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    I should have guessed you be an expert tosser.
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    Once again , he's not narcissistic because he's wearing club clothing you wilful idiot , he's narcissistic because it was the sole occasion in the season he chose to do so , in order to mock the people who supported him in the past. He made it about him , he made the European victory about him , he's a narcissist. Great manager (you can edit this bit ) a fantastic servant to our club ( and this) but a narcissist. Jilted John was an hilarious comedy creation , but he had nothing on the continued comedy of your own fabrication.
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    I think you're straining credibility there Dave. When Jose Mourinho holds up 1 finger in that way it only ever means one thing. That's fair enough when appropriate some might say, although I would much prefer understatement and an unassuming behavioural style myself. In fact, one of the most humorous things I've noticed to come out from last night's victory for Manure is the post-match press conference given by JM, in which he claimed the victory to be a "victory for the humble"! I've got to give it to him there. The idea of JM assuming the role of standard bearer for the humble is akin to Donald Trump claiming his victory was a triumph for the intelligentsia! Even then, JM couldn't stop himself from going too far. He went on to say that it was a victory for the humble because it was a victory for a team that had accepted its limitations and simply tried to nullify the strengths of the opposition and squeeze the best from the far inferior resources and talents at their own disposal. It was an amazing statement from a Manure manager and I wonder what his players might have felt about being portrayed as inferior, plucky johnnies, valiantly overcoming the far superior capabilities of their opponents. Might have sent the wrong message there by talking too much again I reckon. Finally, in that same press conference, (here's the link - http://www.bbc.com/sport/football/40043371 ), JM also makes it clear that qualifying for the CL next year by winning a trophy, rather than by finishing 2nd, 3rd, or 4th, is a superior achievement. I don't think so and I don't think you do either. He only said it in a doomed attempt to defray the fact that, after spending a vast amount of money, he had managed to take his team to a finishing position of 6th in the PL.
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    Maybe someone on the board is having a laugh at Conte. Call yourself a coach ? Coach this !
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    Jesus some of our fans are so spoilt! It's the same on Twitter. People calling for Emenalo to go etc. We are the PL champions, the undisputed best team in the country, it doesn't get much better. This story was first run by Duncan Castles, Jose's fanboy who stops at nothing to try and take a swipe at us. Transfer window has been open barely a week and people are hysterical. Let's break some of the facts down logically - Conte has just been on holiday, I'm not sure if we even know if he's back? We haven't 'lost' any of our heavily rumoured targets - E.g. Bakayako, Lukaku Everton have spent more money today than any other transfer window combined in their history. I would say that's a fairly big indication they have a windfall incoming Conte has gone on record to say we'll make reinforcements due to the CL, and we also have a huge amount of money from TV, Player Sales, PL win etc. There's genuinely nothing to suggest we won't have a healthy transfer window. The likes of Man City and Man United HAVE to go out and get deals done early and pay whatever it takes because they're both coming off of disastrous PL campaigns We are shortly changing from Adidas to Nike - so completely possible we are holding off any official announcements for a few weeks.
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    Hazard has been linked with RM basically from the moment he signed. Fabregas also showed no sign of discontent throughout the season. There is ZERO chance all 3 will be sold this summer. ZERO.
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    Here's a few Matic against Spurs (2017) Hazard against Spurs (2016) Drogba against Bayern (2012) Alex against Liverpool (2009) Drogba against Everton (2007) Essien against Arsenal (2006) Lamps against Barce (2006) Lamps against Bayern (2005) Zola against Norwich (2002) Poyet against Sunderland(1999) Di Matteo against Boro (1997) Gullit against Man City (1996) Spencer against Rapid Vienna (1994) Dixon against Charlton (1990) Mickey Thomas against Wednesday (1984) Dixon against Arsenal (1984) Osgood against Arsenal (1973) Osgood against Leeds (1970) Greaves against Everton (1960)
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    Hey James, what's happ......... Oh
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    The search for a premier league trophy at Anfield is underway...
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    Welcome back James 😊 I missed these exchanges you used to have with yourself about transfers.
