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  1. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    I have been thinking about the very same thing. Excisting thought that! He is also very versaitile playing CB, RB, CM, LB(if needed) etc. Would love him to stay here as our new "Sidwell". Cut the costs, get a local lad in, etc all that. Long way still though, buy yet promising.
  2. Gael Kakuta

    That`s only because he`s French;)
  3. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    do you? If he is not valued by the club he should be sold not loaned every other month.THAT is actually damaging to his career.
  4. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    FFS extended loan move..can`t they just sell him and get over with it? It`s obovious he won`t make it here anyway.
  5. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Now I`m sure Michael Mancienne has broken the club record of appearences on the bench before getting his debut? I think Joe Keenan had 12 or something. Mancienne must have more than that now.
  6. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    no keeper then?(as in keep, not goalie)
  7. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    After seeing Carlo go to Tottenham:( I think it should be a right time to ask how we look like on the talent side on our keepers. If Cech gets injured Rhys Taylor should be able to play, or isn`t he a talent worth keeping? I don`t rate Hilario, because he isn`t playing.
  8. Gael Kakuta

    Kakuta can wait until next season. It`s more important to look at the older talents in Stoch, Mancienne non the least and Di Santo. Stoch would do well as an impacy player in the cup run and against poor league oposition IMHO. He could earn a lot by Joey being out.
  9. Injury News

    tbh Kalou played his best PL game since Boro away.
  10. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    I don`t care how many posts you have? You still take an awful lot of time to moan about mine. No Smith may not even be in the squad, but he is still Chelsea`s property we pay his wages and I see no reason for doing that since he oboviously won`t be making it here, so he should be sold. No more hopeless loans for him. Sawyer looks more ready? Than Sinclair? Stoch?
  11. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    You love to annoy people don`t you? You're constantly moaning about MINE or Bazza`s posts. Don`t you agree though? Smith turns 22 in a week ffs. Do you really think there is any point in having him here? Sawyer might become something, but we have far better prospects here than him. Kakuta, Stoch, Sinclair, Mancienne, Cork etc. They are all better, more experienced(not Kakuta though, but he is 17) and I don`t think neither Smith or Sawyer will make it here. They are simply not better than any of those players, and probably not all those I`ve listed here will make it either.
  12. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Can`t see why Sawyer should be a part of the squad either really. He and Smith are deadwood and should be offloaded in the summer.
  13. Injury News

    yes he is back. He just isn`t playing because Drogba and Joey are back to fill the empty space that saw him being used a bit. Should be playing against Southend.
  14. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    I would rate him behind Lampard, Gerrard, Ronaldo and maybe Yakubu or van Persie even. barry has a fine strike, but he misses his share aswell. Villa get tons of penalties, and that`s why he seems so good at them. woeful miss against Reading last year: ronaldo is the one you ALWAYS expect to score. He missed against WHU and Barca last year, but on both occasions his team were leading(well against brca they had 1-0 to go from OT) and his arrogance kicked in..
  15. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    he can afford to beef up a little and he is only 17..he can wait. We need to test Stoch and Sinclair+ Di Santo firstly. Kakuta has more time on his side.
  16. Salomon Kalou

    considering the "qualiity" we replaced Robben and Duff with I say keep him..I can`t bare to watch a winger that makes Malouda and Kalou look like and in-form Robben..
  17. Salomon Kalou

    Selling him to Arsenal woul be risky. If anyone can get anything out of him, it would be the Wenger. His stats also shows he actually does well, wich is quite unbelivable when watching him..still 11 mill is a lot of money..I think the double we paid for him? I think we should sell him in the summer to another club, that is not Arsenal. newcastle or maybe Liverpool. Tubby would know how to make a tidy attackin LB out of him!
  18. Gianfranco Zola

    He should be even more popular if he helps them down! Lol! he should be applauded. lalalala Gianfranco Zola..(8)
  19. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    and lost 3-0..Soton are a team of kids really. Alex Pearce etc.
  20. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    I guess Hutchionson as Watford wanted him before and he needs first team games.
  21. Didier Drogba

    precisely! Drogba doesn`t strike me for the most loyal player anyways..this may well be true! Don`t really min if he goes. We can cope without him.
  22. Ashley Cole

    I`d love to sell him For 20 mill! That`s making a profit on an overrated player who is ruining Bridge`s career. Wayne deserve more than he gets. Ashley will no matter the effort be ahead of him. Shameful.
  23. Didier Drogba

    Agree with cameron..remember henry scoring in front of his own GOON fans and running the entire lengt of the pitch only to throw himself to the ground on his knees celebrating in front of the SPURS fans..he runs over 100 yards, and celebrates a goal in front of the oposition fans, wich also happens to be an arch enemy. His excuse was of course that he had "famility members" in the executive boxes over the away fans and he was celebrating to the,. That`s funny. You could have placed them ALL over Highbury, yet you feel the need to run across the whole pitch only to take the pi$$ in front of the other fans, because you could not have given them any other seats? I see....What`s worse was the fact he wasn`t even punished by the FA, they belived him. He wasn`t even booked for this! I am for once, pleased that the FA amazingly decided to punish mister booze nose Fergie with a fine after again having a go at the refs. Of course only a fine though. They wouldn`t dare sending him into the stands.
  24. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Yes he is the first since JT to make it. Still he hasn`t played for Chelsea yet, hopefully that will change if he returns in late December he should play in the 3rd round of the FA cup. Carlton Cole was never good enough, and Jon Harley didn`t quite fulfill his potential. Didn`t Jody Morris ever get a game though? "the new Dennis Wise" or was he also just a starlet who never quite were good enough for England?
  25. Didier Drogba

    We have done fine this season without him, cause he hasn`t done anything when he has played inbetween the injuries. If they pay more htan we bought for him I say go for it. 30 mill is to good to throw away. If the offer is poor, he should stay and if he doesn`t preform fr us in the spring we should sell him in the summer. His performances is the only thing that keeps him here. His attitude and all the problems he has cost is begining to really annoy me..