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    8-0 to the Blue behemoth with Sarri marching onto the pitch at full time and slamming a Chelsea flag into the centre circle. Higuain , fresh from his endeavours against United where nobody managed to pass to him , with the elusive double hat trick . Capped by the 8th goal of the evening from Alonso who clearing the ball from his own goal line , beats six or seven Malmo players with raw speed alone before playing nine one-two's in the area with Hazard and Willian prior to back heeling the ball between the keepers legs. Kepa Azpi , Rudi, Luiz,Alonso Jorgi Kante Kovacic Willian Higuain Hazard Barkley 65 for Kovacic , Giroud 85 for Higuain , CHO 90+5 for Willian
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    We can play Malcolm in the middle.
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    I'd be happy to have continuity, and be prepared for the odd hiccup on the way, if I could see progress was being made, but I don't see progress but regression. Actually, worse than regression, I see confusion. We can all find faults in any individual player if we wish, but our current back four, who one would generally describe as a fairly solid defensive unit, look as if they've never played together before and are learning their positions. A group of 13/14 year olds I could accept that from, but these are guys who have been together for a while and are seasoned professionals. Their individual and collective performances have dropped off a cliff edge. Is that down to the players or down to the instructions they're receiving from the coach? As xCeleryx has said, if these 14/15 players he is trying to improve in training are continually failing on the pitch, why does he continue with those same 14/15 players week in week out... especially when a fair few are not the long-term future of the club? It's a form of dissonance on the part of Sarri; the players won't do as I tell them so I will continue with the same players until they do. Are we really to believe that players that have won countless trophies, Premierships in many cases, and many of whom represent their countries are totally incapable of implementing the wishes of a coach? Maybe the messages coming from the coach are confused and confusing? If Sarri is hell-bent on continuing with his 'there is no Plan B' philosophy, using the same core group of players, then I really can't see results getting any better this season. And what happens if, with different players next season, they still don't improve in training? We do have too many average players... but we also have an average coach who I believe is totally out of his depth here.
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    That wasn't the purpose of the post. I was pointing out that using the number of goals scored by the other two was a bit unfair to the one who wasn't playing. I'll give you three examples of why I'm a big fan of CHO. None are evidence that he's better than the other two but they're suggestions of what is yet to come. 1) His man of the match performance v Arsenal in the pre season friendly where he single handedly destroyed them on the left wing. Doesn't matter that it was a friendly as Arsenal were actually just ahead of us in terms of fitness IIRC. 2) Those 2 touches for his cup goal at the Bridge. Again, the level of opposition was irrelevant as those two touches were so good that no defender in the world would have stopped him. 3) Those crosses for Morata from the right wing. A few on here have suggested that he hasn't done anything of note in a Chelsea shirt. I beg to differ. He gives us something completely different to the other two. He's quicker, plays wider and is more direct. Defences generally know what to expect from Willian and Pedro. Both prefer to cut inside from wide. CHO is a surprise package for most. For that reason I'd be mortified if we lose him soon in favour of two players who are not going to be around for long. A week or so ago Sarri said that the reason he'd dropped CHO back to the bench was because he had played 3 days earlier and he then proceeded to play 30+ Willian twice in a few days.
