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  1. 5 points
    We can play Malcolm in the middle.
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    All of the above and much MUCH more. I know Kev and some others don't agree but I'm truly gutted. Cesc didn't want to leave, his family are settled in London, but Sarri, having said how important Cesc was to him, then proceeded to prove the exact opposite. He wants to play a different way which doesn't suit Cesc and as it's proving really successful (not) he has to go. Obviously he was passed his peak blah blah blah but I'm proud he played for us. I never felt he wanted to be back at Arsenal and actually felt he cared about playing for Chelsea. And I don't get that feeling with most of our players sadly. He looked genuinely upset yesterday. Top pro, intelligent and articulate with vast experience and a truly gifted player. A real gem let go too early. Never mind, we'll get some mediocre nobody in who promises much and delivers nothing, but it doesn't matter, as long as he's under 30. :-((((((
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    We are as far as I can recall the only club who's manager "had" to appear on TV to highlight the fact that we never got penalties . I've been banging on about bias and manipulation of league results on here for donkeys years and get laughed out of the place constantly . We even had a Premier League referee come out and admit they were encouraged to "manage games" and that he had "managed" our game against Spurs by failing to book any of their players which enabled them to kick us all over the park and led to the club being fined for "failing to control" their players when the crimes were all of Spurs concoction. There is no doubt in my mind that SKY , the Premier League and the PGMOL are in this together , manipulating games where they can to ensure ratings are high and kept high , the written media desperate for anything resembling a story , gobble any scrap they are thrown and again I am certain they are also being "influenced" to write up their reports in a certain light to maintain the narrative . Now it appears as well as not getting penalties that City , Liverpool , Spurs and United get we are now also being denied marginal offside decisions that would lead to goals for the other sides mentioned but not for us. It's difficult to disallow a marginal goal for Liverpool or Spurs or United when the media will highlight it , not so difficult to do the same for Chelsea when literally nobody is interested other than us . We as a club should start highlighting what is happening but we won't in the misguided thought that if we are nice and play by the rules then everyone else will . I'd put my mortgage on the fact that if we came up with half the strokes City were pulling in regards to FFP we'd be serving a lengthy ban now . The club really needs to start standing up for themselves instead of trying to be the good guys all the time. Mike Riley , the man who almost murdered Petr Cech , booking him as he crawled off the pitch with a fractured skull at Reading , was promoted to the head of the PGMOL and it is his philosophy of game management that is allowing the results of the game to be manipulated , he should be sacked immediately and prosecuted for fraud in my opinion . The laws of the game should be applied evenly not applied in whichever way the ratings won't suffer . I cannot see how any right minded supporter cannot see that we are simply not being dealt a fair hand in this from all sides of the media , the public have been constantly manipulated by false accusations and made up stories to see us as the anti Christ of football clubs whether it's our club being owned by a Russian henchman of Putin , Our Captain being racist , his family dealing drugs and stealing , our players cheating , diving and being dirty . These things are played out on a daily basis , every media story is slanted to make us look bad , stupid or both . It's a campaign , and it's working , and the club are taking it laying down .
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    Here he comes the Edward scissorhands of posters - like sarri taking notes during a games he comes flying out of the traps dissecting everyone's posts.
  5. 3 points
    Not that I am against the Klopp love-in (even though I am) but, seriously, the players he chose were no-brainers. He just had a lot more money to spend and far less of a bumbling transfer chief than us. I mean, Allisson was chased by us as well, VVD everyone wanted, Shaqiri was always a good squad filler, Fabinho and Keita have flopped (these were the only 2 risky transfers)... The guy acquired 3 players that were no-brainers. The problem is that Chelsea do a lot of unnecessary haggling. I mean, we buy Kepa who may one day grow into the role but play hard ball with Allissons valuation, we buy Emerson instead of Sandro, Giroud instead of Dzeko, Morata instead of Lukaku, Bakayoko and Drinkwater instead of Oxlade-Chamberlain, stick with Giroud instead of taking Higuain on loan... That is a whole lot of failed transfers. A whole lot of decisions that were utter mistakes. Now, we're arguably going to lose CHO and RLC as well because we hired a manager who has a history of being stubborn and rigid. All for Kovacic - a player who is clearly not that great and on loan! If the club wanted someone to play poor football, ignore the future players, outcast half the squad, and complain a whole lot to the media then we were much better off sticking with Conte. At least Conte was successful! The club needs to start holding people accountable. Heads need to roll because we are well and truly stagnating as a club. We have gone from competing every year with City and United for league titles to basicallly competing with Arsenal and a hugely regressed United while still spending comparable amounts to Liverpool and City. The problem is the manager is blamed every year.
