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    Who does? I only saw his post via what you quoted given he's on my ignore list. But that's the standard tripe Droy tends to deliver. If three at the back was such an easy system to play successfully more teams word. The way Conte has developed his approach has been nothing short of successful and difficult for many opposition teams and managers to combat successfully. His success at Juventus and how it was obtained drew plaudits for a reason, of course Droy wouldn't actually know an ounce about this given his confirmation of not watching Italian football, however Droy being Droy and being the expert in all things, he was clearly right about writing off Conte, his system, and his success prior to even signing or Chelsea. Then Conte showcased the same structure and coaching ability to take one of the weakest Italian national team sides into the EURO Quarter finals, only to lose on penalties to a strong Germany side. Of course, that continued to mean little. Now Conte's come here and taken a side that was all at sea last season and has them sitting top of the league, a position no one had expected. All while doing it in an extremely impressive fashion. Not only that, but he's handled the players, the media and some incidents with absolute class. Bitter pill to swallow on Droy's behalf, being so blindingly wrong, but he'll never take any responsibility and admit such a thing. Instead he'll continue to manipulate situations and the words of others to suit his own agenda's (yes, that's plural). I'm surprised he even has people to argue with anymore.
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    All of our wins have been against teams below us in the table too :-)
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    N'Golo Kanté v Paul Pogba... ⅓ of the cost, half his size, but twice the player!!!
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    People will shoot me for this, BUT: If Hazard left, I would not begrudge him. I would be seriously sad and disappointed, but I could possibly not hold it against him. He has been here five years, and has been absolutely instrumental to everything the club has won (and currently are winning) since he got here. While the fans adore him for his talent, I honestly don't think he has gotten the love he deserves. When going through a rough patch last season, there were not much patience with the most talented player to have ever played for Chelsea. And how often are fans chanting his name? I think his attitude is the best you will see from a player of his calibre. He is being kicked in and out every single game, and on almost every occasion gets on with it without complaining. Smiling and laughing in post match interviews, raising his hands and taking the blame if he has been sub par. He is a humble guy, very far from the me, myself and I character of his peers Ronaldo and Messi. If it is true that he did not want to leave on a low after last season, then that is another positive characteristic we should value as well. We were quite lucky to get him in the first place I think. Coming off of a 6th place finish in the league, behind Newcastle. "I am signing for the European Champions", he proclaimed back then. Not much sign of that pedigree since. And you could not give him the blame for that. Conte is the fifth manager he has had in his five years here. Even though things look promising now, we don't have history on our side when arguing he should stay "just one more year". If he continues in the PL, where teams set up their tactics to kick him sore, his career will be cut short. For sure. Softer opponents, more football and a realistic push for the CL at Real Madrid, to play under his boyhood idol Zidane - would you really hold it against such a great servant to the club?
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    Into the final straight now. 10 games to go, 6 of them at home. This being one we really need to bank 3 points. Palace have stabilized a bit, tightening up at the back, and will make things difficult. Once again, this will be a niggly, physical affair, and they too will try to kick us off the park. This is another one of those games where an early goal would really help. Couple of knocks to navigate. Hazard is still doubtful and I probably wouldn't risk him with City around the corner. Courtois has a knock too, but he should be okay. I'd play Cesc for this one. Yes they'll be physical and will look to get in our faces but we're at home and should be on the front foot.
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    Jeez Dave. Did you get out of bed the wrong side this morning? I've never, and I don't think anyone has, said that we don't counter attack. It is one of our tools but we have many more tools. But when you say that we are just a counter attacking team, that's when people will have an issue. To quote your reply in another thread, are you able to read.