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    All of the above and much MUCH more. I know Kev and some others don't agree but I'm truly gutted. Cesc didn't want to leave, his family are settled in London, but Sarri, having said how important Cesc was to him, then proceeded to prove the exact opposite. He wants to play a different way which doesn't suit Cesc and as it's proving really successful (not) he has to go. Obviously he was passed his peak blah blah blah but I'm proud he played for us. I never felt he wanted to be back at Arsenal and actually felt he cared about playing for Chelsea. And I don't get that feeling with most of our players sadly. He looked genuinely upset yesterday. Top pro, intelligent and articulate with vast experience and a truly gifted player. A real gem let go too early. Never mind, we'll get some mediocre nobody in who promises much and delivers nothing, but it doesn't matter, as long as he's under 30. :-((((((
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    We are as far as I can recall the only club who's manager "had" to appear on TV to highlight the fact that we never got penalties . I've been banging on about bias and manipulation of league results on here for donkeys years and get laughed out of the place constantly . We even had a Premier League referee come out and admit they were encouraged to "manage games" and that he had "managed" our game against Spurs by failing to book any of their players which enabled them to kick us all over the park and led to the club being fined for "failing to control" their players when the crimes were all of Spurs concoction. There is no doubt in my mind that SKY , the Premier League and the PGMOL are in this together , manipulating games where they can to ensure ratings are high and kept high , the written media desperate for anything resembling a story , gobble any scrap they are thrown and again I am certain they are also being "influenced" to write up their reports in a certain light to maintain the narrative . Now it appears as well as not getting penalties that City , Liverpool , Spurs and United get we are now also being denied marginal offside decisions that would lead to goals for the other sides mentioned but not for us. It's difficult to disallow a marginal goal for Liverpool or Spurs or United when the media will highlight it , not so difficult to do the same for Chelsea when literally nobody is interested other than us . We as a club should start highlighting what is happening but we won't in the misguided thought that if we are nice and play by the rules then everyone else will . I'd put my mortgage on the fact that if we came up with half the strokes City were pulling in regards to FFP we'd be serving a lengthy ban now . The club really needs to start standing up for themselves instead of trying to be the good guys all the time. Mike Riley , the man who almost murdered Petr Cech , booking him as he crawled off the pitch with a fractured skull at Reading , was promoted to the head of the PGMOL and it is his philosophy of game management that is allowing the results of the game to be manipulated , he should be sacked immediately and prosecuted for fraud in my opinion . The laws of the game should be applied evenly not applied in whichever way the ratings won't suffer . I cannot see how any right minded supporter cannot see that we are simply not being dealt a fair hand in this from all sides of the media , the public have been constantly manipulated by false accusations and made up stories to see us as the anti Christ of football clubs whether it's our club being owned by a Russian henchman of Putin , Our Captain being racist , his family dealing drugs and stealing , our players cheating , diving and being dirty . These things are played out on a daily basis , every media story is slanted to make us look bad , stupid or both . It's a campaign , and it's working , and the club are taking it laying down .
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    I am not trying to sound patronising here but have you had the oppotunity to watch him live? I ask as I have witnessed most of his performances owing to my season ticket and ability to go to most of our games away as well. From my perspective Bats all round game is really really poor. I say this as he is an incrediably static forward, as he makes hardly any discernable runs off the ball, his close controll is average at best and he is not able to hold the ball up either. For me, the only way he makes it here is if we go two up front and tell him to literally play the width of the posts and try to only play between the penalty spot and six yard area as he only real quality of note is his finishing. Honestly, when I see him play I struggle to think of a forward that has been as poor as him and have to go back to Furlong. As Kezman at least had an ability to get around and make a bit of a nuisance of himself. Furthermore, this playing style of his also explains why he has been noticeable booed by Chelsea fans before and his substitution celebrated because whilst he has decent stats these mask his all round game. This constrast with Morata who whilst having poor stats generally gets the backing of the crowd (bar the back end if last season when he kept falling down) as he does a lot of good work off the ball that is not necessarily noticed. Now do not get me wrong, Morata needs to go through a remarkable up turn or be replaced. However, Bats is in no way or shape the answer.
