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    Excellent idea. Great result - we didn't dominate many teams that CL season, but plenty of grit. 1 goal and 1 penalty award from corners - we used to be able to do that regularly. I loved Ramires. And Ivanovic playing like a right footed Alonso as he did for most of his career. Ham - that game was just so Chelsea for that time. Loved Speedie, the Scottish Dennis the Menace. My contribution is 1 cup final in full (but I only have the replay). I was quite surprised to find this a while ago, I always presumed there was no recording. It may not be the most exciting game we have ever played, but how many times does a team beat Real Madrid in the final of a major European trophy? They say Revie changed the Leeds strip to all white to make them look like Real Madrid. I suspect RM regretted that in 1971.
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    That little tinker Jason Cundy was winding the Dippers up good and proper for April Fools. On the stroke of midnight he claimed the Premier League were about to announce that Liverpool were going to be crowned " Half Champions" . They would get a half sized trophy and smaller medals but they could have a bus top parade!! I was listening in bed with my headphones on trying to suppress the laughter as the phones lines went red hot. But listen to this...about half the Scousers that phoned up said " we'll take it" . Now that is deserate! 🤣
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    Colorado update Down to store this am...roads definitely lighter and store car park about same as last week..Mrs C did shopping..me in truck as high risk..they say....sensible in store and a few shortages but fresh veg/fruit. Mrs C also got the beer I requested....fwiw a Colorado Brewery in Fort Collins..other choice was a California beer but not available..yep..hard times indeed. Most shoppers wearing gloves and a few masks. Got dog food at pet shop a little bit of stockpiling but do not want to go out just for dog food. Picked up fresh duck and chicken eggs from local lady...Mrs C brought real Easter Eggs back from UK for her little girl....she is far nicer than me! Fortunately we have been gently retired together for nearly seven years so all "pressure" points about worked out..sorry Ham! It is easy to get stressed during these times so that is why we need to support each other any way we can...Mrs C is a bit too laid back about it for my peace of mind but she IS the sensible one. Oh and Mrs C has begun bartering!...2lb flour for a jar of dried yeast...back to the future indeed!!! Park County showing four cases so far.... some casual comparisions...Park is appx 2300sq miles..population appx 18000....Devon is 2600 sq m pop..1,200000 appx...Sussex 1460 sqm pop 1,600000apx..... Keep safe....
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    Glad to hear you're being placed at a lot less risk than you were a couple of weeks back Martin. Take care out there. Also really relieved to hear that people (and their employers)are finally getting the message about keeping travel to the bare minimum. I haven't been on a train or bus in weeks, only been in the car twice. I'm in South London. My company pulled the trigger (panicked slightly) and had us all Globally wfh from the first week of March, so I'm now in week 5 of being set up at the dining room table. Seemed a bit weird at first, but in hindsight, I'm glad they did. It started off very lonely (I usually deal with people all day). Then it got interesting, last week was very stressful and this week has been a bit more normal. It's not terribly interesting or exciting being at home 24/7, but I figure a small price to pay if it helps reduce my risk of getting the virus or of passing it to anyone else. Trying to make sure I get out for a decent walk everyday, but I'm also trying to pick my moments - there are a lot of people out at lunchtime and 5.30-6.30pm round here and the parks are busy and populated with weirdos that seem to insist on walking in the middle of paths or moving towards you when they have the whole park to roam in. It's a bit odd. I'm also at home with my Mum & Dad - it's the most time I've spent with them in ages. I think we're all trying to give each other space so far. There's food in the fridge and I can forego being out and about for a few weeks or couple of months if we have to do that. Stay safe everyone. Bert 👍🏻
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    I’ve just seen Messrs Wright, Shearer and Lineker vote JT best captain ever. Gerrard fourth, Kompany 3rd and Vieira second. About what I’d have said, but still speechless. Fully expecting Gerrard and Henderson to be up there as no 1 and 2..
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    Four nil away victory for us . Kepa excellent , particularly when he ran up the bent back of Azpillicueta to punch the ball off the forehead of Wesley at 0-0 . Another great game for Billy in midfield although he could be accused of showboating somewhat with the rainbow kick first goal of the afternoon . What can you say about Giroud , hit the bar 12 times but still managed an outrageous header from inside his own area that sailed over the on rushing Pepe Reina . A masterstroke from Lampard in getting Emerson to carry Alonso up and down the left flank before throwing him into the area to score. At times it was difficult to see where Anthony Taylor the referee was coming from , disallowing the first eight Chelsea goals and demanding Kepa take his penalty 37 times before Reina saved it and booking Mount for complaining when he punched the air in celebration but after he changed into his United kit at half time all was a lot clearer . The fourth goal was all WIllians as he slotted home having rounded the entire Villa side twice before running to the camera and appearing to rip up his contract . All in all a solid afternoons work made all the more enjoyable as Liverpool , City , United Wolves and Leicester all lose .
