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    8-0 to the Blue behemoth with Sarri marching onto the pitch at full time and slamming a Chelsea flag into the centre circle. Higuain , fresh from his endeavours against United where nobody managed to pass to him , with the elusive double hat trick . Capped by the 8th goal of the evening from Alonso who clearing the ball from his own goal line , beats six or seven Malmo players with raw speed alone before playing nine one-two's in the area with Hazard and Willian prior to back heeling the ball between the keepers legs. Kepa Azpi , Rudi, Luiz,Alonso Jorgi Kante Kovacic Willian Higuain Hazard Barkley 65 for Kovacic , Giroud 85 for Higuain , CHO 90+5 for Willian
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    There are some on here who's ability to break down games tactically leaves me in awe. I think all here have watched played and followed the game long enough to understand what's going on instinctively even if we can't express ourselves as well technically as the aforementioned tacticians. Differences of opinions regarding various players and coaches specifically at Chelsea but in general in the EPL and other leagues is normal and makes for interesting discussions and is part of forums such as ours. I do not get involved in some of the more "aggressive" discussions as I prefer to keep any confrontational situations confined to real life important issues but I do not resent the "infighting" that some here relish just not my way here. What I'm leading up to is that for all the discussions ref. "sarriball"..it's the players inability its Sarri's inflexibility..give him time /different players and on and on..the point is all the players involved are long term pro's and have been around long enough to grasp any tactics put to them....face it.."sarriball" IS being played but does not work on a regular basis in the EPL due to high level of application by coaches and players who by now have worked out the way to neutralize the system and nothing changes to present much of a problem to the better sides in the EPL. Remember when AVB was working under Jose and presented players with reams of paper laying out details of opposing players..I remember reading that most players just threw the reports in the trash. Take any say full back in the EPL. Bertrand at Soton for example...after playing in the EPL do you really think he needs to be told how Sterling Hazard and any player he faces regularily play? Change the players for Sarri and the same conclusion will occur..it's not a system to change the EPL anymore than Conte's back three system will last over a period of time..it's a flexible game graced by individuals who can lift us to our feet with outrageous moments of skill and make any system look silly. We do not have a good coach let down by players..we have good players not given leadership that works from the coach.... the job of a coach is to present successful results on the pitch..once excuses are sought to explain failure then the man is finished however good a track record he may have. By this time next week we may be out of all cup competitions with nothing to show for the season..relegation will not be an issue but unless a new path is chosen soon Chelsea will be lost back in the pack.
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    Written off already. Welcome to CFC, Christian.
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    After tonight, I finally understand what Sarriball is and have solved all the confusion. About 20 mins in, we got a goal kick. Rudiger goes to one edge of our penalty area and stands about 2m from the goal line. He then starts shouting and waving his arms furiously at Christensen, who is right across the other side of the penalty area standing about 5m from the goal line. Apparently, AC standing 3m further forwards makes it very much easier for Malmo’s press (they are all lined up on the edge of our area for our goal kick, ready to pounce!). All through the first half, we are (for want of a better term) dicking about with the ball in the first 25m from our goal, almost exclusively right over at the sides of the pitch. This is great fun. The Swedish postmen and locksmiths press like mad and force us into numerous errors. Azpilicueta receives the ball in countless impossible situations. We cede possession many many times. In the second half, the pattern continues until postmen get very tired. Then bang! Counter attack at pace. Giroud. Goal! So there it is. Joseball and Conteball were “you have the ball and we will nick it 25m from our goal, counter attack at pace and score”. Sarriball is much cleverer. It is “we dick about with the ball in our own defensive corners, until somehow you fail to dispossess us and then we counter attack at pace and score”. Its genius. The only problem I can see with this, is if we try doing it against professional footballers rather than assorted grocers and IT consultants.
