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    To be fair, it's more than one game. What happened today has been coming. Conte has been bottling the big decision in my opinion. We play with an absolute No 9. That is the role that Costa has. It is not a false No 9, but a pure No 9. That role is as irreplaceable as that of a goalkeeper. Whether it's the goalkeeper, or defender, or Hazard, or any player with the ball, when they look up, they want the green light from the No 9. To keep playing with number 9 of the form of Costa of he past 3 months, is just the signs of a manager who is bottling big decisions. Conte is sleepwalking into failure in the past 3 months. His indecision is infecting the rest of the team. I have heard all this crap - he is unlucky, he is having a bad spell, he is trying his best. It's all crap. If you employed an experienced plasterer, and he has the plaster hanging off the wall after two jobs, your response is, hang on, what are you playing at? No one would accept a pilot, even a rookie pilot, to keep overshooting runway for 3 months of flight, or a doctor to keep prescribing the wrong medication for 3 months continuously. So all these excuses for Costa is all nonsense, absolute crap. It's all football talk, the kind of talk that would not be accepted in any walk of life. Costa is sabotaging our effort, FULL STOP. I decided that for myself weeks ago. If Conte can't work that out, then we kiss the title goodbye, now. All the talk of no replacement is also crap. Any decent striker who is willing to genuinely try (rather than pretend) would be 100 times better than Costa for the team right now.
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    Fabregas for Matic and Willian for Pedro asap please.
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    Costa was brilliant last night, not only did he provide an assist and two quality goals he was constantly running in behind their centre backs. His no look touch through to Hazard in the first half was sublime and really should have resulted in a goal. His second goal was a thing of beauty and showed the ability to play in small spaces in which I anticipate Lukaku may struggle if he does replace him. I've spoken up quite a few times in support of Costa in particular because I think he is a unorthodox player who attempts high risk dribbles. All players suffer dips in form and that brilliant pass I described earlier would have bounced straight through to the keeper 2 weeks ago. I believe its nothing to do with desire or effort but in actual fact he is a confidence player who is targeted every single week by at least two defenders and with no support from referees. Drogba, Rooney, Aguero, they are all streaky players who go 6 games looking like they have their boots on the wrong feet and then go 6 games where they are unplayable. I personally believe he gets a lot of stick due to the constant rumours about wanting out but if we are judging him on his performance his goal record is excellent. Many are very quick to turn on him but he has won us more points than any other player has in the league. Without him there would be no title that's a certainty! Thought it was clear that Southampton have spent much of the last 10 days working on set piece routines. With a delivery as good as Ward-Prowse I think any team would have struggled to deal with those corners. He was whipping the ball in with so much pace and accuracy it was too risky for Courtois to come out and they had predesigned movements where Gabbiadini would go to the far post. When a team has that much time to prepare I think you have to hold your hands up and say well done. Fabregas and Hazard were both delightful and if we can get them both on the pitch in this form with Costa back scoring then teams are going to struggle to contain us. Fingers crossed for a Palace win tonight.
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    I thought they both had decent games yesterday. Nathan was more involved as we were on the back foot for much of the time, but Michy was doing his best to occupy Spurs' 3 central defenders on his own, and made more attempts to get in the box in his 60 minutes than Costa has since January.
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    Ake was class. Answered all the people that said Terry should start. Terry has not played a game with this kind of intensity for a long time. What surprised me about Ake was he was not nervous or worried. He was very calm. He believes in his ability. Something a few players need to do in this team.
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    Maybe the virus has got to the manager
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    6 games to go: Chelsea: 4 home 2 away Spurs: 2 home 4 away Chelsea home games: Southampton, Watford, Middlesbrough, Sunderland Spurs home games: Arsenal, Man United bit of perspective, I'd rather be us with 4 pt lead than them.
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    The thing about Jose is he arrived at a time( to use a formula 1 analogy) when we had the best car on the grid but with a bad driver.Jose was the Lewis Hamilton that won us trophies with the best car.Now he is not the best driver but is blaming the car and all the technicians.
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    Apropos of nothing, anyone who thought Costa had a good game and Matic a bad game needs their head testing. Get your catchphrase bingo cards out for a full house.
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    Being rubbish as usual. He has been doing his best donkey act now for nearly 4 months.
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    Hazard almost transfered Stones back to Everton with that piece of skill at the end of the half.
