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  2. 5 points
    Mason Mount, the Championship player! 😂😂😂
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    Leeds rivalry takes me back to my childhood. That all white kit worn by the dirtiest team alive. And it was always an even match back them between them and us...similar teams in many ways. I was a bit too young to remember the 70s cup final but have watched it ( them) plenty of times since. Oh the names back then....Osgood ( the King), Billy Bremner, Chopper Harris, Alan Clarke, Charlie Cooke....the names drip off the tongue. The 70s were both rubbish and amazing all mixed into one big mud bath of a pitch. The players spent most of their 500 quid a week down the bookies and most ended up potless. I found my green Peter Bonneti goaly shirt in the loft a short while back, and remember the thoughts of the 10 year old kid who use to wear it...." If the other kid about to shoot is wearing a Leeds shirt then just save it!"....and I usually did. With respect to teams like Bournemouth and my home town Brighton, the Premier league is richer with the names of teams like Leeds, Sheffield Weds and Notts Forest . Showing my age I suppose but those memories are rich and vivid. So welcome back to The Bridge Leeds. We've missed you.....but we still hate you!
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    Going to the game guys. Jumping for joy. Any requests just name it. I've already got Droy's speech for Mendy on how he'll never be as good as Kepa. Just waiting for him to email me the dossier. I'll make sure Lamps knows how much Blue Rod adores him. And Never happy? I'll relay his message on keeping up the great work.
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    He absolutely would have I'm certain. Four. Brilliant.
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    Ballack and Arshavin - Discreet gentlemans epilators
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    I really can’t stomach the smug arrogant shyte on this place at times. Buffoonery of the highest order by the usual suspects! Its almost like being compelled to choose between two options. Challenge them and become embroiled in back and forth ridiculous discussions. Or ignore them and rarely post because it’s the best option to manage your own frustrations. The latter becomes the more appealing by the game when you read some of this drivel. Self absorbed caricatures.
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    When we do well it is the players who deserve the praise... and rightly so. However, your view is that if we do well it is the players despite Lampard being the Manager. And if we do poorly it is all Lampard's fault. Are you beginning to entertain the possibility that it is the synchronicity of players and manager that brings success?
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    I know its already been said but it bears repeating that Mount, Tammy and James have noticeably improved from last season. Credit to the coaching staff and management and to the players themselves of course. I feel for Tomori who must feel like the forgotten man at times. Hopefully he'll get some chances to prove himself, either here or on loan.
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    I would invest a huge chunk of Roman's fortune into cloning.
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    Can someone let Droy know that Lamps isn't getting sacked in the morning. He was a little concerned.
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    Not in Mykonos he doesn't.
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    Droy...have to agree with NB.....you are far and away better than some of the corners you insist on painting yourself into........we all have our individual opinions on every issue and I always read with interest and appreciation your analysis of stats and opinions on games and individual performances........I also used to appreciate the windup factor squeezed in but of late the has become annoying and tedious to the extreme. You are far and away in the top tier of interesting posters even when I totally disagree with you...it's not the disagreement that is an issue..it's the refusal for you...and not alone on here I have to say....to agree to disagree...please for all our sanity...not the least that of our moderators.....return to the sometimes edgy but always interesting and intelligent Droy.... Written with respect.
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    You know you don't have to be this person Droy, running around throwing flash bombs and smoke screens , tweaking peoples words and meanings with assumption and innuendo. Desperately now trying to say a good coach isn't necessary , just buy lots of good players and bingo, no coaching needed. You really are better than this as a poster and I suspect a person. You can just say... " credit to Lampard , right now he's doing better than I thought". Bang. Its over. Lets move on. But to you, the gauntlet has been thrown . This season IMO is trickier than last . He has a group of players the like of which he has never managed before. There are egos, there will be hurt feelings, players banging on his door, tantrums, encouragement needed, instilling of confidence in the lesser players, a vision shared and a goal. None of this involves dancing round cones and drills. Every single one of our players has the potential to be brilliant one week and terrible the next. Bit by bit I can see Lampard working to avoid these highs and lows and establish consistency. Its not always thrilling , but I'll take it and so should you. Lampard wasn't crap last and he certainly has not been crap this season ...that's why we are third and above most of our rivals. And as I said before, if Lampard fails you will say its nothing about poor players , its all about a poor coach. You're just trying to set yourself up for an undefeatable position. You can't have both. But finally on the subject I'll say this. You and I were big fans of Mourinho and try to be protectors of his legacy. I will fight his corner any day of the week. The critics of JM point to the fact that we bought the league and anyone could coach that group of players. That is EXACTLY the line you are starting to peddle with Lampard.
