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    Very good. Incidentally, Droy still dreams of being the second Mrs Jose.
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    Yes......all those better players they signed! Also, with Tottenham, that advert they put up in the underground stations, "the only stadium in london where you can watch CL football this season".......and they will be out before the ground is even open!!! Muppets.
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    Will you have your half-and-half scarf around your neck on saturday? - Chelsea in blue and mourhino in red?.
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    Another brilliant finish from the World's worst striker
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    He's there for the kids so I doubt this will bother him one bit.
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    Burnley got away with a lot of fouls today. I read criticism of Kepa for his aerial game but he was fouled twice when coming for the ball today and the ref only whistled one of them. Kepa also suffered a nasty scissors from Barnes, which was very predictable. Normally refs really protect the keeper in that situation, but not if it's a Chelsea keeper. I also have no idea why Morata was booked.
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    And what happened ? Oh Yeah. Hazard got a ban and the ball boy was feted as a hero .
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    Nope, not the same at all. Makelele was the best at patrolling in front of the back 4. Kante at his best hunts the ball down all over the field. Kante couldn't play the role currently being performed by Jorginho, which is 100% relient on technical ability. Makele could do it, as he was far superior technically to Kante, whose attributes lie elsewhere.
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    Kovacic isn't the problem, although it would be nice if he did more in terms of having a direct impact. He at least does the fundamentals, adds balance, and is good in possession etc. Same cannot be said for the likes of Kante, Willian, Morata and even one of my favourites in Azpilicueta at the moment. We've got an abundance of players at present that just aren't contributing enough in one way or another. For as well as we may be doing in terms of our league placing currently, I'm having a difficult time accepting the logic of a system that just doesn't actually get enough out of some of our important players. Kante looks absolutely lost, Azpilicueta has regressed significantly since moving back out to a fullback role from CB. Willian is Willian, little is going change there as he's been this way for years now. While Morata is once more showcasing why I initially said he was an awful investment. That's not even talking into consideration Luiz's defensively frailties, the space Alonso leaves in behind because he can't recover when pushed forward and our CF issues that were once again not addressed. I can appreciate the fight shown to get a point, along with being fortunate enough to have had the start we have had. But I don't think we're a balanced solid side at present, particularly when we aren't in possession. With Sarri having shown no real urgency to address any of the issues we have shown so far, there's still some convincing that needs to be done.
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    I think reports of Mourinhios demise are somewhat premature, he is very capable of throwing a spanner in our works if the players are up for it. If we can control the game from midfield though we should have a good chance of winning though. Having dropped 2 points at home last time we must be looking to put that right. Especially as the other two up there have fairly routine games.
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    I'm glad someone else said that. In a nutshell In another nutshell Honestly, I think they are fuelled by a poor performance and at dropping points at home to Everton. The title? Any faint foolish hope vanished in mid November. Top 4? 50/50 at best. We shouldn't throw in the towel yet but yesterday was a punch in the solar plexus (from which we can recover but it's now uphill and we are starting to gasp for breath).
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    Very very disappointing to see how badly we adapted to Everton’s game plan. Not good enough. From the get go they put both Richarlison and Siggurdson to man mark our playmaker, switching between them. That resulted in them choking out Jorginho completely. But that also meant both our full backs had a lot of space and time to attack, which they didn’t do enough imo. Even more disappointing was Luiz/Rudiger who should have seen early on that Jorginho was neutralised and thus tried to play more balls down to the side and down the flanks Willian actually stood where he was supposed to, out wide. It was Hazard who for some bizarre reason move centrally time and time again. And way too deep. Puzzling.
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    Have you been sniffing your amyl nitrate again?
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    Certainly not showing off, but my sympathies with your weather for sure. Mind you, temperatures in the mid-eighties and rampant humidity can be trying too. We won't have it all the time. We're on a 3-week tour of Colombia and will move on to more temperate regions soon, although that,s always up to us. All of our travel is independent. We never do organised tours.
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    ☝️ Shots fired! Cue Droy in 3, 2, 1..........
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    Have you been sending hundreds of anonymous emails to the ASA? 😉 https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/46143481 "Tottenham have been warned by an advertising watchdog after a promotion which claimed their new stadium would be the "only place in London" to watch Champions League football this season. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has sent the club an advice notice and told them to avoid making claims they cannot fulfil."
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    Some people have issues with Kovacic I think he is a cracking little player and would be one of the first players on my team sheet
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    City have been poor by their standards.
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    It does take the edge off it a bit, but then I hear about about the massive fight between a teenage gang and a hen party in a Liverpool MacDonalds, and the whole image makes me want to wet myself. Tracey in the veil having a fist fight with a 14 year year old piece of pond life, while someone is trying to Go Large on a Big mac meal and lots of people running around screaming "calm down calm down!". Then one of the toe rags pulled a knife and chased a hen all the way down the high street. Now that really shouldn't be funny. The fact that their team just lost is mildly amusing.
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    Funny you should say that because not long ago I was on a trecking holiday not far from the equator. I had had a few jars too many of the special local brew late one night. I felt quite unwell as I came out of the establishment so I laid down on the ground to chill and get my bearings. All of a sudden I felt what can only be described as a sideways gravitational pull that slowly increased in speed and force. Thats when I realised my duffle coat had got caught on somebodys tailpipe. A couple of days in A&E and I was fine.
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    I've long since moved, but still good memories. Those were splendid times :)
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    Ancelotti and Wilkins... we were never the same after Ray left.
