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  1. 3 points
    Can I just butt in and wish all the lovely people on here a Very Merry Christmas and an even Happier New Year 💙 Thank you to Michael for all he does and a quick mention to Pete, Bob, Celery and TVF who regrettably appear to have stopped posting 🙁 Always unbelievably proud to be a Chelsea supporter but that result on Sunday was something else. Happy Christmas Frank and Christine 🎄 You so deserve it 🤗
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    Tammy was very poor today. We really need competition for him. Willian plays when he wants. Kepa rooted to his line again. I was going to list everyone but I cannot be arsed. Too pissed off.
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    Good times! Radio was also a key communication tool for updates back then. I remember listening to the whole of the FA cup replay at Newcastle in 1996, when we won on penalties at SJP, on radio 5 in my room.
  4. 2 points
    That's not what Renee said.......... Christmas no.1 in 1982.
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    My take on CTB....I now totally ignore his/her posts......on occasions when members "get into it" with each other and it becomes irrelevant I ignore those posts even when I enjoy the combatants "normal" posts. CTB's comments are silly and juvenile..if it's a windup then not a good one..but if only good items were allowed here it would be a far less interesting forum... Leave the guy/gal here but do not respond until something worthwhile is posted.....if he/she is a troll then he/she will go away when no reaction is forthcoming.... ALL on here are ultimately fair minded and pretty sensible. When we censor free speech of any kind except for malicious deliberately harmful comments then we are falling into an area that leads towards Mr Orwells vision..... I would add CTB annoys me no end BUT......
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    Do you not see the irony that you moan about how Chelsea let Salah and KdB go, and then complain that Pulisic isn't good enough now? 2 goals in 19 games for Salah, aged 22-23. I bet you were moaning he wasn't up to it.
  7. 2 points
    What a player he was , I've hated that tosspot Saunders for years.
  8. 2 points
    Disagree. Rudi and Zouma were also the only stand out players.
  9. 2 points
    I disagree, strongly. He clearly has lost a step. I don’t remember the game, maybe Bournemouth? I witnessed him losing a running duel which he never would have lost prior to his injury imo. I know there is a big difference between tall and heavy NBA players and little Odoi but this article is a good read on how severe the injury is: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sbnation.com/platform/amp/nba/2018/1/27/16940178/nba-achilles-injury-history-kevin-durant-golden-state-warriors-future What made Odoi pop before his injury was his quick explosiveness from 0kmh. I believe he will need more time to get back.
  10. 2 points
    Didn't see that...... The chap at Chelsea got banned, lost his job, had his address posted online........and then he was found not guilty. And that incident is still referred to the "Sterling racism incident" not "Sterling got shouted at" incident.
  11. 2 points
    Kovacic a dead cert to be back in the team on Sunday , presuming fit. Mount best performances for Chelsea comfortably been when wider in a front three. Leicester at home, Soton away , Spurs away. Frank keeps talking about personality. The two players with the most personality all season are Kovacic and Mount.
  12. 2 points
    That was bad, absolutely no getting away from it. The formation and personnel weren't right, however, we have to take some things in to account before really laying into the manager (IMO). Alonso and James weren't fit to play, so Azpi and Emerson had to play. Kovacic was suspended, so the CM pairing picked itself, unless anyone wanted Barkley to come in? Mount has been unwell and with so many games to play, Frank wanted to try and give him a rest - before the game starts, that is the right decision. So then if we take the out of form CHO out, then we put Pulisic in and with the players unable to start that I've mentioned, the formation doesn't change - so what was Frank supposed to do? - Play Mount who was unwell and go back to 433/4231? - Play Pulisic and CHO and then have an underperforming CHO and fewer defenders? Hindsight is a wonderful thing and it is fine for us all to sit here after the fact and point out all the things Frank got wrong, but he doesn't have that luxury. That's not to say this isn't becoming an issue, it's clear we can't break organised sides down at home, but yesterday I'm not sure Frank could have done much too differently and he probably, quite rightly, expected the players and team he put out to be good enough. Things to remember, before we start writing Frank off: - Transfer ban - Lost Hazard - Azpi form dropping off so badly at times - Lack of leadership in a squad he can't change - Lack of creativity in a squad he can't change - Lack of quality at CB (No, Luiz staying would not have improved this) - Pedro's drop off this season has made him unuseable - We came into the season without a top striker, we're lucky Tammy has done as well as he has - RLC, CHO & Rudiger injuries at the end of last season - Barkley has been a letdown, even for him. Therefore we only have 3 CM options - Kante multiple injuries - Having to use so many youngsters (he should be credited for how well he has got them to perform) - This IS NOT his squad, we don't know how he wants to set up a Chelsea squad, so let's judge him properly next season. My guess is he only has about 13/14 players he'd keep around and that doesn't necessarily mean he has 11 he'd happily start with I would guess the board all know the above and so will have patience this time. However, should the same problems persist in a years time, then maybe questions might start to be asked - but I don't think that will happen. I'm not just saying it because of who the manager is (I won't lie, I'm cutting him more slack at times because of it), but this season was never going to be easy. I said from the start, I'd be happy with top 6 and staying in Europe (still confident we'll achieve that) and that top 4 would be amazing, so the fact we're still in the top 4 battle and through to the next round of the CL is for me, better than I expected at this stage. January could help us really push on and get top 4 this season, which I think would be ahead of the curve for our current short term plan. This manager and squad have a long way to go and more poor performances and mistakes will be made this season, but it's all part of the learning and the transition period... we will be fine in the long term, Frank will be fine and he is and will continue to be OUR manager!
