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4 hours ago, Bob Singleton said:

As I and others [apologies, but I can't remember exactly who, but I suspect @xCELERYx was one] have said, Broja is fine when up against "open" sides (ie teams that attack and press high, rather than those who defend deep, compact and in numbers).

He will do very well for a mid to upper-lower table side playing mostly against teams not parking a bus. Playing for Chelsea, he'll mostly play against teams who will be defending deep and in numbers. He doesn't have the movement, close ball control, vision, etc., to cope with that. He's just another Lukaku, only cheaper, because we already own him and he's not on big wages. However, cost alone is not a reason to keep him. We would be better off selling him to a team that have the money to give us £25m+ plus add-ons for reaching, say, 15 PL goals in a season.

Yeah, it's probably me. I've said my bit on Broja and it's more or less inline with what you've expressed here. I also think he's an even more limited option compared to what we have already. Given the dissatisfaction that gets expressed towards those options as is, I can't see how Broja is somehow a better option when he does all those same things but at an even lower level. 

Should he develop I can see him being a tidy enough player and he certainly has a nice basic profile for what is now the modern day forward, but he ain't the solution to use - even in a backup capacity. Much like you, I'm more in favour of selling him on if we're able to get good money in return. That money is probably more useful to us to be reinvested into obtaining a better player for the benefit of the side. However, to cover our ourselves a bit should he really kick on with regular football I'd be organising a buy-back in any deal made.

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