  6. 3 points
    Haha predictive text - ridiculous, Droy wouldn never cheat on Mourhino!.
  7. 2 points
    sThere hasn't been a single player in our club who has earned their wages this evening , every one on them has been sub par other than Kepa . Sarri is clueless , you can have whatever philosophy you like but if your team can't defend and you can't score goals you deserve the sack . He's chosen Jorginho over Cesc , he was wrong . He's chosen Hazard as a false nine , he was wrong He's curbed any attacking instinct Barkley has and was wrong He's left Giroud and Morata with no doubt where they stand in the club and he's wrong He's playing Kante and Hazard in positions and with roles they are uncomfortable with and was wrong . He's inhibited Alonsos freedom to get forward by changing a proven formation to another proven not to work and was wrong . He's persisted with Willian who's been stealing a living and was wrong He's failed to properly incorporate the fringe players into the squad and was wrong He's failed to incorporate youth into the side and now our best one is leaving an he's wrong . He's got to go .
  8. 2 points
    It was ALWAYS the case that the police made mistakes, that the FA made mistakes, that Sheffield Wednesday FC made mistakes... and that some, if not many, Liverpool fans also contributed to the events that day. To try and pin the blame on one man like this is absolutely disgusting. Things like Hillsborough don't happen because of just one thing, but a convergence of many things happening together. Football hooliganism (of which Liverpool fans cannot be absolved) led to fans being penned in at most grounds. Crumbling stadia and lack of H&S legislation at the time contributed. Fans getting drunk and staying in the pub until the last minute, rather than getting there sober and ahead of time contributed. Confused communication between stewards, police outside the ground and police inside contributed... and so on, and so on.
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  10. 2 points
    There is a difference between discusing speculatuion and potential targets with those who get genuinely angry about things that haven't happened.
  11. 2 points
    Something has clearly gone wrong in our transfer policy if every January we’re looking to sign ageing strikers to patch up our lack of a goal threat.
  12. 2 points
    If we're talking sportsmen it's got to be Lance Armstrong . All those wins . When I was on drugs I couldn't even find my bike .
  13. 2 points
    On Tammy Abraham, get the ball into the box and he'll score you goals, so will Michy, so will Morata & so will Giroud. If you accept that the common theme is get the damn ball into the box as early as you can, the four strikers we have will get goals - Problem is we don't though, for a number of reasons - deep lying defences etc. What TA has currently that the others won't have is confidence and that's a really, really big advantage over the others, the other trait that he's showing (at Championship level anyway) is anticipation, he's that fraction of a second quicker of thought and movement than defenders. Whether that would through at PL level is the gamble. If we can't get a permanent striker solution in this window, I'd bring TA back - My guess is he'd get more goals than the ones we have currently, whether his other contributions are good enough to balance out any deficiencies in general play is a roll of the dice.
  14. 2 points
    https://www.goal.com/en-ng/amp/news/former-chelsea-star-john-Obi-mikel-quits-chinese-side/kpnt6ehz8gug1nx0jbrynwiib Ideal solution if we're looking for back-up to Jorginho...
  15. 2 points
    Maurizio is that you checking CFCnet while having a fag round the back of SB
  16. 2 points
    Bit racist mate. Our club also has fans from all over the world.
  17. 2 points
    It really is quite staggering. 3 years on and the Clat still hasn't worked out how stupid his comments on that game sound. * "There would have been few complaints if I had sent off four players that night but equally I could have been accused of ruining what was a great game. No matter what I had done, I don't think I could have won." Football could have won (not quite sure why he doesn't say 4 Spurs players, or mention some of the staggeringly brutal fouling that was the main issue, aside from the spiteful windups). Now he is hinting Spurs won't get away with it because of VAR. Essentially an admission that he knew he was doing wrong but also knew he could get away with it. Man has no shame. * Reminds me of Graham Poll bragging about the time SAF called him up on his private mobile.
  18. 2 points
    BT have the lead singer of Showaddywaddy on as the expert summariser in the Arsenal game . My mistake it's Tony Adams dressed as a member of Showaddywaddy.
  19. 2 points
    And he makes it look so easy; beats his man, looks up, and swings his boot. Every cross I have seen from him has the right pace, height and placement. I really don't know what Sarri is watching. A player who can beat his man in the wide area and put in a good cross is such an indispensable weapon to have, Sarriball or not.
  20. 2 points
    Makes no difference at all to our CL hopes. We were never going to finish above either team, whatever the score yesterday. We're in exactly the same situation now, trying to finish ahead of 2 out Spurs, Arsenal and United.
