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    No reason to bring race or religion into a football match ever. No reason to make threats or be seriously abusive either. There's a pretty clear line between passion and bigotry, and if you think football is an excuse to do the latter, kindly **** off with all the other Neanderthals to the next EDL march. I don't care what has or has to happened tonight or at the weekend - I've seen racism first hand at Chelsea on multiple occasions, we all know it happens so I 100% believe the reports and I'm 100% sick of it - we're not alone, I know, but if we actually care we should start by taking a stand against the minority of scumbags in our own supporter base.
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    Please, please let Liverpool not win the league. Sky (or rather, Scouse Spurs News City), BT Sport (LFC Sport), written press and social media will be like hell on earth for months if that happens. It's bad enough already with them being top, as well as Gerrard topping the league in Scotland.
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    Which is what most non-club attached groups have said, and Chelsea has been praised outside the media for leading on the issue. It is the media that is conflating the best Policeman with the most crimes.
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    How is he using the squad very well? By picking an A team and B team? Is that what is classed as good rotation now a days. Well I hope not. Quite clearly Sarri weakness is not knowing how to use players and rotate in the PL. Giving players game time against poor opposition in Europa then leaving them out of every PL match day squad is not really good rotation. Especially when there are people in the first 11 who have had poor recent form but are constantly selected. Its very demoralising to see and it makes players realise no matter what they do their current situation will not change. This is what makes “squad players” leave and never show their talent at this club. Remember KDB and Salah? Who were asked to bring a 8/10 performance everytime they had a rare appearance in a league cup game or asked to come into the team with no rhythm of playing league matches .They never really got a chance to show their talents and now we are doing the same thing with players like RLC CHO Christensen and even Emerson. Throw them in for 1 PL game in 14 and people except them to suddenly have good games with no rhythm. Playing in the Europa group stage game is one thing, playing in a competitive PL game is another. As for PL starts ,Emerson and Zappa should have at LEAST 3 starts by now especially with the form of our full backs over the season. Same with Cesc RLC and Christensen. CHO could have had one or two starts with more sub appearances. I am not talking about starting all of them in the same game as that would likely disrupt the flow of the team but one or two changes in positions other than ST RW or NO.8 can do some good. Bringing in such players would not bring the quality of the team down by a massive margin. Sarri ,much like other previous managers here is going to lose serious young talent and spend £100M on players we could have developed for way less or even free. It is annoying to see the board trying to go one way and the manager going another. We are still choosing managers that have a problem with either squad management or youth. Its why I would have gone all out for Poch in the summer.
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    Without requoting all the relevant bits from 7 or 8 posts: Some football fans need to wake up. Avoiding directly racist language while still using swearing and aggressive body language to people 8 feet away is still offensive, and would get you banned from any shopping centre or any other public place. Why do some thing only racism crosses the line? And where does this "loads of other clubs do it too" excuse come from? That's a teenager excuse. And I welcome the club's decision to suspend 4 people, not just 1. Firstly it highlights there was a clear behaviour issue, that is being dealt with, secondly, it suggests that the racist allegation will be dealt with later, in due course with all evidence, and not now. Chelsea are ahead of the curve on this - shame it won't get any credit for that. As for reporting - is there any section of the media that reports honestly, with out bias, and without strong influence of external actors (mostly PR companies earning enormous funds from international actors such as Abu Dhabi)?
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    It is an opinion. You diagree with it. You can't have a discussion when one side is that arrogant to state I am wrong and you are right, so I'll just duck out after this one. Your comments on the Huddersfield game are just odd IMO. The penalty was crystal clear (was our second goal in the first half btw) but somewhow winning 3-0 is "fortunate"? They had one shot on target.... how lucky were we??? Imagine if it had gone in. Imagine if every shot the opposition has goes in? Meanwhile, the mighty Arsenal destroyed this Huddersfield team 1-0 at home at the weekend, so that's good for them. You must be a very miserable soul, that even after beating arguably the best team the PL has ever seen in a game most expect us to lose, you just want to nitpick and say how poor and lucky we have been. Don't worry, with any luck we'll lose to Brighton and Leicester and you can have a very Merry Xmas as we sit in 5th and you can sit back and tell everyone how very clever you are. Enjoy!