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    the doubts people have over Lukaku are 100% justified. 1. He would cost a fortune 2. For a fortune, you want a top, top player 3. Lukaku socres a lot of goals against poor teams, or when games are won 4 goals v Bournemouth being an example 4. the last two league games exposed his faults. He cannot hold the ball up properly. Compare his performance last night versus Benteke against us. Chalk and cheese 5. BT Sport showed clips of his best moments / goals - it is all running into space. Teams set up definitely against Everton than they do against us. I am not saying Lukaku cannot score goals for us, but there is a definite question mark, especially considering he will cost north of 50m
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    People have been saying for two months now "Spuds won't win every league game". So far they have. I for one am very worried.
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    I agree. If we have a problem it is that outside the defenders, only Drogba or Michy contribute to defending set pieces. Mostly Matic does not man mark and when he does (as recently) it can be calamitous as he is neither good in the air nor at sticking with his man. Azpi on the other hand sticks to his man like glue. I'd add that Alli's headed goals against us were all about getting away from the defenders, not about out jumping them, and that players can even get away from Azpi if they spot the man on the ball has time to pick out their run easily - so that they are just running into space, not waiting to see where the ball goes. The latest goal was identical in all but using his feet not head. (Liverpool and Arsenal have scored similar goals - the issue is 90% about players close to our box with time to look up and pass/cross to a running target.) On the whole I am not unhappy. 3 of our defenders are very good in the air, including Cahill who is a mobile giant - and I can remember many years when Ashley Cole was the fourth defender of 4. The time to start worrying about our right sided defence is when fantastic crosses from our right are being put on our LHS.
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    Genial Irishman Niall Quinn. I looked up "genial" in the dictionary , imagine my surprise when it didn't say "retarded".
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    Bournemouth game - Costa's shot goes off a defender and in so its an own goal (heckuva turn by him as well to get in a goal scoring position), Costa wins the foul that Alonso scores a free kick off of. There thats two examples in one game, same amount I gave for Bats. Costa may be off form, but he is more likely to get into goal scoring positions than Bats is. He may be off form, but Bats did nothing that Costa hasn't been doing. And since we know that Costa can be better than he currently is playing right now, I'd choose Costa. Again, thats not to say that I don't rate Bats as a player I think he can be very good, just that right now until we clinch the title I'm playing the guns that got me there
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    Yep. I just think he's an unreliable character all round really, which is a pity because for a long time this season he was the perfect front man. Whether his head was turned by the big offer I don't know obviously, but that non-header on Saturday was really odd. I also thought that Batman didn't do that bad. He didn't set the world alight of course, but given his complete lack of involvement for such a long period his contribution was OK I thought and I do wish that that header chance had fallen to him. If he had scored there it would have been interesting to see what it might have done to his confidence.
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    Not surprised that that the usual people think that Costa deserves to start against Southampton. What surprises me is that they base their argument on what Costa did yesterday when he came on. Giving the ball away and throwing his hands in the air was his first action. The next remarkable thing was missing another sitter, that even a lampost would have scored? A month ago, I suggested that Costa was actually sabotaging our efforts. A few raised their eyebrows. I stick by that theory. Because it is statistically extreme that a player could miss so many easy chances for 3 months going without doing it deliberately. And if we are talking about "a drop in form", that only ever happens gradually. Form doesn't drop like a ripe mango off the tree. We won yesterday because, as poor as Batshuayi was, he did not initiate counterattacks for Spurs. And I maintain my theory, that if Costa had started, we would have lost. I sense sentiments from some fans towards Costa similar to those towards Jose Mourinho. And could it be coming from the same people? Hmmmmm..
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    Feast on the tears, especially when the fans behind them get up and leave after Matic's goal...
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    Thought it was a shame that the fire brigade decided to have a fire alarm test at the Spurs end after 80 minutes.
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    I'd keep Batshuayi in the starting eleven also. Keeping things in perspective (something a few posters fail to grasp judging by the Spurs match day thread) Michy did enough to warrant another start considering just how little football he's had. He has no real match fitness, match sharpness and nothing but training ground familiarity with the side. While he didn't set the world alight, he wasn't terrible either and his flick was a key factor in our opening goal. He had more of a positive impact in 60 minutes than Costa has had in the past month - without the antics. Would give him another 60 min or so and bring Costa off the bench once again. Thought Ake was excellent and he'd be hard done by if Cahill comes back in, Willian likewise with Hazard. Otherwise much will remain the same as usual I dare say.