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    The eating of the animals isn't the issue. What is it with you and Comrade Droy? It's the boiling dogs alive in oil and skinning dogs alive that's the effing issue. Pure unnecessary evil for the sake of it.
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    Yemen? The supply of ISIS? Stuff in Nigeria? Increased sanctions on Iran? You are happy to ignore that for an animal market? I think that is where we differ.
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    Done a bit of stock-piling myself.
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    Me practising Social distancing as defined by Mrs C
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    People . Think . What are Italians known for doing when they greet one another ?
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    Very nice gesture by Roman to house NHS staff free of charge for an initial 2 months at the Millennium Hotel at the Bridge. He is paying personally. Hopefully his dirty stinking russian money will be accepted.
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    I have a strong suspicion I had it in late January/early February. I had the worst 'cold' I'd ever had; couldn't move for three days between shortness of breath and an almost fiery ache in my bones. At least three people who sat in the same room as me around that time also had very heavy cold in the next few days. I'm 34 and in (if I humble brag!) good health; I've no chronic conditions, have averaged 2 days absent from work due to illness each year across my adulthood and regularly clock up 400 minutes of intense cardio exercise a week. That 'cold' knocked me out like nothing I have ever had before. Even my experience aside, it seems to me unlikely we noticed this virus as it emerged. We're playing catch up and putting together a story that makes sense. I work in a west London local authority providing services to families who are very vulnerable at the best of times. It is going to be a very, very challenging few months for me (and more importantly, those families). Good thing I've nothing to distract me from work!
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    I like this idea. Some of us have our differences but we are a fairly small forum, with a handful of regular posters, something that is almost unheard of in today's world but, and this may be a bit strange, I actually care about those who post on here. I'd be genuinely gutted if anything happened to one of us. It may be nice to be able to talk amongst ourselves and support each other about this issue. Sometimes it's the strangest things we find comfort in.
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    Pedro is having a ridiculously good game.
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    She can't use that , that's my missus one.
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    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8082427/amp/Olivier-Giroud-wants-stay-Chelsea-aims-new-contract.html Giroud making noises that he would like to stay now. Personally, given how many transfers we need to make in the Summer and how god awful Batsh*t is, I would be quite happy to give Giroud a 1 year extension and then have him as CF2/3 alogside Tammy and a new CF for 2020/21.
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    A lot to agree with but a memory stirred..was behind the goal at Wembley as Peter scored....as he struck the shot my reaction was one of..how can I put it..shout of ..in spirit if not words..""What the F*** is that?"...as it sort of dribble past the Leeds keeper....still a great goal from a true Chelsea guy..if you ever watch that Wembley final there is a poignant shot of Ossie Hutch and Peter together returning to the centre circle....catches me every time I see it......that front three HM...terrifying for any defence..gives me shivers just looking at it!!!!
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    Maybe Rudiger can help them look this time seeing as three announcements over the tannoy to calm down resulted in nothing .
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    This is in Harold Hill, London. Reported here: https://www.news.com.au/technology/science/animals/deer-take-over-east-london-streets-left-deserted-by-coronavirus-lockdown/news-story/7883ae6026c7751c6d9c0b60b29ed836 But no nice blankets, though.
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    I have a soft spot for the 2006 Chelsea-West Ham game that ended up 4-1. We started badly conceding a near-post header by James Collins and Maniche was (rightly) sent off for going over the top on Scaloni. Goals from Drogba and Crespo in the first half and Terry and Gallas in the second. The following week (I think) was the game we beat Man United at home 3-0 with goals from Gallas, Cole and Carvalho to clinch the title.
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    I think you’ve missed the point a little. Its not an argument about the most moral way to kill an animal. Its the fact they will skin a dog alive as they believe the stress it causes the animal releases chemicals that makes the meat taste better. Or how about drowning a big net full of dogs so their lungs fill with water and weigh a little more, so they get a few extra quid. That’s slightly different to the option of buying free range or not. If I’m daft for thinking that then so be it.
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    Look up the Yulin dog market. Skinning dogs alive because they believe it makes the meat taste sweeter. Also the way in which they are trafficked and stored is shocking. It’s as if they actually get a kick out of being as horrific and cruel as they can be, making them suffer just because they can. I understand that cultures have different beliefs and ways of doing things, but this kind of behaviour, no. There’s no excuse for it, it needs to be stopped now.
