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  1. 9 points
    I was just about to say that I was very impressed with Tomori, Mount, Kovacic, Kepa, Barkley and Jorginho. I would have said that Tomori and Mount didn't look out of place in terms of coolness on the ball or physical stature. I was inclined to say that Kepa looked very commanding and confident. I might have said that Kovacic and Barkley looked less restricted and more confident although that might have had as much to do with no Hazard getting in the way than a new manager. That's what I would have said but I'd better reserve such moronic judgement.
  2. 6 points
    8-0 to the Blue behemoth with Sarri marching onto the pitch at full time and slamming a Chelsea flag into the centre circle. Higuain , fresh from his endeavours against United where nobody managed to pass to him , with the elusive double hat trick . Capped by the 8th goal of the evening from Alonso who clearing the ball from his own goal line , beats six or seven Malmo players with raw speed alone before playing nine one-two's in the area with Hazard and Willian prior to back heeling the ball between the keepers legs. Kepa Azpi , Rudi, Luiz,Alonso Jorgi Kante Kovacic Willian Higuain Hazard Barkley 65 for Kovacic , Giroud 85 for Higuain , CHO 90+5 for Willian
  3. 5 points
    Given the quality of the players we have been spending money on recently , maybe we should appeal for a longer ban ?
  4. 5 points
    After tonight, I finally understand what Sarriball is and have solved all the confusion. About 20 mins in, we got a goal kick. Rudiger goes to one edge of our penalty area and stands about 2m from the goal line. He then starts shouting and waving his arms furiously at Christensen, who is right across the other side of the penalty area standing about 5m from the goal line. Apparently, AC standing 3m further forwards makes it very much easier for Malmo’s press (they are all lined up on the edge of our area for our goal kick, ready to pounce!). All through the first half, we are (for want of a better term) dicking about with the ball in the first 25m from our goal, almost exclusively right over at the sides of the pitch. This is great fun. The Swedish postmen and locksmiths press like mad and force us into numerous errors. Azpilicueta receives the ball in countless impossible situations. We cede possession many many times. In the second half, the pattern continues until postmen get very tired. Then bang! Counter attack at pace. Giroud. Goal! So there it is. Joseball and Conteball were “you have the ball and we will nick it 25m from our goal, counter attack at pace and score”. Sarriball is much cleverer. It is “we dick about with the ball in our own defensive corners, until somehow you fail to dispossess us and then we counter attack at pace and score”. Its genius. The only problem I can see with this, is if we try doing it against professional footballers rather than assorted grocers and IT consultants.
  5. 4 points
    I get all the points that people are making here and that Mourinho was and is divisive opinion wise. But am I alone here in being not that phased that he has gone there? I think perhaps because we have such an exciting thing going on at the Bridge I am not thinking about the neighbours comings and goings. He didn't do badly at United in my opinion and was eventually let down by players who will let everyone down, we had the same here with the same players who let him down letting Conte down. He will probably do quite well at Tottenham at least initially but much as I despise that lot I am far more interested in what Chelsea are doing. What we are doing will take time and we may have to endure some clubs (and fanbases) we dont like winning things before we do...but we have a squad and a manager who have our clubs best interests at heart...let the neighbours ponce about with their new sportcars...we are saving up for a ferrari
  6. 4 points
    Very good performance where we probably should have ended up winning by a bigger margin. Highlight of the game was Willians assist for Abraham. Kovacic was immense today and shouldered a lot of the duties that Jorginho would normally do. The balance of the team is good right now, so I don't see Lampard sacrificing the AM in order to field a midfield of Kanté, Jorginho and Kovacic too often. So this is a very nice problem to have, three players who are all great in their own way where two of them have had stellar seasons so far. Pulisic and James also deserves a mention. Top displays and I'm really starting to like Pulisic. The early season critisism of him looks absolutely ridiculous now. Whoever was responsible for that transfer needs a massive pat on the back. He's direct, has great close control and is always looking to go for the goal. I wasn't sure I'd be able to say this so soon, but I don't miss Eden Hazard one bit. That speaks volumes of what we are doing offensively this season. Second highest scoring team in the league. Was a while since we were producing so consistently! Also a shout out to Zouma and Tomori. Zouma in particular has grown into his role. At current rate, Luiz wouldn't be much more than CB4. Good business getting rid of him - we all know how disruptive he can be if he isn't the main man. All in all happy days and the future does indeed look very, very exciting.
