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    Jeez Dave. Did you get out of bed the wrong side this morning? I've never, and I don't think anyone has, said that we don't counter attack. It is one of our tools but we have many more tools. But when you say that we are just a counter attacking team, that's when people will have an issue. To quote your reply in another thread, are you able to read.
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    All this semantics - counter-attacking, defensive, attacking, cautious - and no one really mentioning that whatever style we have or employ that it is winning football and infinitely better than the dross served up last season. For whatever reason and whatever you want to call or classify it as, we are top of the pile by a long way, on for an enormous haul of points, a nigh on certainty for the title and still some are whinging for whinging's sake. These forums and threads are so much poorer for the name calling and sniping at each other. It isn't fun to read, it's quite the shame.
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    Personally, I think Bakayoko is not the player we need, as he consistently disappears from large parts of games. Personally, I would have Mendy, Mbeppe, Fabinho and Silva before him, while if looking solely at midfielders, then Veratti, Fabinho and Vidal before him.
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    So if that's the only conclusion that one can take, then it can't be inferred that it's a predominately counter-attacking team as well. Not if that was the only conclusion it was possible to take.
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    Ditto. Whilst on the topic of Luiz, I read someone suggest that if he was English and had a crew cut, he would be regarded by almost everyone as the best CB in the PL and one of the best in Europe. Agree with that entirely. He has been immense since coming back.
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    For sure it always is circular with these two, no matter how many objective points they are presented with. Earlier DMWH said go look at the stats, then said don't as they're dodgy, then said ok let's use the stats again. I think the greater community has a good idea what's going on, particularly when I see a rival team and their manager get more backup than the team and manager we're mean't to be supporting, but what begins as entertainment picking out the inconsistencies and nonsense soon becomes boring as we pine to get back to sensible intelligent debate. Fortunately it's international break now. Although we come back on April 'fools day', I hope that isn't literal. EDIT: No sooner do I write that, Ham demonstrates exactly what I'm talking about^^... ditto.
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    The behaviour of Stoke is the direct byproduct of the incompetence of PL referees. I know Stoke City has history of thuggish behaviour but what would you expect from lower teams when big name teams like Man United are allowed to literally injure players as part of their game tactics. That's all United did in the FA Cup tie - kick all game and the ref did nothing. Something has to be done about this or we'll soon see key players succumbing to injury after injury.
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    Obviously not old enough to remember the Leeds team of the late 60s through much of the 70s then ;-)