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    I don't think disliking Liverpool has anything to do with the city. After all, there are lots of decent Everton fans there. I may make jokes about it being the world's largest open prison, but it's a joke, not meant to be taken seriously. What I hate about Liverpool (as an English football institution) is its hypocrisy and sanctimony. Liverpool was a very average side until the late 1950s. However, they were bankrolled by the Moores and became very successful. As a result, vast numbers of people from all over the country began to support them because they were successful especially in the pro-Merseyside culture of the 60s. We would call them JCLs. Their "history" is really not that different to that of Man Utd. Man Utd were also a very average side until the 50s when they were bankrolled by the Gibsons and the Edwards. However, like Liverpool's promotion of themselves as part of the "Merseyside" culture, Man Utd's success is as much to do with the Munich Air Disaster as what happened on the pitch. This is how history is. Collections of events have unexpected outcomes. When the likes of LFC and MUFC fans talk of lack of history and glory hunters, it is the height of hypocrisy. Their fans are as much JCLs as everyone else, it just happened at a different time. Their fans have no more "class" than the fans of any other club because the fan base reflects the society from which it is drawn and is not specific to a particular club or clubs. The problem with sides like Man Utd and Liverpool is that they mythologise their past. They present the current state of affairs as the way it has always been. They forget that the big clubs of the pre-war period were the likes of Everton, Arsenal, Newcastle and, for a short period, Huddersfield. I am not saying they had no success but that they were not dominant. Moreover, because of their rise in support, vast numbers of the commentators and pundits also support one or other of those sides and they reinforce the mythology because of self-interest. Pundits are useful when they can present the "inside track" of a club. Of course, commercial interests kick in as well. Everyone knows that organisations that have a commercial interest in the game, seek to reinforce their position by promoting popular outcomes. UEFA do it with the CL and FIFA with the World Cup. The FA and the Premier League have an interest in promoting the interests of clubs with more support over those with less because that enhances their TV revenues. Even PGMOL know this. The consequence is that Liverpool and Man United have become a pernicious institution. We broke that down for a while (as have Man City) but not for long enough for the gravity not to reassert itself and we will probably return to the previous arrangements. However, I reserve my greatest ire for LFC because of the sense of victimhood that emanates from that club in particular. It is always someone else's fault even to the point of farce. Many Chelsea fans remember the LFC chief executive pointing out the London accents at Heysel and suggesting that it must be Chelsea fans causing the problems. As a result, I fully expect "death threats to Karius" being blamed on rogue Chelsea supporters pretending to be LFC fans. I accept that we have some nasty elements in our support because we have some nasty elements in society. I contend that the problem with LFC as a club is that it does not accept the same - that they have fans who are vile. They focus on the victimhood. I see clubs like Bradford, Rangers and so on who have experienced disasters in the past holding respectful commemorations of those tragedies, but not on the scale of LFC who expect every club in the country to mourn their loss while conveniently ignoring the death of 26 fans from Juventus, let alone the casual violence and the destruction of property. And yet, LFC is promoted as a bastion of saintly virtue. "Those Anfield Nights..." that are truly no different to any other club. I hear the reverence in soft tones of the "history and tradition" of the club. It is not their right to history and tradition I reject but their right to denigrate mine. It comes to a point where the punk in me wants my club to promote ideas that do not have the soft, cloying smell of sanctimony that so often emanates from its hallowed portal.
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    Interesting that Rangers are considering St Stevie Me for the Manager's role next season. Shrewd. If anyone can prevent Brendan Rodgers winning a league title it's him 🙄
  11. 4 points
    I think your view may have been obscured then , what actually happened was he took of Willian who was playing like he didn't know who Giroud and Hazard were and what all the people running around in blue shirts were doing , brought on Bakayoko and moved Fabregas forward to replace Willian , once it was evident that once more Fabregas legs had given up the ghost he quickly remedied the situation and brought on Pedro . During this period we scored one goal and could have scored another two as well. It appears a lot of people have had enough ? What ? Enough of Cup finals ? I think everybody wrongly thought " Here we go again , bloody Italian managers with their negative football , holding on for a one nil win " and that's not what actually happened , unfortunately the changed occurred just as Southampton decided to give it a go , possibly thinking the same . What annoys me the most about any of this is the fact that every week people are posting on here about " Bloody Conte replacing like for like , a left back for a left back etc etc" and when he does actually change one type of player for another they're still moaning , retrospectively , even though the substitution worked out fine. Mind you as a Conte apologist I suppose I would say that. Lets hope he doesn't annoy anyone further by winning the thing and , horror upon horrors actually stays . urgh.
