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  1. 6 points
    8-0 to the Blue behemoth with Sarri marching onto the pitch at full time and slamming a Chelsea flag into the centre circle. Higuain , fresh from his endeavours against United where nobody managed to pass to him , with the elusive double hat trick . Capped by the 8th goal of the evening from Alonso who clearing the ball from his own goal line , beats six or seven Malmo players with raw speed alone before playing nine one-two's in the area with Hazard and Willian prior to back heeling the ball between the keepers legs. Kepa Azpi , Rudi, Luiz,Alonso Jorgi Kante Kovacic Willian Higuain Hazard Barkley 65 for Kovacic , Giroud 85 for Higuain , CHO 90+5 for Willian
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    Given the quality of the players we have been spending money on recently , maybe we should appeal for a longer ban ?
  3. 5 points
    After tonight, I finally understand what Sarriball is and have solved all the confusion. About 20 mins in, we got a goal kick. Rudiger goes to one edge of our penalty area and stands about 2m from the goal line. He then starts shouting and waving his arms furiously at Christensen, who is right across the other side of the penalty area standing about 5m from the goal line. Apparently, AC standing 3m further forwards makes it very much easier for Malmo’s press (they are all lined up on the edge of our area for our goal kick, ready to pounce!). All through the first half, we are (for want of a better term) dicking about with the ball in the first 25m from our goal, almost exclusively right over at the sides of the pitch. This is great fun. The Swedish postmen and locksmiths press like mad and force us into numerous errors. Azpilicueta receives the ball in countless impossible situations. We cede possession many many times. In the second half, the pattern continues until postmen get very tired. Then bang! Counter attack at pace. Giroud. Goal! So there it is. Joseball and Conteball were “you have the ball and we will nick it 25m from our goal, counter attack at pace and score”. Sarriball is much cleverer. It is “we dick about with the ball in our own defensive corners, until somehow you fail to dispossess us and then we counter attack at pace and score”. Its genius. The only problem I can see with this, is if we try doing it against professional footballers rather than assorted grocers and IT consultants.
  4. 4 points
    Apparently 100 Liverpool supporters were arrested with Flares at the Everton game . The Police let them off when they realised they'd been wearing them since the last time they won the league.
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    This is where my frustration resides. What do we have to show for that? We could have bought Isco, Koulibaly, Icardi and tied up Hazard for the rest of his career. Instead of which we got Bakayoko, Drinkwater, Morata, Zappacosta and a half-defrosted goalkeeper. Brilliant!
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    I posted this as a subject on another forum I have belonged to for many years, I called it "A sense of entitlement or mismanagement" Anyway I wrote this after the Wolves home game and I thought I would share it with you all today. I have been thinking about this subject for a few days and with the most humble respect to all of you that pay a fortune to watch Chelsea home and away, I feel that as a supporter who started watching Chelsea seriously from the late fifties right through to the early eighties I probably have a right to an opinion. Obviously since leaving the UK in the 80's to live abroad my financial contribution to CFC has been literally nothing apart from the odd trip to Moscow (thanks to Paul aka KDIG) and one or two games at the Bridge. With all that said I still love my club the same as ever and although its from an armchair I feel I need to express some thoughts as to our current situation. This subject is nothing to do with whether Sarri is frigging useless, or whether Jorghino is his pet and also no good, it has to do with the way football has changed. We still have the old time supporters who remember the old days and how precarious our financial position was years ago, but there is a new breed of supporter who have only witnessed the good times since Roman arrived, in addition to that this new generation is now taking part is this new social media world that we are all now part of. The result is what I call instant reactions to things that do not warrant such awful diatribe, Twitter on match day is a good example. I feel there is now a sense of entitlement with this new generation of fans which is now infecting the atmosphere that Les and Kyp have commented on, its like we are Chelsea and we expect to win all the time and be up there challenging for every trophy going. Listen I want to win all the time and be competing for trophies, but I am a realist to know that when you have been successful as we have been these past 15 years, unless the structure of the club matches that success on the pitch, eventually the foundation will crumble. For example these past 5 years even though we have won titles and cups we have failed to strengthen this team, I have said time and time again you always get stronger from a a position of strength and we have never done that. The club knew we were losing the spine of the this side with JT