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    I can't be bothered to look up the stats for the last 12 months. It also feels a bit arbitrary, especially since the football was off for 3 months out of those 12. But over the last season and this (17/18 and half of 18/19), he's scored 22 Serie A goals, 2 Coppa Italia goals, 5 Champions League goals and 2 Europa League goals. That's 31 goals. Over the same time period he's got 11 assists. This season he's got 8 goals and 3 assists. The numbers for Morata over the same time period is: 24 goals and 3 assists. This seasons his numbers are 9 goals 0 assists - where 4 of them has been against rubbish opposition in the FAC and EL. Why use 12 months? Why not the last 6 months? Looking at the last 6 months; Higuain: Serie A 6 goals, Europa League 2 goals. 3 assists. Morata: League 5 goals, FAC 2 goals and EL 2 goals. 0 assists. I don't see how Higuain is a much bigger failure, especially when you consider that he plays in a much more defensive and tactically aware league and for a team that has a lot lower quality compared to Chelsea. I have not looked up the second half of last season of course, but we all know that Morata hardly scored any second half of last season... You are welcome to present your 12 month stats. I'll wait:)
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    Fun line up but defenders and central midfield are very weak .
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    I lack words to describe how bad a signing this would be. Higuan is completely unsuited to PL. He would have struggled in his peak days. And now, overweight, lazy and devoid of any movement, I cannot comprehend what Sarri is thinking. Yet again, the manager seems to be blaming any failure entirely on the players, rather than also have a look at our system. Any suggestion that Higuan would have done better than Morata is simply a joke as far as I am concerned.