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    Yes. However, I am not sure he will be moving this Summer now. I say this because this Covid business is going to have some serious financial consequences and I cannot see any team wanting to layout a serious transfer fee and wages. Against this backdrop, Sancho then needs to weigh up whether moving this year will be worth it as he is currently on €200k a week which he probably will not improve now, he only has two years left on contract and the Euros are now next year. For me, I seriously fail to see how any of this adds up for him as staying at Dortmund for another year means he is certain of a starting place, he will still earn an amount per week if he was to move and next Summer his fee will be lower so it means more money in his pocket. Further, to top all of this off he is still only 19 so it is not like moving next year will ruin his chances of a top club. As for this Summer, I actually foresee very little movement as I can see players not getting improved terms and I cannot see clubs laying out serious fees. Only players I expect to move will be those that are either out of contract/only have 1 year left and clubs that have to fire sale. In particular it will be very interesting to see what happens at Barca and to a lesser extent Real as their wage bills are absolutely ludicrous. I can really foresee a situation where they have to start loaning out players such as Jovic, Dembele and Coutinho and pay part of their wages.
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    Reporting from just outside of Beaconsfield ... Back from click'n'collect at Sainsburys Taplow, where the lad in charge had his mask on right up to when he needed a ciggy. Nobody else wearing mask or gloves, so presumably they're all immune round there, or just plain 'ard. Wouldn't fancy being a virus infecting that lot. I've been working from home two thirds of my time and flying round Europe the rest for the last 20 years, and have I missed Heathrow T5? Now I come to think of it, I haven't - and the travelling time each month translates into an extra day a week, so no complaints here: in fact, last week I had enough spare time to mow the lawn for the first time since Moses parted the Red Sea and then pressure wash the patio (funny, I actually thought it really was green). Instead, we're using videoconferencing for everything, and it's working well. Contrary to Ham's experience, my lot know I have no time for formal dress so they excuse the odd t-shirts advertising beer and the untidiest office since Quentin Crisp shuffled off this mortal coil. Our HQ staff have been working remotely in a virtual office since the outset, hence it's business as usual for most of them. Indeed, why go to work at all, when you can enjoy the comforts of home - provided She Who Must Be Obeyed is in a good mood, which is most of the time - although I do confess her end of the office is a site for sore eyes and I hanker after a visit to the local pub, which tried doing takeaways and then had to shut completely. I hope they stay afloat until the inevitable relaxation comes in a year's time and we can all celebrate our freedom. My daughter and partner are stuck here for the duration, having chosen the wrong time to move flat, so we're remembering the joys of having kids at home - no more morning trips to the airing cupboard in the buff looking for a pair of kecks for a few weeks yet (sorry for the distasteful image). Haven't been out much, despite living next to a recreation ground and farmland with footpaths all over the place - did take the new drone (from China - yes, it got seriously disinfected) to the rec last week for a bit of practice, but it was full of people exercising their right to ... exercise ... so didn't feel welcome. Dogs round here love this change of habit - they're looking healthier by the day as - are their owners. Only downside of all this - apart from for the poor devils who are suffering and those caring for them, to whom I extend my heartfelt thanks - is the absence of anything worth watching on the box. Particularly if it is blue and involves a ball. Roll on the end of glorious isolation and the return of trips to the Bridge via the Finborough.
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    Having worked from a home base for 30 years, it's rather amusing to see the office addicts figuring out how to self-discipline, keep the kids out of the office (locked door), avoid domestic duties encroaching (locked door again) and so on. It's the future - get used to it. Why travel in rush-hour and waste an hour or three travelling every day when you can wander down the stairs and do a day's work in the comfort of home?
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    OK...we all are trying to smile in a very difficult time...Best of British even if that is considered unsophisticated these days. As a suggestion... all the regulars on here..plus anyone who wants to of course....is it possible for all of you to give a brief update of how things are in your personal space? We all squabble and trade "opinions" but we are all Chelsea and I do worry about posters who don't appear for a while..during normal times it is in the ebb and flow of the forum..but now it would be of comfort to know how all are doing and a way of supporting each other. Thoughts?
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    :) That'll be why Liverpool bought Cisse, Alonso, Morientes and Luis Garcia too, while we had to take Drogba, Robben, Cech, Carvalho, Tiago and Ferreira as second choice then. Winning? Yup. Stroppy pre-match conferences with personal comments about other managers? No.
