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    One of the worlds best midfielders of his generation, the best English midfielder any living person can remember, the best player to have ever graced the Premier League and without a doubt Chelsea's best ever player. A true gentleman and a credit to his family and the club. When he scored against us the Chelsea fans sang his name and gave him an ovation. His reaction? Tears. The crowd reaction when he broke our goal scoring record at Villa Park( as a midfielder!) - carnage. When he captained us in our greatest ever night in Munich. When he won us the league. Twice. When he won us the cup. The time when he finished second in the Ballon D'Or after an outrageously good Ronaldinho. The penalty against Liverpool in the Champions League only days after his mum passed. The countless of goals he's scored and the equally impressive number of assists he racked up. Three league titles, one champions league, one Europa league, four FA cups, two league cups and 106 England caps. Between 2004 and 2006 he was the best player in the world together with Ronaldinho. He was truly unique and overshadowed anything the red tops could line up. People debated who was best between Lampard and Gerrard. In truth it was not even a contest. Frank won hands down - both as a player and as a man. We'll talk about him 100 years from now. There will never be a midfielder like him ever again. That much is certain. 211 Chelsea goals... As a midfielder. It's so crazy you can hardly believe it unless you witnessed it yourself. If he doesn't get a statue outside the new ground it'll be a disgrace of epic proportions. Take a bow Frank. What a career you've had. Edit: oh and perhaps the most impressive stat of them all, scoring double figures for ten straight seasons in the Premier League between 2003/04 to 2012/13. 130 PL goals... Read that again and think about what it actually means. It's not human. It's out of this world. It's fantasy. Only it actually happened. ****ing hell. Even I'm getting impressed all over again just reading of his accomplishments never mind living through them. What a ****ing legend. Steven Gerrard? Who?!?
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    Who does? I only saw his post via what you quoted given he's on my ignore list. But that's the standard tripe Droy tends to deliver. If three at the back was such an easy system to play successfully more teams word. The way Conte has developed his approach has been nothing short of successful and difficult for many opposition teams and managers to combat successfully. His success at Juventus and how it was obtained drew plaudits for a reason, of course Droy wouldn't actually know an ounce about this given his confirmation of not watching Italian football, however Droy being Droy and being the expert in all things, he was clearly right about writing off Conte, his system, and his success prior to even signing or Chelsea. Then Conte showcased the same structure and coaching ability to take one of the weakest Italian national team sides into the EURO Quarter finals, only to lose on penalties to a strong Germany side. Of course, that continued to mean little. Now Conte's come here and taken a side that was all at sea last season and has them sitting top of the league, a position no one had expected. All while doing it in an extremely impressive fashion. Not only that, but he's handled the players, the media and some incidents with absolute class. Bitter pill to swallow on Droy's behalf, being so blindingly wrong, but he'll never take any responsibility and admit such a thing. Instead he'll continue to manipulate situations and the words of others to suit his own agenda's (yes, that's plural). I'm surprised he even has people to argue with anymore.
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    I liked the sarcastic caller into Radio 5 Live, who credited Pep with the creation of a new position in a football team: the false number 1.
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    I usually limit my reading to the match day threads, but having a bit of time on my hands I have just read the last 10 pages of this Conte thread. Well Mr. Droy you certainly are consistent as you make your way around the forum. Giving Conte almost no credit for the amazing job he is doing with our beloved Chelsea. Nothing here has changed my opinion of you, which is this: 'It is far more important to you to be heard and be proved right than for your team to be successful'. I am convinced that you would get more satisfaction out of this season if Chelsea fall into a nose dive and Conte is fired. I just don't get you. No one can accuse you of not marching to the beat of your own drum. And the discord of that drumming reverberates around the forum. I fully agree with Jones on his comments regarding Conte's ability to dramatically improve the mental approach of our players. The players believe in what Conte is asking them to do, and are successfully implementing his philosophical and tactical approach to the game. From my very limited vantage point it appears that Conte is bringing a unity and "feel good' atmosphere among his squad of players. I just want to make one more comment on Fabregas. All credit to him in being patient when he couldn't get into the side, and being a big help to the team when called upon.
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    did Blue Rod write this script?
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    Is there any point in all this. The only thing that these circular arguments achieve is to bore the pants off the rest of us and boost your post count. Any new transfer talk around?
