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2 minutes ago, Kezza said:

I'm not sure why we haven't gone for Camavinga.

Going to Real for 35M.

Only reason is to reserve a spot for Rice next summer. Not sure I'd prefer him over Camavinga though.

We have Gallagher and Gilmour in the wings who the club clearly rate very highly. 

Rice is a long term target. Hence the stop gap signing of saul, who was the definition of a world class complete mid just an year ago. 

Hence, why Camavinga or tchoumeni did not seem necessary

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6 minutes ago, Kezza said:

Not sure why Saul is not wanted by Atletico.

And also don't understand why we can't terminate the likes of Barkley, Baka and Drinkwater the way Arsenal terminated Willian.

Willian was a free transfer. His wages were the only thing on books of arsenal and no amortization value.

Drinkwater, Barkley still have that amortization value left ALL of which will be counted on this year's book if their contracted is terminated.

Bakayoko on the other hand is a very good professional footballer who has already given us more than 10m€ in loan fees. Plus most probably his option to buy will be converted to obligation to buy which means another 15m€.

Lastly Willian is one example who himself let go of his contract. Arsenal did not terminate his contract, if they had done that they would have had to pay Willian a compensation fee. Willian himself terminated the contract. 

Moreover, Arsenal wanted to sell laca, xhaka, bellerin and a bunch of Deadwood, none of whom were they able to let go. We on the other hand sold zappacosta for 10m€. 

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Malang Sarr will be loaned to Greuter furth. 

Quite a step down from Nice and Chelsea. Not surprised though. He has looked pretty average most of the games I have watched off him. 

Hope he has a good year.

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That’s a great deal from our point of view! €5m loan for a player who 12-18 months ago was performing at a very high level.

He’s dropped off, no idea why, but the worst outcome for us is it’s a risk that doesn’t pay off and he goes back to Atletico or the risk pays off, he re finds his mojo and we have a serious players at our club.  

Can’t believe some people have been questioning the board in this transfer window. We’ve offloaded a lot of deadwood and we’ve improved not just our squad but our first team… which isn’t bad after a CL win.

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