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    Firstly thank you Southampton. You were brilliant tonight and thoroughly deserved that point. I sat watching tonight with 2 Man U supporters so I had to try and suppress my extreme joy a little bit. Secondly I'd like to say this about Lampard BEFORE the Norwich game because if it doesn't go well I'm not going to get a word in edgeways. I see he is already getting a bit of a kicking and a bit of "he should never have come here....bloody useless" etc etc and I totally get those emotions when we play as badly as we did against SU. But lets just wind our necks in a bit for a moment. He arrived here never having managed a Prem league club and I think immediately lifted the karma of the place from where it was (which was bloody miserable). He has never really moaned about the Hazard thing (and that was massive) or the zero signings, he has just got on with it . While teams such as United have been able to spend 200 million on players and City break every financial rule going and laugh in everyone's face, Lampard has filled our gaps with academy players, most untested at this level. I don't think any of them have let this club down and I don't think Lampard has either. I like his demeanour, I like his honesty and when we have played well (which has been often) some of the football has been a delight. When those young Chelsea boys boss it with the best in the league it makes my heart sing. Where we are now (all be it from teams around us tripping up lately) is bloody extraordinary for a rookie boss with one hand tied behind his back. Lets give lamps some feccing credit to have got us to top 3 with 3 to go. We can do this now and I think we will. If we don't I realise the disappointment now will be massive. But our forward line next season will be amazing. If we can sort that wretched defence out we will have a great team with some amazing youth. Lets remember Klopp was very unpopular at the start but no dipper is moaning now. Oh and I think we are going to win the FA Cup too! C'mon Chels, c'mon Lamps. The moment is approaching to show us what you can do.
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    That's the trouble with Liverpool, the 99% always spoil it for the 1%
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    Especially if you have the turning circle of an oil tanker and the leg speed of a tortoise.
  5. 3 points
    He's also not worse than Sarri who was carried by Hazard.
  6. 3 points
    Bugger third, I'm starting to look at overhauling City ;-)
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    Yes!!! Equaliser!!!! 🙂 Thank you Burnley
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    Mate, lighten up for Christ’s sake!! There are literally only two teams that are better than us in the whole country currently. Our manager and number two are undergoing their first seasons in the PL, we haven’t brought anyone in for the past two transfer windows, having lost our best player and talisman last summer. Admittedly we’re not at our best currently, but we have put 4 past Everton, Ajax, Burnley and Southampton this season, and 5 past Wolves; and we’ve also beaten Spurs twice, Arsenal, Liverpool, Man City and Leicester. So many teams would kill to be in our position.
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    I've had a camera look into my bladder the easiest route, I've had polyps removed from around the bend of my bowels. Watching this Chelsea side is more painful.
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    Absolutely, he is one of us, he is a supporter.Its not all been plain sailing but he has done it without buying, he has blooded some youngsters and if he can shop wisely and add to the 2 good buys we already have (assuming Werner gets done) then we can judge him at the end of next season. I am happy the way its going and am optimistic we can grow a young team. I will not be happy with him if he brings in any ageing superstars, we are done with them.
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    The thing is I had this very strange dream before the season began. I saw the team walking up the Wembley steps . I saw a man I didn't recognise as he was wearing a mask handed the FA trophy to Dave after another masked man had cleaned it with a baby wipe. But then the oddest part of the dream was when Dave turned towards our fans with the trophy and the whole place was empty....just a few tumbleweeds blowing across the terraces in an eerie silence! I woke up pondering what on earth it could all mean 😯
  12. 2 points
    If we can't beat a Norwich side , already relegated with no partisan crowd behind them influencing the officials and we're not completely out done by VAR or the PGMOL underhand tactics then as far as I am concerned Frank should offer his resignation and the entire first team squad should be sold (except for Pulisic as they're already expecting him to do everything for them like Hazard had to anyway.)
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    Yes Ndidi! (I've been waiting to use that) Penalty for Bournemouth. 1-1!
