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    A few points. 1. This was an excellent game of football. The speed, the technical ability and the spirit of the game was all amazing advertising for the Premier League. How often do you walk away from a game against Liverpool being able to say "1-1 was a fair result" after having had Daniel Sturridge score an absolute screamer in the 89th, and you don't even have to do it through gritted teeth? How often do you see the two managers embracing at the final whistle laughing? The ref did an excellent job as well. 2. We are two months in and Sarri has transformed us completely with only two new players. Imagine how good we can be in a few months time? As others have hinted at, we are a few signings away from being genuine challengers to City. A striker and another attacking mid/winger and we are there. 3. There has been much made out of Sarri-ball and it's likely success against better sides. We have played two top 6 challengers and still not lost. Two at home and one away in a cup with strong line-ups. Our downfall this season won't be a leaking defence, it'll be our non-scoring strikers. 4. I see top 3 as our main goal this season with good cup runs as an added bonus. My ratings, 433: Arrizabalaga: 8 - Looking more and more confident for eacg game and his distribution has also generally improved. Some excellent saves yesterday Azpilicueta: 6 - Probably our worst performer on the night Rüdiger: 7 - Good solid game from Toni Luiz: 9* - Much like Cahill in midweek, Luiz was our focal point in defence. He led us defensively and took charge of the build-up phase. Created chances from his CB position - that's why he's the first CB in the team - he's unique. His face after Sturridges equaliser. It pained him... Alonso: 7 - Solid if a bit uninspiring. He didn't get much done in attack but being faced with Salah would always restrict him Kanté: 7 - Worked incredibly hard as always and is better with the ball then given credit for. But I'm expecting more from him to justify his inclusion Jorginho: 8 - His first 45 was a strong 8 and MoM. His second a 6. When given time he's world class, when under pressure it's different Kovacic: 8 - Brilliant game yet again. Excellent movement, passing and dribbling. Sublime assist to Hazard Willian: 7 - Good performance by Willian and he kept Robertson quiet Giroud: 6 - Worked hard for the team but had little to offer in attack Hazard: 8 - Great goal and was our main attacking threat as usual Subs: Morata: 6 - Came on and looked a bit feisty, more hungry Barkley: 6 - Not sure whether Sarri doesn't feel Kovacic can play 90 mins still because it was a strange sub Moses: 6 - I'm not expecting miracles. He came on and tried his best. Goals: 1-0 Hazard (Kovacic) 1-1 Sturridge () Finally, let us finish with a quote from Sarri: "The match was beautiful. I am happy with the performance, I am disappointed they scored in the last few minutes but I feel the draw is the right result. "Hazard can score 40 goals this season, I really think this. He is a great player and a great man. "We have started only two months ago I think [we are doing] very well. Maybe they [Liverpool] are one step ahead but I am starting to think we can recover in one season." Harsh. He has looked below his usual high standards over the last two games. Hopefully just something temporary. How is Fabregas supposed to handle that level of intensity? It was the right move to not start him but surely he'd have been a better option than Barkley?
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    Agreed Martin. Far too many on here determined to be negative whatever happens.
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    Bitching about it most days in most places yes. (But he clearly wasn't bitching about it if you read the text). Highlighting the need to be playing regular club football at a press conference for the Danish press on the first day of International fortnight - that seems pretty reasonable to me.
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    I think increasingly Rudiger is irreplaceable. We haven't seen that kind of pace in the back 4 since Gallas. top top player.
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    Pretty easy win in the end. We were oh so dominant first half, but tired a bit second half in our press. Still undefeated! Man U at home next. Onwards and upwards! My ratings in a 433: Arrizabalaga: 7 - Didn't have much to do and what he had to do he did well Azpilicueta: 6 - Struggled, like Alonso, a bit with Sotons 343 and three wide players on each side Rüdiger: 8 - A rock Luiz: 7 - Showcased his insane passing from defence in the first half Alonso: 6 - Struggled, like Azpilicueta, a bit with Sotons 343 and three wide players on each side Kanté: 7 - Still struggles imo. Increasingly hard to justify him starting over some of the other CMs Jorginho: 7 - Amazing first half, didn't influence the tempo of the game to the same degree second half Barkley: 8 - One goal and one assist. Worked hard and provided nice balance throughout Willian: 7 - Worked hard and had some neat and nible feet at times but didn't threathen enough Giroud: 7 - Nice focal point for the attack and got an outrageous assist Hazard: 8* - Main attacking threath again. One goal an one assist Subs: Morata: 7 - Good movement and looked hungry. Got a chance served on a silver platter but missed of course. Still got his goal in the end from a similar move Pedro: 6 - Ddidn't do anything that caught the eye Kovacic: 6 - Caught a real nasty tackle from Ings that could have ended up with a very serious injury Goals: 0-1 Hazard (Barkley) 0-2 Barkley (Giroud) 0-3 Morata (Hazard)
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    Sounds like you reckon he is whatever you chose him to be. That figures.
