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    I agree. If we have a problem it is that outside the defenders, only Drogba or Michy contribute to defending set pieces. Mostly Matic does not man mark and when he does (as recently) it can be calamitous as he is neither good in the air nor at sticking with his man. Azpi on the other hand sticks to his man like glue. I'd add that Alli's headed goals against us were all about getting away from the defenders, not about out jumping them, and that players can even get away from Azpi if they spot the man on the ball has time to pick out their run easily - so that they are just running into space, not waiting to see where the ball goes. The latest goal was identical in all but using his feet not head. (Liverpool and Arsenal have scored similar goals - the issue is 90% about players close to our box with time to look up and pass/cross to a running target.) On the whole I am not unhappy. 3 of our defenders are very good in the air, including Cahill who is a mobile giant - and I can remember many years when Ashley Cole was the fourth defender of 4. The time to start worrying about our right sided defence is when fantastic crosses from our right are being put on our LHS.