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    Wow such high praise . Reading this I want Tammy to stay with us.
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    I thought Frank handled it perfectly, just enough to hint of sheer enjoyment whilst appearing to be neutral..
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    Strangely enough I don't often ask myself what percentage of men get a wedding ring and have then discarded it 5 years later but I'll bow to your superior knowledge on this (as with so many other things) because I can't be bothered to argue the toss.
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    I have lost all sense of what you are talking about.
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    Not me , its a noddy league.
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    Cesc has to start. Should have against United. We wont control the midfield without him. They will press Kante and Matic into making poor/wrong passes as they did in the previous games. Simple stuff really. Cesc starting is more important than Costa not starting. Its quite clear to see Costa will be leaving in the summer. He may be trying to play himself out of the club. Not sure what Conte is going to do but the amount of minutes Bats has gotten tells you he wont start. I do think Bats has been made an example by Conte of choosing not to play players he does not buy. Same could be said for Ake, I think Conte wanted to buy a defender instead of recalling Ake that's why he never makes it in the squad. The treatment of both players is bizarre considering situations we have been in this season. Even when 2-0 down Bats still does not come on but RLC and Willian do?. I think its more Conte sending messages to the board than it is their performances/quality. Both players are better players than the minutes they have had so far. Anyway beating Spurs would be a huge lift we need. It is going to be the hardest game of the season. If I'm honest I can't see where the victory will come from. They are better than us in every department at the moment.
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    We win this 3-1 Costa, Hazard and Pedro with the goals. Then we will win our next 5 and wrap up the title. Up the Chels.
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    Can you imagine how much he is going to be on the whole squad's case over the next few weeks to get the title sewn up before the Sunderland game. Good timing.
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    ^^ His latest goal not quite so typical - a 31 pass build up. More of the kind of chance you get at Chelsea (and a great of example of what happens if you don't press out to the half way line) Cheeky finish though!
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    If Alonso wants to be a top player he needs to work out how not to feel unwell. Ronaldo and Messi find a way. (Am I doing this right?)
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    Personally I had no idea Barkley was mixed race , so I can see your point. Maybe McKenzie didn't either ? I think he's rubbish at football but he didn't deserve that article.
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    Because some cannot get over their ex, however lovely their current relationship is. Doesn't help when the ex comes to the party and spouts a few drops of acid.
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    I agree that it's inappropriate to dwell on it on this thread Matt, but I suppose it's because it's naturally in context, given that we're playing them in a few days and given what transpired the last time we did. I agree with you entirely that right now we have a terrific manager in a number of different ways - tactically, with respect to squad deployment, man-management and also dealing with the media in a very straightforward and engaging manner. He's been excellent in of these respects I think.
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    I was a printer back in the day when Murdoch and Thatcher went all out to break the NGA printers Union and take their jobs and give them to untrained electricians. Have never and will never subscribe to Sky or buy any of his rags. Have hated both of them since that day. One down one to go.
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    Possibly Nobly. I haven't seen the post that you refer to as suggesting that JM's achievements were all luck. Where did that one come from? I think the more prevailing view on the forum, certainly mine, is that we were absolutely the beneficiaries of his approach and performance when he first came to Chelsea, until it started to go pear-shaped for the first time eventually. His approach suited the Italian league ideally and he did really well with Inter, before wisely deciding to move on sooner rather than later. His time at Real was mixed and his eventual return to us brought us an initial title but then again it all collapsed, this time catastrophically. Throughout all of this history his success in winning the prizes that he did was always accompanied by an unending series of unfortunate and somewhat unsavoury incidents which were all down to his own egomania and arrogance as far as I'm concerned. The awful stuff at Real, (poking someone in the eye from behind ain't gonna win you many plaudits) and he clearly totally lost our dressing room last year as well. All of his own making. So if you take all of that into consideration then its not surprising that there are mixed feelings about him and that's what I perceive on the forum largely, apart from those who are Jose diehards and will always bend over backwards to find any excuse for his "lapses" it seems. As for his achievements this season? Well he started badly and then turned tings around and produced a good run of games where United accumulated a good points return I think, albeit without winning over many of their older fans for style and so on and being very heavily Ibra-reliant. More recently, however, they've really struggled and