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    To be fair, it's more than one game. What happened today has been coming. Conte has been bottling the big decision in my opinion. We play with an absolute No 9. That is the role that Costa has. It is not a false No 9, but a pure No 9. That role is as irreplaceable as that of a goalkeeper. Whether it's the goalkeeper, or defender, or Hazard, or any player with the ball, when they look up, they want the green light from the No 9. To keep playing with number 9 of the form of Costa of he past 3 months, is just the signs of a manager who is bottling big decisions. Conte is sleepwalking into failure in the past 3 months. His indecision is infecting the rest of the team. I have heard all this crap - he is unlucky, he is having a bad spell, he is trying his best. It's all crap. If you employed an experienced plasterer, and he has the plaster hanging off the wall after two jobs, your response is, hang on, what are you playing at? No one would accept a pilot, even a rookie pilot, to keep overshooting runway for 3 months of flight, or a doctor to keep prescribing the wrong medication for 3 months continuously. So all these excuses for Costa is all nonsense, absolute crap. It's all football talk, the kind of talk that would not be accepted in any walk of life. Costa is sabotaging our effort, FULL STOP. I decided that for myself weeks ago. If Conte can't work that out, then we kiss the title goodbye, now. All the talk of no replacement is also crap. Any decent striker who is willing to genuinely try (rather than pretend) would be 100 times better than Costa for the team right now.
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    All of our wins have been against teams below us in the table too :-)
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    N'Golo Kanté v Paul Pogba... ⅓ of the cost, half his size, but twice the player!!!
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    Great performance, great result. Going into the Liverpool and Arsenal games, I would have been happy coming out of it with a 5-7 point lead at the top. It's up to 9 now and I dare say we've come away having taken them both out of the race. Only Spurs and City remain in with a shout, and City were 2 mins away from being out of it themselves. Still a ways to go, but it's been a significant week. Some thoughts: 1) Hazard. Brilliant. He's been a bit quiet over the past month so it was great to see him back to his best. His goal was a thing of beauty. An amazing moment and it won't be forgotten. 2) The Kante-Matic shield was at it's best. Arsenal could find no way through them. This was best reflected by the fact that Conte didn't go to 3 in the middle until after the 80th minute. Usually he changes it a bit earlier but we were in such control that there was no need to change it. 3) Once again, I'd like to emphasize just how immense Alonso is. So underrated and often criticized. I often see people refer to him as the weak link, which is absolute rubbish. He actually had the highest average position in the team, which is insane. I know Kante is superhuman and all that, but Alonso's stamina is absurd; he covers that entire side for the full 90 minutes. For the first goal he was just past the halfway line when the cross was being worked. We know what happened next. 4) Shout out to a few others. I know Diego was a little frustrating but you can't fault his attitude. Worked his arse off and was desperate for a goal. I'd rather he be aggressive and actively looking for a goal, than passive and stuck out in wide areas. Pedro was excellent and has been a real star for us this season. Azpi was amazing, as usual. What a player. 5) We really are a well drilled, training ground team. Some of the moves are almost robotically orchestrated. One such example is ball from one of the CB's out wide to Moses, who runs towards it and hooks it forward with his left foot to Diego. Diego either holds it up or plays it first time to Pedro/Willian who makes a run in behind. That's one of our get out moves from our own half and we do it half a dozen times a game. 6) A final word on Arsenal. They really are a joke. No heart whatsoever, and that's epitomized by Ozil, who struts around aimlessly and behaves like hard work is beneath him. Wenger too, approaches a game as if scouting the opposition is beneath him. We want him to stay.
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    Apropos of absolutely nothing, Groundhog Day is a good film isn't it?
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    What a terrible, terrible game of football.
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    Rubbish. If Conte wins 3 PL titles , he will get plenty of attention and already we're witnessing the players loving Contes approach. It must be killing you not to have got behind him from the start. You didn't want him before he joined , when he joined or after he joined and you are yet to give him any direct praise on this forum despite your protestations to contrary. Conte is well respected in the world of football having been both an exceptional footballer and did a fantastic job at both club and country before turning our fortunes around and managing the side to equalling the longest winning streak in football history. I'm sure he can make do without the support of an internet ninja.