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    Just a thought or two....the present squad are not good enough to succeed in the top Euro competition....even with new signings I doubt that Chelsea would make a great impact next season there....I understand the financial aspect but Chelsea are a side in a rebuilding mode having somehow survived a very difficult season with youngsters thrown in and more senior players..well..getting more senior....the clamour for a top four qualification spot is more a case of club pride and support...laudable as it is....but far better to bring on a side with slightly less pressure in the "Thursday" league than struggle and slip out of the top competition. If SFL does not show an improvement and way forward next season then get the knives out.....until late next season keep opinion options open....as we all do I love SFL and he will always be the playing hero but in his new job he has to show he can do it..same as any new manager in any job....I have my doubts about Jody and would not be surprised to see him move on....my impression is that he is a good coach in the way any journeyman EPL player is a good player...good enough to play at the top but really not a top player. Most of the youngsters in a "normal" season would have been eased in and given game experience on a personal ability basis and opinion of the coaching staff...neither the coaching staff or the youngsters themselves have had that luxury this season and SFL and staff have had to make the best of a bad situation. With JT all of the maligned back line would have performed better...and looking back they all did with JT..including Luis...but JT was an exceptional player in his position and there have never been that many in that position at any time. Take positives from the season,few though they may be, and hope new signings and flexibility will lead to a better showing next season. Remember Villa Norwich and Bournmouth would give anything to have had such a "bad" season as Chelsea. Last word..R.I.P Big Jack...a worthy opponent top player and the epitome of a CH..and I have Leeds at the top of my "black list"!
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  16. 2 points
    I'd literally settle for a big tall keeper who sometimes catches a corner.
  17. 2 points
    I'm not sure that Reece James has worked himself back into the team as much as Alonso and Emerson have worked their way out of it, to be fair.
  18. 2 points
    That's the spirit 👍
  19. 2 points
    Oh, and Zouma. I feel much more comfortable with him at the back instead of Rudiger.
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    1 syllable is always good. 3 syllables max for a CB's full name I reckon. John Terry. Curt Zouma. Frank le Boeuf. Mickey Droy or David Webb or Ron Harris. Our CBs at WHU has 13 syllables between them, - no wonder they can't communicate well. 33 syllables for the whole back 5 including the er Nos 1 & 28 Lewis Dunk works. Forwards is different, many syllables is good. WHU had a real problem warning each other of Christian Pulisic - a real mouthful. Yarmalenko - how do you tell your colleagues to watch his run.
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    We've signed nobody, he's got a squad with players running down their contracts and youth team prodigies and a bunch of tired old pros short on quality and we're currently in the top four. Frank will definitely be here next season where he will be rewarded by having a half decent squad. He's not perfect, there's some glaring faults in the way he's set up the side but he's really doing quite well all things considered.
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    Can't wait to see, what Jurgen says, or Frank if he's not available.
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    Directing the play isn't really his game though, is it? Barkley is a decent player - a harshly judged one too. The guy is a solid performer and squad option. Look at Pool and you see Henderson and Milner - far from brilliant players but they are heavily involved and do their jobs when asked. Is Barkley there to be sitting deep and pinging passes all over the field? No. He's someone to drive the attack forward and he serves that purpose more often than not. He's strong, fairly quick, decent player technically and he gives us that extra in the final third from midfield. The reason he is so heavily involved in Lampard's team should be fairly obvious IMO.
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    Just a thought. Lampard has won more titles for Liverpool than Stevie Me ever did.
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    The "Flat Earth Society" are claiming that the 2m Covid-19 social distancing rules are pushing some of their members over the edge.
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    Packed, with the exception of the Etihad.
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    Wishing all those who have and are suffering hardship as a result of this virus, my very best wishes. Our football club is the one piece of common ground we share, in some respects it's good to have the game back being played - gives us something else to put our minds to.
  30. 2 points
    They also just got a penalty that we're not getting in a million years.
  31. 2 points
    Goes without saying. Pep, with his wealth of attacking options, still knows the value and necessity of a Fernandinho.
  32. 2 points
    Just a shame with these empty stadiums that the likes of Pedro and Willian won't get the send offs they deserve.
  33. 2 points
    Has anyone seen that new series on Sky Sports? The one where they talk to a different ex Liverpool player every few hours about whether Liverpool should step in and buy Timo Werner?
  34. 1 point
    Have to agree with this, Kalou was fortunate to have been playing amongst all those players. He was so frustrating to watch, but fortunately, it generally didn't matter as those around him were so good, they'd make up for it. That was a ridiculously good squad though, it has a bit of everything.
  35. 1 point
    Someone actually asked me today if I was exaggerating about the presence of an over negative mindset on this forum. Ladies and gentlemen I give you Blue Rod. Miserable as fuuuk when we have the temerity to win a must win game which puts us in pole position for top 3/4 place.