  9. 1 point
    Cesc is what he is. An Arse & Barc reject. Will never be a true blue.
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    Droy is highly adept at taking the one thing which supports his stance and he had expected 6. Question Cesc relying on an uncontrolled backheader from little Willian (against a CB) to assist the tightly marked and hopelessly misfiring Morata? Against exhausted part-timers in the 70th minute Cesc finally gets one right or was he simply keeping the ball alive? At least twice he emphatically confirmed that he is an absolute liability defensively. Some will dismiss it, but as he is way too slow to play up front, he simply has to perform basic defensive duties which he is patently unable to do against any level of opposition. Jorgie isn't great defensively, but Cesc makes him look a cross between JT & Maka.
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    I love the football , like the man , an beginning to despise the club . It's evident to me that "whoever" is the coach becomes pressurised by the board to win every competition they enter . This leads to nobody ever getting a chance because , quite frankly the coach is scared for their job . Conte touched on it last season and this stupidly selected squad proved that already Sarri hasn't got the support to enable to take a punt on a player . They could call up half a dozen of us and we'd give this lot a game . This is farcical management from the top downwards. Dismantle the academy .
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    Well that ain't going to happen mate. We need some semblance of continuity and changing everyone bar the keeper won't wash. Pedro will start assuming he's fully recovered as he will need the time to sharpen up. Don't go into these games thinking you're playing the Dog and Duck 2nd XI or it will end up biting you in the arse.
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    Whether Fabregas does or doesn't play, stuffing a bunch of virtual amateurs 6-0 will not "show" Sarri anything about dealing with well organised Premier League defences.
  14. 1 point
    ...of postmen and taxi drivers.
  15. 1 point
    I guess the TV companies do need to keep the league alive. From my pov Liverpool's league run ended on Saturday and it will be a long jog home for City from now on. The bookies might as well pay out now, and the TV companies should be concentrating on Liverpool's form in the LC which er.... Oh
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    1. Yes, let's assume that EVERY chance our opposition has had should have resulted in a goal, while at the same time pretend we have scored on every chance we have got yeah? Others may focus on us playing attractive football, not having lost 7 games in while enjoying a 15-5 GD. I cannot for the life of me understand any Chelsea fan who isn't ecstatic over what we see now. Especially considering you don't have to go many months back to find us stuck with a manager more interested in trying to nullify Brighton at home by playing 5311 and only Hazard and Morata as attacking players. Yep, things are really looking bleak now aren't they? Also, what frailties at the back? We score more and concede less compared to last season. 2. Yes if only those bloody wingers would start doing their jobs eh? Hazard 7 goals in 5 starts, Pedro 3 goals in 6 starts and Willian 2 goals in 7 starts. Those are our top 3 scorers so far this season so not entirely sure what your point is. Giroud has 0 and Morata has 1.
  17. 1 point
    I did. It was either that or paeons of praise from the press for an opportunistic 'wonder-goal' which, had it missed, would have been written off as youthful enthusiasm by a player trying to get one back on his old employer. Let's hope that there are no more "oh feck" moments after 89 minutes for the rest of the season. Disgruntled.
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    Gonna say it after I was critical last season but he has matured and stepped up a level. He now turns up for the big games as well or has so far. Just the one game at west ham where perhaps the oppo deserve credit rather than looking at our playrrs
  19. 1 point
    Droy doesn't rate player keeping Fabregas out of the side shock.
  20. 1 point
    We got worse as the game went on, and all 3 subs weakened us. Moses and Morata should be nowhere near this team, we missed Pedro big style
  21. 1 point
    Oh yer then. Maybe it's our pitch!!!!
  22. 1 point
    So b***** what? Is that all he can come up with? And the last time they actually won anything was the league cup in 2012. I've decided I can't waste any more energy on despising Liverpool and their idiot cheerleaders. I'm just going to let it pass over me. They're not worth it.
