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    Actually it's very simple. Morata will cost Chelsea £70m because he will trigger all his add-ons Lukaku will cost United £75m because he'll never come close to triggering his add-ons 😂 😂 😂
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    He has no excuse.... ...even Joey Cole bought the Linguaphone box set so could learn American :)
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    This is how it started in 2015/16. No squad and then a start where basically every decision went against us for a long run. It's not time to worry, it's time to absolutely panic. If the club doesn't act now, Conte won't be here in January. This is basically what I've been fearing all summer. People have ridiculed me but here we are. We have done it again. Absolutely unthinkable we could be this ****ing stupid but yeah, we ****ing are this stupid. Time to ship the whole structure at the top of the club. Absolute amateurs.
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    I think I know who you're referring to. Must admit it's a delicious irony. All last season he was boring everybody shitless with his repetitive claims that Conte was useless and Mourinho was The Second Coming, yet Conte won the title against all odds and Mourinho finished 6th despite having the most expensive squad ever assembled in the history of football. Now, to top things off, his idol has signed Matic for 40 big ones plus another 10 in add-ons, the same Matic who we've been reliably told (again and again and again) is absolute garbage. And guess what? When Utd do far better next season he'll claim Matic has nothing to do with it. Lest we forget of course this is the same guy who thought Mikel was the reincarnation of Franz Beckenbauer. I wonder if he's ever got anything right on this site? Anyway, everyone's entitled to their opinion so let's not dwell on that. Many Chelsea fans are deeply unhappy that Matic was sold to Utd but I think if they were told at the start of the summer that we would get Conte's number 1 choice (after the unavailable Nainggolan) in Bakayoko and sell Matic to Utd for 50 big ones they would have accepted that. Matic may not be a genius (as Jose puts it) but as a holding midfielder he has few peers. When he first came he played in a 2 beside Fabregas with Oscar in the 10 role and Matic was incredible, a vast improvement over the lamentable Mikel. Remember he was playing beside Fabregas who offers practically nothing defensively yet we swept all before us, in a 4231 formation. Matic screened the defence expertly, allowing Fabregas to do his thing. That free-flowing football got sacrificed as teams worked out they could outnumber us in midfield (Matic was having to do the work of 2 people) and we battened down the hatches to win the title, often with Ramires taking Fabregas' place in away games. The season after that went horribly wrong and evidently Matic wasn't happy with something, and in fact he hardly played under Guus*. I think it's telling that Conte had to persuade him to stay last summer and this summer Matic wanted to re-join Mourinho. We don't know what went on behind the scenes in Jose's last season but we do know that Matic suits Jose's formation far more than he does Conte's. At Utd, Matic will hold but instead of Fabregas alongside him he'll have Herrera, and he'll have Pogba ahead of him making up the midfield. In other words, Jose will play Matic to his strengths and the player will be happy, and he'll have a bloody good season and be a vital member of the team. Under Conte Matic had to be more than just a holding player, and while he was good there are players out there that can perform that role better, such as Bakayoko we hope, who is a bit more all-action. Swapping Matic for Bakayoko undoubtedly suits Conte but unfortunately signing Matic undoubtedly suits Mourinho, both managers playing different formations. Jose wants a specialist holding player while Conte doesn't, that's the bottom line. We'll have to see who comes out on top. It will be intriguing. Utd will be our biggest challengers this season, because of their squad and the signing of Matic. Mourinho always wins the title in his 2nd season and it always goes tits-up in his third. If he doesn't win it this season he never will. However Conte is a far superior manager so I'm not worried, despite our inferior squad. City's squad is also superior but again our manager is better. Lots of angst and soul-searching in this thread but we'll be okay, I told you before that we would sign a top striker and so it's proved and I'm telling you now we will sign 2 or 3 more players and everybody will be happy, the priority being CM and LWB as I've said before. A RWB and a CF would also be nice. I'm very optimistic about our season. Our squad is already stronger than last season's, if only marginally. The bottom line is last season Conte only had 13 players he could trust. This season he already has 14, and you never know he might also trust Batshuayi and Christensen, and we haven't finished yet. We're getting rid of so many players so we can bring in players the manager wants. Sometimes you can't always conclude all of your business early. Last year we left things late with 1 or 2 and that worked out pretty good. There's no reason why the same can't happen this time. * I seem to recall Matic scoring at Sunderland and not celebrating. Something was definitely amiss.
