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    Very good. Incidentally, Droy still dreams of being the second Mrs Jose.
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    Yes......all those better players they signed! Also, with Tottenham, that advert they put up in the underground stations, "the only stadium in london where you can watch CL football this season".......and they will be out before the ground is even open!!! Muppets.
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    Will you have your half-and-half scarf around your neck on saturday? - Chelsea in blue and mourhino in red?.
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    Another brilliant finish from the World's worst striker
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    He's there for the kids so I doubt this will bother him one bit.
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    Burnley got away with a lot of fouls today. I read criticism of Kepa for his aerial game but he was fouled twice when coming for the ball today and the ref only whistled one of them. Kepa also suffered a nasty scissors from Barnes, which was very predictable. Normally refs really protect the keeper in that situation, but not if it's a Chelsea keeper. I also have no idea why Morata was booked.
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    And what happened ? Oh Yeah. Hazard got a ban and the ball boy was feted as a hero .
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    Nope, not the same at all. Makelele was the best at patrolling in front of the back 4. Kante at his best hunts the ball down all over the field. Kante couldn't play the role currently being performed by Jorginho, which is 100% relient on technical ability. Makele could do it, as he was far superior technically to Kante, whose attributes lie elsewhere.
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    Kovacic isn't the problem, although it would be nice if he did more in terms of having a direct impact. He at least does the fundamentals, adds balance, and is good in possession etc. Same cannot be said for the likes of Kante, Willian, Morata and even one of my favourites in Azpilicueta at the moment. We've got an abundance of players at present that just aren't contributing enough in one way or another. For as well as we may be doing in terms of our league placing currently, I'm having a difficult time accepting the logic of a system that just doesn't actually get enough out of some of our important players. Kante looks absolutely lost, Azpilicueta has regressed significantly since moving back out to a fullback role from CB. Willian is Willian, little is going change there as he's been this way for years now. While Morata is once more showcasing why I initially said he was an awful investment. That's not even talking into consideration Luiz's defensively frailties, the space Alonso leaves in behind because he can't recover when pushed forward and our CF issues that were once again not addressed. I can appreciate the fight shown to get a point, along with being fortunate enough to have had the start we have had. But I don't think we're a balanced solid side at present, particularly when we aren't in possession. With Sarri having shown no real urgency to address any of the issues we have shown so far, there's still some convincing that needs to be done.
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    I think reports of Mourinhios demise are somewhat premature, he is very capable of throwing a spanner in our works if the players are up for it. If we can control the game from midfield though we should have a good chance of winning though. Having dropped 2 points at home last time we must be looking to put that right. Especially as the other two up there have fairly routine games.
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    "teams like this.." Everton will probably finish 7th. They are a decent side. Scored an important brace last week.......doesn't score this week. Abysmal. Tried too hard as it was against Everton. Trying a first time shot from 35 yards with your first touch is just brain dead. You can see why there were critics about his decision making as opposed to ability. Well, only 2 outfield players started both games. That said, they were both under par on Sunday, and maybe it contributed As opposed to last year's Kane, Bakayoko and Fabregas........ Once again? he's unbeaten. Morata also scored twice in his previous game. Some people are complainign about starting players on Thursday and Sunday, but you are saying another player who played 90 on Thursday should have started this one? Can we make our mind up? I heard at least 2 of his offsides weren't offisde, unsurprisingly. Willian has to hit the target with his chance. Very poor. Perhaps give the guy more than 3 months to make the call. Pep finished 4th in his first season, with a better and more expensive squad than ours. Agree with the first two parapgraphs. I dont see how Morata is soley to blame though. Chances were missed across the team, especially the WIllian one. Nope. He was behind Willian and the ball. One draw and he has been found out......... The title was never on. It's only the better than expected results that make that comment even possible. Top 4 is better than 50/50. 8 points clear of United for a start. I don't see how a home draw against a pretty good (probably the 6th best side we will play) is a punch in the solar plexus. An irritation maybe Well quite. Welcome to CFCnet when we don't win.
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    Reading all this I am beginning to think we have haven't won in 12 games rather than being unbeaten in 12 games.
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    Far from an impressive display that. Not that it was ****, Everton was disciplined and made life hard for us. Finding space was almost impossible plus they had some great players to play on the break in Walcott, Barnard, Sigurdsson and Richarlison. I have to echo others sentiments in regards to Kovacic. I can't see what he offers in that CM8 role. I'd rather have RLC playing there to be perfectly honest. Our midfield needs a lot fo work still as it is far too easy to read when Barkely/RLC aren't playing. Kanté, Jorginho and Kovacic isn't a very effective trio. None of them offers anything going forward. Nothing at all. It's far too easy to read the midfield and as soon as you close Jorginho down you have killed that midfield trio. Absolutely laughable they played for so long and when the change came it was Fabregas for Jorginho. Massive mistake by Sarri there... As for Morata... Well, if he could finish with his feet he'd be a 25 goal striker. But he can only finish with his head - so he is a 12 goal striker. Starting with Kovacic and Morata probably made this game a lot harder for us. Barkley/RLC and Giroud would have been far better options for this game. 12 league games in and I can start to conlcude that Sarri isn't a great tactician. He plays good football and means well. But he isn't a great tactician at all.