  23. 1 point
    ...Oh I never stop to contemplate but did you stop to contemplate what happens next if we get Spurs/Arsenal/City in the next round ....do we do the same again yes? And if we then start getting to the latter stages when we can smell a cup final do we do the same again yes? And when the FA cup starts we do the same again yes? And if at the end of the season we are fighting for a CL place, do we then forget about that and save the best players for the FA cup yes? Crazier things have happened my friend. Nobody hates Liverpool more than me...I hate them so much I can taste it. But they now have one less comp to worry about in pursuit of the league title. Yes think about that phrase for a moment ...Liverpool - Premier League Champions. This defeat makes that goal a little bit easier for them and a little bit harder for us. Feck this comp because it means nothing. If we get to the final I will want to win it but I do not want to sacrifice a single league point because of it. If we miss top four by one point Hazard (and maybe others) will go and our power of attraction as a top club will be diminished further., so if you please Sarri, kids all the way from now on. I can honestly say that if we had lost last night , I would have put the kettle on, put my feet up, opened a kitkat and flicked over the channel. The match at the weekend is the only thing that matters. They know and we know it (well I thought we did).
  24. 1 point
    I love his after match interviews. Asked if that was one of his best goals he said that it is up there in his top 5. It was a good goal because it was against Liverpool. Proper Chels.
  25. 1 point
    Firstly, it's always great to beat Liverpool - regardless of the competition. With that out of the way I can't help but feel indifferent about the performance overall. For the first 30 minutes or so I thought we looked good, moved the ball well and had some good chances to score. That's about where it ended though for me. Once Liverpool started to press us more and lifted their intensity, particularly in the second half, we looked slow and cumbersome. Too many sloppy turnovers and poor decisions when on the ball. We really struggled getting the ball out from the back and we were fortunate to not concede a couple of goals. Fought well towards the end and got some luck scoring from the rebound of Barkley's header. Then the sheer brilliance of Hazard rifling one home was the icing on the cake. Although, the result shouldn't paper over some of the glaring issue we do have - even though there was rotation had. Would also like to point out how bloody good Cahill was for 90 minutes. For me, he's still our best CB option and was a solid presence tonight. Won what he needed to win in the air, showed his strength and experience positionally, along with doing what he needed to do with the ball at feet. All that was missing was a towering header from a corner into the back of the net. Elsewhere I thought Christensen really struggled and showed some poor awareness to the situations around him. Emerson looked sluggish defensively and Liverpool were able to exploit this in the second half by getting in behind. While I'd have to say this was one of Azpilicueta's worst games I've seen him play. In midfield I thought Barkley played well for 60-70 odd minutes. Made a few poor decisions with his passing, but there were still a number of positives including how hard he worked off the ball. I think with some more time out there he'll continue to grow. Did well with his header that ultimately allowed Emerson to score. Willian was typically frustrating as usual. Gets into good areas and then tops off it off by poor execution or decision making. Fabregas's influence wained the longer the game went on. He just doesn't have the legs these days to play a full 90 minutes in games that see the pace of the game upped. Once he started to get overran a little Liverpool managed to stake more control of midfield as the game went on. Moses was neither here nor there. Got into a few good positions but his final ball was once again his downfall. Unlikely to make much of a push for a regular role under Sarri. Upfront Morata did a couple of nice things early on but overall didn't really have much impact on the game in any regard. Was wasteful with his two great chances and didn't do much in the way of bringing others into play. Was also being sucked out of the CF area which was frustrating because there were a few occasions when Emerson has the ball and could have whipped it into the box expect Morata was no where to be seen. Didn't do much to suggest he should play ahead of Giroud any time soon. With Liverpool next in the league, I'm sure the intensity will be raised further.
  26. 1 point
    God bless you Khobar. I know you will be laughing up there tonight.
  27. 1 point
    I think he gets an assist for the Hazard goal though. Set it up on a plate ;)
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    Morata's greatest contribution this season is blocking the view of the VAR to see if Barkley is offside.
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    We’re a capable centre forward away from being a good team.
  30. 1 point
    lol CHO better get some minutes.
  31. 1 point
    You can picture the line " ...but of course the real test will come this Saturday when the two teams meet in the league"
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    He made two yesterday: one in the first half to Giroud and again to Willian in the second half. Both balls over the top putting the attackers in great positions but unfortunately wasted. They seemed like killer passes to me anyway.
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    Issues the way I see it 1. Lack of an express pace winger who can breeze past players (Like CHO) 2. Lack of a striker who can occupy centre backs (Like Drogba or Costa) The problem is that Hazard and Willian are too similar. Both dwell on the ball, like to come deep and start attacks. We could have done with Pedro today. With the available players I would have done the following differently: Have Kovacic play on the right instead of Kante and instruct him to make runs to support Giroud Have Alonso at a very high position on the left with Kante playing slightly deeper to cover the side Have CHO on the bench
  34. 1 point
    He only plays when he's angry for getting dropped, once he wins his place he goes into cruise control.
  35. 1 point
    No need for Cahill, Dave could have moved to CB and Zappa come in at RB.