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    Not to the stuff he wrote. But needed to call him out for his negativity when its time to enjoy the moment.
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    Is that the offspring of Celestine Babayaro and Tiemoue Bakayoko?
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    So who watched the BBC Anton Ferdinand documentary last night? He didn't come over too badly as an individual. He's not the brightest and the whole issue has clearly caused him a lot of torment for the past nine years. His manager at QPR back then, Neil Warnock, felt he was a changed player who could no longer fully concentrate during games after the incident. It was obviously made totally from AF's perspective so there was a certain lack of balance. From a Chelsea and JT perspective a few things stood out for me. 1. There was little attention paid to the significance of JT's face being obscured just before the three words FBC. This was weird seeing as this was vital in JT's defence and acquittal. If you watch the footage it is entirely plausible for the whole sentence to have been "I never called you a FBC, you effing knobhead". AF said he saw the footage and could see JT shouting "you FBC", but in court, the expert lip readers could not establish whether the word used before FBC was 'you' or 'a' - another crucial part of JT's defence, as JT was adamant he never used the word 'you'. 2. There was no mention of AF being caught out at the trial by JT's defence. He claimed under oath that he had not elbowed JT in the build up to the verbal exchange, but they showed footage of him doing this twice, which obviously undermined his denial that he had ever accused JT of calling him a BC. If he could give false testimony over the elbows, he could not be relied upon to be truthful over what words were exchanged at the same time. 3. No mention was made of JT playing 700-plus matches and captaining a multiracial club for over a decade with zero hint of any accusation of him ever using a racial slur. 4. No mention was made of Rio F liking and repeating a racial slur towards Ashley Cole after he testified at the trial. 5. The suggestion by AF that the FA investigator was soft on JT (they played an extract of his interview) but savage on AF was totally unsubstantiated, as they didn't have a recording of the AF interview. 6. No mention was made of the FA ignoring its own rules about the UK courts taking precedence over its own disciplinary procedures. The FA claimed Ashley Cole altered his statement and used this to argue supposed new evidence had come to light which justified them holding a new hearing and ignoring the outcome of the trial. In fact, all that happened was the FA sent the club AC's statement for checking and signing, and AC amended it slightly, as is anyone's right before signing a witness statement. 7. They noted during the programme that JT has never apologised to AF over the incident. He apologised for using the phrase FBC and recognised it was wrong to do so, but it is clear that to apologise to AF would imply he was guilty, when he has maintained for 9 years - and has stated under oath in court - that he never racially abused him.
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    I wonder whether Kepa can play another position on the pitch? Might have some resale value if so.
