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    This is how it started in 2015/16. No squad and then a start where basically every decision went against us for a long run. It's not time to worry, it's time to absolutely panic. If the club doesn't act now, Conte won't be here in January. This is basically what I've been fearing all summer. People have ridiculed me but here we are. We have done it again. Absolutely unthinkable we could be this ****ing stupid but yeah, we ****ing are this stupid. Time to ship the whole structure at the top of the club. Absolute amateurs.
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    Hey We're all either angry, bemused, irritated, frustrated or losing our innate optimistic confidence with every day - I'm in the last camp. But, seriously, as this is a forum of 'friends' (in the sense that we presumably share the same interest in Chelsea and hopes for the club) I do wonder whether 'venting' your anger so often and vociferously helps you. I'm not being ironic or sarcastic at all, here. I had anger/anxiety problems for years and a key to stopping them was resisting the temptation to indulge in 'reinforcing behaviours' - e.g when angry, do not continuously express the anger - tolerate the feeling, do nothing, it will subside. Again, I stress, this is a fellow Chelsea fan expressing genuine concern for another - not a joke, not facetious. my comment comes from the heart.
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    From the training photos I've seen, everyone seems to be happy, albeit also working hard. What makes you think that "morale is down"? The repetitively depressing posts of some on here shouldn't have you believing the players themselves are as morose as yourself, James, Holymoly, WHYSOSLOWYEH, etc.
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    Can he play wingback?
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    In my opinion, we have the 3rd best LWB in football, I'd only put Sandro and Marcelo ahead of Alonso. Now, I'm sure people will name players who are faster and dribble better than Alonso, but he'll kill them in every other part of the game; it frustrates me that Alonso isn't even just a tad bit quicker over a long distance, but I still think he is massively underrated and under appreciated. I say we go for a player with a decent fee, that will provide some level of competition but will understand if they don't get picked.
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    We have the money ✔️ Net spend not much ✔️ Number of weeks left in window ✔️ We are an embarrassment ✔️ Conte will leave ✔️ Incompetent board ✔️ All of these have been noted. You need not mention any of them again if it is just to remind us of your point of view.
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    I think everyone knows that... some of us just don't feel the need to post the same thing twenty times a day, however. Our silence doesn't mean we think all is rosy.
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    Well that was a bizarre game. From where I was sitting Cahill deserved a red and it was incredibly stupid for him to dive in where he did. Our complete collapse that followed I will attribute partly to him and partly to Conte. Considering how depleted we were in forward positions the decision to bring on another defender after the red was very strange. It meant we were playing with 5 genuine defenders with limited attacking ability out of 9 out field players. We were camped in our own half and completely unable to string more than 2 passes together with only Willian and Fabregas possessing the ability to keep the ball. There was also a painfully comic moment in the second half when they had a free kick and the vast majority of our team was in the wall. Batshauyi has a goal in him and is very funny on Twitter but unfortunately not good enough to lead the line on his own for Chelsea and I doubt he ever will be. Today he was completely invisible although not helped by the fact the only other player remotely close to him was Willian who is not exactly the biggest goal threat. He made no runs and every single pass played forward was won by Burnley without a fuss. I think he is a good option to have as a second striker but I would be very worried is he has to start without Morata again in any important games. At half time I was totally distraught and I would by lying if I said thoughts of 2015/16 weren't running through my head. Somehow though I ended the game feeling positive and as bad as we were in the first half I was impressed by how we bounced back in the second. The turning point was clearly the moment that Morata came on. Immediately the game completely changed and the difference between the Batshuayi statue and Morata buzzing around on the last shoulder was stark. He demanded the ball, put himself about and found space in the penalty box. His runs reminded me of Crespo and if anyone is expecting a Costa / Drogba type striker they will likely be disappointed. He is not a battering ram but he has a great touch, is fast and can dribble. He was constantly moving and a total nuisance for the Burnley defence. Clearly a class above any other player on the pitch today and this with no support at all. Simply has to start from here on in and I cannot wait to see him with Hazard and Pedro close by. On further positives Christensen and Rudiger were both very impressive. Have not had an opportunity to re-watch the goals which obviously came from defensive vulnerabilities but from what I saw we have a couple of gems. Firstly Christensen was very tidy in possession, made an impression going forward and faultless in defence. Rudiger on the other hand was a beast and in the first half was one of the only players to turn up. Reminded me of Bailly from United as both are fast, strong and put in very hard challenges. My only worry with him would be his red card potential and there was a few times I was concerned he might just snap someone in half. No serious concerns here though and we need these kind of players especially since we have lost a few hard bastards in the last 12 months. The last thing I want is for us to become soft and we have lost Diego, JT, Ivan and Matic in a short space of time. The referees performance was certainly not enjoyed by the crowd and I tried my best to evaluate him on his performance and not those sitting next to me calling for his head. Not seen any highlights but straight away I was sure Cahill was a goner. Fabregas too probably deserved a second yellow but that does not mean the ref was any good. Alonso was booked after about 30 seconds for nothing and it seemed every time one of our players so much as ran near a Burnley shirt they were getting booked. On the other hand Burnley seemed