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    Perspective, please. We are champions. We reached the semi-finals of the Carabao, we are still in the FA Cup and CL - most importantly, by far, in a league this competitive, we are pretty well placed at 3rd in the PL. The squad (trust me) is the envy of many of the fans of other clubs I know. Yes, my Spurs, United and Arsenal fans also shake their heads in disbelief at their respective Boards' ineptness and rant about their crap players. Playing the 'long serving fan' card is a bit boring, but I do it here for a good reason, to reassure you all that, looking back over 52 years at the Bridge (I debuted in old North Stand, aged 2, in 1962) - we never had it so good! Enjoy the debate here, but don't lose that all important perspective. Crisis, what crisis?
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    My guess is (and it's only a guess) that a lot of members on here are probably sick to the back teeth of reading about how defensive we are. The point may well be right but the repetition of it ad nausiem does grate somewhat.
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    He has no excuse.... ...even Joey Cole bought the Linguaphone box set so could learn American :)
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    I don't think disliking Liverpool has anything to do with the city. After all, there are lots of decent Everton fans there. I may make jokes about it being the world's largest open prison, but it's a joke, not meant to be taken seriously. What I hate about Liverpool (as an English football institution) is its hypocrisy and sanctimony. Liverpool was a very average side until the late 1950s. However, they were bankrolled by the Moores and became very successful. As a result, vast numbers of people from all over the country began to support them because they were successful especially in the pro-Merseyside culture of the 60s. We would call them JCLs. Their "history" is really not that different to that of Man Utd. Man Utd were also a very average side until the 50s when they were bankrolled by the Gibsons and the Edwards. However, like Liverpool's promotion of themselves as part of the "Merseyside" culture, Man Utd's success is as much to do with the Munich Air Disaster as what happened on the pitch. This is how history is. Collections of events have unexpected outcomes. When the likes of LFC and MUFC fans talk of lack of history and glory hunters, it is the height of hypocrisy. Their fans are as much JCLs as everyone else, it just happened at a different time. Their fans have no more "class" than the fans of any other club because the fan base reflects the society from which it is drawn and is not specific to a particular club or clubs. The problem with sides like Man Utd and Liverpool is that they mythologise their past. They present the current state of affairs as the way it has always been. They forget that the big clubs of the pre-war period were the likes of Everton, Arsenal, Newcastle and, for a short period, Huddersfield. I am not saying they had no success but that they were not dominant. Moreover, because of their rise in support, vast numbers of the commentators and pundits also support one or other of those sides and they reinforce the mythology because of self-interest. Pundits are useful when they can present the "inside track" of a club. Of course, commercial interests kick in as well. Everyone knows that organisations that have a commercial interest in the game, seek to reinforce their position by promoting popular outcomes. UEFA do it with the CL and FIFA with the World Cup. The FA and the Premier League have an interest in promoting the interests of clubs with more support over those with less because that enhances their TV revenues. Even PGMOL know this. The consequence is that Liverpool and Man United have become a pernicious institution. We broke that down for a while (as have Man City) but not for long enough for the gravity not to reassert itself and we will probably return to the previous arrangements. However, I reserve my greatest ire for LFC because of the sense of victimhood that emanates from that club in particular. It is always someone else's fault even to the point of farce. Many Chelsea fans remember the LFC chief executive pointing out the London accents at Heysel and suggesting that it must be Chelsea fans causing the problems. As a result, I fully expect "death threats to Karius" being blamed on rogue Chelsea supporters pretending to be LFC fans. I accept that we have some nasty elements in our support because we have some nasty elements in society. I contend that the problem with LFC as a club is that it does not accept the same - that they have fans who are vile. They focus on the victimhood. I see clubs like Bradford, Rangers and so on who have experienced disasters in the past holding respectful commemorations of those tragedies, but not on the scale of LFC who expect every club in the country to mourn their loss while conveniently ignoring the death of 26 fans from Juventus, let alone the casual violence and the destruction of property. And yet, LFC is promoted as a bastion of saintly virtue. "Those Anfield Nights..." that are truly no different to any other club. I hear the reverence in soft tones of the "history and tradition" of the club. It is not their right to history and tradition I reject but their right to denigrate mine. It comes to a point where the punk in me wants my club to promote ideas that do not have the soft, cloying smell of sanctimony that so often emanates from its hallowed portal.
