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7 minutes ago, Everyonesallowedanopinion said:

Oh what a surprise Arteta crying on the side

Pound shop Pep.

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10 hours ago, Everyonesallowedanopinion said:

Holding was an idiot, on a yellow and son conned him right in front of the ref, Arsenal getting a taste of their own medicine, maybe their luck has finally run out, can't believe we lost to them

I’m not sure he conned him. That second yellow was pretty much an “orange card”. Holding swings his elbow towards him. Rather dumb thing to do when on a yellow. Saw a lot of Arsenal fans complaining about the ref but I thought he got the pen and the red correct. For pen, when jumping for the ball if he a player suddenly nudges you in the back then it’s a foul. Outside the box those are always given as a foul. More ref’s should award those as pens. It may seem soft but it is still a foul. 

As for who I want to make top 4 I’m not sure. It would make the Arsenal documentary on amazon a whole lot more fun to watch if they suddenly bottle it again and I can’t stand how cocky their fans have become over having such an easy season with no europe and going out early in both domestic cups. They basically have had one game a week all season. Also giving Arteta another 3 years in a season when they have barely been tested? Strange. That club has no vision. Long may it continue. 

Spurs missing out would probably make Conte leave imo. I can see him going PSG if they don’t get top 4. Either way Conte won’t be there for long. For some reason Kane and Son still seem to be staying there which is rather dumb considering their quality. Both should have trophies to their names by now but it looks like they are stuck there for the moment. I would love to have both but it’s never gonna happen. I heard something like this is the second time Son is the non-penalty top scorer in the league. It’s only because of Kane and Son that even makes Tottenham to be in the top 4 conversation. 

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8 hours ago, CarefreeMuratcan said:

Arsenal are going to get massacred, even by the Pot 3 and 4 teams, if they sneak into the CL.

They are overrated and some of their players (Tavarez, Holding, Xakah, Gabt=riel and Pepe) are just bloody useless.  The peformance yesterday ( if you can call that a performance) was a joke, and  I hope it continues, just to shut their deluded fans like Piers Morgan, Alan Davies, James Corden and hacks like Amy Lawrence and Matt Scott.  I wouldn't touch any of their players with a barge pole.

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