  36. 1 point
    That's the trouble with Conte's Chelsea , they can't play two games a week. Oh. Wait.
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    Perhaps. IMO Zappa is good enough to keep as part of a future core. So on the assumption that over next 12 months we should release 6 players to bring in 2 or 3 better ones, Moses is on his way out and Zappa stays. Mind you I was sold on Zappa on his first start for us.
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    Collymore was mentioned a couple of pages back https://foreverwestham.com/2018/09/premier-league/collymore-praises-arnautovic/
  40. 1 point
    If Arnautovic was available I would go for him for the right price. Very underrated player. Great with both feet, strong, quick, technically good ,decent link up play too. He would suit both Hazard and Pedro. His attitude would probably be the main risk and sometimes inconsistent .
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    Played some lovely football at times, again. Seriously lacked a centre forward, again. Our problem this season was always going to be the lack of a top quality striker. If we still had Costa I'd expect us to challenge on all fronts, as it is we should stop have enough to finish in the top 4 but we seriously need to find one from somewhere. Jorginho is absolutely key to how we want to play, we lost all shape and tempo when he went off.
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    Surely would’ve been the time to play Hudson-Odoi and Ampadu in such a weak group? COME ON YOU CHELS!!!
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    I was told to type 'gobshite' into the search facility of google maps today and see where it takes you too. Quite appropriate result really 😂 Probably been around for years, but it was new to me.
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    I need a cliche like I need hole in the head. 😜
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    The referee was abysmal. You're right, he stopped the game for non head injuries (and one of them he actually wanted a contested drop ball despite us having comfortable possession and it being a Cardiff player down), then later he stopped the game for a head injury and gestured towards his head to say "head injury", so if he knows the laws, he knows he shouldn't stop the game for a non head injury. In the first half Luiz took a quick free kick, and a Cardiff player, no more than 4 or 5 yards away, deliberately intercepted it and the referee allowed him to play on. To cap it off, he completely tried to bottle giving the penalty. He waited to see what the lino was doing.......flag incredibly stayed down, then after a few seconds pointed to the spot. He was really hoping the linesman was going to get him out of having to make a decision (guess). To be fair, the midfield are currently learning a completely new set of directions. We are 5 games in, and we have won 5. Staying competitive (100% record so perhaps understating) whilst transitioning system has been an unexpected bonus. On the 2nd part, Kante is / was never a pure DM like Makelele. At his best Kante is allowed to roam and hunt the ball down all over the park. The key difference this year is that Kante is playing for a team that wants to dominate possession, rather than surrender it and counter attack. De-facto, for the majority of the game, Kante is unable to perform his best attribute (recovering the ball) because we have it. In the same way, we are seeing a better Hazard, Willian, Pedro because we have the ball, which plays to their strengths. For all of Kante's strengths, and I am huge fan of his, he doesn't have the same technical ability to play keep ball like some of our other players. At home against the league's weakest teams, I am not sure I would pick him. Additionally - at home against teams who won't move out of their half, Saturday showed why Giroud has to play over Morata. His strength and hold up play is far superior. If he had speed, he would be Drogba / Costa esque
  47. 1 point
    Speaking of biased tw#ts, anybody listening to Jonathan Pearce commentary on MOTD? Hating every Chelsea goal as it goes in and reminding everyone that the Chelsea squad cost more than Cardiff at every opportunity. He almost had an orgasm when Bamba scored mind. Also f##k off Neil Warnock!
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    Kovacic should score that. He even looks at the keeper who is already on the floor...
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    I am not trying to sound patronising here but have you had the oppotunity to watch him live? I ask as I have witnessed most of his performances owing to my season ticket and ability to go to most of our games away as well. From my perspective Bats all round game is really really poor. I say this as he is an incrediably static forward, as he makes hardly any discernable runs off the ball, his close controll is average at best and he is not able to hold the ball up either. For me, the only way he makes it here is if we go two up front and tell him to literally play the width of the posts and try to only play between the penalty spot and six yard area as he only real quality of note is his finishing. Honestly, when I see him play I struggle to think of a forward that has been as poor as him and have to go back to Furlong. As Kezman at least had an ability to get around and make a bit of a nuisance of himself. Furthermore, this playing style of his also explains why he has been noticeable booed by Chelsea fans before and his substitution celebrated because whilst he has decent stats these mask his all round game. This constrast with Morata who whilst having poor stats generally gets the backing of the crowd (bar the back end if last season when he kept falling down) as he does a lot of good work off the ball that is not necessarily noticed. Now do not get me wrong, Morata needs to go through a remarkable up turn or be replaced. However, Bats is in no way or shape the answer.