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    Massive news for the club. But also highlights what can happen when we as fans tell the powers that we don't agree with what they're doing. I was there at the CPO vote in 2011. A massive thank you to everyone else who was and told Buck where he could shove his relocation plans. One club, one ground. Not many teams can say that.
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    It's stretching the facts somewhat to say we got rid of 3 big name strikers, though. I had a friend who bought an absolute wreck of a Ferrari. He kept saying he would lovingly strip it down and rebuild the engine and gearbox etc., but all that ever happened was that it rotted further, untouched and (mostly) unloved in his garage. Then one day he sold it (how I don't know). After that, he kept boasting about how once, he had owned a Ferrari. Of course these boasts were not lies. He had owned a Ferrari; but his ownership was a million miles from what most people would imagine when told "I used to have a Ferrari" Our 3 big name strikers we got rid of were essentially 3 versions of my mate's Ferrari. Can we really count them (especially as two were only ever on loan, anyway)? You do enjoy stretching the facts to the maximum of its elasticity (and often beyond!) in order to try and win your arguments. How about, for 2017, you resolve not to do so any more?
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    The ultra low/zero press has been evident in a few games this season, Liverpool and Arsenal especially, and I criticised Conte for it but thankfully there was a dramatic change after those two defeats, and at times against Tottenham and City, both games which we won against two very good teams so the tactics were expected and justified. But to imply we played this way yesterday is just absurd. West Brom played with 6 defenders and were camped on their own 18 yard line for 90% of the game. We had by far the majority of possession and I'd imagine territory also. We pressed the ball very high when we lost most times won it back fairly quickly. On the few occasions they did attack, we got men back quickly and defended, something I don't see a problem with at all. We don't press much in defensive third, we get men behind the ball, defend well and look ti counter attack. In the other two thirds of the pitch I think we are very aggresive with our press, we often win the ball back quickly and look to go forward instantly. Its a tactic that has worked wonders, has us top of the league, on a 9 game winning streak and right now we are by far the best team in the league. I have loved watching every minute of it, not only have we played some incredible football, when we've been up against it we have showed real determination and mental strength and proved against some very good sides we are once again going to be very hard to beat. There is no way in a million years a certain poster even watches tge matches, I'd imagine he's sat infront of his laptop reading rhe bbc commentry on the game and basis his views on this, it's the only explanation. I was very critical of Conte after the liverpool and Arsenal games, and rightly so, we were shocking. I am however man enough to admit I was perhaps too quick to judge and happily admit that the turnaround, which is unquestionably down to Conte, is nothing short of miraculous. We have been brilliant and have a genuine chance of winning the league this season, something I didn't expect but will enjoy watching us attempt for the rest of the season.
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    It;s a bit quiet post Brexit, maybe a referendum is needed... 1) Should Matic, who things he is a football player, stop playing for CFC immediately, or 2) Should DWMH, who thinks he is a football analyst, stop posting on CFCnet immediately. A binding referendum please
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    Could have Talking bollocks with poor grammar. Sounds like RAWK alright.
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    How about this for a line up: DWMH DWMH DWMH DWMH DWMH DWMH Fabregas DWMH DWMH DWMH DWMH That way we can just bore Hull to death and Fab can score the half dozen goals DWMH assures us we would have scored in other games had he played from the start.
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    A note to the Moderators...Jose is manager at "another club"..a lot of the players discussed here are at another club. I, for one, see JM as an opponent now. Surely it's time this subject was transferred to the "Non Chelsea" section.
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    the clearest display of anti Chelsea media was Saturday's MOTD. When reviewing the Chelsea game, they were pretty unamimous that Costa should have got a second yellow, and they also reviewed the foul on Adrian from the Monday saying that was also a second yellow. Then, literally minutes later they review LEI v ARS and when Coquelin commits a clear second yellow, the reaction is, "well we don't want to see players sent off" It literally couldn't have been more blatant. One rule for us. Oh, and how much time was given to the handball by the Watford defender?
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    Please do us all a favour and abuse your administrator powers and change Droy's name to "Matic is my hero." At least it will finally give him something relevant to moan about.
