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  1. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    Very stupid to smile and hope Rafael gets sent off. Let`s not kid ourselves thinking he was smiling because he got kicked and got suprised he got Webb`s attention(eventhough this was at OT). Problem being; this is United he does it against. So for that, he will be haunted down by refs for ages now... Going to have to give him thumbs up for letting Webb have a piece of his mind. He was horrible in favour of United and his bias is unquestionable. He would NEVER have given that red card if United had to win. I think he gave it so Ferguson could go on and whine about refs taking away United`s chanches of a comeback and all. Removing every thought of what actually happened in the past 89 minutes...
  2. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    Take it you don`t really pay attention what he actually does then. Please enlighten me. All I can see is a fuzzy haired man who have no clue what do do when he gets the ball, wich is pretty ovious when he needs to blast it 100 yards foward everytime hoping that it will hit Torres...Yes I thought his elbow was dirty, just like he nearly snapped that Stoke player in half earlier in the season. Luiz is a funny/smiling/kids like him man, so therefore he gets away wich much more than the average player. His elbow on Wickham was intentional. Usually people will not accept us having a short fused player, so they`ll just ignore it. Just like all penalties awarded against us are wrong... I just don`t see what he does that is all that great. His mental capability is inferior to all our other defenders, he`s to quick to foul in challenges, he is absoluely garbage at freekicks. His ratio must be 1 in 100. He only looks world class once every 6 months yet get labeled it every week. He was immense against United, yes, I`ll be the first one to say that, but besides that he hasn`t excactly turned any heads with his performances now has he? He has matured a lot since he came here yes, but people need to get a grip and see the player for what he really is NOW, not what he MIGHT will become one day. As far as Rafa goes I simply think he hates JT. There is absolutely NO reason not to play him.
  3. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    Why didn`t he go off today? FSW just absolutely REFUSES to use JT. It`s beyond a joke now. He was awfull today aswell. Tryng his crosses from Brazil to England, hoping that it could hit Torres and go in like it did against Kazan. He was injured and you could see he was hurt the last 15 minutes. Why not bring on JT? It`s unreal to see Rafa refuse to take him off. He so nearly cost us goals again today. Must be hard to play alongside him. Having to do the job for 2. What does Rafa see in him? Played world class away to United in the cup, but utter garbage in most other games. Dirty elbow against Wickham today. Should have been booked. He gets away with so much just because of his loving eyes and fuzzy hair. I really don`t like him.
  4. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    QPR are by no means down yet. He took them from rock bottom and got them points. He will truly have pulled off "the great escape" if he manages to secure them a stay. It`s an achivement to get anything out of those players they have in my eyes. A squad with individuals, flops and some League 1 material only. Most be horrible to manage them.
  5. Official: Torres Makes Milan Move Permanent

    Only because he fears for his life with the waiter being on thin ice after his comments. He plays for Rafa (at times). No one else. Not even his own career. Stod by that nonce for 2 years. What has been given in return? Toal amount of what? 29 goals in 2 years and over 110 games played! ANY first choice striker in the PL would have had 16 goals total this season given all his chances in all our cups etc. Monterry, Nordskjælland and that side Wolves put out in the cup would all have been demolished by the likes of Peterborough, who did actually beat Wolves 3-0 away earlier this season lol. He should have had a hat rick vs Prague minimum. He has to rely on being shot to score now. That he is given(or if he claims he did score) the goal vs Boro is just embarressing. I could have played and scored his goals this season. Really I honestly think I could. I would do it for free too, cause it`s just a pi$$take that he`s getting paid to act like if he`s on holiday. And frankly I think he puts more effort into his holidays than a matchday. What message does he send to our youth strikers? You have to be best mate with the owner to play here, sorry. Good luck on your endless loanspells at Charlton and Crewe... I think watching him play is what would have been like watching Winston Bogarde being forced to play instead of being in the stands. He is by all means the most worthless piece of sh!t player we`ve ever had. The only thing I will defend him on is his price tag. After all that isn`t HIS fault. The sooner he leaves the better. Honestly can`t wait for the season to end and Torres, Malouda, Bennayoun and Rafa to leave.
  6. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Watford will be promoted. He should just stay with them for the first half of the season atleast, so that he gets used to PL football. Hopefully he can make it in to our side over the next few years. I won`t bet on it, seeing as we haven`t given anyone a chance except Bertrand for the last 8 years...Worst thing possible is being recalled in the summer and getting benched when our new manager gets the sack and his replacement don`t dare use him. Josh anyone?
  7. Official: Torres Makes Milan Move Permanent

    Not that he is very popular with the fans to begin with. Another Liverpool reject that has cost us a fortune, and we paid for him being brilliant at times for the gooners where he has done ten times more than for us...on our expense! The sooner he ####s off the better. Can`t stand him.
  8. Official: Romelu Lukaku Joins Everton

    erm yes he did...before all his useless loan spells. To think he`s actually more suited to the EPL than both our strikers atm is worrying. Ba hasn`t really set the world alight since he came here. Should never have sold Cole. Decent back up and homegrown. This club in a nutshell. Bamford will probably never even reach the first team, so no need in mentioning him. Lukaku should come back in the summer. Makes no sense if we`ll probably be loaning him out once more. Preferably to Arsenal.
  9. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    Not a fan of him at all, but give credit where it`s due. He played MUCH better in defence today. Didn`t try to win the game on his own, played calm and composed. More of this, David!
  10. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Bought Bertrand too
  11. Non Chelsea: Domestic Cup Competitions

    Didn`t turn it on before Bent missed a sitter. Villa are so so poor. They should just get relegated to get rid of the deadwood and start fresh. Lucky to not to concede more than 3 at the end. Hope we can knock Swansea out and meet Bradford in the final. We would wipe the floor with them.
  12. Non Chelsea: Domestic Cup Competitions

    It`s a prewritten one. They just hand it out to the newest arrival. Just wait for Thomas Ince to read it loud to the press when they resign him.
  13. Non Chelsea: Domestic Cup Competitions

    Mansfield battered them until that. And they weren`t that far off a replay. What a class act from the bucktooth [email protected] Showing Liverpool`s true colours. Their fans rushing in his defense. Calling it "justice" for being "cheated by refs" all season. How they love that victim role.
  14. César Azpilicueta

    The diving when he is hacked down from behind. Yep that tends to be a problem...only defender we have who have been a notorious diver is Cole in his Arsenal days. Luiz and Ivanovic have been spotted a few times, but never seen Azpi dive. If you`re thinking of his laughable way of going down (like vs. QPR) yes, he does go down in a embarrassing way, but he was not diving. Think he`s been watching Drogba to much ;)
  15. Non Chelsea: League Football.

    Only problem having a future at Chelsea is blocked by the lovechild Luiz who can do no wrong...