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    Interesting that Rangers are considering St Stevie Me for the Manager's role next season. Shrewd. If anyone can prevent Brendan Rodgers winning a league title it's him 🙄
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    I think your view may have been obscured then , what actually happened was he took of Willian who was playing like he didn't know who Giroud and Hazard were and what all the people running around in blue shirts were doing , brought on Bakayoko and moved Fabregas forward to replace Willian , once it was evident that once more Fabregas legs had given up the ghost he quickly remedied the situation and brought on Pedro . During this period we scored one goal and could have scored another two as well. It appears a lot of people have had enough ? What ? Enough of Cup finals ? I think everybody wrongly thought " Here we go again , bloody Italian managers with their negative football , holding on for a one nil win " and that's not what actually happened , unfortunately the changed occurred just as Southampton decided to give it a go , possibly thinking the same . What annoys me the most about any of this is the fact that every week people are posting on here about " Bloody Conte replacing like for like , a left back for a left back etc etc" and when he does actually change one type of player for another they're still moaning , retrospectively , even though the substitution worked out fine. Mind you as a Conte apologist I suppose I would say that. Lets hope he doesn't annoy anyone further by winning the thing and , horror upon horrors actually stays . urgh.
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    James, give Mark his phone back.....
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    This almost reads like youre saying we miss Matic's presence in the middle ;-)
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    I see Greg Clark from the FA has come out today and expressed concern that the general public has lost trust in the organisation! Well I can only speak for myself but I have always had about as much trust in the FA as I have for the bloke who keeps phoning me up asking about the accident I never had. But just to recap. The FA dragged John Terry over the coals, ruined his England career, humiliated him as much as they possible could over the claims that he muttered a racist slur on a football pitch after being elbowed in the head. No one heard this slur and no one saw it but a QPR fan said it looked a bit like it on telly. Terry was cleared in a court of law but the FA wanted their pound of flesh and they got....Terry's head on a plate. Now it appears that one of the FA's employees made unacceptable racist comments to England female footballer Aluko. The FA then quietly paid off Aluko on the condition that she kept her mouth shut. The only time she was to open it was to confirm that the FA was not a racist organisation . She said it felt like blackmail. JT is probably having a rye smile over this. He was one of the best English skippers in modern history and they hung him out to dry. Now this bunch of lying, self serving, hypocritical weasels know exactly how it feels to be tarred with a racist brush. And no we don't trust you. Never have never will. FIFA light is what you are.
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    I'm glad the bloke seems ok but seriously, what was one of the worlds richest footballers, owned by one of the worlds richest club doing coming out of a concert in Holland at 2am trying to get back to England for a huge match the next day? No official car laid on for him, but then I expect that officially he wasn't meant to be there. In mind I can picture the scenario: Sergio fights his way through the throng of concert goers anxiously checking his watch. Aguero: TAXI TAXI!! (a ford cortina mark II screeches to a halt) DRIVER: (Wearing shades) Where's ya going dude? Aguero: (eyeing up the Cortina and driver with suspicion) "Airport. You a proper taxi?" Driver: Too ficcin' right mate....well Uber cab but I get you to airport quick and 10 euros cheaper (he has a dutch accent almost as strong as Steve MaClaren's after a long weekend in Amsterdam...Aguero climbs in). "I get you there in 20 ficcin' mins". Aguero: It's an hour journey?? Driver: Ok, 15 tops (car screeches off in a cloud of burning rubber). Aguero : Would you mind putting that thing out, I'm a professional sportsman? (Driver takes final drag of his spliff and tosses it out of window... he looks in his rear mirror at Aguero) Driver: Holly ficcin' shite, you is Sergio Aguero!! My wife wants to bang you like a barn door!! Wait till she hears about dis (Aguero says nothing and stares out window shaking his head). Driver flicks open phone with his right hand and dials. Aguero: Could you concentrate on road please (clicks on seat belt) Driver: (ignores him) Hey Gertie, guess who I got in the back of de cab?...no go on guess .....any guess.... don't be stupid, Adolf Hitler's dead....I'll tell ya who....Sergio ficcin' Aguero (audible scream comes from phone)....no I'm not pulling ya titties, it's Sergio ficcin' Aguero!! Hey Sergio can we get a cheeky selfie? Aguero: WHAT???? Too late, the driver holds up his phone and gets them both in shot....."Smile!" Somewhere in Holland right now an Uber cab driver has a photo pride of place on his mantle piece. The face in the photo looks vaguely familiar. It's hard to place as it's contorted in terror and screaming as it spies a lamp post heading towards his person at unreasonable speed.