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    Would just about be willing to see the club make Costa rot in the reserves and honour the remaining time on his contract. See how he likes those apples.
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    We have the money ✔️ Net spend not much ✔️ Number of weeks left in window ✔️ We are an embarrassment ✔️ Conte will leave ✔️ Incompetent board ✔️ All of these have been noted. You need not mention any of them again if it is just to remind us of your point of view.
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    I think everyone knows that... some of us just don't feel the need to post the same thing twenty times a day, however. Our silence doesn't mean we think all is rosy.
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    Well that was a bizarre game. From where I was sitting Cahill deserved a red and it was incredibly stupid for him to dive in where he did. Our complete collapse that followed I will attribute partly to him and partly to Conte. Considering how depleted we were in forward positions the decision to bring on another defender after the red was very strange. It meant we were playing with 5 genuine defenders with limited attacking ability out of 9 out field players. We were camped in our own half and completely unable to string more than 2 passes together with only Willian and Fabregas possessing the ability to keep the ball. There was also a painfully comic moment in the second half when they had a free kick and the vast majority of our team was in the wall. Batshauyi has a goal in him and is very funny on Twitter but unfortunately not good enough to lead the line on his own for Chelsea and I doubt he ever will be. Today he was completely invisible although not helped by the fact the only other player remotely close to him was Willian who is not exactly the biggest goal threat. He made no runs and every single pass played forward was won by Burnley without a fuss. I think he is a good option to have as a second striker but I would be very worried is he has to start without Morata again in any important games. At half time I was totally distraught and I would by lying if I said thoughts of 2015/16 weren't running through my head. Somehow though I ended the game feeling positive and as bad as we were in the first half I was impressed by how we bounced back in the second. The turning point was clearly the moment that Morata came on. Immediately the game completely changed and the difference between the Batshuayi statue and Morata buzzing around on the last shoulder was stark. He demanded the ball, put himself about and found space in the penalty box. His runs reminded me of Crespo and if anyone is expecting a Costa / Drogba type striker they will likely be disappointed. He is not a battering ram but he has a great touch, is fast and can dribble. He was constantly moving and a total nuisance for the Burnley defence. Clearly a class above any other player on the pitch today and this with no support at all. Simply has to start from here on in and I cannot wait to see him with Hazard and Pedro close by. On further positives Christensen and Rudiger were both very impressive. Have not had an opportunity to re-watch the goals which obviously came from defensive vulnerabilities but from what I saw we have a couple of gems. Firstly Christensen was very tidy in possession, made an impression going forward and faultless in defence. Rudiger on the other hand was a beast and in the first half was one of the only players to turn up. Reminded me of Bailly from United as both are fast, strong and put in very hard challenges. My only worry with him would be his red card potential and there was a few times I was concerned he might just snap someone in half. No serious concerns here though and we need these kind of players especially since we have lost a few hard bastards in the last 12 months. The last thing I want is for us to become soft and we have lost Diego, JT, Ivan and Matic in a short space of time. The referees performance was certainly not enjoyed by the crowd and I tried my best to evaluate him on his performance and not those sitting next to me calling for his head. Not seen any highlights but straight away I was sure Cahill was a goner. Fabregas too probably deserved a second yellow but that does not mean the ref was any good. Alonso was booked after about 30 seconds for nothing and it seemed every time one of our players so much as ran near a Burnley shirt they were getting booked. On the other hand Burnley seemed to get away with many obvious free kicks, unfortunately the kind that never get shown on MOTD. The atmosphere was on a knife edge today but by the end everyone seemed to be fully behind the team and lifted by Morata's cameo. It felt as if a goal was coming even with only 9 men and I have seen a few reports about booing the players. I can say categorically that the boos were clearly directed at the referee and my only disappointment was the ironic cheers when Batshuayi completed a pass and also when he was subbed off. No matter how badly someone plays this is embarrassing and also the chants for Diego were odd. By the end everyone was signing Morata's name as they should do seeing as our favourite Brazilian Spaniard is getting pissed somewhere on a beach in Rio. We are in desperate need of 3/4 players but fortunately our first eleven when available is still one of the best in the league. It is much easier to sign usable squad players than world class first choice players so I am not ready to write our season off just yet. We will get by with Luiz or Christensen in midfield next week against Spurs and in fairness I couldn't see Cesc effecting that game much anyway without any one else to play with on his wavelength. It will be tough and we will not have much of a bench but providing Pedro comes back we should be well placed. Spurs have their own injury issues with no available right backs and Danny Rose is currently on the naughty step. In a weeks time when we leave Wembley with three points this will all seem like a distant memory! :)
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    Morata , Morata Morata , now , **** off child.
