Chelsea 4 Malmo FF 0

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I'd like to see Mason start scoring again too.

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So plenty of fans at the Bridge sound like they are enjoying their football.  Perhaps it is all those tickets that were available on General sale for some time to non-members

Hoddle thinks he has spotted some new tactic in this game by TT - we have been doing that all season.  We'll have to stop in a week or two because everyone is ready for it.

Players on fire and the ball is pinging around.  Both the back 3 and the CM seem to be getting opportunities for on the ball, but they seem happy just to ping it on its way 1st or 2nd touch.  We are doing well for 2 reasons:  moving the ball, and winning it back very very high very very often.  Jorginho.

32 minutes ago, Lump Of Celery said:

And took both his legs out?

Commentary - not even the most ardent chelsea fan would argue that one 🙄

Edit - more of a pen than the one thats just been given

They do talk some rubbish.  Thought the 3rd shout was more than valid too.

1 minute ago, Jasonb said:

Where's Barkley, it's the type of match he suddenly looks world class for?

kept back for Norwich I guess.

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Good performance great tempo to our play. . Chuffed for Christenson with his first goal never though he would score for us .  Gutted for lukaku and Werner hopefully there not out for to long as we have no other forwards 

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Defenders keep scoring because they keep getting into the box - as Christensen's goal showed.  I should think if you add the touches in the box of 3 CBs and 2 WBs together, they add up to more than Lukaku Werner and Mount.

Meanwhile, Atalanta's first goal

Assist by ....

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