  13. 2 points
    Yes and yes Dreadful, worrying, unacceptable result 🙁 On the other hand, still a learning season for Frank and doing better than I expected. Forever Blue and Forever Frank 💙
  14. 2 points
    I don’t see the point of a result against Tottenham if you’re just going to throw the points away in the next game. Especially when they miles worse than you!
  15. 2 points
    When we have underperformed this season it has had very little to do with formation or lineup. I could almost predict our result in every match from the first kick of the ball based on the intensity of our play. Lampard's formation against Spurs was brilliant, but the little thing that made the biggest difference was that we were quicker than Spurs to every single ball, turning around lost causes. That is what we need in every match if we are to finish top 4
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  17. 2 points
    Great result. Makes up for the rest of the month. Outplayed them, scored two goals, kept a clean sheet, got one of them sent off and to top it off their wonderful supporters got lambasted for for throwing stuff at our players and accued of racist chanting. Poor old Jose couldn't stop the losers losing their heads....again. Merry Christmas one and all.
  18. 2 points
    Mason Mount off the ball today was everything you want. Ran his socks off.
  19. 2 points
    We still haven't beaten a good team.
  20. 2 points
    Fair play Frank, got tactics absolutely spot on today. The week break was used very effectively. Love to beat Tottenham at Tottenham! They hate us so much, they cannot stand losing to us... make it even sweeter. All 11 were superb today, Willian clear MOTM though, but Mount definitely ran him close. LOVE IT! Merry Christmas everybody!
  21. 2 points
    What's the agenda here Bison? I honestly don't see how you can't be happy with Pulisic this season? He's arguably already done more than I expected of him in his first season. His ball control is very impressive, his ability (and willingness) to run at players is also very impressive. He's still quite raw and maybe can't always keep it going for 90 minutes, but he clearly has the right attitude to work hard and improve and I've no doubt will prove to be a very good signing for us. Bison, could you just outline exactly what he doesn't do that you think he should be doing this season, maybe then I'll understand your argument better.
  22. 1 point
    At the beginning of the season the kids were running their socks off to impress. Now they've found daddy's humidor. Frank needs to stop being Mr Nice with them and lay down the law. Oh yes and drop Kepa for the love of God.
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    I think it's possibly , Practise taking short corners. Then again...
  24. 1 point
    Kante is still our best midfielder
  25. 1 point
    That’s it folks. There goes our 4th place. One of the easiest 3pts on the table and yet they still found a way to toss it into the garbage.
  26. 1 point
  27. 1 point
    It's half time matey , and I'm sure you've registered that we are winning against a top 4 rival. If we win this which I think we will , we will have a decent cushion to 5th place. Do try and cheer up. Imagine you support Arsenal for a moment.
  28. 1 point
    Whilst not denying his poor form, I don't really trust that sort of data. Most of the high performers in that list are GKs for teams in the bottom six, purely because they face more shots.
  29. 1 point
    Totally disingenuous in relation to Barkley who came on for a cameo only. Totally wrong too because Barkley was far better in the final third and moved the ball about far quicker during his short time on the pitch. Up until then we were painfully slow and fractured in our build up play. Whether he got into the box is irrelevant. The final third covers more than just the box and you know it. Sick to death of Barkley getting undeserved flak.
  30. 1 point
    Somebody who doesn't lose to the worst teams in the league every other weekend for a start.
  31. 1 point
    Respectfully, what a load of tripe you’re talking about! Over the last DECADE we have averaged 73 points a season. That includes some phenomenal teams with players at the height of their powers e.g. Costa, Fàbregas, Lampard, Cech, Cole, Terry etc. Finished articles with top managers to match their talents - Mourinho, Conte, Hiddink etc. 73 points usually gets you between 3rd and 4th if you look at the history. We’re on course to finish in a CL spot, one place below last year’s manager, having lost our best player and talisman, incurred a transfer ban, and consequently brought through about 4 or 5 academy lads into the team. Today was frustrating because we were all over them and it was a typical smash and grab, but my god, bit of perspective needed!