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    So from last season's transfer windows we signed Papy, Hector, Falcao, Pato, Begovic, Rahman, Miazga & Kenedy. Papy, Falcao, Pato & Rahman are gone. Miazga & Kenedy are expected to go out on loan. Begovic is strongly rumoured to be leaving as well. That leaves Hector as the only player who we've signed in the past year that will be a part of the squad this season. And yet, even after this summer's astonishingly poor window, there's very little chance someone will get the sack for this. Yet the same patience isn't offered to the manager at the first sign of trouble.
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    Except ... The point is ludicrously stupid and the evidence points directly to the contrary and it doesn't stand at all? I blame myself more than anything because I should know better than to engage and to repeat the same point over and over again, but sometimes I'm less busy or more belligerent than others. We have literally no idea what we or any other club are doing in terms of transfers. None. Until the point they are confirmed. And the point they are confirmed is not necessarily the point they are done. I have no doubt you feel frustrated or worried, and that others feel the same. And you are perfectly allowed to feel frustrated. But it is a feeling. Nothing more. Because you (and I) don't know what is happening or not happening. If we buy into the idea that the press know what they are talking about when they report transfer deals (and for clarity, we shouldn't) then in City's case they've spend literally months chasing and haggling over Sane, have compromised massively in allowing Gabriel Jesus to remain with his club for another five months, and they have found themselves in a battle of wills with Everton over Stones that is nowhere near resolution. But ... They have two shiny new toys today and we've had the same old toys for ... How long has it been since we signed someone, a week or two? Never mind. Until the next time I don't know better ...
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    for **** sake, you come on here to look at transfer news and get pages of two people having a totally pathetic argument. Can you two not take it private, do you have to spam page after page of a transfer thread?
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    you have assumed we wont win another in the next 9 years. Whatever happens in the next 9 years, he has taken us to a level we were never ever at in the previous 98 years of existing. If he packs up and leaves now, I for one will be eternally grateful.
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    To be honest, the question posed in this thread is pretty much open-shut in just a few posts. My 2p worth... It's a shame the Euro's weren't last year as I think it MAY have helped keep at least some of the team fresh (although ironically enough Brazilian Willian was our star player at the start of the season). Before the end of the 14/15 season the cracks were already showing, holding on to 1-0 victories (our so-called boring football), and as soon as the title was won, we gave games away. Was it exhaustion?, (I was already concerned we were playing too many of the same players every match) Did players become laid back having got the title? I'm not convinced by whatever training took place between the seasons and indeed our lack of pre-season, it clearly wasn't enough to prepare ourselves going into 2015/16, maybe it was felt we didn't need to as champions or we deserved time off. But surely losing the charity shield with a lack of conviction should have been a wake up call? We saw then how much Jose was only interested in winning, throwing his runners-up medal away. He was a winner and under pressure to do the same again, but I also have to wonder at the time how much of Jose's mind was occupied with his dad as well. Unfortunately the team remained much the same going into the season (hell it's the same team that won it before, how hard can it be?), with a little embarrassment to bear with all the Stones saga which everyone found amusing for some reason. Chelsea were already the subject of scrutiny by the media, no one liked us winning the title, and the game was already on to villainize manager and players at any given oppurtunity (and they took every oppurtunity). Day one of the season couldn't of been any worse, Courtois sent off, Swansea get an equalizing penalty, Hazard is injured and so begins the public row with the medical staff. In the next game, questions already raised about Terry's future when he is subbed at half time, and so inspires the media's need to further put light on the Stones embarrassment. Did this put doubt in Terry's head already about his future, particularly with the focus on Stones, and as a result had the team now become leaderless? In game three Terry is then sent off and given a match ban. Game four, referee denies Zouma a clear penalty. Within just a month the team showing they weren't ready for the season at all, not getting any rub of the green, the media were intent on ridiculing us, and the FA were making things very difficult for us, Courtois out with injury and we had a medical team row going on also. It was also clear other teams had sussed us out, blocking Hazard, and we were conceding far too many goals. It was already looking to be a very challenging season and Jose was feeling the pressure. Just happened to get Everton next where the Stones story came out again, Courtois's injury left us with relative newbie Begovic having lost Cech to Arsenal. Losing again, Jose by now believes everything is against him including his tactical computer. Against Arsenal, Mike Dean didn't get the memo and sent off two Arsenal players, but the FA soon put that right by banning Costa in a post-match punishment. Southampton - penalty dismissed, Jose fined again. West Ham - Double yellow for Matic and Mourinho sent to the stands. Liverpool - Lucas saved from a second yellow. Stoke - Two pens denied, red card denied. Things were being