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West Ham 3 Chelsea 2

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45 minutes ago, SabCFC said:

Talent and tactics are one thing, you can be the most talented and have the most on point tactics, but if you're not physically 100% you can't execute. It's basic Physical Education 101 - even if you play in the park with your mates, you should notice that you're less sharp when you're tired. Worse if you're carrying pain in your body. Players aren't machines.

In the short term you can't change the tactics I agree.  But after a few games it becomes a choice.
Our best spell recently was with Chalobah at DM for 15 mins.  Perhaps Watford were going through a rest period.  But I think their bullying press eased off because our back 3 and Chalobah simply played more cautiously and took fewer risks (who can blame them).  
There is a good argument that without Jorginho we should be playing a much less risky style against a press.  In other words, Chalobah or James or Christensen instead of an unfit Jorginho or RLC.  Long balls to Lukaku or Werner are now an option.

We regularly crumbled against a press under SFL, back in the days when the team were playing Sarriball out of muscle memory and not being coached to do anything else.  There were games when Zouma made 100+ passes which surely cannot be a manager's plan.  We were very brave and successful against a high press under TT until recently.  But it does require the right players.

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On 07/12/2021 at 10:22 AM, Martin1905 said:

Out of curiosity what was your other username? As you only joined the forum a couple of months ago I assume you've got a new account?

I haven't got my back up but when all certain people want to do is criticise and try to be proved right after a couple of bad performances/results they are going to get called out on it. If you've been around for years, as you claim, you will know exactly what and who I am talking about. 

Sniped the reply to keep the post neat and tidy, if anyone want to see your full post its 3 pages back

Agree mostly with your reply, that said there were a couple of points I have a difference of opinion.

Comparing TT to the longevity given to Klopp and Pep IMO is not comparable, mainly because the Chelsea model is success full stop, failure to be successful means the door regardless of the previous season successes, therefore should TT fail to win anything this season, the pressure would be increased next season to deliver.

Lukaku is the other who has not really hit the ground running as expected and was woefully overpriced and I doubt will ever be the goal scoring machine some envisage even though his CV would say the opposite , on the positive at least his cost was offset by the club selling some of the reserves to cover his fee

On thing is obvious with TT he has taken the academy ethos to the next level after SFL and has improve academy player to the extent of being top draw 1st team squad players

OH YES, Curiosity killed the cat - I was on forum many moons ago, and at this moment I have some spare time, however the clock is ticking before I am whisked off to another parish to attend my flock.

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