to get away with many obvious free kicks, unfortunately the kind that never get shown on MOTD. The atmosphere was on a knife edge today but by the end everyone seemed to be fully behind the team and lifted by Morata's cameo. It felt as if a goal was coming even with only 9 men and I have seen a few reports about booing the players. I can say categorically that the boos were clearly directed at the referee and my only disappointment was the ironic cheers when Batshuayi completed a pass and also when he was subbed off. No matter how badly someone plays this is embarrassing and also the chants for Diego were odd. By the end everyone was signing Morata's name as they should do seeing as our favourite Brazilian Spaniard is getting pissed somewhere on a beach in Rio. We are in desperate need of 3/4 players but fortunately our first eleven when available is still one of the best in the league. It is much easier to sign usable squad players than world class first choice players so I am not ready to write our season off just yet. We will get by with Luiz or Christensen in midfield next week against Spurs and in fairness I couldn't see Cesc effecting that game much anyway without any one else to play with on his wavelength. It will be tough and we will not have much of a bench but providing Pedro comes back we should be well placed. Spurs have their own injury issues with no available right backs and Danny Rose is currently on the naughty step. In a weeks time when we leave Wembley with three points this will all seem like a distant memory! :)
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    Morata , Morata Morata , now , **** off child.
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    Willian does his usual stand still and feint move.
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    Can we talk about the ****ing game and not transfers or manager contracts?! Ffs...
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    I properly hate football sometimes
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    I've put myself in his shoes and come to the conclusion that what your presenting is not really different to my previous 4/5 years at Chelsea. In which time, I have established myself as a top player, earning more money than ever before and won major trophies. Yeah I might leave at some point in the future, but probably more because I wanna test myself at a European giant after a good few seasons at Chelsa. Not because you have painted the picture of what I have experienced in last few years at Chelsea.
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    Spot on. Although paying £40m for Drinkwater is still dreadful business given the players we've sold or allowed to leave on loan. Watching us gradually pissing away a generation of talented young players has been and will continue to be hard to watch.
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again- Matuidi is going to Juve for £18 Million. He is precisely the sort of player we need. What the hell are we playing out looking to pay £40 Million for Drinkwater?
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    Easy there Thought Police... It's just my thoughts on what the delay is in the transfer market, and also, it's what I would do if conducting business with a company in the same desperate situation as our club is. We'll all have to wait and see, but if we weren't allowed to give our thoughts in the mean time, then there wouldn't be a need for a transfer thread.
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    Having read the majority of the 4,000 and some pages of this thread over the years it never ceases to amuse me how it appears some people fail to understand the internet. The number of asides (usually revolving around the oeuvre of James or Droy) arising because others take exception to posts that they read as the author maintaining a degree of insider knowledge when clearly they don't and it is purely an opinion expressed forcefully. They need to realise that no-one "knows" about the transfer dealings of the club any more than anyone else on this forum and indeed, if they did they would be advised not to post on these forums as it would quite possibly involve someone losing their job for leaking the information. The internet is a place where everyone shouts really loudly and could care less about the opinions of others. So anyone who thinks they can put the rest of us right by calling BS is probably wasting their time. The majority of us knows this truth and can filter out the rubbish or the hyperbole without getting in a tizz. I suggest the rest of you allow these things to wash off you and you will have a far less sressful time on these forums.
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    Not sure as to why, but the club make 40.91% of our signing AFTER the season has begun. Here's a breakdown in comparison with the rest of the league. http://www.squawka.com/news/when-can-you-expect-your-club-to-make-signings-in-the-transfer-window/971824?amp-on
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    Agree. I have often speculated on what would happen if anyone read this thread with all proper nouns deleted (eg players, clubs, coaches). I suspect they would think they were on the Scunthorpe forum.
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    Thank you, Bob! I tried to make that point in the matchday thread. We could have had a full bench of seasoned pros available, but that wouldn't have prevented the referee sending off our captain after 12 minutes.
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    Surely a bench of serious options gives out manager...more options? More options makes it harder for the opposition manager to figure out what we can change. More options gives us a viable plan B (see last season when we shifted Oscar, Brana, JT and Fabregas from the starting XI). This season, if the first XI doesn't hit the ground running we have no options to change. There are no players available. 15 senior outfielders. 5 of those is for the tree CB positions. We have 10 players for 7 positions (wing backs, CMs, AMs and S). Madness of the highest order. Gurj SS said it well. I also don't think that many have grasped the severity of the situation. 15 senior players for a European top club is beyond poor planning. It's incompetence of the highest order and it's the FOURTH ****ING TIME we've allowed this to happen. No excuses left really. Anyone who says "but there's still a few weeks left of the window" are clearly not tuned in to how severe this situation is. This season is over before it even started and the outcome is oh so predictable. There's only one person who'll pay for this debacle and unfortunately it'll be the wrong person - for the fourth time.