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    he was just about picking up some form before the postponement
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    Thanks.....just something to warm you up...keep safe
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    Boris was talking about a new test for the anti-body to covid-19 which would tell us who has had the virus already and been cured. Simple self-administered test like a pregnancy test. He seems to be claiming that a cured person is neither going to get it again or infect anyone again, though I doubt anyone knows that for sure. But a proper knowledge of how many have had it in the past is vital because the whole "suprress the virus or suppress the economy" discussion is based on this data which we don't yet have. The test - if feasible - is a gamechanger (but when?)
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    The more stadium redevelopments there are the more special Stamford Bridge becomes.
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    I have a lot of friends in Northern Italy. Some things I have known for years: 1. They all smoke (almost literally and in the cases of the older generation, completely literally). A lot. This must make them vulnerable to this. 2. The health care system is a shambles, due largely to corrupt local governments and their ability to handle public money properly 3. Italians are not the best in being told what to do and they take forever to do anything 4. Socialising in large groups is a way of life Things I have learnt from them in relation to COVID19 1. They were very slow to grasp the severity. I was supposed to fly there on March 7th with my family. Up to only a few days before, our friends were saying, "it's fine, just come, it's not that serious" (or words to that effect). We didn't. I am glad. All of the above puts them at extreme high risk for an infectious disease / virus.
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    OK...need some advice....the recommendation here is frequent handwashing with soap and warm water for 21 seconds..my difficulty with this is how can I count up to 21 when all my counting fingers are under the tap wringing?
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    Yes thank you. The 1 was a mistake. I didn't notice it when I posted sorry.
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    What strange times these are. My office closed (although myself and my team have to go in on Monday to push live a project!), no sport, no travel... I have a holiday to Disneyland Paris due on April 7th for my youngest 6th birthday, seems like that won't be happening! What are we going to talk about on here for the next few weeks/months? I might stay clear of the Transfer thread!
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    In the spirit of community and looking out for others in these worrying times, are you ok Charlie? You never got around to listing point 2. 😉
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    Why - he is clearly listing them as a curiosity, not as some sign of massive progress. Discount Mount and James who both just finished a full Championship season where they were undoubted stars in their teams. Gilmour has had 4 starts of which 1 was in PL. Guehi has had 2 LC starts. Genuine debut players total 6 starts all season of which 1 is in the Prem or CL. CHO managed more last year. Sarri did more to introduce young Chelsea players to top class football than Lampard has so far this season. Can we move on now?
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    Well that's unfair for a start. Arsenal won't experience any difference.
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    The gift that keeps on giving. How dare Atletico come to defend? Moratta's goal at the end reminded me of Torres' goal against Barcelona. Another special night under the lights at Analfield. Off to work with a spring in my step.
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    Slight difference, Caballero wasnt very good Gilmour has been brilliant. I don't think Jorginho will be dropped, I think he will have to work his way back into the side and rightly so. I also have my own theory that Kepa wasnt dropped as such but taken out of the limelight and worked on, hard, in training. There are some stark differences in his last two performances compared to almost all his previous. It's just a theory and I'm fully aware it could be utter nonsense.
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    Wow. A Chelsea game without stress, nerves and frustration! We played like the team of earlier in the season, with the shackle off somewhat and the players seemed to be playing under less pressure for some reason - was a really really good performance. Barkley was very good today. Pedro was quality today, worked so hard. Giroud was Giroud, the ultimate team player and so glad he got his goal. Mount very good again. Alonso another good performance at LB. Gilmour, well, what a player we have on our hands. I hate saying things like this, especially this early, but Gilmour could potentially keep Jorginho out of this side on his return from suspension, he can do what Jorginho does and all the stuff he also can't do. He is constantly shouting at everyone, pointing where the ball should go, he is always open for a pass, never stops moving and creating space for himself, his head is on a constant pivot, reading the pitch and space around him, he is just sheer class. I spent a lot of that game just watching him and he is SO good!
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    I'm a christening. I made sure I said a little prayer for our boys at an appropriate moment....worked like a dream!!
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    A very tricky game this and I'm very nervous, I never like playing Everton, it's never a straightforward game for us and under Carlo they're definitely improving. A win here and a win for City in the following game would make for a very good weekend for us, however, a defeat for us could just give United the extra incentive they need to get a result... then it becomes a terrible weekend for us. If we perform as we did vs Liverpool then I'm confident, but sadly the players seem unable to string two of those performances together at the moment. Must be solid at the back, do not concede early on and must be patient. Giroud will be crucial again for us, he'll need to hold up the ball to send Mount and Barkley in behind... come on Chelsea, please!
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