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    Droy, you're pitching yourself in again as you've clearly decided to back Tammy and then owing to you defence of Kepa last season, you're now setting a high bar for Mendy. Firstly, Tammy. Tammy has improved this season in regard to his hold up play and link up work, and most people agree with this, so I do not think people are criticising him for the sake of it. However, to be an elite striker, you need to be finishing one of the crosses he had today. In my opinion, Crespo, Drogba and Costa (our top Roman era strikers) who've finished at least one of those. The problem Tammy still has is his anticipation in the box, too often he finds himself, a) on his heels as something flashes by, b) not getting the correct contact on good crossed chances or c) seems to get himself in a muddle when trying to take something down. Personally, I get and accept the arguement that he is 22 and the above players (bar Crespo) where not playing at a high level until they were 25ish. So, I am not writing him off. However, it must be said, that in order to lead the line in a 433 you need your CF to get to those. Hence, for me it is a case of saying, yes, he should score at least one (imo the first chance) or, no, he isn't good enough. I am personally in the former category as I like Tammy but over the course of this season he needs to start showing improvement in this area as it is currently a problem. If not I can see the club looking for another CF with Tammy having to improve from a CF2 role. As for Mendy, no he didn't flap. There was one cross where he punched/palmed the ball away at the near post as it was flashing across. The ball didn't admittedly go far, but it took it away from a much more dangerous area. This is what a GK is supposed to do, I.e. cut trouble out in his six yard area and something Kepa never did. If Mendy hadn't got his hand to that ball then it would have led to the ball going behind him which then means it is in the lap of the Gods as to what happens next since, when a ball is travelling like that, any touch could lead to a goal as even if a CB gets to it, it is travelling so fast and it is so close to goal, they have little room to get it away safely. As for his cross collection since he has been here, that has been good. As was argued by many on here, it is a GK's job to get as many whipped in balls as possible when they're between the goal line and 8 yards out. This doesn't mean they come and hold every single one, but rather they collect the majority and try and get the rest away from goal. This policy is obviously high risk (and high reward) which means every now and then there will be one that does not get fully cleared or missed. However, the alternative is that balls go into incredibly dangerous areas and as a team you've about a 50/50 chance of getting it clear, especially in an era with poor CB's. This is why last season we were conceeding left, right and centre on set pieces/crosses and since Mendy has come in it has dropped significantly. Now, if you want to get into an arguement about whether Mendy's dealing of crosses is as good as TC's or Cech's then fair enough, from what I have seen so far, I would say it isn't. However, he is dealing well enough which is all we could ask for giving the circumstances. As for his saves, they have been fine. Again last season, Kepa would've not moved his feet and swung his arms behind his back before attempting the save, so whilst he may have saved it, it would've gone straight back out. Mendy so far, is pushing shots away to the sideline which is what you want.
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    Subs were poorly timed and in the wrong order. Giroud is probably the fittest of the three subs so I would have brought him on at 60. Havertz 2nd sub at 70 to help the tiring midfield. Then Pulisic last at 80.
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    Interesting trivia, on the day Maradona was born Martin Tyler was a Chelsea hating insufferable windbag and on the day Maradona died Martin Tyler was still a Chelsea hating insufferable windbag.
  23. 2 points
    As this they hadn't been coached properly or as if they'd had no pre-season, various injuries and a load of players only available at the end of the transfer window?
  24. 2 points
    Absolutely spot on Mr Kelly. ‘Twas that for sure. Those on here who don't like the “hand of God” phrase are taking it too literally. It was intended to be a tongue-in-cheek comment about the goal being retribution for the perceived unjust war over the Malvinas/Falklands. It was never intended to be taken literally for goodness sake.
  25. 2 points
    Football has evolved over the years. Some of the Chelsea players from the 60’ 70’ 80 were probably intoxicated or had some kind of substance in their body’s when they took to the field on occasions. Didn’t vialli make all the players have a glass of champagne before his initial match as manager. I guess you have read the Peter Osgood’s book? There are not many angels out there most have a skeleton in the cupboard of being lead down a wrong path . That being the case I prefer to reminisce on the good parts of Maradona’s life of watching a genius on the pitch. It’s not all about the WC, it was his time in Spain and Italy. Did a certain JFZ learn his trade under the genius.
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    Not gloating..always a sad thing....but sorry...will not join in any tribute or read them....."The Hand of God" issue ....not the handball..it was the reveling in having cheated a goal in plain view of the World and celebrating the way of it.The other goal in the game was amazing and worth remembering..not the tawdry effort remembered. A gifted player among the very best but a poor role model and no credit to the game as an ambassador. See from Pele to Bobby Charlton and many in between and after.
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    The thing with Kovacic is he can play any role in midfield to a good standard. he's probably not as good as any of the others at each particular job but can can easily slot in anywhere in midfield and perform. He is an invaluable member of the squad. I haven't posted much for a while, got fed up with the arguing, obviously I was very critical of Lampard so I think its only fair to say that we have been much better lately, from defence all the way through to attack. I dont think last night was great at all but the group stages of the champions league are all about qualifying, nothing else. Statistically we are having an incredible season so far, far sterner tests await in the next 6 weeks, starting Sunday but if we can be within 5 or 6 points of Liverpool after the City game on the 2nd January I can see us pushing them all the way. As for the champions league, just be nice to have a good run and not get dicked by the first good team we come up against.