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    Is anyone saying it hasn't been handled badly? Clearly it's become a PR disaster and cost for CFC, as I'm sure Diego's weekly fine doesn't cover his salary. We have an asset we can't use. Do I think it will reach litigation, no. I think he'll slide quietly into Madrid for an undisclosed fee, if he doesn' die in a pet-related quad bike instagram photo-shoot accident first.
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    Boys, oh boys... Costa - told by club he can leave at end of season after asking to leave, discovers Athleti can't afford him - kicks up a fuss in hope we get sick of him and move him of the books cheap. Squad - three promising signings so far - Morata, Bakayoko, Rudiger - plus Christianson looking battle hardened. Why is it taking so long to add more, which we do need? For the blindingly obvious reason that: we want to strengthen and add quality in depth not simply add numbers - good players at our level of aspiration are hard to find and prise away. Yes, I wish they'd all arrived earlier. And yes, I wonder at the decisions to let players go - BUT UNLIKE SOME - I choose to believe this reflects the club's confidence in its progress towards better signings, not a strategy to shrink our squad to ineffective levels long-term. Finally, on Matic - given Jose gleeful post-match interview my hunch is that Matic did a bit of 'a Costa' and we decide to remove the rot. I've never heard a top coach who didn't agree - if a player doesn't want to be in the club, get him out!
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    Let's judge them when they lose their captain to a red after 14 mins, have their best player and midfield powerhouse out injured, then lose their playmaker to a second red card.
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    He did play CDM he was always behind Pogba in nearly every situation. He was sweeping up everything too. He would find it hard sweeping things up when we have Kante who does that in both parts of the pitch. Matic is more of a protecter of the back 4. In order to see the best of him he needs to play that sweeping role without having other defensive players around him. It makes him look like a pointless extra body when he has another Defensive player with him. Kante and Bakayoko suit us better than Matic did. That is why I wanted Matic to go because he is not the CM that Conte wants but selling him to a manager who knows him very well and a title rival? Just bizarre. I did not like selling Cech to Arsenal but this is 10X worse as its a better team and a manager who knows him very well.
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    I'd take Babayaro at this point.
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    That's a very flawed team. There's a little more to it than just plonking players into a position. Zouma isn't technically competent enough on the ball to play CB in a back three. Nor does he read the game well enough to play that covering CB role. Neither MvG or Pasalic offer any remote hint of defensive cover. In turn would leave the defence exposed. Aina and Da Silva are well below EPL level at this stage, while lacking the tactical understanding that's required defensively at WB. Piazon is Championship standard. And RLC hasn't got the tenacity to his game that would allow him to play in a front three at this point. Abraham's is one of the few that would make an impact. I can't help but feel there's a warped perspective regarding the quality of some of the young players we have.
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    Totally irrelevant because: 1) He's a billionaire. 2) Chelsea's transfers are funded by the clubs money, and aren't funded by Roman anymore. So makes no difference. We're still a stingy bunch of numpties anyway.
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    The game is crap. We are crap. Defending chanpions playing like a relegation team. And one reason is one of the two things you mention.
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    I'm done. This isn't the sport I grew up enraptured with, it's utterly pathetic.
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    Defending Champions and that's the team we put out on opening day? Farcical.
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    Meant in good humour - none of us should take ourselves too seriously, please don't be offended. I 'create' social media noise about brands as part of my job: trust me: it is all self-perpetuating crap!
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    Let's be honest even if we got 3-4 bodies in by now I'd be surprised if even 1 of them made it into the starting 11 in the next four games. The reality is that the window is still open for another 3 weeks and until that point I don't see the point in getting wound up about it. It's not a great situation to be in but I don't expect it to last.
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    Disgraceful! Why aren't you starting?
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    Might see you then. Might. Depends on the placebos.
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    Can I ask what the correlation is between Lampard saying he is a good player, and Conte wanting to buy him?
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    Pedro out tomorrow. Goodness. Our possible bench tomorrow could be Caballero, Christensen, Tomori, Scott, Musonda, Boga, Remy. Oh my days. State of our board, honestly. No wonder Conte looks so frustrated. Unacceptable to be in this situation the day before our PL season starts, and a week before we play title rivals. The board should know this and get deals done. No excuses. I don't care if we buy Messi, Suarez and Veratti before Aug 31 - this situation is not acceptable for a club who claim they want to compete for the highest honours.
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    Light a fire? Won't get much spark out of any of the bench 'options', that's for sure.
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    I drink way down the Fulham Rd, outside The Anglesea Arms on Selwood Terrace: seats outside in sun, a few Chelsea, a few local poshies, decent beer - BUT not a heaving, footie pub if that's what you want. More the discerning blue's escape from the busier places.