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  1. Didier Drogba

    Just to add to this I was not sure wheater to laugh or cry when I watched the sports section of Dagbladet today( Norway`s biggest sports secton in a paper) where some expert had picked out Matic as one of the flops of the season..but not a mention of Glen Johnson..he was on the "success" part..hahaha.
  2. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Kalou is useless unless a sub. Sturridge is NEVER and will NEVER be a winger..I just don`t get it why he is being played there..when he for once gets a game..
  3. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    In other words he will play some games then, since Hilario who "hasn`t made it" has played nearly 40 games for us..
  4. Didier Drogba

    Probably going to be be post of the least the post of the season!
  5. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Not enough:D
  6. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Tbh both of them are better players than Di Santo... Cork did excellent I thought. Made the first goal possible with a great pass and assisted the second one. Don`t think he, Fletcher and Eagles are enough to keep Burnley up. Their defence is so unbelivably poor! Remind me of Derby 08 season! The worst bit is, Burnley aren`t as poor as he results show. They just totally collapse within a few minutes and all hopes are gone...
  7. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Funny thing had we been treating him like Spurs are you would never hear the end of it in the media how we had "ruined his career" and how much he regreted coming to Chelsea etc etc.. Yes Duffo, I noticed the card thing for Everton too. Amazing isn`t it? especially since 3 of them were so soft it was almost unbelivable. I was suprised that Fergie didn`t attack the ref. Perhaps he was so certain that we would drop points against Wolves, due to them losing that he just didn`t bother;)
  8. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    new about Carlton coming back and McCarthy signed, but surley good enough as 3rd choice? Jimmez is a waste of space even the reserves. Maybe Zavon Hines is ahead in the pecking order, but oh well. Not worth thinking about long term.
  9. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    10th I`m sorry! Carrik tried to claim Own`s fantastic strike via the bar against Pompey at OT, but it was defo Own`s goal!
  10. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    he has played a few games recently at the pikeys..started at Villa I think it was them. A bit odd, seemingly that he was playing more PL footie than Kalou atm!
  11. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Own strikes AGAIN for Man Utd...that`s his 9th league goal of the season!
  12. John Terry

    Watch England loose at a penatly shoot out against Turkey or some team after they score in the 120th minute from a corner failed to be cleared by Rio and then you eff it up as always and Gerrard misses his PK....I will wait for that and enjoy it. :D
  13. Media / Press

    No, but they`ll use the frase " former Chelsea manager" as often as they can..
  14. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Well 1-3 better than 04 and 0-6 as we have suffered in recent meetings with them! Having said that Marlon Harewood scored a hta rick in that 6-0 win though.
  15. John Terry

    If Bridge resigns from England so what? Hardly even gets a look in..when Cole retires Bridge will aswell and by that time Gibbs or Warnock will wait in the wings to take over for Cole as Bridge will not ever be first choice for England..
  16. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    he did a "Wenger"...he HAD to see it..typical..this had slip up written all over at and 1-2 and 2-2 should never have been allowed!
  17. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Sturridge and Mancienne aren`t really youth players are they? Mancienne turns 22 in some days..where is Bruma on your list? Surley he is well more regarded than Cork.
  18. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Indeed. Huth also played somewhat 65 games for us..Mancienne has 6..and two of those are subs when there are 2 minutes left to play. I`m afraid he can no longer wait and see what happens. Doesn`t look that solid for Wolves either. Huth played well at Boro and fits in great at Stoke. Mancienne isn`t PL level really. He is however a proven top player in Championship. Think we will end up playing for the likes of Birmingham or WBA. A level that suits him and where he`ll be getting regulary game time. Atm he can`t hold down a place at Wolves. Sinclair showed glimpses when he was playing against Arse and a reserve Unite side, but the problem with him tbh I think it got to his head, and he belived he was better than he actually was. Hutchinosn have been plagued with injuries and getting older aswell. Turns 21 after the season. He needs some cup games and maybe the odd PL game or two if we are crowned champs before the last game. Then we will have more to say about him.
  19. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    The perfect thing is Rafa will now put all focus on winning it and forget the league and Liverpool will probably eff it up so bad they won`t play in Europe at all next season! And rafa will another tactical genious way to make sure Liverpool lose in the semies to Roma or something!
  20. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Unbelivable that Carragher stayed on the pitch today! I`m amazed! Then again not really. Liverpool were lucky with the ref I thought, but overall deserved the win. We are top with 2 points down to United and Vidic and Mascherano got sent off! Beautiful!
  21. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Di Santo was almost left alone to deal with the whole of Arsenal`s back four. Blackburn dug their own grave after their early goal. They lost 2-6 in 07 or 06, anyway the last time they got a goal after 3-4 minutes there. Scoring and then playing with 8 or 9 in defence against Arsenal just doesn`t work. Di Santo could have got himself a goal for 4-3, but the chance came suprising on him I guess. Did some good dribels too. Much much assistance from his teammates. Mancienne has to be partly to blame for Wolves defeat to Pompey. Showed no interest to take out the goalscorer and when I switched over to watch him from time to time(wtched Bolton-Spurs) he looked poor. Failed to clear a corner wich he actually GAVE the ball back to the cornertaker and had some other dodgy clearances. He looks a bit disinterested. Finally Sinclair gets a goal for Wigan. In the same net he scored so far his only(and likely last) Chelsea goal. Good sub. 6 minutes and 1 goal. Unlucky not to have scored for Wigan before.
  22. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    hope he is foolish enough to try and pick something like Insua alongside Lucas there and try it out against us!
  23. Salomon Kalou

    Miles better than Di Santo for sure, but then Di Santo has time on his hands..Kalou doesn`t. he should be an impact player in the PL ONLY! And only start cup games. Use him when we want to kill a game off as a sub or need a goal at a long as the oppo team has no interest in scoring, he cannot beat their defence.
  24. Following Chelsea's Loans

    which is EXCACTLY why I want him seen used as RB and not CB. He isn`t that good in the air and is weak. High enough, but that`s about it..He has pace and good with both feet. Seems decent crosser of the ball. Don`t get why everybody would want him used for CB when it`s probably more easy for him to adapt into the RB role.
  25. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    but the Spurs realized that leading against United would help us, so now United are 2-1 up at WHL...who would have thought? Adebayor had an AMAZING run of beating players down the the corner flag today for City. He and Drogba are the contenders for player of the month! Gooners now lost 2 out of 5. Seems their amazing start wasn`t meant to be, heh?