made very difficult for us and the media were loving it. The transfer window closed with no real refreshment. Within the next few months the stress/pressure is getting to Jose which breaks out in post match interviews and allows the FA to employ yet more pain in the form of fine after fine after fine to Jose for 'talking out of turn' about referee decisions. By now our season was already over, with so much against us. I also recall at the time that whereas the season before I could anticipate Jose's every tactical change, I now found myself very puzzled by the choice of line-ups, and changes, and the lateness of changes that Jose was making. Had he lost the plot? Had he run out of ideas? As well as lack of readiness at the start of the season I was also noticing that each week, the players were losing it, almost like the training sessions weren't effective or not taken seriously. Set pieces were woeful. Maybe the players had also started to feel that the season was out of their hands and just couldn't be bothered anymore? In terms of attacking we had Willian performing well, but Costa was under the spotlight as the pantomime villain and riled by other teams, and Hazard I'm certain has been injured most of this season without enough time to recover, and when he did play, he was now never given any room by multiple opposition markers, but he was our star man the previous season and we couldn't afford to keep him off the pitch. More concerning was how many goals we were letting in, our defence had become weakened, or maybe predictable? By December Courtois had returned but still struggling with his knee, no where near the season before. When Jose was sacked the agenda changed, "just try to avoid losing". The new agenda was enough to see us climb the table, try out some youth, but not enough to win trophies or even a European spot. We can't blame Guus for this, it's what he was put in to do. Other teams eventually realised, oh they're not attacking back, in that case lets keep running at them, and Guus started to lose matches towards the end. I'll still say that Jose was not sacked simply because we were close to relegation, but in an effort to remove the lure of Chelsea as a target for the media and FA, and maybe in the hope that a change of management would inspire (or provoke) a change in the team's mentality. No doubt that if Jose hadn't been with us previously, we was near relegation, and Jose came in in the way Guus was, Jose would've got us up the table and maybe in a European spot. But Chelsea were bleeding out under the spotlight, and the club albeit took a lot longer than with previous managers, reacted with Jose's dismissal. So, there is no one thing that went wrong but instead several factors that created a perfect storm for Chelsea's demise. But I'd agree with end-of-season/pre-season complacency, lack of refreshment/ambition over the summer, a reactive instead of proactive board, injuries, villainisation by the media, unfairness in the extreme by the FA, met with opposition teams riling Chelsea players to get them into trouble, medical staff antagonism, and a running out of ideas by "must win" Jose. How do we learn?, we'll always be hated by the media and the FA especially when we win stuff, but what we can do is apply some strategy and ambition to our team and it's squad, never become complacent. We need to get better with our transfer windows, and not think we won the league with this lot so let's stay with what we've got, don't bother training so hard, as we know what do to. We also need proper leadership within the team and to empower them, particularly as this has to be Terry's last season. We do need options (contingencies) in the team so that injured players can recover in the proper time they need to. I'd also like to see evidence that our training ground is working, as our set-piece work, both attacking and defensively has shown a lack of anticipation or it could be again complacency last season.
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    Costa was brilliant last night, not only did he provide an assist and two quality goals he was constantly running in behind their centre backs. His no look touch through to Hazard in the first half was sublime and really should have resulted in a goal. His second goal was a thing of beauty and showed the ability to play in small spaces in which I anticipate Lukaku may struggle if he does replace him. I've spoken up quite a few times in support of Costa in particular because I think he is a unorthodox player who attempts high risk dribbles. All players suffer dips in form and that brilliant pass I described earlier would have bounced straight through to the keeper 2 weeks ago. I believe its nothing to do with desire or effort but in actual fact he is a confidence player who is targeted every single week by at least two defenders and with no support from referees. Drogba, Rooney, Aguero, they are all streaky players who go 6 games looking like they have their boots on the wrong feet and then go 6 games where they are unplayable. I personally believe he gets a lot of stick due to the constant rumours about wanting out but if we are judging him on his performance his goal record is excellent. Many are very quick to turn on him but he has won us more points than any other player has in the league. Without him there would be no title that's a certainty! Thought it was clear that Southampton have spent much of the last 10 days working on set piece routines. With a delivery as good as Ward-Prowse I think any team would have struggled to deal with those corners. He was whipping the ball in with so much pace and accuracy it was too risky for Courtois to come out and they had predesigned movements where Gabbiadini would go to the far post. When a team has that much time to prepare I think you have to hold your hands up and say well done. Fabregas and Hazard were both delightful and if we can get them both on the pitch in this form with Costa back scoring then teams are going to struggle to contain us. Fingers crossed for a Palace win tonight.