  21. 2 points
    His identity is different to City. Both are attacking possession based but the way Pep lines up his 433 is with an holding no.4 and two no.8’s. This is how City get extra goals and creativity from midfield. Two of the no.8’s support the the full backs and winger going forward or sometimes just the wingers causing 3vs2 or 2vs1 situations in wide areas which makes it easier to get in behind and play it into the box. They always look for the wingers to make runs in behind usually from a one-two pass and produce cut backs where 3 or 4 players are waiting in the box. The full backs rarely make runs inside as it causes congestion and they are out wide keeping the width all game. They never get into the box waiting to score from a cross. The no.4 focuses fully on breaking up play and attempting smart fouls to slow the game and counter attacks. Compare this to our current system which is different in many ways. We usually play a regista that is focused on moving the ball and recycling possession. He is not very good at breaking up play or in quick transitions . That makes us play a no.6 who has the hardest role in the team having to stay close to the regista and protect him in quick transitions but also to try and do some attacking which means he can get caught in two minds. Then we only have one no.8 who for most games is actually a no.6 too in Kovacic. He has to protect a LB who goes forward and does not recover well enough in transitions. This also makes the “no.8” slightly more defensive minded than he probably needs to be causing him to take less risks in the final third and less of an attacking presence. Not to mention this midfield 3 combination gives us no attacking presence making us very reliant on the front 3 to always get goals. We also have full backs that do not stay wide enough and are usually too narrow with one full back thinking this is still a 343 formation in which he had permission to enter the box for crosses. If this is the identity for the long run with Sarri then he is doomed. His combination of players that he picks is usually wrong for these types of games. Obviously I am guessing this is not what Sarri intended his team to look like but until he switches certain players or a tweak in the system this is what we are going to look like against most teams that parks the bus and play counter attack. Teams have figured out our weaknesses and we have not been able to counter them due to picking the same combination of players in the same system. We are not on poor form, we have simply been found out and need a new identity or way to play that opponents find harder to play against. If this requires changing the system or some players then so be it but that is all down to Sarri.
  22. 2 points
    When you break it down though, is it any wonder we don’t create many chances, but keep loads of clean sheets when you consider the following: We play with a midfield 3 but none are out and out “attacking” eg Isco, Erikson, De Bruyne, Silva etc. Our right-back is a defender first and foremost. Never breaks the defensive line and tends to play safety first - which is fine, in isolation, because he’s class defensively. Our left-back does get forward but never behind their defence as he doesn’t have the pace to get back. If anything it can add to more congestion in the box at times. Willian starts most of the games in the front 3, works hard but doesn’t score/create enough.... Which leaves just 4 outfield players remaining. Two of those are centre-backs and one is Hazard who we rely on week in, week out. When he’s not at the races like tonight, we just don’t have anything else.
  23. 2 points
    Well I'm definitely more on Marks side of the fence on this one. My opinion for what it's worth (and we are ALL speculating because Droy, 'a lot of Italians bought' is not a smoking gun. This club has a history of doing lots of business with italy), the board has the final say on everything. Of course it does as they write the cheques. Now if Conte suggested a player to the board, and made his case and the board agreed, they might well have made an offer. But if Conte suggested a player and the board disagreed with his choice, I reckon he didn't have a snowballs chance in hell of even a derisory offer being made. I suspect the latter is what happened most of the time. I don't know for sure but I'm basing my viewpoint on the things I see and hear with my own eyes and ears. I see Conte angry/grumpy, non smiling. I see him change from his usual sharp suit into a tracksuit while making comments such as "I am only the coach". I hear (admittedly indirectly but widely reported) that he and Marina had a huge bust up and they no longer talk except through a third party. I see him make very very strange team choices and substitutions and then what looks like a loss interest in the title and then top four (some would say verging on sabotage of the team), but I see a real effort to win the FA cup at the possible expense of top 4 . I see a coach apparently daring the club to sack him with a game of "who will blink first " . I see the club bringing him in for two days pre season before sacking him. I see a club leaving statement without a single word of thanks to Conte. I see Conte threatening to sue Chelsea (don't know the validity of that but several media outlets quoted it and Conte has so far not disputed it). I see players photo shopping Conte out of team photos and saying they will never play for him again. It is a picture of complete chaos. Now I don't claim to know everything that went on behind the scenes, but any reasonable person should come to the conclusion that Conte felt the board was supporting him in a number of areas (players definitely ,contract maybe), and Chelsea probably thought that they were paying Conte 9 mill a year to coach and he needs to tow the line and coach. Nothing even hints to me that Conte got anything like all the players he asked for and he just had an issue with his contract length. If Chelsea gave Conte what he wanted and then Conte tells a bare faced lie and said " no they didn't" then he has some serious physiological issues. I suppose we can't totally rule that out but I know where my money is.