and Lampard, Drogba and Cole all leaving, but no planning or thought went into solving this dilemma and as a result this side is fundamentally weaker than we have seen for a long time. We are not a top four side at the moment and if we lose Hazard that will get worse, our club is not about football as it was in years past, its not about the fans anymore its all about the business model, what the board seem to have forgotten is that the business model only works if the team is winning things. If they do not, the sponsors will drop us like a hot potato. So we can all argue about whether Sarri is any good or not, whether Jorginho is any good, but the stark reality is that the board have seriously screwed things up and we are where we are because of their incompetence. We have never replaced Emenalo with a quality DOF, and the purchases made have on the whole been wasteful with no thought of where this club needs to be. Look at the money spent on Bakayoko, Batshuayi and Morata, players that are all out on loan at the moment and cost about 140 million? Look I really don't know where this all goes but I have a hunch that the best move would be for Roman to sell the club to a new buyer and we look forward hopefully to a new direction of forward planning and expertise. I am eternally grateful for all Roman has done for our club but politically he is an anchor on the club right now and the scatter gun approach to hiring and firing managers is now something that clearly doesn't work anymore. This would mean a year or two without maybe winning anything, but in the long run it will be far more rewarding than the way things are right now, it might even clear out the boo boys who we don't need. The constant sarcastic clapping or booing of Jorghino is totally unacceptable, we can vent our feelings in the pub with friends or on forums such as this one but to do this when a player is wearing our shirt is not on. Anyway you have my thoughts.
  7. 2 points
    Top 4 is likely gone and there is a transfer ban looming. You should grab a bit of perspective. I’d love to know what miracle exactly you’re expecting this summer because what I’m expecting is 3-4 years out of the top 4 by the looks of things. You have clamoured for change after Mourinho, Conte and now Sarri as well. The club has now spent 3 of the last 4 seasons out of the top 4. And if there is a transfer ban - that’s probably going to be 4 or 5 out the last 6 seasons out of the top 4. Change is needed at the club, but its not necessarily or, at the very least, ONLY the manager. The likes of Bruce Buck and Marina whats-her-name have got to go IMO. The club has been an utter laughing stock under them. The fans need to pitch together and have a protest of some sort I feel. There are genuinely bizarre things going on at the club.
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    If you've landed yourself a dud , you don't stick with , hoping for a result , like AVB and Scolari before him , Sarris time is up.
  9. 2 points
    Absolutely outstanding Danny. Even the conspiracy theorists on here can't argue with the hand we've been dealt this morning. Slavia had a good win over Seville and sit top of their league. They surely can't be as easy as Kiev proved to be, but all the same this has to be seen as a wonderful opportunity for us to reach the final.We're certainly better off than Arsenal.
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    I'd put it down to a combination of both a lack of leadership and reliability within the team, but also a lack of adjustment by Sarri tactically to push for a result. We play the same way whether we're drawing 0-0, 3-0 up, or 0-2 down, etc. We rarely look to deviate from the idea of how Sarri wants to play and there's never really any reaction to make something happen when our plan of approach isn't working. Substitutions only impact so much if they're just slotting into the same systematic approach and are effectively like for like changes. There has to be more willingness to be proactive, be it playing route one football, throwing an extra body or two upfront, taking off a defender, etc. Anything that can envoke the opposition into changing what they're doing. Instead we go through the motions and hope something ultimately comes from it. This statistic clearly highlights a major flaw.
  11. 2 points
    The higher echelons of world football has always been a mess. It’s absolutely laughable. The Spanish clubs were given a pass, first English club and the rules are suddenly changed. I’m normally against a European super league but the one real good outcome of that would be the complete and utter demolition of UEFA and FIFA. Its almost hilarious to have the book thrown at you by the most corrupt sports organisation in the world. Like a murdurer passing sentences on a shop lifter.
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  13. 2 points
    An important point. One has to add that attempting to win stuff usually means stretching your performances to the point where it may go wrong, while not trying to win stuff means you can always stay within that level, rotate players more often, play a lower risk game. Trying to win stuff necessarily involves more apparent failures. Not trying to win covers up those failures.
  14. 2 points
    Oh thank God she's not a Chelsea fan 😮
  15. 2 points
    Just a second hand emotion. Sorry , that's love , not Ham.