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    Happens a lot when Jorge plays,
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    OK..watched the game earlier..it's a lot easier watching a slim lead knowing the final score but it does mean the viewing focus is slightly different without worrying about a slip or silly equaliser. I'm no great tactics analyst and tend to watch instinctively but clearly Chelsea were far too good for Newcastle and kept them on the back foot for most of the game apart from a brief flurry just before half time and late in the game. The oppo keeper looked very solid and made two excellent saves, both deserving of a goal, early in the game that would probably have killed the game. Somewhat puzzled about the so called chip that failed...never looked like going in and would have been a freak if it had..the shot off the crossbar was exactly that...close but no kewpy doll, At halftime on my stream Robbie Earle stated that the next goal would decide the course of the game...sounds simple and a commentators cliche but as he put it.."Newcastle get one back and they think they can get something..Chelsea score and it's done and dusted". Good result and points in the bag...position is less important than those points at this early stage. Everyone worked hard and it's great to see two full backs balancing a back line. Onward.
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    Not sure what planet you’ve been on to see anyone trying to deny that. I haven’t seen anyone at least. What I have seen is a few posters like myself, Nobly etc laughing off the members who have been painting a picture of Armageddon from day 1 failing to realise the absolute most basic thing in professional football - time for a new team to gel. I’m not going to predict where we end up, but I would find it particularly pleasing if Lamps and the team shut up the likes of yourself and Blue Rod.
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    I note we can now give out as many likes as we want 👍
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    Boom! Was a horrible fixture, away to Newcastle where we have struggled in recent times, early kick-off with basically no prep time after another international break and we've come through it! Unbeaten in 7, another CS, top scorers in the league and top of the table (temporarily at least)... what more could we want? Honestly, surely everyone on here is enjoying this now? Not stand out performances, a lot of tired players out there, but job well and truly done.
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    Yes, they are a shining example, having spent billions, never reached a CL final, played in one semi-final and knocked out in the last 16 in each of the last 4 years.
  34. 2 points
    For an intelligent guy you really do contrive to make yourself look foolish sometimes. Either you are trolling (which is pointless), or you have deep-seated denial issues (which is pathological). There was some stuff on here aimed at you which had the whiff of playground bullying and I was going to pitch in in your defence, but decided to leave it. I hate the attritional tone in here sometimes, but you are an important contributor; I don't want you to become a forum joke. It is abundantly clear by any method of analysis, objective or subjective, that Mendy is a vast improvement on Kepa. Whether by subjective observation of his competence, or by an objective statistical analysis of his performance, Kepa has been an appalling keeper. Whether he can ever improve is a matter of conjecture, but how poor he has been is not and this is supported by Cech's comments on the rigour and urgency of the search for a new keeper.
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    I don’t really see any problems with Werner out wide. He isn’t playing as a winger but more as an inside forward. He could have had a hat trick yesterday. As long as we pick out his runs more often he should be fine. Dropping Tammy and Giroud out of the team and you are losing strikers who can play with their back to goal. If Werner can still get chances and score goals while playing with Tammy then I see it as a bonus and it gives us more goals overall. Both can probably hit 15+ league goals. We need two forwards hitting that goal tally if we want to progress.
  37. 2 points
    10 minutes in.... "The doom squad are typing........." 90 minutes in.... "The doom squad have left the group......."
  38. 2 points
    Everyone on here knows you don't move from your initial position. Plenty of examples over the years. The reason you will keep up the support of Kepa or cynicism of his replacement, is due to the numerous times you included Kepa into one of Chelsea's world class players bracket over the last two years .Alongside Kante, Jorginho and Rudiger. Rather than say I got this wrong, you will downplay everything Mendy does and jump on the first major mistake that is made, by the time the second mistake is made by Mendy. Mr Contrarian then becomes Mr Smug who can tell us he was right all along, but only he has the intelligence to know this, point out we have a world class GK sat on the bench who should be playing, whilst directing the criticism to Lampard for Kepa being another player that Frank has ruined! All rather predictable really. Must try harder old bean!