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    There are some on here who's ability to break down games tactically leaves me in awe. I think all here have watched played and followed the game long enough to understand what's going on instinctively even if we can't express ourselves as well technically as the aforementioned tacticians. Differences of opinions regarding various players and coaches specifically at Chelsea but in general in the EPL and other leagues is normal and makes for interesting discussions and is part of forums such as ours. I do not get involved in some of the more "aggressive" discussions as I prefer to keep any confrontational situations confined to real life important issues but I do not resent the "infighting" that some here relish just not my way here. What I'm leading up to is that for all the discussions ref. "sarriball"..it's the players inability its Sarri's inflexibility..give him time /different players and on and on..the point is all the players involved are long term pro's and have been around long enough to grasp any tactics put to them....face it.."sarriball" IS being played but does not work on a regular basis in the EPL due to high level of application by coaches and players who by now have worked out the way to neutralize the system and nothing changes to present much of a problem to the better sides in the EPL. Remember when AVB was working under Jose and presented players with reams of paper laying out details of opposing players..I remember reading that most players just threw the reports in the trash. Take any say full back in the EPL. Bertrand at Soton for example...after playing in the EPL do you really think he needs to be told how Sterling Hazard and any player he faces regularily play? Change the players for Sarri and the same conclusion will occur..it's not a system to change the EPL anymore than Conte's back three system will last over a period of time..it's a flexible game graced by individuals who can lift us to our feet with outrageous moments of skill and make any system look silly. We do not have a good coach let down by players..we have good players not given leadership that works from the coach.... the job of a coach is to present successful results on the pitch..once excuses are sought to explain failure then the man is finished however good a track record he may have. By this time next week we may be out of all cup competitions with nothing to show for the season..relegation will not be an issue but unless a new path is chosen soon Chelsea will be lost back in the pack.
  13. 3 points
    Written off already. Welcome to CFC, Christian.
  14. 3 points
    It was obviously a joke and I thought it was funny. Pompous and unnecessary response from you. We get it. You're a photographer.
  15. 3 points
    Here he comes the Edward scissorhands of posters - like sarri taking notes during a games he comes flying out of the traps dissecting everyone's posts.
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    Not that I am against the Klopp love-in (even though I am) but, seriously, the players he chose were no-brainers. He just had a lot more money to spend and far less of a bumbling transfer chief than us. I mean, Allisson was chased by us as well, VVD everyone wanted, Shaqiri was always a good squad filler, Fabinho and Keita have flopped (these were the only 2 risky transfers)... The guy acquired 3 players that were no-brainers. The problem is that Chelsea do a lot of unnecessary haggling. I mean, we buy Kepa who may one day grow into the role but play hard ball with Allissons valuation, we buy Emerson instead of Sandro, Giroud instead of Dzeko, Morata instead of Lukaku, Bakayoko and Drinkwater instead of Oxlade-Chamberlain, stick with Giroud instead of taking Higuain on loan... That is a whole lot of failed transfers. A whole lot of decisions that were utter mistakes. Now, we're arguably going to lose CHO and RLC as well because we hired a manager who has a history of being stubborn and rigid. All for Kovacic - a player who is clearly not that great and on loan! If the club wanted someone to play poor football, ignore the future players, outcast half the squad, and complain a whole lot to the media then we were much better off sticking with Conte. At least Conte was successful! The club needs to start holding people accountable. Heads need to roll because we are well and truly stagnating as a club. We have gone from competing every year with City and United for league titles to basicallly competing with Arsenal and a hugely regressed United while still spending comparable amounts to Liverpool and City. The problem is the manager is blamed every year.
  17. 3 points
    Haha predictive text - ridiculous, Droy wouldn never cheat on Mourhino!.
  18. 3 points
    No reason to bring race or religion into a football match ever. No reason to make threats or be seriously abusive either. There's a pretty clear line between passion and bigotry, and if you think football is an excuse to do the latter, kindly **** off with all the other Neanderthals to the next EDL march. I don't care what has or has to happened tonight or at the weekend - I've seen racism first hand at Chelsea on multiple occasions, we all know it happens so I 100% believe the reports and I'm 100% sick of it - we're not alone, I know, but if we actually care we should start by taking a stand against the minority of scumbags in our own supporter base.
  19. 3 points
    One of those players I would loved to have seen here in his prime. My little boy is called Luca, and the Mrs doesn't know why (shush)
  20. 3 points
    Very good. Incidentally, Droy still dreams of being the second Mrs Jose.
  21. 3 points
    Yes......all those better players they signed! Also, with Tottenham, that advert they put up in the underground stations, "the only stadium in london where you can watch CL football this season".......and they will be out before the ground is even open!!! Muppets.
  22. 3 points
    Will you have your half-and-half scarf around your neck on saturday? - Chelsea in blue and mourhino in red?.