  32. 1 point
    Can we swoop in on Bruno Fernandes pls.
  33. 1 point
    Have you seen the state or our deliveries? Terry Cahill and Ivan wouldn’t score in this team.
  34. 1 point
  35. 1 point
    I'm surprised he hasn't returned already. Like Drinkwater did - it makes it all the clearer to other clubs that he is available. Baker is 24 now. I know he did really well at Vitesse some time ago, but he is looking to find a permanent club, not to break in here.
  36. 1 point
    Finally a good home game. Highlights for me are James and CHO playing extremely well. I also thought Barkley provided a solid Box to Box performance. He almost feels more natural against packed defences than Kante. If I have to be picky I can point out Tammy's wastefulness in from of Goal. This is not the first game where he should have at least two goals to his name. Just too late and too inaccurate on many occasions.
  37. 1 point
    Oh, I didn't ask it as a dig at Conte. People can say what they like about Conte but he is showing yet again at Inter that he can build title-contenders.. I'm asking regarding the person who would ultimately be responsible for identifying Conte, giving him players who weren't his first choices - players who ultimately failed massively losing the club millions in the process, sacking him, hiring another totally different manager, seeing him slip away to a better job, then hiring Lampard.. even the Kepa deal stinks of it being rushed over the line and massively overpaying for an average player. I reckon we all know who that person is... Are we now supposed to trust that person with even more money to invest into the squad? Does SFL even have cash to use to get his targets after such wastefulness over the last few years? I mean, we are talking hundreds of millions here flushed down the toilet.. Danny Drinkwater can't even find a buying club FFS. Chris Rock did a great stand-up a few years back on Youtube about George Bush's handling of the US economy.. our finanicial performance over the last three years has been utterly laughable. And, here we are in 2020 in the middle of another rebuild, and the same person is supposedly in charge of the transfers and has the final say! I'd wager that a trained monkey could do a better job than the current board. Its all good speculating on Werner, Sancho, Olmo, Chillwell etc. but there is a bigger problem at the club at the moment.
  38. 1 point
    I still think the FA Cup has more cachet than the World Club championship.
  39. 1 point
    Who are you to say " that's the end of you"? - wind your neck in fella and cut the arrogance.
  40. 1 point
    He’s been around for a few years on and off. It’s never been funny to be honest. I think he is a Chelsea fan who came up with something mildly amusing post once in relation to Torres lack of goals, but then didn’t get bored of a one dimensional joke which has run for about 5 years! What a way to spend your time!
  41. 1 point
    The game management was horrendous today.
  42. 1 point
    COME ON YOU CHELS!!! (Happy new year everyone)
  43. 1 point
    He’s caught that dreaded Chelsea wingback disease ‘sidewaysitus’, which then transforms into ‘backwardspox’. These, when untreated manifest into the condition “possession with no purpose”.
  44. 1 point
    Nope still can't see any justification for the critisism, Tomori covered the left, Jorge on then a tweak with Lamptey a series of steps that worked, as it turned the game around As to the Tomori sub compaining if if went wrong would be justified, however it didn't so your complaint seems a bit churlish. maybe the medical staff had a better handle on it ? No Frank isn't immune from critisism nor should he be, however give Blue is my bloods excellent post on the Soton thread a read or re read, the cards are not really stacked in his (Franks ) favour there's no accounting for players not turning up like Emerson today, and Dave with Southampton , an so many more, its hard to tell who will or wont turn up on the day so, if you except a transition period warts n all or you dont.
  45. 1 point
    Poor old Daily Mail , they've had him nailed on to United since June before finally deciding he was off to Juventus instead this morning . Lol.
  46. 1 point
    Where is James Prescott?
  47. 1 point
    Visited the place where England played Germany at football on Christmas Day 1914: near Ploegsteert (aka Plug Street), Flanders. It was emotional. Let’s hope peace prevails for longer than a football match.
  48. 1 point
    Reminded me of the famous Schumacher challenge.
  49. 1 point
    Great performance. Probably our best this season up with Ajax away. Willian brilliant performance. Same for Mount , Tammy and the back three. When some of these lads improve their composure and decision making in certain attacking situations, they are going to step up to another level again. At this stage of his career, Mount is far more effective in this wide attacking role. We need to keep using him here rather than deeper. Rudiger makes a huge difference to our defence, he leads and marshalls better than our other options. Great win and performance.
  50. 1 point
    He's already got 6. We're not halfway through the season. Maths not a strong point?