Chelsea 1 Aston Villa 1 (4 - 3 on penalties)

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Positives are Chalobah and Reece, also pleasantly surprised how well Ruben is doing.

I have seen enough of Saul with AM to know he is better than this and will adjust I am certain.

Werner, Ziyech and Callum frustrate the life out of me, so much talent and no end product, usual story!

Good to see Chilly playing and and looking  good considering he hasn't played in a long time.

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2 minutes ago, Rob B said:

Saul, Sarr, Ziyech very poor IMO. 
Chilwell very safe and plays much deeper than Alonso who is almost a forward at times. Chalobah and RLC have been very good and everyone else has been okay.

Lots of running from Werner but no threat.  For me, he isn’t someone who should be leading the line, he should only ever be used off Lukaku or Havertz. 

If we had a #10 who could pick Werner out it would help.

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Quite negative on here (standard when not winning)

Sarr, Saul, RLC, Chilwell, Werner have one competitive start between them all season. Understandably it looks disjointed. 

Those with more under their belts are hardly impressing though

James Chalobah and Kepa have looked like they want to earn more minutes 


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