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    What a win! Stoke kicked lumps out of us for 90 minutes and the referee was very poor. First half Martins Indi and Shawcross were intent on giving Costa rough treatment and he inevitably lost his head when the ref repeatedly failed to give anything. Costa did not react well to this and I have to say that at half time I was very frustrated with him and worried about a red card. Second half he was excellent. He started staying on his feet and suddenly his touch was back, reminded me of the recent West Ham game where his play followed a similar pattern. Thought the penalty was incredibly soft and nowhere near as bad as what Costa was receiving with every touch. I can kind of see the reasoning to start Matic as this was a very physical game but without Hazard and Fabregas on the pitch we lacked a cutting edge. This inevitably ended with the 70 minute sub of Cesc with a remit to save a game that was falling away. I did not like the 424 panic formation that we changed to and as soon as we got the goal and switched back to a back 3 I thought we regained control of the game. I think the issue with four at the back is Alonso suddenly having to play far deeper and Azpi whose attacking ability from RB has never been his strongest point. Ruben was good when he came on and a bit like Deli Alli I think we may find his best position is playing in this half space position on the left of a front three. David Luiz has been an absolute rock at the back all season but in recent weeks we are starting to see his passing ability again. It's no coincidence that the knee brace has come off ever since he was rested vs Wolves. Undoubtedly been the best defender in the league this season and hilarious to see so many pundits and journalists actually admitting they were wrong on this one. Could we even see Graeme Souness eating some humble pie? Doubtful. The goal from Cahill felt like a huge moment and I think this win away to the orcs trying to decapitate our players was a real Blackburn 05 moment. Seeing Conte hanging off of the roof of the dugout will live long in my memory.
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    With Dave and Droy coming together in support of Mourinho and all the dialogue on here regarding him, I thought I would express my opinion on two clear distinctions that I make concerning our most successful manager. 1. I totally respect Mourinho the football man. His philosophy brought us instant success and changed the dynamics of the Premier League. I also hold him in high esteem for the relationships he forged with the likes of Terry and Lampard. Likewise as the current manager of United I am always wary of facing a Mourinho coached team and respect his coaching and management credentials. As a football man he has earned my respect. And his legacy at Chelsea I will always view with deep gratitude. 2. I have less regard for Mourinho the fiery competitor. His constant battles with the officials and his self centered perceptions of his football reality are becoming tedious. He constantly believes that he and his team are being unfairly treated and is not shy in venting his frustrations with annoying consistency. His agenda to take out Hazard in this game is another example of his dark side. So Droy and Dave, you have my attention and support when speaking of Mourinho the football man, but not when it comes to trying to defend him for all the other stuff.
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    Why oh why didn't the three times in a row winning manager in serie A and former over-achieving manager of the Italian national team listen to the views of an internet sensation will have to remain one of lifes mysteries I'm afraid.
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    Jose has brought this down on himself. What broke the camel's back was not joining United. Nor was it the digs at our playing style - I think we can all smile wryly at the charming hypocrisy of that. What will eventually make fans revolt is digs against them and he started that when he was still here. Since he's been at United he has had several digs at us directly with his comparative language ; we have always been extraordinarily supportive of him (I myself went to protest outside Stamford Bridge after his first dismissal) and we don't deserve that kind of treatment; he can pretty much say what he likes about the club, Abramovich, our current manager or our playing style, because any intelligent observer can understand that this is born of the twin motivations of feelings of rejection and a need to ingratiate himself with his current club. What he has no licence to do is to have a go at his adoring Blues fans. He is a complex man and indeed a man with complexes. It strikes me that, not for the first time he is displaying a self-destructive bent; there is no need to alienate us, but he seems to have a need to be a victim and the most effective way to manifest his complete rejection is to stop us singing his name and make himself feel that we are ungrateful. He doesn't seem to get much satisfaction out of winning and reminds me of gamblers who get depressed when they win big. What drives him is the struggle and perhaps deep down what drives his arrogance is a deep seated insecurity. His current disenchantment with Blues fans is also obviously due to our replacement of him in our affections with Antonio Conte. It's like looking at your ex's new partner and seeing her happy and never looking better ! I would not, myself, chant negatively at him (not yet), but I can certainly understand why some fans would and do.