  7. 4 points
    #lampardout :-( We've played 4 games, we're 10th with 5 points. OK, frustrating and disappointing result today but Tammy scored 2 goals which continues to be very encouraging. I don't know what people expect this season. We're still missing Kante and Rudiger and a hard decision will have to be made about Dave. And of course one of the best players in the world has left us. This season I find myself looking at the results of the 'lower' teams and that's ok. Frank is learning and we have young players who are learning but I find all that quite refreshing. It's actually quite nice to get off the treadmill and consolidate and build again. Personally, if this board does anything idiotic and premature in the next few months, I will take a back seat from football. I don't expect anything from this season apart from hopefully staying well clear of the relegation zone and finishing in a respectable position. Mason Mount isn't Frank Lampard. Tammy Abraham isn't Didier Drogba. Kurt Zouma will never be John Terry and no one will ever be Eden Hazard. And sadly, Azpilicueta is no longer Azpilicueta. We don't need constant success to enjoy being a Chelsea supporter. Out time will come again but it certainly won't be this season. I just feel proud that our best ever player and someone who genuinely cares for Chelsea is back as our manager. Let's support him. #lampardinforever :-)
  8. 4 points
    Now I know we've got issues and a long way to go to get back to where we want to be but I'm absolutely loving seeing two Academy products scoring in the Premier League. We've waited to see this for so long. Overjoyed.
  9. 4 points
    Yeah, I never rated Eden much, glad he left and can't wait for him to fail at RM. They bought a turkey there........
  10. 4 points
    For every 14 pounds you put on with the bookies you get 1 back - the same odds as Droy getting things wrong
  11. 4 points
    And trying to point out previous coaches similar failings as a way of mitigating the last one is about the worst kind of argument there is. It is a pity. I'm having to working through 'em post by post. I'm on post 16,231...its saying something about "RLC is not a future Chelsea regular because if he was, he'd of shown us some talent by now".... its not a bad read actually. I'm particularly looking forward to the "standing in the right places" section, the brilliantly observed "Conte never had a fall out with the board and all the players love him" , the amusing "Sarri ball ...what can go wrong?" of course the modern classics "Hudson O'doi...is he all that?" and the standard "anyone who thinks Lampard is going to replace Sarri as the next coach is a deluded fool" . Mate , you have been on fire!!
  12. 4 points
    Honestly, the most surprising part of this to me is the news that we actually practice set-pieces.
  13. 4 points
    There’s one well coached team out there and it isn’t us. I honestly can’t wait until Sarri leaves.
  14. 4 points
    Can we just carry on not playing? We seem to be doing much better in the race for the top 4 when we are not actually on the pitch!
  15. 4 points
    Apparently 100 Liverpool supporters were arrested with Flares at the Everton game . The Police let them off when they realised they'd been wearing them since the last time they won the league.
  16. 3 points
    “2013 the board decided we needed to win things”? We had just won the CL in 2012. The cup we had been chasing for years. KDB , Salah and Lukaku and Mata were good enough for the 13-14 team. They just got bundled to the side because the manager didn’t favour them. Lukaku had a better season in 13-14 than any of our strikers. He should have been part of the squad. He doesn’t have to play every game but he should still be an important figure for the future. I can't understand when you say “we paused the rebuild to win trophies”. We never paused it. It was still going on even when JM arrived. The issue was the talent we let go rather than the talent we bought. It’s that we had players with great potential and never made them feel like part of the team or gave them a decent chance for important minutes, forcing them to find a different club. Lukaku was better than Etoo Ba and Torres yet for some reason we didn’t give him time. Funny enough the same manager that didn’t give him time then went on to buy him for £90M. Which shows in the end he was wrong and he simply didn’t have patience. You say 2 titles on our budget was brilliant. The same budget that spent £220M on Zappacosta, Drinkwater, Barkley, Morata and Bakayoko? Budget was not the issue. The fact is from 2013 to 2018 we should have completely dominated the league and probably got to a CL final at least. We had the tools to do it. We also had the budget for it. We still could have had all these players playing for us together but we lacked the understanding and direction in how to build properly with undeveloped talent.
