UK.
  14. Official: Willian Departs And Signs For Arsenal

    As long as he does no stay in the UK for more than 89 days in a financial year starting 01-April-21 its going to be a tax free payment, so the lower wage in brazil could be deemed pocket money?
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    The only person in the know, because today is his day is Mr Burgundy at Talksh*t and Sky