  16. 2 points
    The "Kepa Incident" Kepa criticism - For prolonging the incident and not going off. Sarri criticism - For visibly blowing his top. For not ensuring his orders were done. For painting everyone into a corner by saying it was a misunderstanding. Azpilicueta criticism - For not taking control onfield and sorting it out. The officials criticism - For not taking control once the board went up. Also I suppose you could ask the team how it is they are able to produce this sort of display one day then cave in like failed soufflé in other games this season.
  17. 2 points
    He's done a similar thing twice before for us and scored both times. My issue with him taking the penalty was going first. I think his and Hazard's 'dinked' style work better in the sequence when (hopefully) the keeper has to make a decision and go with it. Putting him first the keeper could just afford to stay still and the trouble with all 'dinked' or 'sent the wrong way' penalties is that there's no plan B. I wanted Luis and maybe Azpi to put two hard shots in the net before anyone took a clever penalty. But Jorginho (who did a very great deal right in the match) can do no wrong with many Chelsea fans - he's become a symbol of all that's wrong with Sarri, Sarri-ball and our club in general. I'm a bit more sanguine. I think he's a quality player who is struggling with his first season in the PL. Some players fit in straight away, others take time. Pedro, for instance, struggled but once he adapted, became very effective. I think Jorginho will do likewise - whether playing for Sarri or another coach.
  18. 2 points
    Absolutely. The difference is that the tactics is suiting the players in the field and the said players are actually giving their 100%.
  19. 2 points
    This is like the FA cup final when Wigan pulled off the shock
  20. 2 points
    Despite the fact I want Sarri gone this has no bearing on today - HUGE HUGE game!! Obviously after the 0-6 it’s ectremely tough to see this one in a positive light but this is a one-off game and anything is possible. Let’s DO this! COME ON YOU CHELS!!!
  21. 2 points
    Ha ha, I know! 💙 I was just mucking about. I love HM on here. He can be very funny 😂
  22. 1 point
    Guardian last summer Match day income was £66m out of £368m turnover, so about 18%. It is not mission critical. If the price were still £500mn I'd agree. At £1billion I don't thing it really matters what the government thinks of RA (though I think the later figure was manipulated up, to explain away why the club pulled out)
  23. 1 point
    Kante has three times more skills than Jorginho to play in the middle. He's got impeccable awareness of position. He can read the flow odd the game more than any other player in the team. He can win balls. He can run with the ball. He can chase down any player in the PL. Kante is already playing in the middle, doubling up as a defensive cover for Jorginho. Playing there without the added role of right sided AM would be child's play for Kante. You spent so much time ridiculing Matic as a donkey. When did he become the player without which Kante could not play in the middle?
  24. 1 point
    My issue in employing a manager with a style / philosophy as it is , is why bother when the best side in the country play exactly the same way and are fully backed by their board to the tune of two teams of players who would immediately improve our team if we bought them ? Surely all you can get out of that is second place ? We certainly won't get any extra admiration from the media or fairer treatment at the hands of the officials . Why don't we do something else so that when we come up against the likes of City and Barca they are uncomfortable playing against it ? We have the template , JM mk1 . Let's have an well organised side with goals from every department with a bit of muscle and desire instead of this watered down gooner/city hybrid that flatters to deceive.
  25. 1 point
    I’m going to be negative and complain about our finishing and inability to create clear cut chances against a terrible team. We look neat and tidy, and have undoubtedly dominated possession and territory, but a good team scores multiple goals with that much of an advantage.
  26. 1 point
    There's many things one can ascribe to Benny Hill. Satire is not one of them.
  27. 1 point
    It’s not them I am afraid of. It’s us.
  28. 1 point
    Well, some can't accept being 3 points behind 4th, 4 points behind 3rd with a game in hand with only 8/9 games to go and being in the quarter finals of the Europa league in a season where we have a new manager and quite clearly have played some of our young players far, far more than we ever have.
  29. 1 point
    The amount of energy you spend to make your point about your disgust at Sarri in every post. Seriously, everyone knows your point so you may as well worry about other things in your life. You are not gonna convert more into haters of Sarri if that is your intention.
