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    Bitching about it most days in most places yes. (But he clearly wasn't bitching about it if you read the text). Highlighting the need to be playing regular club football at a press conference for the Danish press on the first day of International fortnight - that seems pretty reasonable to me.
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    I think he will try the tactic of taking it in turns to kick Hazard out of the game like he normally does. Sarri needs to start mentioning this approach to games, just as an aside, especially in the context of fearing that some players may end up leaving the Premier League to preserve their careers.
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    As for Rudiger, I'm not sure if I would swap him for any other centre half in the world. Absolutely love him and he's only going to get better.
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    I think increasingly Rudiger is irreplaceable. We haven't seen that kind of pace in the back 4 since Gallas. top top player.
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    Zzzźz I just dreamt 3 pages of post.
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    And then......... Quite a shift in opinion there.
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    Why would you wish that United opponents had less opportunity to set up goals against them? Zidane to United is an article that writes itself, 'timing might be an issue' is just a caveat so the papers can say they were right even if it doesn't happen. I had previously read he was going to earn a gazillion dollars managing Qatar when they host the world cup.
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    Cesc is what he is. An Arse & Barc reject. Will never be a true blue.