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    You have been harping on about patience for the entire window and now, at the end of a pretty disappointing window, you're still at the point where you think it matters if we sign 3 or 4 new players at the end of the window having seemingly missed out on (arguably) all of our top targets. Great. Good luck convincing me otherwise. The Premier League champions shouldn't lose 2 of its starters and head into the season with a paper thin squad then scramble 3-4 transfers over the line and suddenly rectify everything. Nope.. Not in the slightest. So you can kindly keep that thought about waiting all to yourself if its all well and good to be perfectly honest.
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    Wow. So this is what desperation looks like huh? Shelvey and Andy Carroll... 😂😂😂
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    This is how it started in 2015/16. No squad and then a start where basically every decision went against us for a long run. It's not time to worry, it's time to absolutely panic. If the club doesn't act now, Conte won't be here in January. This is basically what I've been fearing all summer. People have ridiculed me but here we are. We have done it again. Absolutely unthinkable we could be this ****ing stupid but yeah, we ****ing are this stupid. Time to ship the whole structure at the top of the club. Absolute amateurs.
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    I think I know who you're referring to. Must admit it's a delicious irony. All last season he was boring everybody shitless with his repetitive claims that Conte was useless and Mourinho was The Second Coming, yet Conte won the title against all odds and Mourinho finished 6th despite having the most expensive squad ever assembled in the history of football. Now, to top things off, his idol has signed Matic for 40 big ones plus another 10 in add-ons, the same Matic who we've been reliably told (again and again and again) is absolute garbage. And guess what? When Utd do far better next season he'll claim Matic has nothing to do with it. Lest we forget of course this is the same guy who thought Mikel was the reincarnation of Franz Beckenbauer. I wonder if he's ever got anything right on this site? Anyway, everyone's entitled to their opinion so let's not dwell on that. Many Chelsea fans are deeply unhappy that Matic was sold to Utd but I think if they were told at the start of the summer that we would get Conte's number 1 choice (after the unavailable Nainggolan) in Bakayoko and sell Matic to Utd for 50 big ones they would have accepted that. Matic may not be a genius (as Jose puts it) but as a holding midfielder he has few peers. When he first came he played in a 2 beside Fabregas with Oscar in the 10 role and Matic was incredible, a vast improvement over the lamentable Mikel. Remember he was playing beside Fabregas who offers practically nothing defensively yet we swept all before us, in a 4231 formation. Matic screened the defence expertly, allowing Fabregas to do his thing. That free-flowing football got sacrificed as teams worked out they could outnumber us in midfield (Matic was having to do the work of 2 people) and we battened down the hatches to win the title, often with Ramires taking Fabregas' place in away games. The season after that went horribly wrong and evidently Matic wasn't happy with something, and in fact he hardly played under Guus*. I think it's telling that Conte had to persuade him to stay last summer and this summer Matic wanted to re-join Mourinho. We don't know what went on behind the scenes in Jose's last season but we do know that Matic suits Jose's formation far more than he does Conte's. At Utd, Matic will hold but instead of Fabregas alongside him he'll have Herrera, and he'll have Pogba ahead of him making up the midfield. In other words, Jose will play Matic to his strengths and the player will be happy, and he'll have a bloody good season and be a vital member of the team. Under Conte Matic had to be more than just a holding player, and while he was good there are players out there that can perform that role better, such as Bakayoko we hope, who is a bit more all-action. Swapping Matic for Bakayoko undoubtedly suits Conte but unfortunately signing Matic undoubtedly suits Mourinho, both managers playing different formations. Jose wants a specialist holding player while Conte doesn't, that's the bottom line. We'll have to see who comes out on top. It will be intriguing. Utd will be our biggest challengers this season, because of their squad and the signing of Matic. Mourinho always wins the title in his 2nd season and it always goes tits-up in his third. If he doesn't win it this season he never will. However Conte is a far superior manager so I'm not worried, despite our inferior squad. City's squad is also superior but again our manager is better. Lots of angst and soul-searching in this thread but we'll be okay, I told you before that we would sign a top striker and so it's proved and I'm telling you now we will sign 2 or 3 more players and everybody will be happy, the priority being CM and LWB as I've said before. A RWB and a CF would also be nice. I'm very optimistic about our season. Our squad is already stronger than last season's, if only marginally. The bottom line is last season Conte only had 13 players he could trust. This season he already has 14, and you never know he might also trust Batshuayi and Christensen, and we haven't finished yet. We're getting rid of so many players so we can bring in players the manager wants. Sometimes you can't always conclude all of your business early. Last year we left things late with 1 or 2 and that worked out pretty good. There's no reason why the same can't happen this time. * I seem to recall Matic scoring at Sunderland and not celebrating. Something was definitely amiss.
