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  1. Official: Torres Makes Milan Move Permanent

    There is a difference..Torres actually wanted to leave..and Carroll did not. That`s even more bias from the media right there. And none of this was mentioned when Joe Cole left us and unlike Torres, who has nothing bad to say about his former club, Joey burst out all he could about the glorious history of Liverpool and how much better life was there than in London. Not to mention his wages increased and we were left with NOTHING..yet that does not seem to make a "judas traitor" out of him. Liverpool got double back for what they paid for him. And he isn`t even English or local or nothing so that makes him even less of a judas. Joe Cole is much more a backstabber than he is. And I enjoy seeing him rot in their reserves. I can`t wait for our first thrphy no matter what it may be. Just as long as Torres can win something here and show of the scousers what thropies actually look like. And see the gloomy face of Joe Cole as he soon returns to Championship football with West Ham.
  2. Gael Kakuta

    Bonus payments for people on such wages are an insult to the fans!
  3. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    Sidwell is just down the road.. but seriously I`m glad we didn`t let Benfica rob us. Alex` comeback isn`t long away and what if he LEFT because Sideshow Bob was coming? I see it as impossible that he would want to stay alongside him..him or Ivanovic would have left, and no way as Luiz better than any of those. 25 mill is a rip off. They saw what we paied for Ramires and though of having another go. We need a striker for that money, not a CB.
  4. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    and both players were fired after this..unlike Kitamirike was an academy player who played ONE game and moved on..did he even sell drugs whilist a Chelsea player? Terry`s dad denial.
  5. Josh Mc Eachran

    FFS why doesn`t carlo use him in the league? Surely he cannot do any worse on there than our midfield does now? It`s effing depressing watching us change RB every game, but josh never comes on. Ramires has finally started to find his footing a bit, but surely Josh deserves a few minutes here and there.
  6. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    hm unlike us who wiped the floor with Sunderland, Birmingham and Evrton..oh wait
  7. Non Chelsea: League Football.

    For the first time in decades the Championship seems less interesting that the Preimer League. Preston are definatly NOT going up. Boro are awfull and Palace too. QPR and Cardiff both look like the are gonna cruise this in.
  8. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Yeah..and whenever we play Arsenal, they CONSTANTLY hoof the ball nobody! This season though Chamak? has been there to head the ball..but he is such a diver that instead of fighting for the ball he rather go down typical gooner-style. So they keep hoofing for no one. Play away to Stoke and you hoof the ball up against Fabregas with Huth coming up behind him..
  9. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    I hope City trash Arsenal..and that Arsene will see one of his other players that "do no harm" sent off. Diaby preferably. They already have 3 red cards in the PL this season. Wich is more than any other club. City will drop points against lower sides lke they always do. They cannot be rescued by the ref all the time like they were at Blackpool.
  10. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Doesn`t stop Kalou from getting into the team every week..
  11. Non Chelsea: International Football

    Iceland-Norway 1-2 Norway-Portugal 1-0 Cyprus-Norway 1-2 This team could actually for once be going places!!!!
  12. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    how on earth to you get yourself to call Makelele a flop at Real?! HAd he not been there, thy would never have won anything! Robben was to much injured(like he was here) and Kaka was well world class when he came from Milan!
  13. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Can`t remember until recently to have seen many games on the telly where a team had been awarded 2 penalties in one game..Chelsea have gotten a few of those in the year that have passed now(Wigan, Villa, Stoke) and the usual suspects in Arsenal have gotten the other few that I have seen. And United did aswell about a decade ago. But I don`t think I have ever seen 3 penalties given to the same team in one game. the first one is suspicious to say the least. Funny that Spurs fans whined over Arsenal`s penalties there a week ago. Bet they have forgotten all about that now. Of course they won with their "reserve" team yesterday, according to any Spurs fan they have always the most injuries in the league and Chelsea never have anyone out injured..
  14. Media / Press

    Though United have since then produced Fletcher, O Shea and Gibson is coming along now and WILL become a regular. I know it`s hard to get, but O Shea has over 300 games for United! We have produced Carlton Cole, but let him go..mistake..then again United let many players leave like Chadwick, Greening etc..all wnet on to play in the PL. United HAVE had a much better producing rate then we have. Although Hernandez..haha we might aswell say trust youth in Kalou, Mikel and Cech in previous years then. Arsenal=total garbage. Having young kids is nothing unless they win you something OR you can sell them for good money. Wenger has done neither since 2005.
  15. Non Chelsea: League Football.

