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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    A new left back is going to have to be a priority soon - Ash is waning. Would love Luke Shaw as a long term replacement, he's quick, good going forward and solid defensively, but I wonder if we'll go after someone a bit more polished as an immediate takeover of the position. Someone like Coentrao?
  2. I'd say its almost time to cut our losses with Torres. We're talking nearly 24 months at the club now and he's nowhere near the level he should be on the pitch or with his team mates, making the runs that would see him get more goals. If it was a blip or he was having a rough start to the season, then fair enough, but he's been nowhere near an acceptable level for his entire time here.
  3. Victor Moses (On Loan: 2013-2014)

    They were in the relegation battle when Valencia signed for United too.. irrelevant.
  4. Victor Moses (On Loan: 2013-2014)

    Would be a smart signing. Big, skillful, quick, English and often a threat. Would be willing to take more of a back role than Sturridge too. He may not be a world beater but he's good enough to make an impact for us.
  5. Didier Drogba

    Privileged to have seen him play, that's about all I can say. Good luck to him in future things.
  6. Barring a failed medical, or not being able to agree terms with the player (assume its nearly always done before the fee is agreed with the club), yeah.
  7. As long as the papers are done by Friday, yeah. You'd like him to have a weeks training with the lads though. I suspect he may make his debut from the bench next weekend if the papers are all in.
  8. He is indeed better out wide than as a number 10, I watched Valencia pretty much every game I can. He got shifted to the left wing after not really impressing earlier in the season there. Having said that, he played behind Villa last season and had a great season, second in the league in assists
  9. The big two Valencian papers are SuperDeporte and Las Provincias, both are generally very reliable with regards to Valencia news and reporting the 30me figure. Saying that British media have said we're offering €34m(probably rubbish then), but have reported themselves that Valencia admitted there has been contact. And basically the same story in SD:
  10. Official: Romelu Lukaku Joins Everton

    We don't need one now. But we are going to need one next season, and buying him now makes him home grown.
  11. Rip Amy Winehouse

    I love her music,and that's how I'll remember her,rather than as someone who threw her life away when she had all the talent in the world. RIP, condolences.
  12. Michael Essien

    One things clear, a midfielder is definitely needed now more than ever, and he needs to be given time to recover properly. Ease him back in when he is fit.
  13. Josh Mc Eachran

    Wilshere when he was 17-18 wouldn't have got the chance to be a starter and develop like he has, much like Josh. The difference between them is that one has had the opportunity, and one hasn't - no massive difference in quality in my opinion.
  14. Don't know if great temperment is the right word, he has notorious problems with Unai and is said to have attitude problems which saw him benched for a period. Still, on his day he is class.
  15. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    I think Ramires mentioned that David Luiz is picking up English really quickly, whereas he was still struggling a bit, a week or so ago.