  23. 3 points
    Ok Ham, so I’ve pondering on our Copacabana song for Thibault and I’ve come up with a few ideas. But if we want to make this a mega hit we also need to think about the video because that’s what will send the song viral. So picture the scene. We are in a small bar nightclub anywhere in the world…could be Madrid, could be Battersea, but that’s not important. It’s all shot in black and white (think Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal vid to get the vibe). A dozen small candlelit tables are just visible through the smoke and the gloom. On the small stage are a mariachi band playing the unmistakeable intro to Barry Manillo’s ‘Copacabana’. Suddenly a spotlight falls on one of the tables. Who does it light up? It’s only Thibault Courtois out for a drink with one of his kids!..... no hang on….that’s not his kid, it’s his 18 year old dog sitter (easy mistake, it’s gloomy in there). Now permit me to divert for a moment, but how lucky a chap is Thibault? Not only is he a multi-millionaire sportsman but just when his marriage got a bit shaky, a dog sitter arrived at the house looking like she just walked off the pages of Loaded Magazine! I mean fancy getting a bit of totty like that to look after your poodle for the minimum wage when you’ve just fallen out of love with your pregnant wife!! Or….alternatively…did me meet her down China Whites and get her to apply for the job of dog sitter and then fix her up in the spare room so she was available 24/7 for “dog sitting”? Anyway, that’s my imagination running away with me again, and I’m not questioning in any way Thibault’s loyalty, honesty or qualities as a man. Now back to the video. One of the band members moves towards the mic and starts to sing the first verse to Copacabana. “His name was Courtois, we thought he’d go far Had his shorts cut down to there, with too much Brylcream in his hair He signed for Chelsea, the super Chelsea But he acted like a kid, said ‘I’m off to Real Madrid’ And then the punches flew Contracts were torn in two Wrote a love note to the fans but they said… “Fck You” (CHORUS) Coz we’re the Chelsea, the super Chelsea Why don’t you piss off somewhere elsey (poetic licence)? We are Chelsea, the super Chelelelsea He could have got fitter but chose the dog sitter At the Chelseaee…. He lost his mind.... Is that unkind?..... Well I don’t mind.... I can’t get fined"..... (music fades out to clips of the ball flying past him before he could move and also examples of him giving away his record number of penalties for other teams to score against him….coz he’s never saved one). I think we have a potential hit Ham. Like I say, straight 70/30 copyright split between me and you ….luvelyjubly!!
  24. 3 points
    To the tune of Barry Manilow's Cococabana... "His name is Kepa, but he's our sweeper - he comes from Athletico Bilbao and he's our Kepa- Sweeper now!"
  25. 3 points
    The last two managers have both clearly stated they don't buy the players . Both of them . One repeatedly . Sarri has even fleshed the process out for the hard of thinking in saying he tells the club the type of player he needs and the attributes they should have and leaves it to them to identify and sign them. Believing that Conte was to blame for the desperate signings of multiple injured players was just another stick to beat him with when he shouldered the entire blame for a poor season where everyone failed at their jobs , from the board through the playing staff.
  26. 3 points
    Similar to us. Two teams in Fulham and yet the world refers to us as Chelsea FC and Fulham as "who?"
  27. 3 points
    Day 16 : Still no sign of rescue. Still stuck in a leaky lifeboat with a man who's only credentials are a league winners medal and FA cup winners medal in two seasons. Many have already abandoned ship , the Captain , the first mate , all gone , rumours abound that others may also jump ship. Flares sent out . We await salvation.
  28. 3 points
    Except literally hundred of thousands, even millions, of people have died as a result of homophobia, tens of millions as a result of bigotry. Framing it as 'people take offence' is nonsense. We are sending a very crappy and indeed injurious message to an often injured LGBTQ people in, if we are indeed doing so, appointing Sarri.
  29. 3 points
    Pardon me butting in to a private argument. Terry and Lampard were too busy winning all the awards that matter, winning all the trophies that matter and consistently working their backsides off for the club they genuinely loved. That's what 100% proper Chelsea means. Willian is very talented but he hasn't completely proved himself and what he did on Instagram was petulant and unprofessional.