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    As usual some ridiculous comments throughout the match day forum. Their first goal is a blatant handball and we gave them a proper scare with ten men. But for two great saves by Ospina we could have won that. But no, the usual suspects conclude that we're an awful team that needs rebuilding. Gormangorman and ChelseaMatt you are so negative it pains me to read your posts. Get some perspective. Premier League was the main mission and we smashed that. As a club we rightly celebrated that and it's no surprise that arsenal were more up for this than we were as this trophy was everything to them. To us it was a bonus. After the effort we put in over 38 games they must have been absolutely spent. Arsenal on the other hand have hardly turned up from august to may. KTBFFH.
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    Does anyone know why Hazard didn't played today ??
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    The issue with an oval is that there isn't a defined home end. At least our new stadium is more of a rectangle. With a little planning we can avoid the mistakes made by Arsenal, West Ham and Man City. People who want to stand and sing for 90 minutes should be placed together behind the goal. Anyone offended by swearing should sit on the sides. Fans' initiatives are very important nowadays.
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    You're taking "in my opinion" to a whole new level in my opinion.
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    I'm sure he won't be. However, it's Chelsea who really raised his profile and it's also Chelsea who's paying him wages that no other club will match for him and decisions are made for Chelsea FC, not Alonso FC or any other player FC that is unhappy not being a starter. Furthermore, would you really want players in the squad that shy away from competition? This is a top club.
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    Sandro comes in as one of the top left sided players in the world. Whenever you can bring in a properly world class player you do it. I like Alonso but we could do with proper competition for our wingbacks and he could also slot in at LCB so we have more options.
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    As long as its not orange and grey...
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    We'll roll out the big guns on July 1st. I'm confident of it. Complete with some flashy new kits and a Nike inspired trendy hashtag. In the meantime, we'll just have to put up with the press throwing a load of **** against a wall and hoping some of it sticks.
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    150-350m for 32 year old Ronaldo would be right up there with other Roman vanity buys. Personally I dont think he will leave RM for anywhere he is just posturing as Rooney used to when his stock was high. Whatever happened to that Rooney chap? and he has never got over Bale costing what he did. He wants to be loved a bit more...... financially. RM should be able to do it once they have cleared up the last lot of unpaid tax
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    I think both Lukaku and Bakayoko are all but done. Basically not a single other CF or CM mentioned in the media in weeks. Tells you all you need to know. We are obviously in for a CB too, but at the moment it is hard to tell whether we have any chance at Bonucci or van Dijk - and since names like Manolas and Koulibaly have been mentioned also, that is an indication we are hedging our bets. I think we are going for an upgrade on Alonso too, and I personally would love Sandro. As zaffo has argued earlier, Azpi may play more RWB next season with Christensen and a new CB coming in. We do need two quality WB for each side, regardless of what some people in here try to make of that position. Bertrand is a dark horse, we might go for him if we don't get Sandro. Since Costa is bound to leave, I wouldn't mind Batshuayi staying, since there is a limit to how many players should leave and come in during a short period of time. He finished the season on a high, and should get more game time next season. We still need more quality and depth in attack, and ideally we get someone capable of playing AM/CF, although a player like Sanchez seems unrealistic. We are more likely to buy a new AM like Berardi, Bernardeschi or Mahrez, and I'd settle for any of those even though I prefer another world class player in those positions. I would be very happy with a squad like this, as long as all of our new signings are blessed by Conte: CB: Luiz, Cahill, Christensen, Aké + NEW (Bonucci/van Dijk/Manolas/Koulibaly) WB: Alonso, Azpi, Moses + NEW (Sandro) CM: Kanté, Fabregas, Matic, Chalobah, Bakayoko AM: Hazard, Pedro, Willian, Musonda + NEW (Berardi) CF: Batshuayi, Lukaku Total spend of around 250mp. We have sold for 37mp already this season, and with the Oscar money we are looking at close to 100mp in player sales. Add Costa, Traore, MvG, Hector, Pasalic, Kalas, Piazon to that list and there is another 70mp. Net spend of 80-100mp is by all means realistic.