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    Ake was class. Answered all the people that said Terry should start. Terry has not played a game with this kind of intensity for a long time. What surprised me about Ake was he was not nervous or worried. He was very calm. He believes in his ability. Something a few players need to do in this team.
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    Being rubbish as usual. He has been doing his best donkey act now for nearly 4 months.
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    the doubts people have over Lukaku are 100% justified. 1. He would cost a fortune 2. For a fortune, you want a top, top player 3. Lukaku socres a lot of goals against poor teams, or when games are won 4 goals v Bournemouth being an example 4. the last two league games exposed his faults. He cannot hold the ball up properly. Compare his performance last night versus Benteke against us. Chalk and cheese 5. BT Sport showed clips of his best moments / goals - it is all running into space. Teams set up definitely against Everton than they do against us. I am not saying Lukaku cannot score goals for us, but there is a definite question mark, especially considering he will cost north of 50m
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    Why oh why didn't the three times in a row winning manager in serie A and former over-achieving manager of the Italian national team listen to the views of an internet sensation will have to remain one of lifes mysteries I'm afraid.
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    Hi Jason, well yes Millwall would be a no brainer I guess. Pun intended.
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    Do you disagree with his comments? JM got sent to the stands for kicking an inanimate object (a water bottle) whilst Klopp screams at the 4th official inches from his face, and he gets told, "I like your passion" Does that seem right to you? Or is it different rules for different managers? imagine the sh*t storm if JM did what Klopp did.........and this after the FA "clamp down" on respecting officials. Joke organisation.
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    My block of flats hasn't caught fire in a few months. May as well get rid of the fire extinguishers.
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    A wise man once said " never argue with an idiot , they'll bring you down to their level and beat you with experience" So I'm going to have to pass.
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    I know we're on a roll Paul but finishing the game with 8 players might be seen as arrogant and dismissive. 😉
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    Oh for the love of god! Why do I bother trawling through these pages on the off chance there's a gem of a post I might miss?
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    Ivanovic has regressed to a point where even a novice such as Aina would be welcome. Cahill has a crisis of form and confidence and looks lost without a character such as JT to organise him, look the the third goal yesterday, a two on two attack, he makes up the Arsenal players mind for him by moving towards the ball, leaving his man - Ozil. Do your job, leave the other person to do theirs in that situation. It's basic and lamentable to get that one wrong. Yes, it's about the names and it's also about the shape and tactics. However if the names don't or can't perform, it's then about having the balls and a free hand to do what's necessary. Our manager/coach needs a 'free' season, or maybe two (given the squad dynamics, or lack of them perhaps) to shape the team. He also needs a clear plan, it's clear we don't have the pace to close down the midfield area against teams who have the talent to pass and move (1 or 2 touch type teams) or the ability to out pass these teams. Physically large and powerful teams used to win this league, that's changed over the last few seasons. A fast paced press and pace seems to now be the way to win. Klopp had his free season, Pochettino his. City had planned for Guardiola and built a squad that provided him with an immediate solution. He chose to out two/three players who'd not fit his style/mentality. Plus you're never stronger in your first season to make big decision, given you have the absolute backing of your owners.
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    Do you go on tour professionally with your trumpet or do you just blow it on here for our entertainment?
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    ^A severe case of pot kettle... I'd hate to be responsible, as it seems to be the case, for finally triggering the loss of a member, however the level of unpleasantness that has escalated on this forum from a minority of members, including obvious trolling, directly quoting with a sole view to enacting verbal abuse and creating strawman arguments in recent months is difficult to ignore. To the point that real talk on football is drowned out by fickle spitting contests. I've just about managed to avoid being drawn into these hostilities, by refusing to respond to the bait, but only just. We seem to forget that we're all supporting the same team. I am certain that some posters that benefit the forum have recently been put off contributing as a result. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, which due to the nature of this game is bound to be diverse at times. It says something that one member resorted to creating a positivity thread as a means respite for the personal retort. I hope that we can now at least make some progress to bringing the forum back to friendly positive intelligent debate, rather than a battlefield. Let's at least try and be positive about Conte's arrival and some decent signings albeit not the complete solution yet.