  36. 1 point
    We must and can win this game tonight , lets try and get behind the boys and accentuate the positives to coin a phrase . Frank and the coaching team , no budget to spend , players working their ticket , loanees returning from the Championship plus Kova and Puli and all in all they've done a good job , we all wanted stability and most of us thought we'd struggle to get in the CL places , and we have , but we are ! Not bad at all. Kepa , we have a keeper called Kepa , how cool is that . Azpillicueta , on his day his energy up and down the wing and his relentless drive to succeed can be awe inspiring Rudiger , He's really big and tough and that Christensen , not only a mummys boy on the pitch but off it too as his Mum is his agent , he'd be great at Barcelona , that's how good he is , when can he go ? Reece James , this boy has the World ahead of him , patience and we have struck gold Kova - never gives the ball away , a great holding midfielder Jorginho , Looks like a young Rolf Harris , a truly excellent tempo setter Willian , the best hilights player in the Premier League , nay the World , his showreel must be XXX rated its so naughty . Pulisic - Captain America , as wriggly as a snake and twice as deadly Mason Mount - a gem of a player ,used wisely he'll be a phenomenon Giroud , handsome , charming a cold eyed killer from the wrong side of the tracks , Mr goals , You want goals ? This guy does it all , Scorpion kicks , Overheads, tap ins , precision shots Tammy , only the best English centre forward of a generation is all , take that Mason Bloomin Greenwood . Alonso , Slow as a tortoise , deadly as a rattlesnake C'mon guys its NORWICH ! NORWICH , they only got plumbing and electricity last year , we can do this !!!!!
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  38. 1 point
    If you need someone just to come on in games where we are well beaten to get their most annoying player sent off/carried off I'm your man.
  39. 1 point
    I'm stuck in town waiting for an oil change to be completed so rambling a bit...got to play for a while with one of my local best CHs...relished the chance but as it happened it was not a good mix...no disaster but not a smooth unit..the best CH I played behind was like a perfect duet...but we had no time for each other off the pitch..but got transferred as a pair to a better club... Transfer results are not just pegs in a hole.
  40. 1 point
    We had David Luiz last season. People can say what they want about him but I loved him and thought he was class. This season shows how good he was.
  41. 1 point
    played like that at Leicester.........traditionally a toughie for us though
  42. 1 point
    The team is crying out for some creativity in the final third and has been for some time. Even with Hazard and Cesc we sometimes struggled to unlock a packed defence that sat deep, often relying on a moment of brilliance from Hazard to get us out of trouble. Ziyech will make a huge difference.
  43. 1 point
    One week ago I would have bitten your hand off for 3 wins from 3, which included beating Man City and progressing past Leicester to the FA Cup semi finals. A lot of teams have been slow out of the blocks but generally we’ve been very good and I’ve been really impressed with Frank’s in-game management and substitutions. If we can win our next couple of games I think we’ll overtake Leicester and that’ll be some season all things considered.
  44. 1 point
    Really got to stop giving away these silly free kicks in good positions.
  45. 1 point
    Bob and Mark, sending you both lots of love and hope things start to look up. Puts moaning about the Chels into perspective.
  46. 1 point
    I'm not that surprised by Pedro being on the bench, he's so professional, that if we did need to call on him in these few games, he'd go on and give his best. Willian, I expected to start as well, experience key in these first few games, to get the momentum up. IMO.
  47. 1 point
    Mourinho moaning that Man U (this season) get too many penalties. Has a point. 11 out of 68 pens across 20 clubs have gone to OGS's team. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/premier-league/topErhalteneElfmeter/wettbewerb/GB1 By comparison Man U got 4 in 16/17, 3 in 17/18 (when they were 2nd), In 18/19 JM did get 5 pens in 17 games, while Solskjaer got 7 in 19 games. I think we all know the feeling.
  48. 1 point
    The Spurs V Man U game last night was ok, clear to see players are far away from match fitness and sharpness and as much as Sky try, the games so far just don't have the usual buzz, not just from the fans, but in general it just feels a bit strange and forced... I guess because it is, it's being done for the money, not for the fans. The result last night was good for us though, we just need to make sure we get our result tomorrow, so we have a cushion going into that City game. Also, Kane so far away from fitness stands out even when everyone else is also relatively unfit. I'm hoping once Chelsea have got going again, I'll be able to get more excited about all other games, but so far, I'd struggle to say I've missed is as much as I thought, mainly because the current way of playing just feels like a bit of a farce to me. Interested to see what team plays tomorrow, sounds like CHO won't be involved and RLC will be on the bench, other than that, it's difficult to say.
  49. 1 point
    He bought the watch off Tom Henning Ovebro.
  50. 1 point
    The incredible thing about that team was the defence. Prime Cech, behind Paulo, JT, Lord Percy and Gallas. Makelele prowling just in front. It was almost unfair. edit - 37 league goals concded. Across 2 seasons!!!!!!!!! Edit 2 - we didn't concede over 30 league goals in a season until 2009/10.....when it didn't really matter as we baged 103.