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    Buying a LWB of that standard when Alonso was arguably one of the best players for us last season isn't necessary, it's poor planning. Over £100m for left backs could have been spent a lot better. Hell it could have gotten us another world class attacking player who would have made a proper difference. We don't need a new first choice LWB. We need cover. We can get that for less than £60m and there are other much more pressing issues we need to throw money at in this squad. A striker and CM are absolutely necessary and they need to be world class players. Those alone can cost us £150m+. In light of that, it's insanity spending that sort of cash on Sandro, insanity.
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    I'd love to have seen a young Ashley Cole play LWB in this team.
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    Even if that is true, he still very much relies on his pace. He's good in the air and has good dribbling technique. But it is the combination with pace that makes him so special. Granted he's a fantastic finisher. But take the pace away and he isn't anywhere near a £100m player let alone a £150m player. If he's available for £60-70m and we can keep Hazard then sure. But Real won't sell for that and if Ronaldo does to you can bet your house a big Hazard offer from them is forthcoming. The time for such an offer was 3-5 years ago. Not when he's entering the age of 33.
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    £150,000,000 not a risk. Wonderful to have you back fizzing on the forums Jimmy x
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    I haven't thought of this but I think you're bang on. Most likely new signings will hold a Nike shirt so it's all a waiting game.
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    And? Fans are fickle as all hell. We (general sense) got on the back of Drogba initially and now he's adored. We adored Jose and now he divides opinions and been booed. Every transfer carries that element of risk, particularly any that requires a significant outlay. That's inescapable in the modern game and with how social media has become. As long as said player puts in the effort they'll maintain respect - see Sheva and Torres.
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    I see it this way also. I think RA likes Costa a lot; aggression, passion, a personality - but I also think that Conte has this in buckets and is actually liked by a whole lot more than JM ever was. Humility is wonderfully shown at all times by Conte. But I completely agree, Conte will have a lot of money made available to him this close season. So many on here are assuming that no announcements or even gossip (ugh) means the club are taking no action. When will they (James) learn? Chill the f**k out - we were only crowned English champions a matter of weeks ago, you'd have thought we'd been relegated by some of the doom written on here.
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    So you have Conte who wants Lukaku, Lukaku who wants to come back to Chelsea, yet we have fans don't want us to pay £70/80m for him or don't even want him back and the board doesn't want to pay £70/80m for him... Yep - sounds about right for us.
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    Pretty much when I started going. Having experienced the bad old days, everything in comparison is surely a massive bonus including last season. 😊
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    Oh dear, sounds like another thin squad next year.
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    Just seen this quoted by a certain person; "I know facts exist to support opinions mostly here, and repetition ad infinitum is counted as proof" Priceless. 20 odd thousand posts which, if repetition was redacted, would leave about 17. 👍
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    From what I understand, and I may be wrong, but technically speaking isn't Atletico's "transfer ban" just a ban on them registering players and not from signing them, much like what Barcelona's was the other year? If so, this would mean that they could in effect sign Costa in the summer, they just wouldn't be able to register him to play. Now, if Costa doesn't want to spend the first 5 months of the season on the sidelines, a third club could get involved and take him on loan until January. In which he'd then be able to move to Atletico for the second half of the season.
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    Isn't "tapping up" something you do to wheel hubs to check they are attached.
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    Anyone we get is going to be a step down but if he really doesn't want to be here...what can you do?
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    QFT. Personally I think Costa is hugely underrated by most, and I include both Chelsea and non Chelsea fans / media in this. It is not just the number of goals (think 3 players scored more last season) but it is the number of important goals he scores. How many winners / equalisers did he get at key moments last season? That said, by all accounts he tried to engineer himself out of the club last summer and again in January, and perhaps enough is enough. 3 seasons, 2 titles. Not too shabby but perhaps time we go our separate ways.