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    Well to your last sentence about our league position "I reckon we are about right" I would almost totally agree . We are joint fourth with Arsenal on points. I reckon they are the better team right now with more momentum so I would say our position above them on goal difference slightly flatters us. But yes , 4th or 5th is about where we are as a team...something I have said all season. You on the other hand have kept pointing at the league table and our elevated position saying the table doesn't lie. Well clearly it does, because not that long ago we were joint top with Liverpool. I was saying that that won't last as they, Spurs and City are better than us. For that I was virtually called a heretic, yet here we are on the 10th December with Liverpool regaining top position and us fighting to stay in top 4. So one of us was right and one of us was wrong. Regarding our performances early on in season during our winning streak. You are just plain wrong again and I'm not going to let you change history that quickly or easily. I should say, that of course we didn't score every opportunity given to us (we after all have Morata as our striker...someone you have championed by the way) but what happened IMO, was we won games by being fortunate, we won games (which maybe overall we deserved) by simply playing averagely or poorly and displayed clear signs of problems ahead. Don't get me wrong, we played some great stuff at times but that was not the whole picture. Now I'm not going to go back and anyilize every game and chance and reaction but I just went back to the first game on your list...the 3-0 win away to Huddersfield. A 'no brainer' for your argument. No way was this lucky you say. Well that is not everyone's opinion at the time. Go back and read the match day thread (during and after game). Lots of concerns and lots of negativity. The last few pages of the thread are all concentrating on whether the defence is up to it. Is Alonso good enough? Is Luiz a complete liability? Are we also wasting our time still with Morata? (any of this sound familiar?) Certainly our first half performance was particularly poor yet we went in 2 nil up. Some typical comments here reflected that game. Chelboy said during match: "2 shots two goals. Scoreline flatters. Defence looks shaky and narrow". xCeleryx said during match: Huddersfield unlucky there. We look lost on how to defend in the air" Mark Kelly said after: "a piss poor Huddersfield side played one man up front and still caused us problems" DWMH said after: Sarriball is definitely work in progress. Much to be done, especially this passing around the back lark. But Conte's 16/17 team was in evidence - we spend 30 mins playing poorer football than the oppos and then we get one against play, another with a bit of luck and it all finishes 3-0 or 4-0 as the oppos are good enough the push us hard, but not good enough to come back from behind. Plus of course Willian started and was ELECTRIC. Huddersfield pressed high for 30 mins, and caused us no ends of problem. Oh yes and our third goal was a lucky penalty! DWMH again on that pen: "By normal standards we were lucky with that decision, by or own standards it was a miracle. The ref got a lot of things plain wrong, with little help from his linesmen." So you see the pattern ?....played poorly ( though better second half) , defence looked shaky, a terrible Huddersfield bossed it for periods, score against run of play, scored with our only two chances in first half and get a lucky pen in the second. This is one of the worse teams in league and a flattering scoreline is hiding some early deficiencies that have come up again and again. Many other games reflected this type of performance yet time and again we got a result. Good for us...happy days, but lets not con ourselves that we were something we were clearly not.
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    Conte the obvious choice for United imo. The players they have now are hand in glove for his philosophy of football.
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    I would be careful what you wish for, we have shipped out some very good players in the past because they 'didn't suit the system', only to regret it later. Given that our managers only last a couple of seasons it is unrealistic to think we should replace half the squad each time we hire a new one, it makes a lot more sense for the manager to alter their system to accommodate the players they do have. The fact that Alonso and Azpi have been given fat new contracts suggests they aren't going anywhere soon so, and I have said this a few times already, why did we hire a manager with a very rigid and role specific system if we don't have the players for it and probably don't intend on recruiting them. I think Alonso is being a bit hard done by on here, granted he hasn't been great but look at the players around him - Luiz, Jorginho neither of whom have been great defensively with their positioning and awareness, Our LCM is the most advanced of the three and Hazard is playing as a forward when on the left. He is expected to support the attack and defend the whole left flank simultaneously. He has been great the past two seasons and I've been told numerous times during that time he is playing the same position whether LB or LWB anyway, Azpi has recovered his form the past few games so there is no reason to suggest Alonso can't do the same. Perhaps people have forgotten the days of Baba Rahman, Kenedy and Azpi playing at LB. Yes it would be good to see Emerson get a few games to see what he can do, given he has only played cannon fodder (some good and some average performances) during his time here it is hard to judge whether he is any good defensively. I suspect he may struggle as well for the reasons I have just given. Hopefully he starts against Bournemouth. Moses has had one good season playing for us out of 6/7 and I am amazed anyone thinks he has any role to play in the current set up, in any position. He has been absolutely awful every time he has stepped on the pitch this season, even when playing part timers in the Europa.