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    Hi Jason, well yes Millwall would be a no brainer I guess. Pun intended.
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    ^ Explains a lot. The spouting of made up stuff for one. "Fabregas was good" - nope, he wasn't, even his biggest supporters admit that. And as someone who likes to "quote" stats (inverted commas as they're usually twisted), the third party stats confirm this... he was worst player on the day. "Another assist for Fabregas" - Again no. Clearly Fabegras was no where near Hazards goal, so assume the reference here is to the corner, which was in fact heading towards Caroll and indeed Caroll got a touch, but fortunately he was surrounded enough for him to not be able to do anything but deflect it behind for Costa to tap into the net. Looking at the stats, no assist given to Fabregas. Then there is the photo of Matic alongside the goalscorer which is clearly posted to propose the idea that Matic was at fault for their goal (completing Droys' Fabregas vs Matic agenda). Not only denying the failure of Fabregas to challenge Caroll allowing the ball into the path of Ayew, not only ignoring the very casual track back of Fabregas to make up his mistake, but ignoring the desperate sprint of Matic, who came from much further back than Fabregas, to try and get to the now exposed Lanzini. Again lets look at the stats which show a Fabregas error led to their goal. It pains me to put Fabregas in a negative light as we all know what is capable of, only have to go back to the last game. However the clear bias shown regarding individuals, and the perpetuation of personal agenda's against other individuals is, as I've said before, just ridiculous.
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    I remember when we played Palace at home last year, their defenders dealt with Costa by fouling him and being allowed to. On MOTD, Keown showed a handful of clips to illustrate how well the Palace defenders had done, and almost all of them were fouls. In the away game, Delaney booted Costa from behind and got booked after about 15 minutes, after which Costa had him on toast.
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    All this semantics - counter-attacking, defensive, attacking, cautious - and no one really mentioning that whatever style we have or employ that it is winning football and infinitely better than the dross served up last season. For whatever reason and whatever you want to call or classify it as, we are top of the pile by a long way, on for an enormous haul of points, a nigh on certainty for the title and still some are whinging for whinging's sake. These forums and threads are so much poorer for the name calling and sniping at each other. It isn't fun to read, it's quite the shame.
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    Personally, I think Bakayoko is not the player we need, as he consistently disappears from large parts of games. Personally, I would have Mendy, Mbeppe, Fabinho and Silva before him, while if looking solely at midfielders, then Veratti, Fabinho and Vidal before him.
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    Ditto. Whilst on the topic of Luiz, I read someone suggest that if he was English and had a crew cut, he would be regarded by almost everyone as the best CB in the PL and one of the best in Europe. Agree with that entirely. He has been immense since coming back.
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    For sure it always is circular with these two, no matter how many objective points they are presented with. Earlier DMWH said go look at the stats, then said don't as they're dodgy, then said ok let's use the stats again. I think the greater community has a good idea what's going on, particularly when I see a rival team and their manager get more backup than the team and manager we're mean't to be supporting, but what begins as entertainment picking out the inconsistencies and nonsense soon becomes boring as we pine to get back to sensible intelligent debate. Fortunately it's international break now. Although we come back on April 'fools day', I hope that isn't literal. EDIT: No sooner do I write that, Ham demonstrates exactly what I'm talking about^^... ditto.
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    The behaviour of Stoke is the direct byproduct of the incompetence of PL referees. I know Stoke City has history of thuggish behaviour but what would you expect from lower teams when big name teams like Man United are allowed to literally injure players as part of their game tactics. That's all United did in the FA Cup tie - kick all game and the ref did nothing. Something has to be done about this or we'll soon see key players succumbing to injury after injury.
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    Obviously not old enough to remember the Leeds team of the late 60s through much of the 70s then ;-)
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    Cahill decision is correct. Just as the Azpi one was too.
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    I agree with all of this. I will always be appreciative of what Mourinho achieved with Chelsea. Those first two years at the club especially were an awesome time, and turning point in our history. But he has an ego which causes controversy most of the time. And his perspective on our current team is flawed.
