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3 minutes ago, NoblyBobly said:

What a great ref

Actually he was VERY good (seen from a neutral eye of course- ha ha)

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7 hours ago, Ruudboy said:

It might be ugly, it might be a struggle, and it might take prayer - lots of prayer - but we’re going to do it. Pep says they’ll be a “completely different beast” - well, two can play that game, and I don’t see Tommy as a one trick pony.

Well, got that right. What a night. We made that a night to remember.

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Wow. Just wow. I did not expect the season to end like this. I love this sport and this club. Wow.

Kante isn’t human, absolutely ridiculous human and football player. Best in the world for me. Take your Haalands and your Mbappes and give me Kante every day of the week.

All the players did so well today, played the game to perfection, the tactics were absolutely spot on.

A few stand outs for me, Azpi. James, Chilwell and of course Kante. They all played so well, but those 4 were head and shoulders above anyone else. Fantastic.

We’ve won in twice and this time we’ve won it at the start of a new team rather than the end of an era. Exciting times ahead ladies and gents!

What a season! Rollercoaster!

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Champions how good does that sound, I've drunk so much Brandy I can hardly see the screen:happy::happy::happy:

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Big big smile.

Everyone upped their game and they were all terrific.  So much so that Mount was exhausted and even Kante played better than ever (which I thought was impossible).  
Such a big squad, but all with great unity post match.  I wonder how long that lasts when Haaland or whoever arrives.


2 minutes ago, thevelourfog said:

I support a multiple-European Cup winning team. Wow. Just wow.

Ham is going to have to change his Avatar  **

23 minutes ago, Holymoly said:

What a difference a strong neutral referee makes.

Indeed.  If he had been reffing the Villa game I think Grealish would have been taken off at h/t.
Thought the Rudiger yellow was a bit harsh, and City could have had another booking or two but the ref made his decisions early and was in command from the start.  
Unlike in the Prem where very often the guy on the pitch acts (and is) as the junior to the guys in VAR.


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