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    How much do we think Luiz earns? Surely in the £150k a week bracket, with a new deal and pay rise surely on the horizon at two years into a contract. He'd cost a bomb all told, almost certainly more as a package than some other deals we've reportedly walked away from. I'd steer clear; big fan of his and was vocal about that throughout his time here, but he's moved on to a less challenging league and I'm not sure he'll offer what we really need. Not, I hasten to add, that I think there is a shred of truth in the rumour.
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    Man, this site is ridiculous.
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    An unnecessary lie and slur; I saw those players fight until the end plenty of times last season, Fabregas in particular. That it didn't produce any results is a very different criticism. I wish people here were less interested in slandering Chelsea players. A good performance overall, and some encouraging changes towards the end from Conte. A worry for me that we created relatively few genuine chances and conceded pretty much as soon as there was any pressure on us. Thought Oscar in particular was fantastic, as well as Ivanovic. Kante and Costa could very easily have had second yellows from what I've seen (no highlights, just in real time at the game). It's not a huge deal that they didn't; watch any PL game from the weekend or the next and you'll see refs bottling second yellow cards. I can see why West Ham fans and players would be annoyed (although they, again with no highlights, seemed to benefit from a few weird decisions too) but it is hardly the travesty it will be made out to be because Costa is involved.
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    It's a pointless debate with some on here.They'll argue that if the youth are good enough they'll get their chance, or that they haven't done enough to deserve a chance - ignoring the fact that theses players need the opportunity in the first place to prove they are good enough. And then when a young player gets a 10 min cameo the same wise old sages decide they have wasted their opportunity and proved not good enough. Even more ironic, some of these "sages" will say we need a bigger squad and it's numbers we need not quality, but then go on to mandate that young players can't be used as part of the "quantity" because they don't have the "quality"...it's all very confusing for them...
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    Been linked to Mahrez today. I hope that transfer does not happen. Dont need another winger if Cuardado is coming back plus there are other better wingers out there than Mahrez. He does not strike me as a Conte type of player. I would rather give Moses a shot than spend £30M on Mahrez.
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    If we are lucky, 5 more years. Nice video. Apart from the music (and I have a volume control), if I go down my pet list of hates about soccer videos (2 mins of player glaring, posing or wiping his nose to begin, repetition & slo mo,I can do those myself if I want, etc) none of them were included - so thanks. Of course it is a best bit video, but note just how clips show awful ball given to Mikel followed by a simple pass perfectly weighted to an unmanned colleague with plenty of time to make the next pass count. Bad ball turned into good ball every time. But I'd still like to see him in a Guddy type 2nd striker at times, hold the ball up, and slip it to a Willian or Pedro or Ramires sprinting past.
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    As Chelsea supporter, as a football supporter it truly saddens me to read some of the comments in this thread. So many of you missing the point, trying to register yourselves as the most hardened Chelsea follower by taking the anti scouse line to it extreme may win you some friends on a forum but very cowardly nevertheless. Would you really face the mother of a victim of unlawful killing and put the case that there was an element of blame for your childs death that must be apportioned to the fans that went to a game of football and moreover because they were scousers? Thank God we have moved in to a litigious culture where cover ups and injustice do not thrive. Perhaps there are some of you who preferred to live in those dark days, the days when the likes of Jimmy Saville thrived as a peadophile, or when Paul Canoville were roundly booed by racist Chelsea fans, at the time many of those who did would spout the "I'm not a racist just got caught up in it, it was a different time" defence . Those idiots weren't bigger or better Chelsea fans for it, in the same way that having a pop at Hillsborough victims now won't make you a better Chelsea fan. I know there are many on this site who don't even go to games , they are probably the most prominent contributors here as they feel inadequate as a Chelsea fan and require validation from from who they regard as real supporters. If you are one of them then I can tell you that in the real world and at the real Stamford Bridge you would be in a very tiny minority. Time for some human decency.