floundered again, which is wonderful to see of course, whoever the manager might be. As for the Europa League? Well it is pretty ironical of him to talk up that success when one recalls him pouring scorn on it when Benitez did the same for us. Indeed Benitez did as well for us in his much reviled season as Jose has done at Old Trafford pretty much I think. very similar anyway. To be fair to JM with respect to the Europa League, I think he has more cited it as the best route for them to achieve CL qualification, rather than being any towering achievement in its own right and that's fair enough, because they do seem to be struggling to stay in the top 4 hunt to me. I do think that he now hates Chelsea though and would like to do anything to derail our title bid if and where possible. When we play them on Sunday, I expect the same approach from him as last time. That is the same tactical approach which, as Droy rightly says, did cause us problems for the first period of the match without doubt, but also the same unrelentingly physical approach to dealing with Hazard and attempting to rile Costa. I fully expect that because, as I say, he'd like to do anything to damage us. He got fired by CFC last time around and our new manager has achieved a spectacular turnaround and success with an alternative approach that has found a way of capitalising on the strengths of the players in the squad, rather than forcing an approach which they dislike and are not suited to. This must be enormously galling and significantly embarrassing to Jose, having the self-appointed "special one" tag and used to "being Jose Mourinho" non-stop. For that reason alone he'd love to beat us and will probably do anything he can, fair or foul in an effort to bring it about. On top of that, he's great mates with Pocchetino too, who is a diehard acolyte of his.
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    With respect Matt, statistically, we are the least complacent side in the league.
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    has costa got his boots on the wrong feet?
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    What makes you so sure we will beat them? When we have played them twice this season they have made us look a bit average. The only team who have done that home and away this season since we switched to 343. I think they know how to play us. Unlike City.
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    Games against the top teams will be nail biters and against the likes of Bournemouth a possible banana skin. Complacency is our worst enemy. Anything but three points is a massive let-down though. Spurs will for sure be winning at home to Watford, and we play away to Jose next week-end. If we win, we can survive a draw there. Drop points at Bournemouth, and we have massive pressure on us. Just hope Moses is back for this one. If so, the team picks itself with Pedro over Willian and Cesc over Matic.
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    R2FU99 -Take it as a compliment, they're just jealous.
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    Must be in the minority but I really like that team. Superb to see Zouma starting a game again, lets not forget he was becoming a monster for us before his injury. Fabregas should start every game ahead of Matic so pleased with that selection too. Love the midfield Pep has gone with, Kante alone should dominate all 3.
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    I'm very very very nervous about this. I'm frickin' working tonight too...
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    Thanks for your post BCFC22; it's always good to hear/read stories from those such as yourself who watch players rather than games... and much better than relying on a few video clips of loan players, which is what most of us have to rely on. There was a recent article about another of our loan players (Leis Baker at Vitesse Arnheim) that very much emphasised how grounded and humble he was, how he never gave less than 100%, how he was always happy to spend time with the fans, younger players etc. That he's also creating and scoring goals in Holland is the cherry on that cake. It certainly seems that the Chelsea academy is not just producing talented footballers, but what we might have called in a bygone age "decent young chaps"! Good luck to all of you at Bristol City for the remainder of the season, and thanks again for coming here and telling us first hand you thoughts on Tammy... a player that many of us desperately hope will not just have a bright footballing future, but a very bright CHELSEA future!
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    Testament to how far we've come. As for the game, yeah it was unfortunate but this is life. What is interesting is to see how the team reacts. We've been known to not have the same mettle as previous Chelsea sides so I'm quite interested to see how the players handles this. Also Conte... If we lose to City the media will be all over him and the club.
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    I think we really need to consign that to the **** happens file. Any other game would see the team with eleven shots on target beating the team with three. For whatever reason , blind / incapable referee and linesman , keystone kops defending , Azpillicueta being targeted , octopus goalkeeper , we lost , play like that going forward in any other game we win. We will hear nothing but Chelsea are bottling it in the papers until we win again, let's not give them the oxygen and put City away.
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    Sticking with Costa can actually lead to disaster for us. He has been useless for months. What needs to happen for Conte to replace him? No player should be bigger than the manager, never mind the good of the club. For the few minutes Batshuayi played he looked more a striker than Costa. Even Loftus-Cheek would do a better job. Wake up, Conte. Our system is heavily set up on the striker making the runs. Costa can't be bothered.