  17. 3 points
    Anyone remember the old referee Keith Hackett? He was one of the better ones, from memory. He tweeted the other day, in response to Dermot Gallacher's latest "ref watch" where basically he says the ref was right every week. Hackett's words: "That sums up Dermot. Holding onto his fees paid by the PGMOL. Party line comes to mind" Basically saying what we have long suspected, that DG and ref watch is a propaganda tool...."look how well everyone is doing"
  18. 3 points
    Our only signing this window...…. (Bless his heart. He still comes back and visits. I hope what's happened since he gave up playing doesn't cloud the fact that he was a little magician for us and one of the best humans you could ever meet).
  19. 3 points
    Can I just butt in and wish all the lovely people on here a Very Merry Christmas and an even Happier New Year 💙 Thank you to Michael for all he does and a quick mention to Pete, Bob, Celery and TVF who regrettably appear to have stopped posting 🙁 Always unbelievably proud to be a Chelsea supporter but that result on Sunday was something else. Happy Christmas Frank and Christine 🎄 You so deserve it 🤗
  20. 3 points
    The way we were attacking in the last 15 minutes shows the naivety of our team and Frank. We need to learn how to slow games down and hold the ball; you would think we were down a goal rather than trying to protect a lead.
  21. 3 points
    Difference between Hazard and Courtois was not to do with how they left. Courtois before he left was a pretty much a arrogant brat. In his interviews he will always make snide comments about us or what current problems we have and he would seem to think he has the right to say it. Many things he mentions in interviews I question whether a player should be saying such things especially a player who isn’t even a top player. The guy seemed to think the world revolved around him and that he was never the problem. We got rid of a popular GK coach for him and let him replace a legend in goal. He was rarely ever humble in the things he said or what we did for him. Hazard is the complete opposite despite being a far better player. The way both left did nothing to me but it was more about the way Courtois was like when he was here that pissed me off.
  22. 3 points
    Cracks me up every time that you insist that others provide direct quotes and signed documentation/affidavits when you disagree but spout this kind of stuff as fact.
  23. 3 points
    On the Magpies' victory with two brothers in the midfield compared to the capitulation last week with only one of the brothers, can I please publicly copywrite the headline; "One for sorrow, two for joy"©️™️
  24. 3 points
    We will never agree on this. Everyone on here knows your stance on this for a number of years now. Some transfers that had a rough crossover in terms of timings to think about. Ake out - Rudiger in - I think there was 4/5 months apart on these transfers. Turns out that Rudiger has been a very good signing, but point is Ake will have more than held his own here and is at least on a par, if not better, than Zouma and Christensen now. Chalobah out - Bakayoko in - I think this was same summer and same position. We sold an academy player for £7 million and replaced him with a £40 million version who is certainly not better. Aina out (initially on loan) - Zappacosta in - From a squad perspective, could Ola Aina not have done a job very similar to Zappacosta and we saved ourselves £25 million. Personally, I am giving very little credit to Sarri for both CHO and RLC breaking through. Regardless of what game time they did get, they should have got more and it should have happened far sooner. Sarri backed down by playing them to take some heat of himself, its funny how CHO seemed to appear in the team around January window time. As for CHO, there is a part of me that beleives its because it was Bayern Munich making such a hard attempt to get him as one good reason why we never sold him. It's such a big football club who wanted him, I can't help but think we may have seen a different outcome if it was someone like a Real Betis or Lazio who wanted him. I go back to Abraham in Jan, its widely reported it was a done deal that we had accepted Wolves bid. I believe the transfer didn't happen due to some rule about appearing for three different clubs in one season or something, he must have made some token appearance for us and was on loan at Villa at the time ( I cannot quite remember the exact scenario, but the key point is, the club had him sold only 9 months ago!)
  25. 3 points
    Remembering Ray Wilkins today one year on. A lovely man with such a sad story.
  26. 3 points
    Well of course no one should be labelling lampards job so far as "fantastic" just as nobody should be calling it "rubbish". For crying out loud, we have a new young coach in his first Premiership job. He's 4 games in and he's mid table. There have been some good moments and some dodgy ones. He has lost the best player in the league in Hazard. Morata and Huguain are gone and we have a rooky forward. We have a transfer ban. We have injuries to key players in key positions. We are conceding but we are also (very importantly) scoring. What exactly is the rush to condemn him? I notice this not only from a few Chelsea fans but hugely from outside the club. Almost everyone I know from other clubs supporters is salivating at the thought of him failing. ..much more so than usual. If he was a young, black, rooky foreign coach everyone would be sitting on their hands saying "give him time , give him time". Apart from the ones who would probably twitter racist abuse pretending to be Chelsea supporters. I'm not sure where the lady who wrote this article thinks the "Chelsea Bar" should be this season but I think I know where she would like us to finish.