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    Willian does his usual stand still and feint move.
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    Can we talk about the ****ing game and not transfers or manager contracts?! Ffs...
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    I properly hate football sometimes
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    To me, Chalobah is the one we screwed up.
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    Jesus H. The ridiculous lengths you will go to in order to try to defend Mourinho.
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    http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/west-ham-12million-bid-neymar-10917748 First time I ever heard the name Neymar, he was linked with West Ham. They could see he was going to be some footballer from from miles away. Now the only ones seeing some footballers from miles away are the fans at their home games 😋
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    Sure - but every time a manager plays an underperforming player he gambles with his job. Ultimately the situation we have at the club is created by the board and their actions. Not backing title winning managers with a proper squad has happened on more than one occasion and bar a minor miracle will happen this summer as well. When things goes downhill we sack the manager and start over again. What is Conte supposed to do? Give Musonda, Baker, Kenedy and Boga plenty of minutes and lose his job by Christmas? Or play the 12-14 outfield players that performs into the ground? Of course the latter. But that will have consequences for those players long term and is not sustainable. The first step to solve this is to give the manager a squad. But we are failing at that hurdle time and time again. That is the boards fault - absolutely no doubt about that.
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    You shouldn't believe the ITKs... neither those to be found on Twitter, nor those to be found amongst us here. The reality is that whilst negotiating purchases, we are also negotiating sales. One deal will always be done before another, so sometimes we sell and then buy, at other times we buy and then sell. The press have no more idea about what's going on than we, the supporters, do, When one of their stories runs out of gas, they find/invent a new one. We've sold Matic, so any midfielder they now write about is his replacement, neatly forgetting that we got his replacement (Bakayoko, lest you had forgotten, too!) before we sold Matic. What we are in fact doing is looking for a back-up to the three players who will most play in our midfield two. A back-up to a back-up, in a way.
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    Steve McClaren likes this.👍 :)
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    We really shouldn't get overrun with 12 players on the pitch.
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    Chris Mears on Twitter: Annual spending on defence : USA £820bn Cuba £700m Man City £200m Bosnia £180m Congo £135m
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    Agree. I have often speculated on what would happen if anyone read this thread with all proper nouns deleted (eg players, clubs, coaches). I suspect they would think they were on the Scunthorpe forum.
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    Thank you, Bob! I tried to make that point in the matchday thread. We could have had a full bench of seasoned pros available, but that wouldn't have prevented the referee sending off our captain after 12 minutes.
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    Boys, oh boys... Costa - told by club he can leave at end of season after asking to leave, discovers Athleti can't afford him - kicks up a fuss in hope we get sick of him and move him of the books cheap. Squad - three promising signings so far - Morata, Bakayoko, Rudiger - plus Christianson looking battle hardened. Why is it taking so long to add more, which we do need? For the blindingly obvious reason that: we want to strengthen and add quality in depth not simply add numbers - good players at our level of aspiration are hard to find and prise away. Yes, I wish they'd all arrived earlier. And yes, I wonder at the decisions to let players go - BUT UNLIKE SOME - I choose to believe this reflects the club's confidence in its progress towards better signings, not a strategy to shrink our squad to ineffective levels long-term. Finally, on Matic - given Jose gleeful post-match interview my hunch is that Matic did a bit of 'a Costa' and we decide to remove the rot. I've never heard a top coach who didn't agree - if a player doesn't want to be in the club, get him out!
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    He did play CDM he was always behind Pogba in nearly every situation. He was sweeping up everything too. He would find it hard sweeping things up when we have Kante who does that in both parts of the pitch. Matic is more of a protecter of the back 4. In order to see the best of him he needs to play that sweeping role without having other defensive players around him. It makes him look like a pointless extra body when he has another Defensive player with him. Kante and Bakayoko suit us better than Matic did. That is why I wanted Matic to go because he is not the CM that Conte wants but selling him to a manager who knows him very well and a title rival? Just bizarre. I did not like selling Cech to Arsenal but this is 10X worse as its a better team and a manager who knows him very well.
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    I'd take Babayaro at this point.