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    I know its why I always prefer Pedro to him.
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    Not a change of topic... just pointing out the bleedin' obvious to one suffering from severe myopia (ironic, given the nature of the subject!)
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    Barkley and RLC are offering nothing in this game, they don't press without the ball and have zero creativity. They need to step it up if they're ever to be anything more than a squad player.
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    CHO is just 18... keep a sense of perspective..plenty of time for him. The past is littered with " SuperStar Young Prospects" who never were...Josh anyone? He looks the real deal so what is the hurry..long season and why change the Chelsea "system" to accommodate a youngster? I'm all for him and would love to see him blossom but I do not want to see him in a position where a game is lost..even a seemingly easy one....and fingers pointing or even worse excuses being made. A "seasoned" Pro would do his best to destroy the boy...look at the attention Hazard gets....an 18 year old could be seriously harmed in many ways..lets keep it at a gentle pace.
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    Funny you should say that because not long ago I was on a trecking holiday not far from the equator. I had had a few jars too many of the special local brew late one night. I felt quite unwell as I came out of the establishment so I laid down on the ground to chill and get my bearings. All of a sudden I felt what can only be described as a sideways gravitational pull that slowly increased in speed and force. Thats when I realised my duffle coat had got caught on somebodys tailpipe. A couple of days in A&E and I was fine.
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    Ancelotti and Wilkins... we were never the same after Ray left.
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    85th minute and Oli the wally finally gets his book out and once more is praised instead of castigated.
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    Nah, he said he was 6' 3" without the heels... when he has his stripper shoes on he's 6' 9"!!! 😉 😉
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    I think you're being very harsh. What happened was that Conte had his little spat with Luiz last season and threw Christenson into the fray when he wasn't prepared or ready, and too be honest he cracked a bit under pressure. Conte then dropped him and I don't think he's quite recovered from it all. He needs a bit of nurturing now because he is worth nurturing , but he can stop going on about being unhappy at not playing in the first team. The reason why your not Andreas is because of performances like last night. Head down ,work hard and you may make a Chelsea skipper one day.
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    It's late at night now so I can share a a topical little story with any adult night owls who are still up. A mate of mine decided to have a few weeks hols in Thailand. As you can imagine it wasn't long before he pulled this absolutely gorgeous Thai girl ...or so he thought but it was actually a fella! Apparently he came incredibly close to sleeping with his new "girlfriend". He explained what happened. He said " I met her in a bar and bought her drink . We chatted away and I'm telling you she talked like a girl, she looked and felt exactly like a girl and she even kissed like a girl. The she drove me to her home and reversed the car neatly first time into the garage and I thought to myself 'hang on a flippin minute!!' ".
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    How's everyone holding up? It's absolutely crazy out here in Northampton! It's only half-six and I've already killed 11 zombies! And why the hell are they all carrying sweets? And why are they so much smaller than in the films?
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    It gets sung pretty much every game. Was pretty clear at Burnley
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    Which says something doesn't it. My biggest gripe though is that our midfield roles aren't quite getting the best from Kante or Kovacic at present. Which when both are pared together can make our midfield a little dull at times. Adding Barkley helps with adding a bit more forward drive, but it comes at the cost of a more rounded Kovacic or the industry of Kante. There's still a hint of square peg round hole happening. It is however nice to see a bit more flexibility with players more inter-changeable. That's been a big problem for years, it's nice having a bit more balance.
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    If I could, id put those two in a sandwich and eat them.
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    Spot on Paul. It seems to be most people are more bothered about scoring internet points and being proved right rather than engaging in a proper debate. I have said a number of times now I will be the first to admit that I am wrong, if and when the time comes. To be called incredibly silly and cleary wrong after two games is ridiculous. I, as much as anyone, want him to succeed and be the player we have been missing since Frank left. A genuine top quality goal scoring midfielder is like gold dust and if he can continue to improve and perform like he did against Burnley week in week out then we will have a very good player on our hands.
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    What happened at Leicester was truly horrible . As Chelsea fans many of us remember the night Matthew Harding died in a similar incident. To the fans of Leicester, we feel your pain.
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    I find it quite therapeutic.You are faced with something dishevelled and turn it into something you would like to wear - a bit like Sarri is doing with us😁
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    Spot on. Could save us a fortune in the summer. Droy..... This one?
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    Yep! Brilliant result and a real vindication of Sarriball today at any rate. Should provide confidence boosts to all and sundry I should think. Both in their own individual performance levels and in the manager's style of play.
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    Yeah I can agree with this. But is Sarri looking for that type of play from his CF though? I'm less than convinced because Sarri chose Morata for the United game. I just think that Sarri is also hoping that Morata finds form because he would match Sarris style a lot better. A lot of teams no longer play with a striker who needs to play with his back to goal and the ball played into the striker. I think if we are looking for that from Morata then we’re going to be perpetually disappointed as we should have known when we bought him that thats clearly not his game. The team goal scored against Soton was a great example of what Morata can bring to the table. I've personally never seen Giroud do what Morata did. I'm also yet to see Giroud peel off of a defender and run onto the ball in space as well. Back to goal, ball played into him and defenders challenging him - yeah, Morata’s got no hope. But are we still trying to play like that though? I’m not so sure.
