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  1. Gael Kakuta

    I don`t see the point moaning about the January window. Usually we just by [email protected] cover in there..and the fact we don`t actually NEED anyone as only four players are going and we got injured players coming back atm and youngsters coming from loan. Unless we get 3-4 injuries to players like Lamps and Terry there is no need to worry. It`s not like we`re facing the best teams either. Cup games and playing Hull, Burnley etc. Think we will cope with ease. I am actually glas if we are not allowed to spend money on new Maniche, Jarosik signings! The summer though is a different story. When good players we need to improve, is out there.
  2. Ashley Cole

    Snapp up Gibbs maybe?^^
  3. Ashley Cole

    how can you say Gallas has peaked? He scores about 8-9 goals a season playing less games then he did here! He is fault for more goals now than he was, but indeed he scores more aswell.
  4. Salomon Kalou

    Wenger also saw something in Aliadiere, Owsia-something(at Lokomotiv Moscow or something now), Francis Jeffers, that Japanse bloke, Grimandi, Poom, Senderos, Song( for some reason still there), and a bucket loads of other players who did not impress at Arsenal, but everybody fails to mention that when talking about how great Wenger is in the transfer market. He did not feel that Sidwell or Bentley was worth keeping and they both play PL football for fairly good teams now. Neither tasted fist team action at the gooners.
  5. Didier Drogba

    Would you look at Steven go! HAHA
  6. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Frank Nouble came on for West Ham after 84 minutes against Spurs in today`s 2-1 defeat..did get on the ball at times, but did ok I guess. Bet we are going to see much more from him for West Ham the following seasons:(
  7. Following Chelsea's Loans

    No...he has been geting games for two years now, but very few.Di santo injured unfortunatly for Blackburn...Sinclair wasting a HUGE chance..because he fails to look up and 1. Pass the ball to a better placed team mate or 2. Aim for a curler. Wigan were unbelivable poor in decision`s unbeliavble they failed to capitalize on United`s horrid defending up until 2-0...Stop whining about Mancienne losing track on Adebayor and Tevez. FFS the kid needs more game time and is allowed to fail. Anybody remember Pires beating JT with ease in the air in the 04 season? I don`t recall if it came out a goal, but Pires wasn`t that good and JT was 23 and had been a regular for you think JT would let anybody do that to him now? No. I mean, our current defenders do mistakes all the time. Cole is one of the most girly defneders I`ve ever seen when it comes to duells, and Ivanovic is often to late to tracj back when playing at RB. Stop being all "he made one mistake, he`s never going to make it"...before Jose, JT scored like 4 own goals in two years..and weren`t that good either. So far Stoch and Mancienne are getting much game time, whilist Cork`s future still is a bit uncertain? Sinclair needs patience and probably starts will come for him. Most worried about Di Santo really. He needs to start scoring goals pretty early, unless he will only do at Blackburn what he did here. Sit on the bench and play the odd 10 minutes.
  8. Ryan Bertrand

    against the mighty Barnet and...Palace..and it is over two years since he did anything like that. Come back and talk when he can run with the ball 80m and pass 4-5 men like he did for Adebayor`s goal vs pool in the 08 season CL..then we`ll talk. Antways sorry to even bring up that example..ruined the whole point of the thread..
  9. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    I guess a loan move is on the cards for Cork..preferably to a top Championship side...WBA? Palace? Palace could do well this season. Got Sears from the spammers on loan.
  10. Ryan Bertrand

  11. Ryan Bertrand

    me niether wich was my point. As for Ryan, we`ll just have to wait and see.
  12. Ryan Bertrand

    Bazza do have a point make another example everybody that raved Scott Sinclair as "twice the player Walcott is"..3 years ago today Sinclair has one start in the PL and Walcott have about the same amount of goals in the CL as Sinclair has PL games..and with Walcott`s nose for goal that says everything. It doesn`t help with "if you good enough you`ll play" at Chelsea. here you HAVE to be a star..otherwise you`ll be sold.
  13. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    I thought Hutch was better at LB?..but seeing we now have Zhirkov aswell...I also found it a bit strange that Cork was not taken out for America. It`s probably a big sign of a loan coming his way then.
  14. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Any chance on Hutchinson getting a few games this year? He has been injured a lot since his debut, but he did get to go to America with the first team so that might count for something?
  15. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Is that the same Cranie who score an own goal on his debut for Southampton when we beat them 4-0 in May 04?
  16. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    United go through..Gibbs was the only decent player on the pitch for the gooners. Considering he is English he will probably move away soon...yes losing 1-0 away is really marvellous..because if United score..then oh you must get 3! All United have to do is score a goal and they are through. Stupid Arsenal and their fancy wannabe Barca triangles and such. 4 years of nothing and counting!
  17. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    I can. Remember about a decade ago when I was 8-9 and I was in a birthday "party" and all there bare me and another boy were scum fans. They were all depressed when they saw Tottenham had gone up to 3-0 after 45 minutes..I was really enjoying to watch their faces, but then, Spurs is Spurs, so final score was 5-3 to United and they all had smiles on their faces again:(
  18. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    ARGH and United win thanks to another lucky goal from Macheda..f##k me! Proud of Scholes though. That header, I was sure was another deliberate handball wanting to get in the net from the cheat! Arsenal buldoser over Wigan..:(
  19. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    I HATE VILLA!!!! Suprised that they didn`t roll over as they usually do when facing United, but oh my God how can you throw that away? leading 2-1 against a totally uninspired United team with one shot on target(the goal, made by Villa)..the ref ruined some one on ones for Villa 3 times as neither were offisde, but it ws United and OT so you would expect that. Then of course Villa don`t dare going for a third, wich they easy would have gotten due to the fact that they outclassed United for 70 minutes. then they change to 10 men behind the ball within a minute and I really hated that they should get their goal so early. If it had been 85 mins when Gabby put that one away, United would have lost. then of course as always United put in some dude and they get another undeserved win in 90++++++ time..
  20. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Terry made his debut in the League Cup in 98 against Villa(won 4-1) at 17, as a sub. His first start was in a CWC game against Vålerenga in Oslo. As an RB. I think he provided the cross for Flo`s goal, but I`m not sure. he did have some games before he turned 19, but not that many.
  21. 23 poster bare. tsk tsk

  22. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    FAK. Typical gooner luck. Doni is a muppet. How did he manage to concede all those penalites? HAlf of them were put in the middle were he stood, yet he just fell over like a sack of..spuds;) United go through, of course did need some luck with Inter hitting the post twice and Berbatov again being offisde as Ronaldo scored. 3rd goal in the CL this season they`ve got that should have ruled out due to offsides.
  23. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Sinclair has had his days here I belive. He is loaned out so much, probably because they want him to succed and another club will buy him.
  24. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    No the recrd won`t continue. Ku has been in goal in a few of their games. The WBA one, for instance. The record goes for the whole team.
  25. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    At last. United conceded a goal. 1334 minutes I belive the record is on our old by around 300 minutes..still thanks to, as usual "outstanding" goalkeeping from Robinson they won. Nice to see their injury list growing before the Inter game. Hope they get crushed.