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    100% agree with this. Yes of course but it's all going pear shaped now. We never got another DOF in. Steve Holland left (a huge loss). I thought Conte was the answer to everything but we know what happened there. And whoever thought Sarri was a good appointment? Roman is never seen. There was talk of his son taking over who I thought was a big fan but nothing doing there. Marina might be a wonderful business woman and accountant but that's it. And we keep signing players who aren't up to it, sending hundreds out on loan and not giving some gifted youngsters a fair go. It's all a mess and been hopelessly handled.
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    The reason you get singled out on here is because you invite it deliberately because you like the "character" you've created. As for the rest of your response, you've resorted to the same flawed response as many others who start off with "he's not ready to play a full role". That's extreme because he's not getting ANY time. I've highlighted the parts of your post that I consider bullsh1t. Reasons have been given previously. Anyway I wish I hadn't even started this with you as I always regret getting into pointless, never ending debates with you. I'm pissed off enough with the club and Sarri without having to waste time on your nonsense.
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    For me Kante!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does the running and work for three players.
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    I don't think he finished second in Serie A purely by bluffing Rod.
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    What will be our first sub today since it can’t be Kovacic-Barkley. Sarri must be getting headeache . /s
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    That doesn't mean Sarri would pick him, was my point. Not saying he should / should not have, just saying that there was little to suggest that Cesc would have played any significant minutes other than in the EL
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    But its not really a part of a master plan, is it? Performing poorly for a couple of seasons to win. What we are doing is sacrificing stability in football management to produce immediate results. The only places where there is stability are areas that do not directly affect what happens on the pitch. To put it in business terms, its having a high employee turn over in the line function while the support functions remain stable. It clearly points to a poor work culture. Personally I do not think the manager needs the skills of the employee. However, apart from certain obvious managerial traits, what separates a good manager from a mediocre one is a deep understanding of what the final result should look like, a clear understanding of what it takes to achieve the result and an ability to make course corrections when you see the team not being able to deliver. Secondly, communication needs to be done differently. In my case, my most experienced employees have work experience that exceeds my age. There is a certain sense of ego that creeps in. Add the eccentricities. The best thing to do in such cases is be result oriented. At least that's what worked for me. The toughest ones to handle are those who are critical to the product AND have skills that are hard to procure in the labour market. You need to forgive small errors. Because you cannot improve work etiquette and social skills of such people. You need to be very tactful in getting them to see your way. If they don't you need to decide if their position is untenable. In business school, a professor told us about the textile mills in 70s India. They used to have a 'Dye master'. There would be only one in every company. He would have a keen understanding of colours and a knack to mix them. No formula. He would mix colours like an artist. This person would end up being more important than a managing director. Everyone in the company would change, except the master. The salary would be in line with his pay grade, but he would get other liberties. Leaves, flexible hours - no questions asked. I think this has parallels in football. You have a set of players whose skills cannot be replicated. You can train a person to be a footballer. But you can't really train a person to be Hazard. So when it comes to misbehaviour (say, downing the tools) from top talent where do you draw the line? What do you have other than a signed contract to pull them up? Fans will talk about players earning xyz pounds and therefore having a responsibility to do their best. But who are the players accountable to? They sure as hell aren't accountable to the fans. It's not like the board did a 360 degree feedback session before renewing Alonso's contract. So it all comes down to the manager. The best managers have been those with a clear path to success and ability to motivate players to think beyond football as a profession. The best managers have created club legends. That's what Jose did in his prime, thats what Ferguson did, Ancelotti at Milan, Rijkaard and Guardiola at Barca. We might have won trophies in the last 5 years, but honestly, are we going to talk about Hazard and Costa with the same sense of reverence reserved for JT, Lamps, Drogba and Cech? Coming back to Sarri, unless there is more to him than meets the eye, I think he will struggle. You need to be flexible in your approach when you deal with elite talent.
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    Is there anyone here you are not fighting? Stop being so pedantic. Call Kante position what you like but his best position is in front of the defenders giving protection.
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    I don’t think he will do that. So I think he will go. I’m not sure he needs to dump the creative role - he could flip his midfield triangle - sit Kante alongside one other player and push Jorginho further forward. There are other options too. I worry that he simply lacks imagination/improvisatory skills and hides this behind the illusion of ‘philosophy’. If we will let Zola struggle on alone or parachute in a replacement, I have no clue.