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    RLC doesn't just need to start, he needs to have a run of games. Playing one match and then dropping out of the 18 doesn't help. Give him a run of games. Same goes for any players that shows some form - give Emerson a run of games and let Alonso have a break, to see if he comes back stronger. Picking the same 11-14 whatever happens motivates no one.
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    Can't really blame him for wanting to play. He came back from loan last season, worked his way into Conte's side and did well for the most part. He finished with 23 starts under his belt at like 21/22 years of age. In comes Sarri, and he's virtually marginalised him (along with Cahill, Fabregas, Moses, Emerson and Zappacosta), leaving him with 1 single start and 90 minutes of PL football so far. He's then sat on the bench and watched Luiz routinely struggle for a substantial part of the season thus far and he's still not had a look in. I mean, I wouldn't be happy either if I was him. Sarri is virtually rotating three positions when it comes to his PL side - CM, AM and CF. While using a core of like 14 players. The only way it's looking likely Christensen is going to get a game is if Luiz or Rudiger go down injured or are suspended. We've used the second least number of players in the league so far (20), the only side who've used less is Wolves (18). Playing games in secondary competitions against some fairly poor sides isn't going to exactly be deemed satisfying enough - nor should it be. Zappacosta 18 minutes (2 sub appearances) Cahill 21 minutes (1 sub appearance) Moses 26 minutes (2 sub appearances) Christensen 90 minutes (1 start) Fabregas 138 minute (1 start, 3 sub appearances) Loftus-Cheek 247 minutes (1 start, 6 sub appearances) Emerson 0 minutes (Isn't even named in match day squads) While no-one is exactly these guys to be locked in starters, they're certainly all capable of contributing. Sarri is going to royally screw us in this area, just as he did with Napoli. He isn't going to have the excuse of not having the funds or the squad numbers this time around though, he's chosen to manage in this way. There's good odds we'll need to replace all of those guys come the end off the season, some maybe sooner, which will be tough if meaningful football is going to be limited for those in these backup roles. So yeah, can't really begrudge Christensen (or any of the others), if they want to leave and play football when this is what they're currently facing.
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    What does the lip reader say she's shouting ? I expect it's "Merry Xmas and peace to all men"
  13. 1 point
    Not liking this lineup to defensive for me looks like we are going for the counter attack today
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    Cut up of course, but genuinely just for brevity and not to misrepresent you. Someone asked what 'cultural Marxism'. I tried to answer, didn't hide that I also have an (strongly negative) opinion, and gave a few well known touchstones. That Breivik decried 'cultural Marxism' is not my invention. If that is uncomfortable for you or others with overlapping (even if only slightly) philosophical positions ... Frankly and with the greatest respect, reconciliation with that is not my problem. I'd happily make my points to Jordan Peterson for his response. I feel there is an attempt to shame me here for being 'hurtful', and consider that a little ironic, in the context. As for the bit that links back to the discussion... Literally no one here has given Tottenham a free pass. In fact, most of the discussion is between people thinking they need more criticism and people agreeing but thinking that's tangential. The whole point, from my perspective, is that everyone should stop using anti-semitic language, regardless of what they think their intention or its meaning is. Ultimately though, it is only our own house we can get in order. Refusing to get or house in order to make a point is pointless, worse pathetic. As for the last bit... I guess politics aren't allowed here for this very reason. A shame, IMO. Much more interesting than most of the other conversations here.
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    Various ,media outlets: A 32 million pound fee has already been agreed for the transfer of Callum Wilson to Chelsea in January on the condition of Ruben Loftus Cheek joining Bournemouth on loan for the remainder of the season. Only players' personal terms yet to be finalised but both clubs confident the deal is all but done.
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    knuckle dragging morons with no defense whatsoever, do nothing for this club now or 40 years ago. Just flush them out and make sure they never come back. There is literally no defense for their actions or mindset in football or society.