  24. 2 points
    He didn't want them though , he didn't want Zappacosta he wanted Candreva , he didn't want Emerson he wanted Alex Sandro , he didn't want Alvaro Morata he wanted Romelu Lukaku . (Lukaku recently admitted as much and has subsequently terminated his contract with Raiola because it transpired he got him to United because they'd pay the agents fee that we wouldn't ) He didn't want Drinkwater who was a panic buy when Matic decided he "had his reasons" and he didn't want Ross Barkley who was still learning to walk and fitted the club's remit of cheap , English and low risk. Imagine why , as the current manager of the Champions who'd on their way to the title had equalled the thirteen game straight wins record , he didn't want to sign for longer when the board had so obviously not rewarded him properly . It's not difficult to see where the falling out was , particularly when he was renowned for not taking things lying down . I'm no Conte apologist his last season was pathetic by professional standards but you're simply making your argument fit your theory and I reiterate you have no proof whatsoever at all that you are correct . None.
  25. 2 points
    Pointless discussion, but how you can get so agitated from your estimate being 10-15m off my estimate is beyond me. But it does make better sense of your negative, arrogant and miserable character. Football is supposed to be fun, but you somehow manage to turn discussions into a boring fact game where everything is dire and anyone who does not spend 20 hours a week watching Serie A is wrong and knows nothing about anything. Merry Christimas, mate!
  26. 2 points
    Willian, Kovacic and Alonso should’ve been dropped a while ago, to get picked after the Leicester game is unbelievable.
  27. 2 points
    45 mins of Willian proving why his numbers are low year in year out. Its either poor execution or poor decision making. Sometimes even both. Full backs have been making poor runs constantly running in field giving us no width. When they need to overlap they usually are a couple steps behind where they should be and that is slowing down the game. Kovacic and Kante combo is not needed when playing against defensive teams. Ruben should be starting either in the front 3 or mid. No way should he be on the bench in such a game. Barely created anything. Leicester have been absolutely awful too.
  28. 2 points
    On RLC, I would say now he is starting to impact games almost every time he plays. Wednesday, the game at Wolves, coming on against City, Fulham and Brighton....... My mjaor doubt over him still is his capability over 90 minutes. Seems to run out of puff in the last 20, but maybe he needs more 90 minutes under his belt. Christensen - time will tell, but I think he is and will be an excellent centre half for years to come. With both Cahill going, and Luiz turning 32 in April, it would be mad to let him go IMO.
  29. 1 point
    Being able to control the ball would be a good start. Utterly useless today.
  30. 1 point
    Christ this is bad. Why are we still persisting with Hazard as false 9? It DOES NOT work, not even close to it. We have no focal point in attack, we get wide and we get to the edge of the are and then we have to go back as we have nobody to aim at and not only that it means we lose Hazard as any kind of threat, he's out the game in that position. We're actively making ourselves worse by playing Hazard false 9. I've been backing Sarri and I won't change just yet, but if he doesn't make a change at half time and doesn't bring on Giroud at HT then I seriously question his judgement. I understand he wants to persist with his system and the players need to learn it and improve in it etc, that's fine, however when it starts to go as badly as this then maybe you need to start changing your system. Next goal is crucial and I'm afraid, it won't be coming from the boys in blue. Poor.
  31. 1 point
    I expect they say he learnt that at Chelsea.
  32. 1 point
    We're not exactly conquering the planet, are we? That is the reason we're debating (sorry about my predictive text, should say moaning) this. We are struggling to score, and at times struggling to defend. At this rate we could easily fall out of 4th position. Any player in the centre of midfield should have energy and pace, plus technical ability, combined. Because you need it going forward or backward. It's obvious that the reason we no longer commit enough players to attack is because the man in the middle can't move. You may disagree with the problem, or the solution, but it is called debate.
  33. 1 point
    If I was a Spud, I would be looking nervously over my shoulder. They have lost Son for a few games, and Kane limped off. Their squad is the smallest out of the top 6 possibly, and they are looking stretched. Sissoko, who is hit and miss also went off injured. Going to be an interesting finale.
