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    Maybe someone on the board is having a laugh at Conte. Call yourself a coach ? Coach this !
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    The issue with an oval is that there isn't a defined home end. At least our new stadium is more of a rectangle. With a little planning we can avoid the mistakes made by Arsenal, West Ham and Man City. People who want to stand and sing for 90 minutes should be placed together behind the goal. Anyone offended by swearing should sit on the sides. Fans' initiatives are very important nowadays.
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    You're taking "in my opinion" to a whole new level in my opinion.
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    What is wrong with getting a brand spanking new stadium. It's not like we are paying for it. If Roman is deciding between a new yacht or a new stadium, I know which I would prefer him to buy.
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    Salah "I distinctly remember my Father telling me about how one of his forefathers recalled Liverpool last winning the league as he was putting the last blocks on that there pyramid".
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    I'm sure he won't be. However, it's Chelsea who really raised his profile and it's also Chelsea who's paying him wages that no other club will match for him and decisions are made for Chelsea FC, not Alonso FC or any other player FC that is unhappy not being a starter. Furthermore, would you really want players in the squad that shy away from competition? This is a top club.
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    Sorry, but I thought discussing politics was a no-no around here! ;-)
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    Surprised how keen people are on "usable" players. Baba Rahman and Michael Hector, Shane Long and Olivier Giroud. Honestly? I prefer bringing in world class talent that will strengthen us significantly. I don't care if Sandro is going to cost 45 or 55mp. I want us to get the players Conte identifies as the best. And Sandro is a massive upgrade on Alonso imo (and Aké for that matter). Sandro is going to own the left side, which is going to free up Hazard more and create more opportunities in the final third. He is a great crosser, a lot quicker, better technique and dribbling, and is drilled in the system in a club and league that knows it best. I was impressed by Alonso and would love to keep him around for many years - but he is not the LWB that is going to increase our chances winning another UCL trophy. Sandro is. And since we need two quality options for each wing back position, having them both in our squad would be great for us. Bertrand is a good shout as well. Less of a superstar signing than Sandro, but definitely an upgrade on Alonso. Wouldn't surprise me if he is number three on Conte's list: Sandro, Mendy, Bertrand. But as been said, he is English and will probably cost up to 40mp.
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    Sandro comes in as one of the top left sided players in the world. Whenever you can bring in a properly world class player you do it. I like Alonso but we could do with proper competition for our wingbacks and he could also slot in at LCB so we have more options.
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    As long as its not orange and grey...
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    We'll roll out the big guns on July 1st. I'm confident of it. Complete with some flashy new kits and a Nike inspired trendy hashtag. In the meantime, we'll just have to put up with the press throwing a load of **** against a wall and hoping some of it sticks.
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    150-350m for 32 year old Ronaldo would be right up there with other Roman vanity buys. Personally I dont think he will leave RM for anywhere he is just posturing as Rooney used to when his stock was high. Whatever happened to that Rooney chap? and he has never got over Bale costing what he did. He wants to be loved a bit more...... financially. RM should be able to do it once they have cleared up the last lot of unpaid tax
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    I think both Lukaku and Bakayoko are all but done. Basically not a single other CF or CM mentioned in the media in weeks. Tells you all you need to know. We are obviously in for a CB too, but at the moment it is hard to tell whether we have any chance at Bonucci or van Dijk - and since names like Manolas and Koulibaly have been mentioned also, that is an indication we are hedging our bets. I think we are going for an upgrade on Alonso too, and I personally would love Sandro. As zaffo has argued earlier, Azpi may play more RWB next season with Christensen and a new CB coming in. We do need two quality WB for each side, regardless of what some people in here try to make of that position. Bertrand is a dark horse, we might go for him if we don't get Sandro. Since Costa is bound to leave, I wouldn't mind Batshuayi staying, since there is a limit to how many players should leave and come in during a short period of time. He finished the season on a high, and should get more game time next season. We still need more quality and depth in attack, and ideally we get someone capable of playing AM/CF, although a player like Sanchez seems unrealistic. We are more likely to buy a new AM like Berardi, Bernardeschi or Mahrez, and I'd settle for any of those even though I prefer another world class player in those positions. I would be very happy with a squad like this, as long as all of our new signings are blessed by Conte: CB: Luiz, Cahill, Christensen, Aké + NEW (Bonucci/van Dijk/Manolas/Koulibaly) WB: Alonso, Azpi, Moses + NEW (Sandro) CM: Kanté, Fabregas, Matic, Chalobah, Bakayoko AM: Hazard, Pedro, Willian, Musonda + NEW (Berardi) CF: Batshuayi, Lukaku Total spend of around 250mp. We have sold for 37mp already this season, and with the Oscar money we are looking at close to 100mp in player sales. Add Costa, Traore, MvG, Hector, Pasalic, Kalas, Piazon to that list and there is another 70mp. Net spend of 80-100mp is by all means realistic.