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    We are aware that for quite sometime there has been a problem for anyone trying to sign up to our forum. Our Administrator has been trying very hard to resolve this problem with the latest owners of the site but with little success so far. It would seem that certain software needs updating which we are unable to do without their input. This is very frustrating for us all, especially when we see so many guests browsing the forum and then some trying in vain to sign up. It certainly isn't that we don't want new members, we absolutely do!!! Especially with the new season coming up and SFL back as our manager. We will continue to do all we can to resolve the issue. In the meantime, please keep browsing the forum and hopefully you will be able to contribute yourselves in due course. Sincere apologies and thanks for reading.
  28. 3 points
    It is almost enough for a grown man to look at the heading Intelligent forum then read your post and weep silently. Haters. really ? Nobody over the age of 16 uses that word There is no right or wrong on opinions Something you seem to struggle with. In reality It is a Sarri forum both for against and neutral. Not a memorial for the faithful few.
  29. 3 points
    That post is very different to the previous one. 1. I don't think any fans will be raging. The fans (real fans, not iditos on twitter) will appreciate that last season we made top 4 by only 2 points and now we have lost our best player and we can't buy anyone (although we have bought Kovacic and Pulisic). I think most "fans" will realise that obtainng top 4 is going to be VERY difficult. 2. Saying we we will struggle for top 4 is very different to saying we are going to score less goals than 2 of the relegated sides from last season. It is ridiuculous hyperbole. 3. You can get 500/1 on us getting relegated. Go for it.
  30. 3 points
    All of these posts saying X Y Z Manager is more qualified or more experienced are missing the point. The point is that the club see Frank as the best fit... His affiliation with the club should bring stability (ie not getting homesick like Sarri or throwing a strop like Conte), him and Jody know the academy players which is now more important than ever and will give them a huge boost, he will unite us fans again, he’s a really bright guy is likely to learn quickly, and let’s be completely honest, he’s a winner. Young, English, charismatic, hungry to success and a club legend - what’s not to love?? Absolute no brainer for me...
  31. 3 points
    Rumours are that Daniel Levy has approached CAS to say if Chelsea don't want the transfer ban , can Spurs have it instead.
  32. 3 points
    I think he got great support the majority of the time he was here. He was warmly welcomed with much love and expectation...pretty good for a guy who had spent 20 years as a coach without winning anything. His name was chanted and even through a rough period (turn of the year period) he was given much support on the terraces and on these pages ( not by me I should add but by most). But at some point things did start to turn cumulating in the Cardiff game where the rumour is he decided he no longer wanted to be at this club. But in retrospect I would say this about those away Cardiff fans....good on ya. You had got up at 4am to cross the country to watch and cheer on your team. You were greeted with the same dross , the same stubborness, the same insipidness, the same inflexibility, the same formation, the same subs and what looked like another defeat from a terrible team ( but take a bow the lino). These are probably many of the same fans who partook in a 5000 mile round trip to EL final. God bless you boys and girls. Now if you want to boo this dross , I won't support you but I will understand you. And If this snowflake of a manager can't understand that frustration he could benefit from someone coaching HIM on human psychology. I would also say this. This reaction may have been the moment he decided to change his stance a bit on tactics, players and formations because that's about the time it happened. Maybe top 4 was enabled by this light bulb moment. And If this echo of booing has made Sarri quit at the end of the season then it has saved this club an awful lot of money in compensation. I must say it makes a change for us to receive compo rather than paying off huge sums to ex coaches. So yes, in retrospect, thank you away fans for top four and thank you for a net plus 10 mill in the bank.
  33. 3 points
    No grudge against him, ever! He has lit up our team for the past 7 years, and despite the media bollocks about him downing tools in Mourinho’s second stint (being consistently played with a pretty bad hip injury), always gave 100%. That’s not to say he was always in games - there are limits to how much one man can do once the opposition have rumbled a team’s inflexible tactical approach, but he always tried. I can’t remember any player being more fouled than Eden (maybe Maradona in his prime), but he always got up and got on with it, our most skilful ever player and an all round good guy. I’m proud he came here and stayed so long.
  34. 3 points
    Imagine reading every news story out there and become offended. You must live a very stressful life.