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    Kepa Zappa Christensen Cahill Emerson Barkley Cesc RLC Moses Morata CHO Sub: Willy, Dave, Kante, Kovacic, Willian, Pedro, Giroud I know the above is not going to happen but I really feel at some point soon we need to get our priorities right. Losing important players in this game is just not worth it. I still maintain losing Pedro against POAK is a big reason we drew at WHU as he is the only other player than Hazard who is actually direct.
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    Good stuff ham. Your just missing the fact that Mata shouldn't have been sent off for a blatant red card offence because he is a 'nice guy' and that Young didn't foul Hazard, which was the worst decision in the entire game by a country mile, because he was attempting to block a shot.
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    Some very interesting and valid points made here. Agree with a lot of it. 1. Fully agreed. He doesn't reach his normal highs and one can speculate why. Personally I'm leaning towards him being a bit rusty, considering he hasn't played as an RB consistently since 2012-13 and that season saw him play as an LB but also in other positions if I'm not entirely mistaken. Looking at PL starts among the defenders that season sees a grand total of 166 starts for Ivanovic, Luiz, Cole, Azpilicueta, Cahill, Bertrand and Terry (in order), the equivalent of 41,5 games (166/38). Luiz had some starts in midfield, and Bertrand (and Azpi?) as "wingers" in RDM/Benitez 4231. Of course he has enjoyed the occassional game at RB since, but when José came back in 2013 he was kind of permanently moved to LB. Then, as you point out, he moved to RCB in Conte's 3-man central defense. 2. Yes, Azpi was sort of made for that RCB spot wasn't he? Good on the ball, extremely solid defensively and he frequently stepped up into a midfield position where he could control the game. In Sarri's stryle, Jorginho and the other midfielders are the ones who do this now. Hence, midfield is crowded as it is, and he is much more needed down the flank to support the RW. That isn't his strong side of the game and he has taken a much more defensive role leaving Alonso to do most of the attacking from FB. Problem being this is ridiculously easy to read. Perhaps it is time to give Zappacosta some more game time, particularly in games where we will be on the front foot and attack and can do with the extra pace and penetration down that right side. 3. I think one way to tweak this system is to add a midfielder tasked with a far more attacking role with the aim to add penetration and goals. Maybe Barkley and Loftus-Cheek can develop to be that player. I don't see Kovacic doing it. He's better suited further back, as is Jorginho and Kanté. Maybe in such situations Kanté can do the back-tracking when Azpi steps up in CM, Barkley/RLC moving into space that the striker has created and Alonso getting up his side. A tweak of the system when attacking. Hazard likes to come inside anyways, so in attack Alonso has a LW role, Hazard an inside forward role, Morata/Giroud a target type role and Barkley as central/right support with Willian/Pedro staying more wide. Here Azpi can fill the CM space with Jorginho and control the tempo of the game from there. A type of inside RWB/RDM role when we have the ball.
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    For those wondering where Kante fits into the system , he would be better suited on the LCM role covering for a LB who puts more effort into attacking than defending and an LCB who tends to make rash decisions. It is pointless putting him on the side with the most defensive strength of the team. Every time the ball goes to the right side we just end up passing it back to the left side asking them to do something with it. Azpi rarely goes forward to so Kante looks even more confused. Kante is not going to start playing with flicks and tricks or creating loads of chances that will never happen but he brings a much needed balance to the team. We can not keep that left hand side the way it is defensively eventually our luck will run out and a team like City would batter us by 4 or 5. I can think of at least 5/6 lucky chances we have not conceded this season and these were all clear cut chances too. We will not have this kind of luck all season.
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    A bit unfair based on today's game. His team managed a draw away at Chelsea. I'd have sacked him 3 weeks ago.
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    Luiz general play was very good I thought, and his header at the end under huge pressure was bloody fantastic.
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    Teach you to leave early my friend!!!!! Disappointed not to win but this is hilarious and very unexpected!
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    Alonso was way too forward. Need Kante on that side to cover for him.
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    Feels like absolutely ages since we last played... HUGE game, will take any kind of win but would love to do a number on them. COME ON YOU CHELS!!!
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    Is it just me who doesn't mind the admin links? You all know that you don't have to open them, don't you?
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    Lots of returning faces on Saturday (I hope Jose behaves himself). The only one I have genuine affection for is the wonderful Juan Mata. Wonder if anyone can name the eight Premier League stars who have played for both clubs plus three from earlier times (without cheating).
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    Very insubstantial comparison there. Managers don't win trophies on their own. It's a combination of their ideas and the work they then do with players. Not all clubs are equal. In Italy Juve is a behemoth, while Napoli has never had anything like the same status and recognition. Their only successful period was when they managed to acquire Maradona. Otherwise, they've been a perennial bit part player in La Liga and Sarri did magnificently well with them and may very well do so again with a credible club and team.