  39. 1 point
    This has been disappointing since we took the lead. Need to reassert our superiority
  40. 1 point
    This stage last season the players available to Frank and staff were different from the present squad......basically untried at top level youngsters ..ageing veterans...and a mish mash of so called experienced and squad quality players..a difficult task for any coaching team and probably the best bet would have been one of the Pullis type relegation avoiding somewhat stone age footballing gurus. This season with no preseason and different strange new pressures on the game in general a good transfer policy appropriate to the clubs situation has changed the face of the squad. Credit to Frank and Co for getting a respectable league position and avoiding a relegation fight which could easily have occurred. That was last season..disjointed thanks to the pandemic....this season the coaching staff is responsible for improving the playing aspect and trying to find the right balance with a very new pool of talent. Finished article?...not by a long shot and we all hope it will be an upward curve. The players ..new, youngsters and holdovers deserve credit for improving things and trying to progress with very little tactical planning time..preseason etc. The absolutes arguments Frank good/bad...squad good/lazy/ indifferent/wonderful....?......come on guys..you all KNOW a lot about this funny game......
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    At least he didn't have to sit with Evra moaning about a tackle 20 years ago.
  42. 1 point
    Butch Pedro - Spanish drag act
  43. 1 point
    Moses & Abraham - specialists in Hebrew literature Cech Flo - drainage contractors Villa Boas - purveyors of luxury snake vivariums
  44. 1 point
    Kane and Son. Sounds like a family butcher.
  45. 1 point
    Being billed as the Master V the Apprentice on Football 365 , I expect they forget we beat them twice last season , not to downplay what a difficult opponent they are but Lampard has proved his mettle to Mourinho on a number of occasions including when his Derby side knocked Mourinho's United out of the cup. Whatever happens I hope we don't go into the night meekly like we did against United and Liverpool and stamp our authority on them . If we do ourselves justice and lose , so be it . They may be better this season but we are also miles better , especially in attack . 5-0 home win.
  46. 1 point
    I wouldn't rest Werner for a big match against our closest rivals in the table. He will get more rest than the Spurs players who play on Thursday.
  47. 1 point
    I don't think anyone is trying to not give these guys credit, I mean, quite clearly it's the hard work they've put in since they were young boys as well as the coaching they've had since that time that has got them to the first-team squad, however, you must surely agree (although you no doubt won't) that very few, if any, of our previous managers would have chosen to attempt to integrate Mount, Tammy, James and Tomori into our first-team squad last season over Pedro, Higuain, Zappa and Luiz (I state Pedro because Mount essentially took his place in the first team last season)? The answer to me is quite clear. Whilst I'm not suggesting that Lampard alone turned them from young talent into first-team players (although Tomori and Mount were on loan with him the previous season), what he needs to be given credit for is the fact he showed faith in them, stuck with them and helped integrate them into the first team and helped them to learn even more about the game at this level. Frank, in his first season as a PL manager, could easily have stuck with Pedro, Luiz, Higuain and hoped their experience would get him through his first season, but he didn't, he took a chance and put faith in the youngsters and also had faith in himself and his coaching team to coach them through this season and clearly it has worked and we are seeing the reward, even more, this season as James, Mount and Tammy are all (currently) first-team regulars integrated into the first team alongside our big summer signings. It's ok for you to not be convinced by Frank, it's ok if you don't think he's the long term answer, but that doesn't mean you have to dismiss any good thing he does.
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    But managers peak even earlier than players, and their time at the peak is much shorter than players' on the average. Pep, Jose, Ancelotti, are good examples. They may put in a decent shift now and again, but their magic has been long gone. If any of these three were to manage the Bayern Munich or Liverpool team - the 2 winners of last 2 CL seasons, I very much doubt any of them would have won it. That is the reality of a manager's career.
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    Thank you. saved me the bother.
  50. 1 point
    If you are a Chelsea fan and you come on here with a negative take on that you better just pack in it and start following dart instead. I said from the beginning that there was no time to judge Lamps and this team early and that we needed at least 10 games in the league before we would be able to see where this is going. 8 games in and I'm beginning to see some real positive signs. Ziyech - beast James - beast Chilwell - beast Kanté - beast in that CDM position Werner - 8 goals this season already Add Pulisic and Havertz into this eleven and get them all to fire and we will be a right force.