  30. 3 points
    I'd looked after myself and at 58 could do 5 miles in 33 minutes, 10k in around 44 minutes and had a job in a timber yard carrying 24 ft lengths of 9x3. Three years later after an immune disease, I can't run more than 50 yards and can't do a press up. Lost nearly 60 years of fitness at a stroke. If you've got it, enjoy it people, you never know what's around the corner. Its FA cup day and we're in it. Got to enjoy it if you are a fan. Come on you Blues!!
  31. 3 points
    93 points was the second highest ever (at the time). Irrespective of good start / bad start, it is an incredibly high number. We won the league by winning so many games. not because of others failings. If you are going to be matter of fact about it, unless a team is in first place from game 1, and wins every game thereafter, there is an element of relying on other teams to slip up. That is what a league competition is.
  32. 3 points
    Why doesn't that surprise me
  33. 3 points
    The whole point of signing Salah, De Bruyne, Lukaku and even Shurrle was to not take it 1 season at a time; but produce a squad of players for a large number of seasons. That's around £250-300M worth of players that we got for peanuts, our so called business plan of buying the next big talent was thrown into the shredder; and yes, by a manager who thought about his own trophy list before he self destructs. Salah improves any team at any time. Well Hazard certainly needs rotation now, and would actually lose his place to Salah, we lack consistency from the likes of Hazard because we sold all his competition. The biggest frustration is we went from a club who everyone wanted to play for in the PL to everyone's feeder club. We've got far too many ex Chelsea players sitting in teams above us and producing better results than the players we currently have; it's beyond a joke. I'm not going to hide that I blame Jose too, in order to act the big man in the league he fed his own ego for quick fire results that cost us in the long run. The thing is it isn't Hindsight, it's frustration at the incompetency of the people who make decisions at the club. A club who is now making budget deals because they sold quality players who are now producing for our direct competition. Simply add De Bruyne, Salah, Mata, Lukaku to our team and we're up there with the elite in Europe; we gave away our own ability to be an elite team. Right now we'd be talking about 2 signings in defence and that's it, where as now we need to look at far more than that.
  34. 3 points
    Hope so. He's a brilliant player but he has a major flaw in his game somewhere, whatever it is it stops him from becoming one of the greats; he has gone from being one of the next big talents to being over shadowed week in week out. To maybe explain it better... When players like Salah, Sanchez, De Bruyne, Sane or Silva (or even lesser players) pick the ball up in the final third instantly I think the other team is in danger, when Hazard picks it up he actually surprises me when he runs at a team nowadays, otherwise it's backwards sideways or he switches the ball to Moses and stands on the opposite side of the pitch, he done it countless times against Leicester; Hazard was the most fouled player last season for a reason, because he actually engaged the opposition where as this season he has taken a back seat.
  35. 3 points
    Haven't seen this one posted here for a while lol COME ON YOU BLUES!!! We can do it if we play our game and not be timid and lose focus. Let's go! Super pumped for this one!
  36. 3 points
  37. 2 points
    There is a difference between discusing speculatuion and potential targets with those who get genuinely angry about things that haven't happened.
  38. 2 points
    Makes no difference at all to our CL hopes. We were never going to finish above either team, whatever the score yesterday. We're in exactly the same situation now, trying to finish ahead of 2 out Spurs, Arsenal and United.
  39. 2 points
    Well I'm definitely more on Marks side of the fence on this one. My opinion for what it's worth (and we are ALL speculating because Droy, 'a lot of Italians bought' is not a smoking gun. This club has a history of doing lots of business with italy), the board has the final say on everything. Of course it does as they write the cheques. Now if Conte suggested a player to the board, and made his case and the board agreed, they might well have made an offer. But if Conte suggested a player and the board disagreed with his choice, I reckon he didn't have a snowballs chance in hell of even a derisory offer being made. I suspect the latter is what happened most of the time. I don't know for sure but I'm basing my viewpoint on the things I see and hear with my own eyes and ears. I see Conte angry/grumpy, non smiling. I see him change from his usual sharp suit into a tracksuit while making comments such as "I am only the coach". I hear (admittedly indirectly but widely reported) that he and Marina had a huge bust up and they no longer talk except through a third party. I see him make very very strange team choices and substitutions and then what looks like a loss interest in the title and then top four (some would say verging on sabotage of the team), but I see a real effort to win the FA cup at the possible expense of top 4 . I see a coach apparently daring the club to sack him with a game of "who will blink first " . I see the club bringing him in for two days pre season before sacking him. I see a club leaving statement without a single word of thanks to Conte. I see Conte threatening to sue Chelsea (don't know the validity of that but several media outlets quoted it and Conte has so far not disputed it). I see players photo shopping Conte out of team photos and saying they will never play for him again. It is a picture of complete chaos. Now I don't claim to know everything that went on behind the scenes, but any reasonable person should come to the conclusion that Conte felt the board was supporting him in a number of areas (players definitely ,contract maybe), and Chelsea probably thought that they were paying Conte 9 mill a year to coach and he needs to tow the line and coach. Nothing even hints to me that Conte got anything like all the players he asked for and he just had an issue with his contract length. If Chelsea gave Conte what he wanted and then Conte tells a bare faced lie and said " no they didn't" then he has some serious physiological issues. I suppose we can't totally rule that out but I know where my money is.