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    That's a very flawed team. There's a little more to it than just plonking players into a position. Zouma isn't technically competent enough on the ball to play CB in a back three. Nor does he read the game well enough to play that covering CB role. Neither MvG or Pasalic offer any remote hint of defensive cover. In turn would leave the defence exposed. Aina and Da Silva are well below EPL level at this stage, while lacking the tactical understanding that's required defensively at WB. Piazon is Championship standard. And RLC hasn't got the tenacity to his game that would allow him to play in a front three at this point. Abraham's is one of the few that would make an impact. I can't help but feel there's a warped perspective regarding the quality of some of the young players we have.
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    Totally irrelevant because: 1) He's a billionaire. 2) Chelsea's transfers are funded by the clubs money, and aren't funded by Roman anymore. So makes no difference. We're still a stingy bunch of numpties anyway.
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    I'm done. This isn't the sport I grew up enraptured with, it's utterly pathetic.
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    Light a fire? Won't get much spark out of any of the bench 'options', that's for sure.
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    Oh go on then, and some of those courgetti fritatas. I'll open a bottle of 'seccy
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    A hell of a player...in every sense. Perhaps that should be the title of his memoirs...
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    Yeah, and this is definitely under-appreciated by many. I know I am in a minority, but I actually think there is a lot of promising aspects in the way we are doing business and conducting ourselves at the moment. The problem is of course that we are yet to conclude some of the business we all want to be done. But there is still plenty of time to even make this a 10/10 transfer window. This summer, our squad is being overhauled while we are operating in a very difficult market. We are both trying to get top money for players our manager does not want while we pursue scarce, world class talent. Clubs have so much money that they no longer are interested in selling even at crazy prices. At the same time we need to be compliant with FFP. Our competitors either has a competitive advantage in higher match day revenues (United), they don't care about FFP (City and PSG) or they get significant more TV money (Barca and Real). It is not like being Marina, Emenalo, Bruce Buck et al is a walk in the park.
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    Perhaps he feels that the only way to actually achieve something is to move to a club which will challenge as Everton aren't that team. Maybe a new challenge under the likes of Conte will energise him. He has had his personal problems on Merseyside. I can see why he would want away and it doesn't have to be about a lack of loyalty.
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    I think it's Moses.
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    Struggling to field a team thanks to the board...don't think Pedro will be on the bench, think Boga or Musonda will start on left and Morata will be on the bench
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    Yep, I'm with you here James and I might well give Boga a run out too.
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    According to one article if we offload Costa Conte will push hard for Belotti.
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    I'm worried but not because of today's game. Watched some 15 mins first half and thought we looked decent in that time at least. I'm worried because; 1. Lack of pre-season games 2. Small squad 3. Lack of quality We've got another month of the window before it closes. We seriously need to utilise that to the fullest.
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    Last I heard he was seeking a transfer to the Pool....
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    Great game to watch to be honest. I can see where Antonio Conte wants to take us and I just feel that the athleticism of Bakayoko in midfield and Luiz(playing from the start) would have done us wonders in this game. I also feel that we greatly missed having Pedro out there up front.
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    Love Fabregas with his creativity but today we are seeing his lack of pace and defensive ability
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    As I predicted the striker situation has been resolved to Conte's satisfaction and there's even a chance we sign another striker in the form of Llorente though it wouldn't surprise me if Batshuayi stayed even if we were to sign another. Goalkeepers we're sorted and central defence we're sorted too. 6 would be too many CBs as ideally you don't want players who feel they have hardly any chance of playing. WBs we need to sign. Interestingly the RWBs we're linked to can also play in midfield, players like Sergi Roberto (originally a CM), Candreva and Oxlade-Chamberlain (both established AMs). We need cover in midfield if Matic is to go and it looks like he's going to force a move away, unlike last summer where Conte managed to persuade him to stay. The hope is we can tempt Juve to part with Sandro with Matic as bait, because we need another LWB and we don't want Matic going to Utd. Contrary to some people's views here, Conte rates Sandro very highly and we've already bid hard for him and I don't expect our interest to drop, although it may be hard to prise him away, especially given the fact Juventus have already lost 2 top defenders. Contrary to some people's views here we also don't need to sign Bertrand because of his