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    Day 16 : Still no sign of rescue. Still stuck in a leaky lifeboat with a man who's only credentials are a league winners medal and FA cup winners medal in two seasons. Many have already abandoned ship , the Captain , the first mate , all gone , rumours abound that others may also jump ship. Flares sent out . We await salvation.
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    Except literally hundred of thousands, even millions, of people have died as a result of homophobia, tens of millions as a result of bigotry. Framing it as 'people take offence' is nonsense. We are sending a very crappy and indeed injurious message to an often injured LGBTQ people in, if we are indeed doing so, appointing Sarri.
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    Pardon me butting in to a private argument. Terry and Lampard were too busy winning all the awards that matter, winning all the trophies that matter and consistently working their backsides off for the club they genuinely loved. That's what 100% proper Chelsea means. Willian is very talented but he hasn't completely proved himself and what he did on Instagram was petulant and unprofessional.
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    I'd looked after myself and at 58 could do 5 miles in 33 minutes, 10k in around 44 minutes and had a job in a timber yard carrying 24 ft lengths of 9x3. Three years later after an immune disease, I can't run more than 50 yards and can't do a press up. Lost nearly 60 years of fitness at a stroke. If you've got it, enjoy it people, you never know what's around the corner. Its FA cup day and we're in it. Got to enjoy it if you are a fan. Come on you Blues!!
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    93 points was the second highest ever (at the time). Irrespective of good start / bad start, it is an incredibly high number. We won the league by winning so many games. not because of others failings. If you are going to be matter of fact about it, unless a team is in first place from game 1, and wins every game thereafter, there is an element of relying on other teams to slip up. That is what a league competition is.
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    Why doesn't that surprise me
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    The whole point of signing Salah, De Bruyne, Lukaku and even Shurrle was to not take it 1 season at a time; but produce a squad of players for a large number of seasons. That's around £250-300M worth of players that we got for peanuts, our so called business plan of buying the next big talent was thrown into the shredder; and yes, by a manager who thought about his own trophy list before he self destructs. Salah improves any team at any time. Well Hazard certainly needs rotation now, and would actually lose his place to Salah, we lack consistency from the likes of Hazard because we sold all his competition. The biggest frustration is we went from a club who everyone wanted to play for in the PL to everyone's feeder club. We've got far too many ex Chelsea players sitting in teams above us and producing better results than the players we currently have; it's beyond a joke. I'm not going to hide that I blame Jose too, in order to act the big man in the league he fed his own ego for quick fire results that cost us in the long run. The thing is it isn't Hindsight, it's frustration at the incompetency of the people who make decisions at the club. A club who is now making budget deals because they sold quality players who are now producing for our direct competition. Simply add De Bruyne, Salah, Mata, Lukaku to our team and we're up there with the elite in Europe; we gave away our own ability to be an elite team. Right now we'd be talking about 2 signings in defence and that's it, where as now we need to look at far more than that.
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    Hope so. He's a brilliant player but he has a major flaw in his game somewhere, whatever it is it stops him from becoming one of the greats; he has gone from being one of the next big talents to being over shadowed week in week out. To maybe explain it better... When players like Salah, Sanchez, De Bruyne, Sane or Silva (or even lesser players) pick the ball up in the final third instantly I think the other team is in danger, when Hazard picks it up he actually surprises me when he runs at a team nowadays, otherwise it's backwards sideways or he switches the ball to Moses and stands on the opposite side of the pitch, he done it countless times against Leicester; Hazard was the most fouled player last season for a reason, because he actually engaged the opposition where as this season he has taken a back seat.
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    Haven't seen this one posted here for a while lol COME ON YOU BLUES!!! We can do it if we play our game and not be timid and lose focus. Let's go! Super pumped for this one!