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    No surprises. Palace in October got 1 point and lost to a Championship team in LC. I don't like Palace coming off a bad run. Wish they were more confident.
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    It's an image any red blooded woman would find hard to resist !
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    Nah, he said he was 6' 3" without the heels... when he has his stripper shoes on he's 6' 9"!!! 😉 😉
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    Popping in to see if the strangeness of last night has subsided......
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    How's everyone holding up? It's absolutely crazy out here in Northampton! It's only half-six and I've already killed 11 zombies! And why the hell are they all carrying sweets? And why are they so much smaller than in the films?
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    To be fair Droy, gravity is a force that attracts other bodies to the centre of a mass, not a downward force.
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    I realise you hate Morata, but what did he do? He got tackled. He got up. He got thrown to the floor.
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    In the few Everton games I’ve watched in the past, Barkley has generally showed capabilities of shooting and scoring from outside the box. Athletically, he’s a specimen and he is skilled in the ball. His biggest weakness was always his decision making with the ball at his feet. That was my main concern with regards to Barkley. However, I must admit that pretty much every game he’s played this season, I’ve noticed steady improvements from Barkley game on game. I was sold on Kovacic after his first appearance for us, but as of today I prefer Barkley due to his end product. His goals and assists from midfield are gradually beginning to rack up. When you play with 3 in the middle, at least one must produce offensively by way of goals and/ or assists. So far, Kovacic has fallen short in that department and arguably it’s cost us in some games. Kovacic has found himself in good scoring positions almost every game but hasn’t found the back of the net. That is a bit of a concern especially when our strikers are not dependable.
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    I find it quite therapeutic.You are faced with something dishevelled and turn it into something you would like to wear - a bit like Sarri is doing with us😁
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    Spot on. Could save us a fortune in the summer. Droy..... This one?
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    I think some people already decided that Barkley was inferior to Kovacic even before either of them kicked a ball for Chelsea. On paper Kovacic did look the better player. But this season so far, I can't see any part of the game where Kovacic is as good as Barkley. It's going to be a long season and their fortunes will change a few times. At the moment I would say it's Kovacic to catch Barkley.
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    Hardly in any department I think. He's still been here very little time of course and, in that brief amount of time, has completely changed our style of play and engendered a total turnaround in atmosphere and attitude within our club. Forza Maurizio for me!
  41. 1 point
    Yep! Brilliant result and a real vindication of Sarriball today at any rate. Should provide confidence boosts to all and sundry I should think. Both in their own individual performance levels and in the manager's style of play.
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    I hear you but man marking didn’t help Jose and ManU last weekend when we scored twice from set piece situations. The key as always is execution. Also mind you that we are far away from the days of 6’2” + strikers, midfielders (Lampard, Ballack, Mikel, etc), and defenders (including Ivanovic at right back). That personnel favors man to man. But when you have midgets in midfield (Jorginho, Kante and Kovacic) plus Azpilicueta in defense, a man to man set up likely will create multiple mismatch opportunities for the opposition.
  43. 1 point
    They did but he wasn't required to press as hard as he is in our system I bet.I don't doubt the quality when he is on the ball it's when we don't I worry about.
  44. 1 point
    Ah, you're one of those......"I've won the argument because I say I have" I'm right, you're wrong, I win!
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    Suspect neither RLC or Zappa will start Sunday due to playing 90 mins and not having played much this season, otherwise both have definitely pushed for a starting spot. With Hazard out RLC's ability to carry the ball forward could be helpful while Barkley is probably more rounded and also hitting form. Then Kovacic over Kante does start to come into consideration too. The competition for places is good though, Kante and Azpi need to up their games as they look a tad ill suited to their positions. Great to have good back ups in place Emerson, Christensen and Cahill all wouldn't look out of place in the starting 11 either.
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    Let's park to one side whether he did or did not actually poke the guy's eye........most people's views aren't going to be changed, whatever evidence is put in front of them, so let's not waste time with it. If we look at the video, what is he actually doing here? He isn't going over to shake the guy's hand, or initiate a conversation, pass on congratulations, thanks, commiserations, whatever. For want of a better phrase, he is "up to no good", looking for trouble, which ultimately is why, when Mourinho talks about the poor conduct of managers / assistants / whoever on the touchline, he really hasn't got an effing leg to stand on.
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    Kepa Zappa Christensen Cahill Emerson Barkley Cesc RLC Moses Morata CHO Sub: Willy, Dave, Kante, Kovacic, Willian, Pedro, Giroud I know the above is not going to happen but I really feel at some point soon we need to get our priorities right. Losing important players in this game is just not worth it. I still maintain losing Pedro against POAK is a big reason we drew at WHU as he is the only other player than Hazard who is actually direct.
  49. 1 point
    Everyone is allowed a mistake, though surely? Plenty of people have done worse.
  50. 1 point
    Gouging the opposition bench is far far worse than goading. His reaction yesterday was completely over the top but typical of this 50 odd year old man boy. Part of me wishes the steward hadn't stopped him because he had completely lost control again. I'd like to see what his intention was. The smug way in which he said the matter had been put to bed was laughable. He knew that he had over reacted and should also be apologising for his own behaviour. What's ironic is that he shouldn't have even been on the bench yesterday. Finally, it's noticeable how yourself and Droy have written our own coach off as an idiot and a nobody because he dared to upset your idol.