    Agreed on Boro. With Adam Johnson gone hey fell off, and finished mid table. See no reason whatsoever for them to do any better at all this season. They are just plain sh!t. Think it is a bit bias thinking by our Preston supporting friend here thinking that they`ll go up;) No offence mate, but you lot had a few shots and blew it in some earlier years. cardiff and Swansea will block your way for play off places. As for the bottom, Leeds are a very good side, too good for relegation I think in the end. I would wish for them to get back for a season or two, so we can smash them and then let them go back down. They came to town few weeks ago for a pre season playing SK Brann and won 3-1 against their reserves and on trial players mixed with Brann`s feeder club Løv Ham`s most talented youngsters. FFS maybe 4-5 players out there might actually have played a game of importance for Brann. And Leeds of course bragged about humiliating them lol. Lloyd Sam do seem like a decent buy for them though. Going up; Nottingham. Hull and Cardiff to fight for second. Belive 100% only in Forest. Swansea will be in play off area lurking with Preston and Palace maybe. Seen that they were quite good last seaosn before they had to sell Moses etc. Don`t know know how they`ll cope with hte debt. If they cope well, they`ll be up there in top 8. going down; Scunthorpe not good enough to stay up. Straight down. Barnsley too. Hope QPR because they annoy me. But tha is more hope than realism. They`ll end of mid table I think. So leave the last relegation spot open.
  16. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Jack Cork got his first PL goal! Great header, and not to mention it was against Spurs aswell! He`s had a great spell with Burnley.
  17. Didier Drogba

    valencia lol..but Vermaelen..why not? decent CB for a poor gooner defence and has 7-8 league goals!
  18. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    I don`t get what is so impressive about Spurs coming in 4th? They should have been in the CL numerous times since the PL started based on their vast money spending! It`s actually laughable that they haven`t gotten in before now. And not won anything else than two league cups since 1991!
  19. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    They are ordered to play like a PL side for the first 20-30..then to roll over and die if they sense that United are in trouble..just like Wigan used to do. And West Ham under Curbs.."United deserve to win" he said before the match..and started some kids and they lost 4-1 to 10 men United at OT..ffs!
  20. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Stoch scores the vital 2-0 goal for Twente and they became Champions for the first time in the club`s short history. This would do him a world of good. He has had a great season!
  21. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    yes..he dived around the place all the time during extra time. He had at least two excellent dives..he had to Torres` job tonight!
  22. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    I was so badly hoping Liverpool would get beat, but it seemed Atletico didn`t want a draw! FFS all those HUGE sitters they missed at the end. I just though "now Gerrard`s gonna score" but he didn`t..anyone else saw that remarkable dive from him in the first half of extra time or in the second half maybe.? Typical Stevie tactics..takes the ball down,, get past his man, sees he won`t reach it and throw himself over the foot of the defender just outside the box.. Now here`s to hoping Atletico wins just to piss on Real!
  23. Didier Drogba

    he scored at least 3 in the 07 season. Remember he netted a fine strike against Everton.
  24. New Kits

    I paid 600 NOK(about 50-60£) for the 07 shirt..thinking they might start sky rocket the shirt prices within the UK aswell?
  25. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Yes that is the problem for Hutch..he turns 21 after the season and has only played 4 senior games in his life..not much to talk about. His horrible injuries has ruined his chances of more playing time here, or any loan spells that he would most probably would have gotten had he not been plagued by injuries. But do not get carried away..remind you we were doing as we wanted to and were 4-0 up when he came on against a team with nothing to play for. He played great, but NO WAY should he play for England in the WC..I would send Mancienne over him. And 10 Gary Neville`s over Hutch. he is nowhere near a England cap. He should just continue to train and hopefully we cpoy paste this result to Wigan at home so he can get another run out. He should just focus on getting more games for Chelsea, nothing else should touch his brain cells, or you will find yourself on another Scott Sinclair..