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    you could say the same about azpi he's had a mare of a season. I know some people don't like to criticize the good players when they're not performing well (Terry was a great example) but surely it's time for a bit of jury duty for him.
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    Yes Jimmy spoke well last night - Sarri is embarrassing the club.
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    So you don't see the pattern then? Sure, but Azpi, Luiz, Willian, Pedro and Hazard were all starters under José. Absolutely the playing personell has been changed, mostly by Conte which we all know was a disaster of epic proportions. £200m on virtually second rate players. That takes some performance to manage to spend that money and wages on players obviously not fit to wear the shirt. Bakayoko? Drinkwater? Zappacosta? Emerson? Morata? Jesus wept. But what's more, the 'key' players of this squad are the same and they are just as weak as they always were. What we have failed to do is to replace our previous leaders. Just look at that second half performance. Where is the fight? Where is the will? Just a lot fo fluff. Anyhow, sack Sarri by all means. But I'd be surprised to see any tangible improvements bar an almost complete revamp of the key players in the squad. Anyhow, knowing this club, Sarri is living on borrowed time. Wouldn't be surprised to see him sacked tomorrow. But whoever takes over will have their work cut out big time. Zidane? He'd be mad to take this job. Who else then? Lampard? Yes let's get a club legend and smear his memory by trying to get a tune out of this lot.
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    Sarri is doing more damage to us than the opposition..
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    Did you not see Alonso caught out of position and then running infield rather than towards the player? Just like last Sunday? Also lost the runner on the first goal. If he comes out for the second half and if fragile Jorginho isn't taken off soon, Sarri should walk. He's picking players in the midst of appalling form. That's unforgivable.
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    Yes, I agree, we need a clear out of players etc. But this guy just isn't suited to this league or club, he s so out of his depth and I'm afraid is not the man to take this club forward IMO.
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    Positives: Sarri will be sacked. United will be confident for their game against Liverpool.
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    Bloody hell a yellow for the first cynical foul on a Chelsea player.
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    The only thing I'll say to that fog is the environment became toxic due to Conte's fallout with the board and certain players. We were dreadful at times but you look at out squad as it is and it is geared to playing 3 at the back with wing backs. Sarri might have helped the players restore confidence in themselves by going with what they know and have more freedom to play better. When the seasons over he could then bring in more players in order to transition to the system he favours. Unfortunately his current approach is exposing our weaknesses big time and I think he has made a rod for his own back. Going back to that system now may not work as well because Moses is no longer here and I am not sure about Zappacosta.
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    Although rhetoric was recognised as a civil art in pre-Socratic Greece, it was brought to us via the Romans (I.e. Italians) so I would say Zola is well placed to use rhetoric. However, if you don't find the article persuasive then, as rhetoric, it has failed. The primary purpose of rhetoric is to persuade.
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    Step 1: decide the direction you want the club to take. Step 2: hire a director of football or equivalent who can identify a suitable coach and the types of players to fit the philosophy. Step 3: hire a coach that fits with the established philosophy. Step 4: identify players the coach wants and who fit with the club's goals (including academy graduates). We've done none of these things.
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    I got behind Conte's back three because I could see what he was trying to do. He wanted to have highly fluid (and fit) wing backs who make it a five at the back in defence and give width in attack. Put a Kante-type figure in front of them and you could make a really solid defence as long as you are not caught on the counter with wing-backs high up the pitch. The problem is that we did keep getting caught on the counter. We got worked out. I remember endless complaints about Alonso and Moses in this regard. It also meant that we were light in midfield and became easily dominated. That made transitions through the centre hard and made the role of centre forward really tough because they had no support. I remember people here asking for a return the 4-3-3 that served us so well in the JM period. Now we have gone to a 4-3-3 Sarri-style and we are conceding goals even without the backs being caught up the pitch and, to cap it all, some are calling for a return to 3 at the back. I can see what Sarri is trying to do and, given time and some personnel changes, it could be seriously beautiful to watch but then people kept saying that with Arsenal and they never won much. I think that we need to give Sarri time and we need to find a new generation of players that fit his system. But it is going to take a lot of patience.