  40. 2 points
    Burnley got away with a lot of fouls today. I read criticism of Kepa for his aerial game but he was fouled twice when coming for the ball today and the ref only whistled one of them. Kepa also suffered a nasty scissors from Barnes, which was very predictable. Normally refs really protect the keeper in that situation, but not if it's a Chelsea keeper. I also have no idea why Morata was booked.
  41. 2 points
    And what happened ? Oh Yeah. Hazard got a ban and the ball boy was feted as a hero .
  42. 2 points
    A few points. 1. This was an excellent game of football. The speed, the technical ability and the spirit of the game was all amazing advertising for the Premier League. How often do you walk away from a game against Liverpool being able to say "1-1 was a fair result" after having had Daniel Sturridge score an absolute screamer in the 89th, and you don't even have to do it through gritted teeth? How often do you see the two managers embracing at the final whistle laughing? The ref did an excellent job as well. 2. We are two months in and Sarri has transformed us completely with only two new players. Imagine how good we can be in a few months time? As others have hinted at, we are a few signings away from being genuine challengers to City. A striker and another attacking mid/winger and we are there. 3. There has been much made out of Sarri-ball and it's likely success against better sides. We have played two top 6 challengers and still not lost. Two at home and one away in a cup with strong line-ups. Our downfall this season won't be a leaking defence, it'll be our non-scoring strikers. 4. I see top 3 as our main goal this season with good cup runs as an added bonus. My ratings, 433: Arrizabalaga: 8 - Looking more and more confident for eacg game and his distribution has also generally improved. Some excellent saves yesterday Azpilicueta: 6 - Probably our worst performer on the night Rüdiger: 7 - Good solid game from Toni Luiz: 9* - Much like Cahill in midweek, Luiz was our focal point in defence. He led us defensively and took charge of the build-up phase. Created chances from his CB position - that's why he's the first CB in the team - he's unique. His face after Sturridges equaliser. It pained him... Alonso: 7 - Solid if a bit uninspiring. He didn't get much done in attack but being faced with Salah would always restrict him Kanté: 7 - Worked incredibly hard as always and is better with the ball then given credit for. But I'm expecting more from him to justify his inclusion Jorginho: 8 - His first 45 was a strong 8 and MoM. His second a 6. When given time he's world class, when under pressure it's different Kovacic: 8 - Brilliant game yet again. Excellent movement, passing and dribbling. Sublime assist to Hazard Willian: 7 - Good performance by Willian and he kept Robertson quiet Giroud: 6 - Worked hard for the team but had little to offer in attack Hazard: 8 - Great goal and was our main attacking threat as usual Subs: Morata: 6 - Came on and looked a bit feisty, more hungry Barkley: 6 - Not sure whether Sarri doesn't feel Kovacic can play 90 mins still because it was a strange sub Moses: 6 - I'm not expecting miracles. He came on and tried his best. Goals: 1-0 Hazard (Kovacic) 1-1 Sturridge () Finally, let us finish with a quote from Sarri: "The match was beautiful. I am happy with the performance, I am disappointed they scored in the last few minutes but I feel the draw is the right result. "Hazard can score 40 goals this season, I really think this. He is a great player and a great man. "We have started only two months ago I think [we are doing] very well. Maybe they [Liverpool] are one step ahead but I am starting to think we can recover in one season." Harsh. He has looked below his usual high standards over the last two games. Hopefully just something temporary. How is Fabregas supposed to handle that level of intensity? It was the right move to not start him but surely he'd have been a better option than Barkley?