  30. 1 point
    For a change 😀 Hope he gets a hatrick 💙💙💙
  31. 1 point
    You don't let 100m+ walk out the door for nothing unless you're absolutely daft - which given the way the club is run currently I wouldn't be shocked if it were to happen. We have to take the money though, even if it can't be used to immediately replace Hazard, it can be used in the future to obtain a decent option that can take us forward once the ban is over. If the ban sticks this summer I'd be gutting the squad now and suck up a true transition phase utilising as much of the young quality we have in our ranks. Giving them a full season of true senior PL football is going to help us weed out those who aren't going to cut it long term, but may also help us work out who can actually be contributing parts to the club moving forward.
  32. 1 point
    I've said it before but you can't pick that midfield 3 against teams who aren't going to come out and play (basically anyone outside the top 6) Kante, Jorginho, and Kovacic have played 6409 PL minutes collectively, and discounting one penalty by Jorginho, they have scored 4 goals in open play, one every 1602 minutes, or one goal evey 17.80 matches individually. So if that 3 play together, you can expect one goal every 6 matches between them (not each). Take it further, 3 of those goals were away from home, the 4th at home to City, so zero goals at Stamford Bridge against a team who is going to play for a draw (the bottom 14). Compare that with RLC and Barkley who have 6 goals across 1409 minutes, so they are averaging a goal every 2.6 matches between them. So if both were playing, you could expect a goal every 1.3 matches. I appreciate the sample size for Barkley and RLC is a lot lower, but I think it demonstrates a point. Throw the above in with the fact that yesterday's back 4 has zero PL goals in open play. Both Rudiger and Luiz have one each from a corner. So if you are Wolves, Leicester, Southampton or Everton, against whom we have scored 1 goal at home in total across 4 games*, you can stick 8 or 9 men behind the ball and you need to stop just 3 players. * in three of those games, the midfield 3 was Jorginho, Kante, Kovacic.
  33. 1 point
    The problem today was our ineffective play out wide IMO. Pedro was off colour and Hazard was beyond poor. Emerson and Azpili were also poor. Willian and RLC looked lively when they came on and Willian should have been on sooner IMO.
  34. 1 point
    People on here will disagree with me on this but I hate this kind of whistleblowing, regardless of what was posted. You wonder what you would find if you went into their social media.
  35. 1 point
    Can I ask you, without getting into a pointless argument, what he has done that justifies that statement? I am genuinely curious. When I have watched CHO play, he strikes me as a talented, exciting young player. He has done good things in games, but been annonymous for large periods too. He is a top player for his age group, but he isn't a top player by PL standards. Hazard is a top player. He is nowhere near that level (at this moment)
  36. 1 point
    Tin pot teams choose between competitions. Chelsea try and win them all.
  37. 1 point
    I've said a few times on this site since September that I fully expected our season to come down to this choice. In some ways, it might be helpful if we were further off the pace in the PL. I worry no one will make the call until it's already out of our hands.
  38. 1 point
    If only we had a slightly better team we could be a nailed on a top four finish
  39. 1 point
    Can I just mention Luiz. Very solid in defence and didn't take any sh1t from the cry baby Kane.
  40. 1 point
    Not only good at holding up play, but he moves like a man with purpose and direction. He is also surprisingly unselfish. He makes runs to free up other attacking players. So refreshing. There was a moment in the game against City were he deliberately made a sharp left flank run in order to free up CHO. I think it was Luiz who played the ball to him in space, and he was vividly upset he didn't play CHO, pointing to his side to illustrate his run was just a planned decoy. Small things, but you dont see it as often as you should. We need more players who play to make others better.
  41. 1 point
    10-0 Chelsea...... Then take it easy in the second half and rest a few key players.
  42. 1 point
    This feels so good and so spursy 😀 And they can take their disgusting banner and f*** off back to North London
  43. 1 point
  44. 1 point
    Haha. I see what you did there.
  45. 1 point
    I've always thought that SAF would make a wonderful friend and a scary enemy and I know which I would prefer to be. Wish he was 20 years younger and looking for another job. There, I've said it (as Ham would say!).
  46. 1 point
    No - we are going to get rid of managers to appease Pedro and Willian :)
  47. 1 point
    My middle aged eyes would like to thank you for your post.
  48. 1 point
    Would not have blamed Sarri for leaving right there and then to be honest.
  49. 1 point
    CHO...there is no substitute for skill
  50. 1 point
    For me Kante!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does the running and work for three players.