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    I get you - you talk more sense than most!
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    https://www.google.com/url?sa=I&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwi-lMfDrL7gAhXm1uAKHf0aDBcQzPwBegQIARAC&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.independent.co.uk%2Fsport%2Ffootball%2Fpremier-league%2Fgallas-admits-the-folly-of-his-birmingham-tantrum-879452.html&psig=AOvVaw0eMOY7rwDClFjbR1-2kZQq&ust=1550341028531910 Turns out he did more or less the same thing at full time, thus my confusion. No two ways about it, bratty behaviour that reflects poorly on his professionalism, even if you do argue it's in isolation.
  32. 1 point
    I think your wit is underestimated on here...…..
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    I've reached a consensus. Zonal is a truly abysmal concept. Mark the opposition players, track their runs, get in their bloody way. Everytime I see a zonal defence, I see players standing around looking accusingly at each other, while the keeper picks the ball out of the back of the net.
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    We've had other moments most definitely, as you noted. For me though, this season takes the cake largely because it's the same predictable stuff week to week. That gets difficult to digest the longer it wears on. One could be more accepting of it if there was more of a proactive nature to the situation but there isn't thanks to the way Sarri has largely chosen to conduct himself. There's a sense of deja vu and seeing it all before in every game across all competitions. Sarri deserves exactly what he's getting. Being privy to how he can be prior to him being here, it's an entirely different feeling when he's doing it at your club. Outside of playing some nice football (which seemingly requires all the stars to align), there isn't really much upside to Sarri as a manager - and there never was or will be. Which isn't a shock to be honest with you when you consider his career to date and the way he conducts himself. Is the possibility of aesthetically pleasing football worth the discontent his management style breeds through the squad? Is it worth a self inflicted cap on the main players he uses? Is it worth his extremely rigid approach and unwillingness to adapt better to match conditions and his overall surroundings? Is it going to be worth the players we may possible end up losing and needing to replace - including some of our brightest prospects. Is it worth giving a 60 year old manager all this time to produce "his football"? There was an abundance of reg flags to begin with, all of which were quite noticeable to those who watched him regularly enough in the past. All of these red flags have come to the surface here, all within 7 months. While don't get me wrong, Sarri isn't the entire problem by any means. The players also hold a degree of accountability and responsibility themselves, something that is going to need to be acted on in the summer once and for all. With that said, Sarri is still selecting those same players he has heavily criticised as not doing as instructed. When you review Sarri himself he leaves a heck of a lot to be desired outside of the possibility of some nice looking football. The question becomes, is it worth persisting with? Is Sarri worth persisting with? For me, it's a clear no.
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    Can’t remember Matic at Leicester, maybe he wasn’t standing I the right city.
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    Yes. Our players didn't want to play for Jose, they didn't want to play for Conte, they don't want to play for Sarri and they don't want to play for the fans. I really hope for a complete turnaround from this type of mentality from our players.
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    There's nothing that has "been exposed at Chelsea". The problem isn't "Sarri-ball" or the tactics, the problem is that there isn't enough movement to play one-touch football to begin with. That is, and has always been, the chief problem with this set of players. Hazard has the potential, but loves the ball too much. If he had some ruthlessness in him, he'd undertand that the whole team playing quicker would benefint him immensily. But he seemingly cares more about hogging the ball. It's a real shame because he'll never fulfil his true potential. They're to comfortable to be asked to move round a lot without the ball. Technically good enough that they don't need movement, apparently they are word class even standing still playing the game. Until the players have accepted that they need to; 1. play at a much higher tempo 2. Move a lot without the ball (even, or perhaps particularly, when we as a team have the ball) 3. Adhere to positions within the system we aren't even giving Sarri a chance to succeed.