Watching Chelsea Viewpoints..changed?

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1 minute ago, kennypaul said:

I remember the 1982 quarter final with Spurs had a sinister edge to it. a lot of casuals on both sides 'givin it'. As for the Liverpool hatred I must confess I carry it around with me a bit too much these days. I first noticed animosity really when we beat them in that game in 97 (magnificent). They were really bitter about that ,some liverpool fans I know got very upset lol. And then in 2005 in the league cup final (when they were sh*** at the time) some self righteous mickey unfurled a 'respect is earned not bought' banner, that was it for me. Your last line about dismantling the myth, the press loved the idea of the cheeky chappy, lovable scally who'd do anything to see his beloved team, sometimes without paying. God forbid if it was from another set of supporters though!

Great follow up to a great post.....the Media pursuit of a fantasy would be laughable if not so insidious.....I me here guys....most "normal" football followers have a soft spot for various other clubs for many personal and general's hard to dislike Norwich for instance .... and apart from a clash in the league the soft spot clubs are accepted without rancour......the scouse lot I am sure are never in the soft spot category for almost anyone.

As Chelsea guys/gals our "bias" generally is uniform with the offending clubs maybe in slightly different order according to the individual as I am sure it is the same at other clubs with the fan base hit list assigned depending upon local rivalries and the "usual" tribal inclinations...

Lot of words to say I dislike Liverpool ! (Mrs C led me to stop using the word hate...too deep a meaning if you think about it..and I take a lot of opinion shifting!)

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