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    Also Mikel used to play very deep and make a back 3 the the full backs pretty much playing as wing backs at times. I'm really struggling to see the problem with our current back 3, we just won the league with them playing almost every game. Azpilicueta was immense, possibly his best ever season for us. I really can't think of too many times his lack of height was a problem. Even if it was, which one poster keeps claiming, his other attributes mean he fits the role perfectly. I'd take a 'small' Azpilicueta playing where he does above a bigger centre half who doesn't have the rest of his skill set all day, every day. If his height was a problem then the most obvious solution would be to swap him with Cahill so he has Alonso at his side rather than Moses. I certainly don't think changing a league winning back line should be a priority for us. Just bring back Christensen who for me is at least on par with Van Dijk so will save us a fortune.
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    We are getting to that time of year where I have to stop saying how rubbish opposition players are or referring to them as cheating little s**ts just in case Conte decides that they are just what we need :-(
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    http://m.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/40125394 I don't think money gonna be a problem!
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    OK fair enough, apology accepted. Thanks. By the way, you should see some Chelsea fans on Twitter right now. Man. Getting angry at the club because 4 days after the cup final and before the CL final we haven't signed anyone and are being left behind. Some actually saying we're leaving it late because we haven't signed anyone already. Crazy. Just flipping crazy. I want us to make big signings relatively quickly and to not lose players/targets to other big clubs - but you can be reassured I am not that bad. And never will be.
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    I'd like us to bring in wing backs for either side, 2 central midfielders, an attacking mid and a striker. Hope we get players in the mould of(not those particular players): Marcelo and Carvajal for wingbacks - players who can get up and down the flanks for 90 mins, that defend like full backs and attack like wingers. Verratti for central mid - someone who is able to get stuck in but also join the attack and he a genuine playmaker. Also someone like Naiggolan - who has the ability to go box to box with an all around football ability. Someone like Griezmann or Dybla - Hazard needs help, Pedro and Willian are great impact players but I think we need a genuine starter of high quality. Morata - we need a striker who is able to hold the ball up, get past players and bring others into play with genuine top quality playmaking ability, no head down business. Players to leave: Matic. We wouldn't need to get rid of anyone else, as our squad is already on the small side. Will be interesting to see if Costa goes, if he does I think Lukaku is a good replacement, but we would still need a Morata type of striker.
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    Antonio every time. It's like having a fan in the dugout, and his man management is also better than Mourinho's, and Conte doesn't also resort to the trash talk Mourinho gets up to, trash talk is now old hat and doesn't work any more. Conte also prefers it to be about the players, not like the egotistical Mourinho, who wants it to be all about him, and some of the excuses Mourinho makes after Man Ure fail to win are pathetc, he spent £89 million on a player who has only performed fleetingly this season, for most of it Pogba has been absolute dog***t. Their midfield is unbalanced and nothing special, and up front he shows little or no faith in Rashford or Martial, preferring an old fart in Zlatan. I personally don't Mourinho has ever really recovered after getting the bullet from Real Madrid, OK he won the league for us 2 years ago, but when I compare it to the teams of 2005, 2006, 2010 and this seasons team, the 2015 team was for me the least impressive, we basically limped to the finish line that year.
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    If Costa stays and Lukaku comes that would be a nightmare. Both strikers are too similar to form a good partnership. A Morata or Belotti type of striker would suit Costa and our team. Both Lukaku and Costa are not very good at playing with others around them. Some may not agree put I personally want Costa to go or we bring in a forward such as Morata and make them 1st choice, but I am not sure Costa could live with that and we all know what Costa is like when the toys come out. We need a forward that can play with others Batshyaui is actually good at this but he is not at the level we need. I really think Morata is Conte desired signing and I can understand why , Morata completes what Costa lacks in a way. Lukaku is like a downgrade of a Costa type striker. Morata and Costa could make a good partnership only issue is I would make Morata 1st choice as I think he would improve the 343 system to work better. Quite a lot of our play breaks down with Costa. It would be even worse with Lukaku.
