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    2 titles? Salah was in Serie A team of season both times after leaving us, so he would surely have been an asset in 2016/7 campaign and certainly further ahead in developement ie the 2017/18 model. Hard to believe that rotating genuine future talents like KdB & especially Salah would have cost the 2014/15 title. Arguably keeping the squad fresh with more time for recovery would have enabled us to compete properly on all four fronts rather than being beaten 2-4 at home by Bradford and failing to eliminate 10 man PSG after ET at the Bridge
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    Sssh!!!!!!! Do not say such things! (Even if they are true......!!!!!) You are obviosuly under-educated and do you not know that lots of European people - especially the Scandinavians' - have it better than British people because the evil/fascist Tories just give money to the rich and that if we were more progressive like our European brethren we could all be dancing around the rainbow hand in hand in a socalistic utopia!!!!!!
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    Leicester grew into the game and I felt that we were lucky to go through but who cares! I dont think we should take Southampton lightly by any means but Top 4 and an FA cup would greatly salvage this season. Moses' form remain atrocious but good to see Morata back amongst the goals. Hazard his usual subpar self as well today - maybe a week off would do him some good because his body language suggests that he just wants to curl into the fetal position somewhere and wake up when the season is over.
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    Thank you Petr and Franco Hate to say it but for god's sake Ms. Hipgrave, you had one job.............
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    can we bring bakayoko back on?
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    big willy came too far there , exposed himself to mahrez
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    Indeed! As you had already stated in fact.
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    he's generally miserable about everrything but he likes Leicesters striped pitch
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    Has Moses ever actually looked up upon deciding to cross? Also how is Bakayoko actually in the team? He's utter garbage and has been since day 1.
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    Hindsight is a wonderful thing but let's not try to rewrite history. Salah was absolutely shocking when he played for us. He may not have had that many chances but when he did he was truly awful. I can't remember many wanting to give him much more of a go. Much like Cuadrado the general feeling was that neither of them were up to the premier league and quite frankly just not good enough.
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    Even the above isn't the real story. - Salah wasn't really 'sold by Conte'. We loaned him to Roma and had already agreed to sell him to them before Conte arrived. - Courtois had spent 3 seasons on loan at AM, the maximum any player may be loaned to the same club, and during his loan period, he'd extended his contract with us. With Courtois. it was either a case of sell him or use him. Given how well he'd performed in Spain and the age difference between him and Cech, I think it was fairly obvious that the club saw him as the long-term option in goal.