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    Or Azpi at RWB, Cahill at RCB then Ake on the left of the three. That would be my preference. I sincerely hope the Pedro wing back experiment is over now, he got absolutely destroyed by Helder Costa in the Wolves game. The reason he has played so well this season is because he is so high up the pitch. He is able to make dangerous runs in behind and utilise he key strength which is directness and finishing ability. I would really worry about what Arnautovic or Shaqiri might do to him. Let's remember how poor he was last year playing deeper on the right and being asked to track the opposition full back. He is a great presser of the ball when on the front foot but not so great running in the other direction. This is also a key reason why I feel we've struggled at RW for so many years. I actually think someone such as Salah had the same issue and you can see how well he's doing at Roma now he is higher up the pitch and scaring teams with his pace on the last defender. Willian on the other hand was a JM favourite and the only player to truly play well on the right of the 4231. His skill set is more geared to towards recycling possession and he is far less direct meaning he is better suited to a deeper position. He has also shown he can hold down the right side when Costa, Fabregas, Hazard ect all drift to the left. I was convinced he would be the choice for the back up wing back and would still like to see this tried although I think the time to do this was in the early FA cup rounds rather than vital PL games. This is why I would lean towards the safety of Azpi at wing back and with Cesc, Hazard, Pedro and Diego up ahead we should have enough firepower.
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    Discussing old hates/new loves (and vice versa), I refer the Honourable Gentlemen to one Mark Hughes. The contempt I held for him while he was at ManU knew no bounds, and I was very disappointed when we signed him. Then there was that FA Cup game against Liverpool... I rest my case: we football fans are a fickle lot.
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    "Read the post" and "strawman" completes my Droy bingo card for today already. That's me done.
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    But whether a stamp causes injury or not is something of a red herring. It's still undoubtably dirty play.
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    I think we can all agree on that one. Harmony on the forum? I need to sit down.
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    I'm not going to besmirch the Mourinho legacy , he's the best manager we've ever had and I remain eternally grateful to him for everything he did to help catapult us towards greatness , however , I think tactically he let his side down last night , the kick , kick ,kick approach did them a great disservice , they're a much better side than that . The United fans can moan all they like about the sending off but it was possibly the most brain dead tackle in the history of football. A hard fought (literally) victory but well deserved. Maybe next time we play them maybe they should concentrate on getting 14 shots on target and committing 1 foul . Apparently according to the media Mourinho needs to "get himself a Kante" , whilst I agree with the sentiment , maybe he should try getting his £90m midfielder to run about a bit? That turn from Hazard on the half way line though......no wonder they wanted to kick him out of the game.
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    No, what I don't get is why after being sacked it was the 'Ultmate Insult' to take himself off to United? If you do 'get it' kindly enlighten me. As for the REASON for his sacking, I think that grounds been well and truly covered but safe to say you think he couldn't manage a piss up in a brewery. This might be worth a watch to refresh a few memories of the chaos he caused.
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    He brought it on himself with his incessant digs at Chelsea. Do you think true Chelsea fans will take it lying down? Get real dude. There's so much people will put up with before they push back. Just as goodwill is earned by conduct it can be lost by conduct. Jose is working overtime to erode whatever goodwill has left at Chelsea. The ball is really in his court.
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    Incredibly harsh on Herrera as he's committed two fouls all game and that last one was rather soft. But the team Manchester deserves to be a man down. About time the refs started to punish the tactic of just kicking everything that moves. The sooner English teams get that the better they'll do in Europe. Let the best players shine. Not to be slaughtered for 90 mins 38 games a year. So... I supoose a well done Oliver is in order. That feels weird to say.
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    They're a bunch of cheating bastards and how surprising, the refs are happy to oblige. Disgustng club maybe even worse than Liverpool. Suarez made the right move.
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    A few of you probably seen this already, had to share.
