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    Costa was outrageously good for us. Never understood the stick he got, I assume some of it has to do with the manager that got rid of him, he was world class in his time here and gave absolutely everything on the pitch. One of my favourite modern day Chelsea players.
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    Best post ever 💙 And it's US who should apologise to YOU but a new page is turning in so many ways 😀
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    ...... Meanwhile the most exciting finish EVER in a cricket match was happening. Arise Sir Ben Stokes. Just incredible.
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    I'm afraid you'll always be met with this sort of slap across the wrists reply if you speak of matters regarding the current political clouds heading our way Nobly. There are many on here amongst those who take that stance who pretend that they're doing so in order simply to keep politics off the forum, when in reality it's the specific content of that which you say that offends them rather the topic in general.
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    I'm not having a pop at Sarri or Conte or any foreign manager, but it felt so good to listen to a coaches thoughts and plans in perfect English. The bit about adapting formations during games and prior to games and making ourselves awkward opponents was particulaly welcome to hear.
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    I don't think anyone thinks of Bats as our future number 9 but this season we have to work with what we have. If we count out Morata we have Tammy, Giroud and Bats . If Lamps is going for a front two we could chuck Pedro into the mix or even Alonso, but Bats is not a bad option imo in a front 2. As an aside the last 2 forwards I remember to work well in tandem and compliment each others strengths and weaknesses were Dixon and Speedie. Although Drogba sometimes worked well with a partner even though he had no weaknesses.
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    Well quite; I'd find my job easier if someone else was doing all the bits I'm crap at!
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    But are you within walking distance of a Tesco Express?
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    The other BRILLIANT aspect is that because you're on a resort island there is nothing for your wife to spend your money on asides from the odd painted coconut. Of course the return flight home via Dubai duty free can become a bit pricey.
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    I'm sorry, but isn't that in itself a line from Carry on You Saucy One?
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    It never bothered me that she left. She's retired from West Ham now though. There's still Instagram. 💙
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    Has he already told Nuno he wants to leave for Athletico again yet or is he waiting until the first time he meets him like last time ?
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    I switched from buying adidas shorts and pants to nike ones because I'm a consumer whore and also the nike ones were a better fit.
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    We had 2 seasons without Costa or Drogba, during which we had Giroud for 18 months. Giroud very much does have the physical strengths of Drogba or Costa, and can play the target man that Conte wanted, the only problem was that he doesn't score much. And in the second of the few seasons Sarri played a completely different passing type of football where the target man of Drogba/Costa/Giroud wasn't needed. Of course we lacked the class and goals of Drogba or Costa, who were both more than worth putting up with a bit of "want-away" behaviour from. But not the physique nor did we use the playing style for long.
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    Right, so Sarri is gone, now we can make even more ludicrous unsubstantiated claims. I seem to remember that Conte left a whole season before Sarri. It's okay for you to keep going back to Conte in order to support Sarri's record, until you are exposed, then you start crying obsession.