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    Hey We're all either angry, bemused, irritated, frustrated or losing our innate optimistic confidence with every day - I'm in the last camp. But, seriously, as this is a forum of 'friends' (in the sense that we presumably share the same interest in Chelsea and hopes for the club) I do wonder whether 'venting' your anger so often and vociferously helps you. I'm not being ironic or sarcastic at all, here. I had anger/anxiety problems for years and a key to stopping them was resisting the temptation to indulge in 'reinforcing behaviours' - e.g when angry, do not continuously express the anger - tolerate the feeling, do nothing, it will subside. Again, I stress, this is a fellow Chelsea fan expressing genuine concern for another - not a joke, not facetious. my comment comes from the heart.
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    From the training photos I've seen, everyone seems to be happy, albeit also working hard. What makes you think that "morale is down"? The repetitively depressing posts of some on here shouldn't have you believing the players themselves are as morose as yourself, James, Holymoly, WHYSOSLOWYEH, etc.
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    In my opinion, we have the 3rd best LWB in football, I'd only put Sandro and Marcelo ahead of Alonso. Now, I'm sure people will name players who are faster and dribble better than Alonso, but he'll kill them in every other part of the game; it frustrates me that Alonso isn't even just a tad bit quicker over a long distance, but I still think he is massively underrated and under appreciated. I say we go for a player with a decent fee, that will provide some level of competition but will understand if they don't get picked.
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    I've put myself in his shoes and come to the conclusion that what your presenting is not really different to my previous 4/5 years at Chelsea. In which time, I have established myself as a top player, earning more money than ever before and won major trophies. Yeah I might leave at some point in the future, but probably more because I wanna test myself at a European giant after a good few seasons at Chelsa. Not because you have painted the picture of what I have experienced in last few years at Chelsea.