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  26. 3 points
    It upsets people because its absolute garbage. We are going to get knocked out of Europe by Barcelona , we all know it , but afterwards , regardless of how we played , how well we perform and how many golden opportunities to score goals our forwards spurn, you'll be on here choking up the forum with more utter cobblers about defensive formations. Thats why.
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    Anyone got a stream that doesn't work ? I can still see mine .
  28. 3 points
    For the record, I don't have a single problem with what City are doing - they're planning for domination. it's unapologetic and without a single shred of kowtowing. If we showed a similar attitude at any point over the last fifteen years, we could have built something special, but it's like every league title win of ours has been followed by an apology delivered though the medium of self-inflicted damage.
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    RE: Sanchez - why do people even care if he's 29, and would be getting the wages that's being mentioned? Surely it's about improving the team no? Our job as Chelsea fans is to worry about what happens on the pitch. And as it stands, there are a lot of improvements that have to be made. Sanchez would be one hell of an improvement. In fact, getting an Alexis Sanchez-esque type of player might actually encourage the likes of Hazard and Courtois to actually sign their extensions. Whether we're actually in for him or not is irrelevant, but I'm sorry, no-one can tell me that getting Sanchez would be a negative move given what we currently have at our disposal. And if you do, you're lying.
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    I think it's a bit harsh to blame Bakayoko when Morata could and should have scored four goals. I've been saying it all season , we can complain all we like about , too many defenders or setting up negatively , if nobody apart from your defenders can score a goal you're screwed. Morata's finishing was appalling. Great movement , clever , couldn't hit a cows ass with a banjo.
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    I suggest you get down to an opticians pronto!
  33. 3 points
    I have no dog in this apparent fight, there is no agenda. KDB played 3 premier games for us! That's not enough time to be branded bad, or indeed anything. He had had a great loan with Werder Bremen, which led to firm interest from Dortmund. He wins MOTM on his full Chelsea debut, then hardly get's a sniff. Granted he might have been poor in the odd minute he got elsewhere, but he was a 22 year old, of course he's going to be inconsistent. Especially given it was clear Jose didn't like the cut of his jib, and continued to play the utterly pointless Oscar. He goes back to Germany and wins player of the year just 18 months later. The whole of Europe knew how good this guy was. Jose was charged with managing Chelsea and it's players. You work with players who apparently don't yet understand or are able to perform what you want from them, you teach them, you don't freeze out players that talented and ship them off at the first opportunity. It was grossly poor management that has and will continue to cost us dearly.
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    You're thinking of someone else. Firstly I don't constantly run down our players (certainly no more than yourself) and I'm not running down Morata. I'm running down the board for not giving us adequate back up IF he struggles. Is that unreasonable? With regards to Morata here's my thoughts. We don't know yet do we? You can't judge a player on three games can you (for good or for bad?) but he hasn't filled me with confidence. He could be amazing then do his cruciate and be out for the season. He could just not adapt at all to the prem or our team. The back up is Bats or Remy. You talk about Costa and Drogba as success examples so I will give you Bats and Remy as my example. Anyway why do you need examples...we could go on all night exchanging players names who have turn out great or shite.. The sheer volume of games this season will be unlike last season so Morata can't play them all can he? Or maybe you think he's got superpowers? I just don't think our expectations of the lad should be too high or our whole season should rest on his shoulders. That will be the cue for people to come on here and rip him apart...he is indeed a human being. And secondly I don't eat Mars bars.
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    I won't argue that our squad is perfect, I would make the point that as a club's level rises, so it becomes both easier to attract appropriate talent and paradoxically harder to find it. Our standards rise, so the pool we shop for players in, shrinks. No one is saying Drinkwater is Messi; but he is clearly a good player, who in better company, may become very good. I won't comment on Zappa as I don't know him. He obviously wasn't top choice - but neither was Alonso and that turned out ok. As to why no Sandro or players of that level - well, we should be flattered that clubs don't want to sell to us; why strengthen potential rivals. What we have is a strong group of 20 players, a great coach, passionate fans (?) and a committed owner. If the last few seasons show anything it's that our club 'works' and wins - and this 'got away with it' argument often made on this forum begins to wear thin. On the principle that one never knows what one actually looks like - try asking a few non-Chelsea fans you respect what they think; on the whole my mates still see us as strong contenders and threats to their clubs.