  35. 3 points
  36. 3 points
    Re point number 1 - We've been a mid-table side since the turn of the new year and our form reflects that. There just hasn't been enough progression shown to be convinced that we're heading in the right direction with Sarri as manager. While a top four finish, Europa League final and League Cup final may look like a solid return on paper, the reality on the pitch has been anything but convincing to warrant those results. We owe a lot to the horrendous form of Arsenal, Tottenham and Man Utd for the way they've closed out the season, opposed to our own good performances. While we had one of the easiest and most favourable Europa League runs imaginable. The one competitive team we did face in Frankfurt, still saw us struggle and rely on penalties to squeeze past. Is a pre-season and possibly a few extra players going to change much in the way Sarri approaches management? Unlikely. Re point number 2 - While RLC has grown this season, a lot of that has come from playing proper senior football last season at Palace for the first time. Sarri will have refined some areas, but lets not act like this is the same RLC of 3-4 years ago that Sarri inherited either. CHO improved - yet his change largely came about because of Bayern's interest and fan pressure. Up until then Sarri wasn't giving him a sniff whatsoever. Barkley is neither here nor there. Personally, I think he's regressed from the player that used to play at Everton - particularly in an attacking sense. Rudiger looks no better or worse than he was under Conte. Emerson similarly no better than he was when he was playing at Roma pre-injury. Still also took Sarri 6 months of the season to finally give him a proper look in also. Jorginho has looked better, but that's largely down to becoming more comfortable with the Premier League than anything else and little to do with Sarri himself. Higuain isn't going to improve because he's a 32 year old striker who has been on a visible decline for the past 18 months. Sarri or no Sarri, Higuain is no longer a top striker any more. That's the reality of where he's at in his career now, it happens to everyone eventually. With us likely to lose Hazard in the coming weeks, a transfer ban that's yet to be postponed, a squad that is still miles away from being where it needs to be, and the last 6 months of football being some of the most uninspiring and dullest seen in in the RA era, you can't really blame anyone if they're yet to be convinced that moving forward with Sarri to be the best thing.
  37. 3 points
    Sarri confirms RLC came off with cramp. Sarri got booed because RLC wasn't fit enough to complete the match so he replaced him with Barkley; maybe to avoid confusion in the future he should hold a board up with the reason why he's making his substitutions.
  38. 3 points
    Back in the day when Mo Salah was a Chelsea player... Shrewsbury Town vs Chelsea, League Cup, October 28, 2014.
  39. 3 points
  40. 3 points
    not for our top 4 quest though. I would like a win please. preferably in injury time from an offisde, handball goal, after the allotted number of added have been used, by a player who should have been previously sent off
  41. 3 points
    You must have been watching a different game, or you dont have a clue what Sarriball is. I didn't see any Sarriball in that match. We ditched Sarriball a long time ago.
  42. 2 points
  43. 2 points
    One game........Jesus. Fairly predictable, sadly. Making this a very tedious place to visit.
  44. 2 points
    Good times! Radio was also a key communication tool for updates back then. I remember listening to the whole of the FA cup replay at Newcastle in 1996, when we won on penalties at SJP, on radio 5 in my room.
  45. 2 points
    Mason Mount off the ball today was everything you want. Ran his socks off.
  46. 2 points
    Well subject to someone from the board coming out and saying, 'yes, we completely ballsed up with Courtios', there is never going to be complete clarity/a smoking gun. However, from what people have said and the way the situation played out it is more likely than not that the club badly handled the TC situation and brought Kepa in panic. IMO, TC's account that he told the club he would not sign and they said he could go in the summer, to then tell him he had to stay another year is believable. Cesc, even hinted this too. They are not. My point was that the Conte/Real theory was completely farcical and one that even Goal or the Daily Express would not come up with. Hence, I found it some what of a case of pot, kettle, black that you came up with a formula that you have been guilty of to a much larger degree than my interpretation of the goalkeeping situation in 2018.
  47. 2 points
    Willian and Pedro starting together is a big worry with that midfield for me.
  48. 2 points
    I don't have kids but bloody hell I'm struggling to think of a time I've felt so proud of the boys.
  49. 2 points
  50. 2 points
    Well the fact that Loftus Cheek was recently subbed twice due to cramping-up might be a sign that the guy probably needed a rest. Also to what extent are the injuries of Rudiger and Kante down to being overplayed and Sarri’s well known aversion to rotating his squad? Injuries happen at anytime. But suddenly we’ve got a spate of them at the business end of the season. And Kante apart, all pretty serious and similar types.