  34. 1 point
    What's the point of a buy back clause in the CHO transfer? IF he is sold, he won't be coming back here..best thing is don't sell him..PLAY HIM
  35. 1 point
    Quite right. I think we should give him a proper go next season and when I say a proper go I mean play him week in, week out from the very beginning of the season. There's a serious shortage of top quality strikers, the very best Lewandoski, Suarez, Aguero etc are all at top clubs and over 30, the next best like Icardi, Immobile, Kane, Werner etc are all going to probably end up replacing those or Costa fortune. There's very few players out there we could realistically sign. I'd like to see us get Higuain for the rest of the season, if that is even possible, and then go all in on Tammy next year. I just don't see any alternative, unless we spend an absolute fortune, which I can't see happening.
  36. 1 point
    Niles Crane on for Spurs? :)
  37. 1 point
    I gather you’re not a big fan of this post-modern sanitised world we live in then? And no, it’s not just you.
  38. 1 point
    These crosses in the box are pointless with Hazard up front, seems we seem to do that more when he is playing up front than when we have a No 9
  39. 1 point
    They've been looking for the ball over the top in behind since the whistle blew.
  40. 1 point
    1. How was it backwards step when we won 2 titles with him? He got 20 assists in the 2014/15. Phenomenal. 2. KdB and Salah (in particualr) don't play in his positio. KdB left Chlesea 6 months before Cesc joined, so I fail to see any correlation between them leaving and him joining.
  41. 1 point
    I swear if Alli scores a header against us from an Eriksen cross.
  42. 1 point
    Thing that I’m slightly annoyed about, is that all of the focus has been on Cesc (fair enough he deserves it), but this has overlooked Gary Cahill who’s on his way to Fulham according to multiple reports tonight. Gaz is a chelsea legend, won the lot with us, and would be a shame not to say goodbye
  43. 1 point
    Bottom line is, it was a crap penalty and he made himself look stupid.
  44. 1 point
    thank you city, I wouldnt have been able to stomach the invincible tag. And I had bet on City to win!
  45. 1 point
    So we sign a 20 year old who's playing week in week out in the German league, but all the young talent we have here already are deemed not good enough because they're too young and are not ready. WELL MAYBE IF THEYRE GIVEN SOME GAME TIME, NOT THE ODD 5 MINUTES HERE AND THERE THEY MIGHT BE READY, BUT WE WILL NEVER KNOW AS ALL THE MANAGERS WE HAVE HAD ARE ALL SCARED TO TRUST THEM.. ROLL ON THE TRANSFER BAN OR THE NEW LOAN SYSTEM, AT LEAST WE WILL HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO PLAY THEM
  46. 1 point
    Have to feel sympathy for Giroud, getting harshly flogged offside for two world class finishes, and then twisting his ankle and looking at at least two-three weeks out. Just hope it is not broken. The Morata version coming on looked exactly like the confidence shattered version you would expect after our most expensive and fragile player had been dropped from the squad multiple times in a row. All hope is lost for Morata. How long before we sign a new AM/CF?
  47. 1 point
    Well, he is doing all Alonsos defensive duties so there is that ......
  48. 1 point
    Very relieved to hear the final whistle, we won but we can't expect to finish in the top 4 if we don't make more runs in behind the oppositions backline.
  49. 1 point
    Anyone who saw the level of Spurs passing today will realise we're miles behind .
  50. 1 point
    The right type of additions will help, the problem being is that we're probably looking at needing £400m+ worth of additions to really get back to where we want to be. That's provided Sarri doesn't screw us by alienating more players than he already has, and we manage to keep a hold of Hazard and some of our younger talents. We'll definitely lose Cahill and Moses, likely in January. That leaves Fabregas, Christensen, Zappacosta, and Emerson with uncertain futures moving forward given all seem to be out of favour when it comes to the PL team. That could increase to RLC and CHO depending how they see their first team opportunities in the future. We'll have Luiz out of contract at the end of the season, along with Giroud (Fabregas and Cahill are also in this boat). Then we have Morata's situation, not to mention trying to flog off Drinkwater if he decides to move on. We may or may not also end up keeping Kovavic. To top it off both Pedro and Willian will be 32 and 31 respectively going into next season and in the final years of their contracts. With the areas we already need to strengthen as it is, worst case scenario looks incredibly grim in terms of turnover and the financial implications of replacing so many players. We could end up in a really bad position if we're not careful that may take years to recover from. Best case is that we manage to keep a hold of a few of the players we do have. Hazard commits his future to the club and we go out and sign a few genuine quality players who walk into the first team and immediately improve us. With all that in mind I think it's incredibly important that Sarri learns to adapt better to what he has on hand if we wants to succeed. If he persists with being inflexible with his approach then he'll probably be out the door sooner rather than later.