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56 minutes ago, Blue Rod said:

I still think the CL final was our best performance under Tuchel. We outclassed City tactically, technically, and psychologically. We could have won 3 - 0 and it wouldn't have flattered us. Everyone, from manager to the last player, seemed on another level. 

We were direct straight from the first whistle. This took City by surprise. They had expected us to sit back, and so came with a line-up to dominate possession rather than defend their midfield. And when we countered, we went straight through the middle, with very little of the endless sideways passing we saw against Burnley. We are yet to hit that form this season.  


Speaking of the CL Final, couldn't help but remember his last ditch tackle that saved a goal, and compare it with how he was nowhere near the play for the Burnley goal. 

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Blue Rod   
47 minutes ago, CarefreeMuratcan said:

Speaking of the CL Final, couldn't help but remember his last ditch tackle that saved a goal, and compare it with how he was nowhere near the play for the Burnley goal. 

I take it you mean Rudiger. To say he was nowhere near the play for that Burnley goal is an understatement. From arguably the tackle of the season in Porto to that moment of absence. But it wasn't just Rudiger. A ball like that should never have made it through our right flank so freely without any resistance. Suddenly you have two Burnley players in our box, both unmarked. With all due respect to them, the Burnley team on Saturday was a pale imitation of the ones we'd faced in the last few years. 

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22 hours ago, Blue Rod said:

We are in a good place to challenge for the title right now. The way the results are going for other title challengers is also encouraging. But if you ask me objectively, I side with Boratsbro's sentiments. We haven't yet found that formula that sets you apart as title winners.

You know and feel it, when you've hit the formula. We are just not there yet. That we are not breaking down teams in direct play or counterattack doesn't look great. Let's hope that we click into gear.

We need to maintain a meaninful cushion, even if 3 - 4 pts, to keep matters in our own hands. Because when City go on their run, we can do nothing about it. When you find yourself depending on Liverpool or City dropping points, we all know what happens.

Agreed. Right now, my feeling is that if we are to win the title it'll be because City fail to perform to their usual standards. That may very well happen mind, as City seem to be one of those teams that can turn it on for one out of every two seasons but not for several seasons in a row. 


10 hours ago, Blue Rod said:

I don't think we are anywhere near as efficient as either of the above teams,  even though we've been fairly consistent at getting results so far. A JM team would have completely shut out Burnley after the  first goal. With Conte, the opposition knew what was coming, but they were powerless at stopping it.

Crucially, those two teams had 3 speeds and would crank it up at the touch of a button. Against Burnley (and Malmo) we finished the game with the same speed and level of intensity as we started, even after the Burnley equaliser. 

Conte also had the thing about pushing for the second goal immediately after the first. He didn't always get it, but you could see how he forced the opposition to concede defeat psychologically.

Against Malmo and Burnley, it looked from the start that we set out to play good solid and composed football and let the goals come whenever they come. The results reflected that approach. JM and Conte had a different approach. 

I don’t mean to be mean, but none of our missed chances against Burnley was gilt-edged. Even if Barkley had hit that ball to target, he had a few obstacles on the way. 

We have to be honest about where we are. When we don't play particularly well, we reassure ourselves that it's results that matter. But when we then fail to get the result we wanted, we then say, oh well, we played well. I honestly do not think we are playing like a title winning team at the minute, IMHO. 

Lack of killer instinct among the current playing squad imo. I'm not sure TT is the person to instill that in these players, or even if it is possible to get these players to be more efficient. 

2 hours ago, Ham said:

Our problems are in the mentality of the players who find themselves with a golden chance to get a shot on target and instead smash it into the stands.

Why do they almost always panic? (Chilly and RJ aside recently)

So frustrating.  

That's because we do not have a single natural goalscorer in the squad. Sure, Lukaku comes off two good season in the Serie A - but in the PL he has only scored more than 20 goals once in seven seasons. Werner may have scored goals in Germany, but here he's painfully off the mark as he doesn't get the time he needs in critical moments.

We paid £100m to solve the problem and yet it is unsolved. Still early days for Lukaku, but nothing I have seen from him so far tells me he'll be that all important goalscorer to win us tight games. I'm happily proven wrong!


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8 hours ago, Mark Kelly said:

True , if Mount could keep his shots under the bar he'd get as many as Lampard !

Or have a quick chat with JFH. Jimmy once famously said "you never miss the goal by going underneath it". 

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