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    I prefer to call it "filtering"... I really want players that want to play for Chelsea.... Idealistic, I know but if Oxlade-Chamberlain can't stomach fighting for his place....jog on. If Lukaku would rather be their Dabber than our Drogba...jog on. Kyle Walker - enjoy the full back merry go round that is City. Their loss not our's...our recent history is built on heroes....Drogba, Terry, Lampard, Desailly, Zola and others. And you lot ain't got the bottle. CMON THE CHELS!
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    He can be frustrating with his end product but he's class. Him, Hazard and Pedro fighting it out for two positions is exactly the type of competition we should have all around the team.
  38. 3 points
    Man that joke never gets old
  39. 3 points
    Who did Arsenal get in their CL group? oh wait..
  40. 3 points
    I said after last week's game that all that was needed was for Conte to ditch the tracksuit and wear his normal suit and tie. Glad to see him properly dressed today... and of course we return to winning ways!!! :-)
  41. 3 points
    Most frustrating player I've ever seen, if he had an end product he'd be unstoppable.
  42. 3 points
  43. 3 points
    Here's who we'll sign...
  44. 3 points
    I see what you did there, clever. I think, however, she may only drinkwater.
  45. 3 points
    Actually James, they are metaphorically a pile of dog turd, not literally.
  46. 2 points
    I noticed the club omitted the word 'thank you' in it's announcement. Obviously that relationship descended into something incredibly poisonous . As for me, I'm not sure I want to thank someone who for half of his extremely well paid reign, didn't have the best interests interest of this club or it's supporters in the forefront of his mind. In fact I would say quite near the back of it. Mourinho never stopped trying for this club while on the wage bill , yet he was jeered and insulted on his return. That is certainly not classy.
  47. 2 points
    I'm not sure they could improve - he has been brilliant for us, brilliant.
  48. 2 points
    Only Hazard would get in the side, replacing Sterling I expect , Pedro and Willian aren't as good as De Bruyne , Sane , David Silva and Bernardo Silva. They'd be squad players. Like they should be here.
  49. 2 points
    Opportunity is everything though. Clearly he was a talented player and sometimes with talent you make exceptions. I mean, it's known that Hazard doesn't train intensely during the week yet he's still been able to maintain a regular starting position in our team since he joined. At the end of the day, what happens on the pitch on game day is what matters most. We've all seen Batshuayi work intensely off the pitch - including hitting the gym after games. Does that mean he should command a regular start in our side over Morata? Training hard obviously plays a part and puts you in a better position to be selected, but it's not the be all and end all of it. Talent and ability is often going to outweigh what's on the training park. Unless a player is seriously not applying themselves at all - then it may likely change. You can't blame a clearly young talented player for wanting to play. KdB played a whole 132 minutes of EPL football in his 3 appearances for us and was then cast aside. Given, he had quality players ahead of him he was still good enough and talented enough to feature more than the 3 times he did. Keep in mind this isn't the first time we've seen this exact same situation - low and beyond they've been predominately all under one particular manager. Lukaku played 158 minutes of league football for us before being sent out on loan where he impressed at WBA. He then returned to play 41 minutes before his eventual loan and sale to Everton. A grand total of 199 minutes across 1 league start and 9 sub appearances. Salah was another - he picked up 6 starts and 7 sub appearances for his 531 minutes of league football for us before we shipped him off to Fiorentina where he also impressed. Which lead to his eventual loan and sale to Roma - again after another fine season. How about the case of Juan Cuadrado. A key player at Fiorentina and on the back of an impressive WC showing, we sign him and he goes on to play 338 minutes in the league across his 4 starts and 9 sub appearances before being shipped off to Juventus on loan - where he also impressed before completing a permanent transfer. It's hard to not be frustrated to then see these same players we've failed to really accomodate with genuine opportunity and patience go on to become very good players elsewhere. Not to mention it has made us, as a club, look a little ridiculous in the process. That said, what's done is done. Can only hope a lesson has been learnt from it all.
  50. 2 points
    We don't need a CM in January. Loftus-Cheek has to come back next summer and get a run in our first team. If he plays every week, and plays like he has tonight - against the world champions with a strong team - he'd eventually be at the level of Dele Ali. I'm thinking Kante, RLC and Bakayoko in CM, Hazard behind the Morata. He's class. I wanted Barkley, I don't anymore. RLC done more in 1 England game than Barkley has in his England career, and RLC looks a better player. Remember, this is Germany, not some crappy team. And we need whoever our manager is to give the guy a run. There's no excuse anymore.