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    Overall a very good window. I have said for a while our weakest area was midfield and I was never convinced we would go into the season with just Jorginho being bought there. To get him and Kovacic is beyond anything I could have hoped for. We desperately could have done with a better striker but when Kepa is costing £72m I hate to think what a top quality striker would cost, plus there is very few about, possibly none we could have got so I can see the logic of sticking with what we have, even if it's not ideal. I'd also have loved to have seen another top quality AM come in but to improve on what we already have would have been impossible. Martial or Zaha would have been great but neither would improve our starting line up playing out wide and both would have cost an absolute fortune. Our midfield was always going to be key to how Sarri wants us to play. Our first choice is very , very good, up there with the best in the league without question and they should help create an awful lot more than we did previously. Just need someone to step up and start scoring goals. I'm not one of those that worry about our defence, I think we have some very good players and more than enough off them, was the least of our problems this summer. Finally and without a doubt most importantly, we kept Willian , Kante and Hazard. All in all I'm very happy with what we have done this summer and can't wait for Saturday, whatever happens it's going to be brilliant to watch. Carefree.
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    I didn't get to see the game as was out, but I got to page 7 of the match day forum and jumped to the end and ignored everything else - people moaning already... seriously? New manager, new system, hasn't been able to work with the full squad yet... what do people expect? It's also against the strongest team in the division who have the same manager and pretty much the same team as last season. People moan our board has no patience, but with some of our fanbase, they don't have a chance to be!
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    Unfortunately you never wanted Conte , didn't like him from the start , we won thirteen games in a row whilst you were posting 'standing in the wrong places' memes , and have had him leaving for PSG , Munich , Madrid since March and none of that was remotely correct . You think a man who tells the press 'we must avoid a Mourinho season ' and targets three players to avoid that , gets none of them and has his squad strengthened by two injured players and two just back from operations has only himself to blame. He clearly had a falling out with the chief executive which was reported in the media as a screaming match after which he stopped wearing a suit and playing the role of manager to revert to the role she scornfully insisted was his true position and then made clear in every single interview he ever gave that he did not buy the players but you think because two Englishmen two Spaniards a Frenchman a Brazilian and an Italian joined the squad it was the sole work of the Italian coach despite his obvious annoyance. Your opinions on Conte can be disregarded off hand .
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    Argentina looking fantastic , remember when Sampaoli was touted as a future Chelsea manager ? His stock couldn't be lower if he dropped an Oxo cube down a mine shaft.
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    Talking of people who have stood the test of time, Sir Cliff Richard is still looking pretty good for his age, don't you think? 😉 😉 😉
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    Martin , We have half a dozen players currently over thirty that Conte didn't sign , so by your exacting standards his job MUST be safe because no top manager would go near them either. Lets write a job description for the new coach : Must play "decent" football Must play youth team players Must not have players over the age of 31 Must sell players before we buy any Must get in the top four and win a cup or two (after all , managers have been sacked for less) Must do what the board says , even if it means he loses his job and they don't. Must have half a dozen different ways to win the game , all of them in an attacking way and none of them including different players than those we have. Must be able to handle diva's who turn it on when they fancy it. Sounds like the dream job to me.
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    If City had signed Walker, Laporte, Danilio, Mendy and Bernardo Silva whilst raising £240m by selling Aguero, De Bruyne, David Silva and Kompany, they wouldn't be on course to break the points record.. Particularly if the Sheikh's PR lady was in charge of player recruitment. City's blueprint is bang on, however, the element of having a huge net spend is a big factor in their success. We, of all clubs, should understand that.
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    2 titles? Salah was in Serie A team of season both times after leaving us, so he would surely have been an asset in 2016/7 campaign and certainly further ahead in developement ie the 2017/18 model. Hard to believe that rotating genuine future talents like KdB & especially Salah would have cost the 2014/15 title. Arguably keeping the squad fresh with more time for recovery would have enabled us to compete properly on all four fronts rather than being beaten 2-4 at home by Bradford and failing to eliminate 10 man PSG after ET at the Bridge