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    Kante's passing can be very hit and miss at the best of times, what really bothered me the most was his complete lack of awareness and decision making. He made passes where all he was doing was putting his fellow team mate under pressure, resulting in giving away possession. Although, he wasn't the only one guilty of this either. Don't think I've seen a game where out players have been so frequently dispossessed or couldn't control the ball due to poor touch. That really set the tone.
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    And let's remember - we're still champions of England, and Arsenal are still in the Europa league. And Spurs won nothing.
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    Gutted. Totally gutted to lose to them and miss out on the Double but even more so by how flat and flat-out poor we were today. Arsenal wanted it far more than us throughout and - despite an actually horrific refereeing performance by Anthony Taylor (no surprises there, then) - were thoroughly deserving winners. I do think the early goal and the manner of it with the offside/not offside confusion plus the handball element really threw us. However there's simply no excuse for how flat our players looked for an FA Cup Final! Goodness gracious that's unforgivable. Obviously can't hold Conte to account over that as he's just masterminded the most wins in a league season ever and we've dominantly won a Premier League title we weren't even expected to compete for, but my... it's hugely disappointing to see that showing. Looked like we'd been celebrating winning the league non-stop all week. Arsenal were good but we never tested their makeshift defence - WHY OH WHY OH WHY OH WHY were we firing long aerial balls to Costa up against Mertesacker?! Surely the players themselves could see that wasn't working?? Matic had one of his very worst performances ever in a Chelsea shirt in that first half. I'd be fully with Droy if he was always like that. Today showed we should be looking again to strengthen in the middle of the pitch as we lost the battle there. All the basics we were doing wrong, heavy touches, poor short passes, poor passing decisions, Hazard not shooting in the first half(!!) which is a major flaw in his game preventing him from becoming even better than he is. Even players slipping over all over the pitch. Just so disappointing. Then the most criminal parts of all: Moses diving when on a booking (honestly what the f&cking hell was he thinking? Thanks) and then actually equalising with 10 men only to F&CKING P&SS IT AWAY SECONDS LATER!!!! How on EARTH is Ramsey free for that header? Our wing-back was sent off not a centre-back. Dreadful and p&ssed away a genuine chance to still actually win it with 10 men. It reminded me of that CL QF away at Man Utd in 2011 when Drogba equalised on the night and they went straight up and scored seconds later. The blood boils, it really does. The only consolation today is that it was a major wake-up call to Conte, Abramovich and whoever else is involved in our transfers that major investment and strengthening this summer is needed if this squad is to compete on four fronts. This may not have been heeded had we won. It's not really a consolation but it's something to take from today. A phenomenal season, one of our very best ever, in which our players dared to be great but not go one step beyond. Champions of England with the most wins ever and we'll have to make do with that, thank you very much. (As much as the Community Shield means nothing I would quite like us to beat Arsenal in that) KTBFFH!
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    Annoying - that's what it is. A sh*t way to end the season, but it's been a very, very good season and in a few days time, winning the title will be the overriding memory of it. We'll come back, do what's necessary in the summer and we'll go again. Turning up in the Community Shield and putting Arsenal in their place will be a good start.
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    With a name like that it was written in the stars.
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    The TREBLE !!!!!!
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    Me too. Once I got to secondary school, even people my own age reckoned there was no such thing as Twizzle. I must have been a very early TV watcher. I wonder why they stopped repeating it? Created by Gerry Anderson, I wonder what he did after that. Click here only if your are both old and nostalgic. "I cost two and sixpence. I'm so expensive that I think I'll have to stay in the toy shop forever".
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    Yes. Torres is a great example. Lampard scoring against us likewise. JFH scoring against us another. The JM homecoming second time and the hiring of Rafa. We (well most) didn't change our mind about Rafa just because he won something for us. We still stuck to our guns because he quite clearly wasn't one of us. Our away support is only rivalled by Man U's away support imho. There's an awful long way down to Liverpools, Arsenals and Spurs away fans. The Bridge could be better but I blame all the tourists and the location. But our real fans are ****ing amazing. I had the absolute pleasure of watching nearly all our games live between 2008-2012. Time of my life I tell you.