HG status. If Matic leaves we can still sign 3 more non-HGs, and make that 4 if Batshuayi goes out on loan. Having said that, there's always an advantage to a HG being signed as it creates more space in the squad, even if you don't need that space immediately. Oxlade-Chamberlain has one year left on his contract so maybe we could keep the price realistic but would Arsenal do business with us? Would he join seeing as he'll want to be a starter? Is he good enough? I have my doubts but I also think he could improve under Conte. AM we're short too, especially with Hazard injured for the start of the campaign, but Conte has already said he thinks Fabregas should play more games so I suspect he won't just provide cover in midfield but will also get games playing more forward. We've also got Moses and maybe one of the WBs we bring in to cover the AM positions, and maybe we'll keep hold of one of our youngsters. As I've said before, Conte won the title with 13 players last season, which was a remarkable feat, especially when you consider the squads Utd and City had. This season those clubs will be stronger and we'll have more games to play so he won't be able to do that again. Right now already he has 15 outfield players he trusts so things have already improved in that sense, but I expect that number to rise, with a WB or two and a striker maybe. It's a big IF but IF we were to sign Sandro, Llorente and a versatile RWB, Conte would suddenly have 18 outfield players he felt he could count on as opposed to last season's 13, and we would have a very good squad with sufficient cover in every position but not so much cover that players start to become disaffected. Basically every player in that squad would feel valuable, unlike last season. I think this is shaping up to be a very good window, but we need 2 or 3 more signings in my opinion to be truly satisfied, and possibly as much as 4 if we feel we need extra cover in the AM or CM positions. I don't think anyone in their right mind wants to see Luiz or Dave playing CM.
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    Fabregas has been so good all game.
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    I normally agree with pretty much all you post, but this time I have to disagree. I know you base your beliefs on the Morata you saw at Juventus, but that's a different Morata to the man who is about to sign for us. He's admitted himself that he was going through a bad patch mentally, which displayed itself on the pitch. We have to remember that even elite level athletes are humans and not machines. He now seems to be in a better place thanks to his girlfriend, now his wife. It would seem that he is genuinely looking forward to finally working with a man he admires and who he says showed him trust. I know all players 'big up' the club/manager/other players of the team they are joining, but looking at what Morata has said in the recent past (prior to the transfer) and what he's said in the last few hours suggest that these are more than 'soundbites' to please the supporters. As a footballer, he has a level of intelligence that is far greater than the other strikers we were linked to. I admit I was swayed towards preferring Belotti over all others because he was closest to what we had in Costa (without the hystrionics, though). However, the longer I looked at things, the more I felt Morata should be our man. His link-up play is far better suited to bringing in players like Hazard, Pedro, etc. While he's not been as prolific as the others (partly down to playing time) his goals show that he can score from long range and in the box, from chances he's created for himself as well as from others, with his head and with his feet. He is a far more 'complete' centre forward than we've had for a while. As for being fleeced by Madrid; surely we can only decide that after a couple of seasons... if we win the Premiership 3 times over the next 5 or 6 seasons thanks to his goals and his work rate and his assists, then 'fleeced' isn't a word that would immediately spring to my mind. In today's inflated marketplace, £58m with add ons for a 24 year old is not outrageous.
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    Excellent. Now just the Matic-replacement, Hazard-reserve and alternative wing back options to go!
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    The way Martin Tyler described the goal tells you everything about the pro Liverpool anti Chelsea bias he operates within. I honestly thought he was orgasmic in his ecstasy , " That's why he left Chelsea to get a game , and Liverpool are grateful he did " or words to that effect . No mention of wanting £30k per week which was apparently the real reason ( juni will know better than I ) Once again there were a few seconds of "dead air" where I'm imagining his director read him the riot act before he came out with some conciliatory nonsense as a transparent sot to Chelsea. Good luck to Solanke , he's behind Sturridge and Origi as it is , New Ian Rush or not.
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    Jim White exclusive on Talksport. In Chelsea’s continuing search to replace Costa, the club are promoting Fran Kirby to the senior squad for the tour of the far east
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    I played Rugby (union) for 15 years. That's why I enjoy watching it played at a high level of skill because it showed how far we had to go to improve... I think having played, I understand what's happening on the pitch more which makes it enjoyeable. I played Lock and Prop depending on my size. Though once, they stuck me at outside center. The guy across from me nearly pissed himself as I had at least 50 pounds and 4-5 inches on him! There was also a great amount of Camaraderie among teammates which was pretty cool... .re Cricket, those guys are CRAZY! Guarding a wicket while somebody throws that hard-ass ball at you at speed? Nuts...