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    Too much rotation at one time. Tinkering is what you need to keep a squad happy, not wholesale changes. Change 2/3 players for every PL match, varied across different positions instead of just no.8, RW and ST. That gives the players coming in a chance to play in a team with some rhythm and familiarity rather than the bunch of lost souls that have played our last EL and CC matches. Plus Wolves.
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    I hate to say this and I actually do have jewish heritage ( my great grandfather was Jewish but it passes through the female line) but we have to seperate the hatred for jews with the hatred for Tottenham , it's not anti-semitic , it's anti Spurs * The papers understand this fully and where they don't chose to publish stories of Liverpool supporters hooligan behaviour they delight in publishing ours .
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    I think on the most part it's been reduced to small groups in the MHL and on away trips, but nevertheless, it's an issue that we need to take a stand against. I remember going to the SoBar ten years ago or so and I'd hear four or five racist chants every half hour. It was literally like going to a National Front meeting. RE the chants last night, I think a lot hinges upon what the chants actually were. We have chants that make reference to Tottenham using anti-semitic terms which are ignorant as opposed to overtly racist (I.e. folk aren't intending to use the y-word as a slur against Jews, but think it is an acceptable reference to Tottenham), and then we have chants that are intentionally anti-semitic that don't normally get an airing (the one that matches the tune to 'Spurs are on their way to Wembley', the one about a poor man in a bar). Either way, absolutely all of it needs eradicating, but I do think context is important.
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    Ampadu has a touch of JT in him. He's an organiser, he's a leader. The way he came across the pitch and broke up a dispute between CHO and a Vidi player was very JT-esque. He's got a touch of class in everything he does. Good defensively, good on the ball. He's gonna be the long-term captain. Despite the own goal I thought he had a good game. Needs more game time. CHO, well he just keeps improving. Best position is clearly on the left. Needs more games or we'll lose him - Bayern want him to play on the left for them. Only 18 months on his contract now. If we're playing Hazard false 9 I'd definitely take him playing on the left. Didn't do badly on the right either. It's great Sarri is giving the youth legit chances. With the league cup and FA cup to come, injuries and suspensions possibly, and a busy fixture schedule, they'll surely get more chances as the season goes on.
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    Another wonderful post comrade with the usual sledging of the younger players. As for players failing to impress why should they when it’s obvious that the coach has a clique of 15 players who regardless of form will make the match day squad. It’s alleged he had the same philosophy at his previous club.
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    Wow! One sensible post on the subject. Well done Martin, you're a light in the darkness. And 100% correct.
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    There's a line between the play up pompy picture here and even plenty of FFS you C*** heard after every error and the vile hatred abusive venom seen at most grounds as highlighted in this recent event. Would this be acceptable at any other place of work?
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    Where I sit in the East Stand, I get a good view of the away end at SB. It never ceases to amaze me at the anger and bile directed at ours players* taking a corner in that part of the ground, and the look of pure anger and hatred in the faces of those standing there**, even when it is a fairly inoffensive character taking said corner. *this is true of any player, from Dennis Wise or SFL to Zola, Hazard, Willian or Malouda. The race or nationality of the player is completely irrelevant, they all get the same abhorrent treatment. ** this is equally true of our fans away from home too, I am not exonerating us
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    This is an excellent assessment , I just wish I could rise above it all but the bloody double standards wherever we are portrayed in the media really get to me .
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    There's the rub though Mr B , he wasn't hounded out of the English game , the media was fulsome in support of him , explaining his racism as a clash of cultures and his incessant cheating as an innate will to win , Costa was a thug , Suarez was misunderstood .
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    Thankfully Jurgen Klopp has come out against the racism today which is good because I'm sure we can rely on him to be up in arms when the KOP are churning out their usual "Chelsea rent boys" greatest hit.
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    I agree with you. The level of venom was incredible considering their proximity to his face but "cockney c##t" or "scouse c##t" would not be to reported because you'd have to arrest the front row of every stadium whenever a corner is being taken. My issue today is about the rolling Sky News nonsense all day long in relation to the actions of one man in the crowd. This is not Lazio or Roma where the home end is generally collectively racist. It's one idiot. Some perspective please. They have interviewed anybody they can find who happens to be black today and the consensus is that racism is bad. OF COURSE IT IS YOU CRETINS!!!
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    Nothing to do with Sarri. We dominated the first 50 minutes and then got over confident that we could coast throught the rest of the game.