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    Yes indeed Jane,but what the hell does it mean?.I get the feeliing it is someone trying to be poetic but sounds like Chris Eubank.
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    I'll take a win, and a win at Stoke. Matt you need to predict 1-1.
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    It does seem to have worked out nicely with Zlatan finally getting punished for something he's been doing all season. As much as it's typical Jose to be making up excuses it is definitely an advantage that they are currently on a Sunday league pitch in Russia and we are at Cobham plotting moves to exploit their weaknesses. Add in the fact it's at the Bridge and no replays we should really be playing a near full strength side and coming flying out the blocks. I've seen strikers such as Kane, Lukaku and Sanchez really struggle against our 3 man defence and I can't see Rashford or Rooney doing any better. Playing alone up front is hard enough against 2 centre backs but imagine coming up against us with the pace of Azpi and Luiz combined with the Strength and Aerial ability of Cahill and Luiz. The only potential changes I wouldn't mind are Ake for Alonso and Willian for Pedro. Other than that let's go full strength and make sure we win this.
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    Apropos of absolutely nothing I'm a big fan of magic. Apparently it's mostly about misdirection.
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    I have fond memories of my first visit to Upton Park, I got a ticket off a tout and surprisingly remember very little about the match. What I do recall was the banter as we were close to the home fans: WHU - Who's your father, who's you father, who your; father Vinnie Jones Your're a bxxxxxd, you're a bxxxxxd, you're a bxxxxxd Vinnie Jones. CFC - chim chim in ey, chim chim cheroo, we hate those bxxxxxxs in claret and blue WHU - chim chim in ey, chim chim cheroo. we are those bxxxxxxs in claret and blue And so it went on and on.
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    We need defeats eh? Saying that we scraped by with the result is nonsense. That result flattered West Ham. Never in doubt.
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    Kante and Luiz were brilliant tonight. Cahill played very well. Hazard had some wonderful moments. Everyone else was good with the exception of Costa who was awful tonight. On this occasion he was fortunate enough to benefit from a flick on from a defender and score but his touch was abysmal. He gave away possession so many times I lost count. He was playing way too deep throughout the game. Very frustrating to watch. I don't know what Michy must be thinking tonight...... Brilliant result though. Another opportunity to drop points avoided.
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    I've posted on there before and been received in a reasonable way. One chap who clearly wasn't the captain of his school debating team started having at me at me for no good reason but he was quickly jumped on by the mods and other posters.
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    Fabragas has kept his head down, he hasn't moaned and bitched about being left out but when he's had his opportunity he has more often than not taken it. This system does mean that he's not a stick on for every game but if we rotate enough to keep him happy and stay for another season, we would benefit greatly.... don't forget we are in CL next season where he will be vital to us (IMO)
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    In respect of line 1, I would say Ake, Christiensen and Abraham have all been unequivocal success stories at their loan clubs, and all three could be sold for very, very good money. I don't want that to happen BTW. Bamford for bought for 1,5m Talking about "conversion rate" what does that mean? You can't loan out 30 players and expect half to be first team players. My original question stands, how are you qualifying a "success"? The best 18 year olds or so get too good for the U21 league, but not good enough to play for Chelsea. So what do you do? You have to loan them out or they stagnate. A success (in the eyes of the club and player moreover) could be that he is loaned out for 3 seasons, then is sold for a healthy fee and carves a decent career for themselves somewhere. PL, Championship, Bundesliga, whatever......... The conversion rate of young players getting into OUR first team squad is always going to be low as the standard is so high
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    My thoughts entirely , Conte likes him and has found him a role and it's well deserved imho , he's looking a bit tired at the moment but otherwise he's been excellent.
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    We'll have to wait for Dan Levene to be poached by someone .
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    Sorry , I have reached today's quota of imaginary internet points . Please try later.
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    Champions. You read it here first. Conte will lead us to glory.
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    > When I got divorced, my wife said she would fight for custody of the kids. > Took her out with one punch.