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  1. Chelsea 4 Arsenal 1

    Could Conte be back at the bridge next season? He’s been appointed as the new Inter boss, so maybe we will see him in the CL. As for Sarri, I would suggest that he should be at Chelsea at the start of next season due to what we have achieved whether by good fortune, by design or by starting to learn from some of the mistakes that he was making last season. I may not have been saying that a few months ago I admit. If I am totally honest I still think that he struggles to change the game when other sides have put a plan together that thwarts his style of play. But again, maybe after a season in the PL he has learnt in the same way that Pep & Klopp did in their first seasons, time will tell although his coaching skills will be put to the test if the transfer embargo is in place. The other two previously mentioned benefitted from some major investment. What I would like to see in place is leadership both on & off the field. To all on here, I have enjoyed your reading the various posts & opinions this season & have a good summer before we start once again, maybe with the super cup a prospect.
  2. Leicester City 0 Chelsea 0

    Kev, I agree on both your points. Playing Jorginho at all costs was mystifying & Kante out of position foolhardy at times. However can Jorginho learn from his 1st season & adapt his play to suit the PL? If he can then maybe Sarri will be onto something. Although it cannot be that he is suited for every game in the same way that at times it is totally necessary to play Kante as the defensive midfielder. Again if Kante can press higher up the pitch ( Learning from his first season in this position) then maybe it will make the side more adaptable than it has been this season. The point Sarri needs to latch onto is to play these players in the position each game calls for & not be so stubborn which has frustrated the hell out of us. Your call for Sarri to go is one I have aligned with at times this season as previously stated, but on reflection I cannot say for definite that it would push the club forward & that is the dilemma I JUST DO NOT KNOW FOR CERTAIN, I will give him the chance to learn from his first season but it could well be a bad misjudgment on my part.
  3. Leicester City 0 Chelsea 0

    Can I complain about finishing 3rd behind two teams that have played excellent football? No Can I complain about reaching the cup final & losing on penalties to an excellent side? No Can I complain about reaching a Europa league final? No Can I complain about being the top London side? No Do I know if we will win or get embarrassed in that final? No & there lies the problem for me. Sarri hasn’t been able to get any consistency in the team’s play or the results. The players people are complaining about on here are not bad players, they just can’t get Sarri’s methods I.m.o . That & some of them are ageing. His system to me has no flexibility to account for other teams working him out. Now, it could be a learning curve in his first season & there is an argument for that as it was for Klopp & Pep. But we have been so frustrated at his tactics & substitutions after an excellent start. We don’t know if he’s has learnt anything amongst the reams of notes that he has written. You can argue that the table doesn’t lie or you can say that we finished where we did due to other teams failures of late. In summary I don’t know if Sarri can be the real deal or if he is a manager who has got lucky. I do know that we are fortunate we are not United & that things could have ended a lot worse this season. However we are Chelsea & we have grown accustomed to being successful (19 finals in19 seasons), maybe like some other sides we have to accept that unless Roman is prepared to throw loads more dosh at the club, the seasons ahead may not be as fruitful. I remain unconvinced that Sarri is the man to nurture the youth into the first team or guide the youngsters in the way that the top two have ( the board may not be patient enough). Some on here are sure he is a failure & some on here think he can get it right given the right investment. I think, against my better judgement, that he has earned the right to start next season but my oh my at times this season I wished him gone.
  4. Leicester City 0 Chelsea 0

    Martin Tyler was even mentioning teams coming back from 3 down when City were winning 4-1. Clutching at straws springs to mind. Never mind Sky, maybe next year!
  5. Chelsea 3 Watford 0

    When you review the season & look at our league position, possible EL finalists & a league cup final you could have an argument that Sarri has improved us & that a lot of other teams fans would take what we got. However, to me, more the point is what could we have achieved if Sarri ‘knew how to motivate the players’ ‘knew why they didn’t perform in both halves’ ‘understood why the mentality was not right’. Now amongst the copious amount of notes that he has written down, has he fathomed the answers to the dilemmas that he has acknowledged that he struggled to get to the bottom of? I don’t think so. Undoubtedly the squad are short of a couple of good quality defenders, a midfielder & a forward but even with these (& it may not be possible to get them) can Sarri coach them to close the 20 point deficit? Again I remain unconvinced. Who would replace him?, I don’t know but that is for Roman & the board to figure out if the gap is to be closed. They may stick with him & his philosophy & the gap may close over the next couple of seasons but I don’t see it. The trouble is that when I see him on the bench, I have thoughts of a hospital orderly on a fag break filling his betting slip out. The guy, is of course far more than that but something tells me we stumbled to where we finished rather than achieved it. If I am proved wrong, then great for us all & I will accept that I misread the man. There is also the possibility that the other sides will start declining but I won’t hold my breath for it.
  6. Chelsea 3 Watford 0

    I think there’s more. Firstly, the manager, do you stick or twist? Does the abject failure of the other teams vying for the CL spots exonerate him from some really disappointing results & his intransigence? The board could argue that his learning period is over & ask what lessons he has learnt & how he might change things to be improve performances. Maybe they won’t even give him that chance or maybe they will give him a time frame. Also let’s not forget some of his strange responses to the media after those poor performances. Of course he is not the sole problem. As you point out players need to be changed which may or may not happen depending on the outcome of any appeal that the club make on the transfer embargo. Others have pointed out on this site that there are other areas of the club that need to be restructured. So it is not as simple as a few tweaks but more of a overhaul to get us back competing with the big boys. We have been fortunate of late with other sides results or we could have been finishing 6th. There is still the little matter of the EL, even if we do beat EF we wouldn’t want to put in one of those poor performances in the final. However let’s not put a damper on today but breathe a sigh of relief & count our blessings on how the season has concluded. I am sure that on this site we have the expertise to advise the board over the coming weeks (if only one or two of them read it they may understand the frustration we feel). That is tongue in cheek by the way!
  7. Chelsea 3 Watford 0

    Can’t disagree with that. A lot of work to be done between now & next season
  8. Chelsea 3 Watford 0

    Can thePremier league have 5 teams in the champions league then?
  9. Chelsea 3 Watford 0

    Arsenal didn’t want him, he gets Champions League football, they don’t & he gets a pay rise.
  10. Chelsea 3 Watford 0

    Yeeesssss! Arsenal fluff it!
  11. Chelsea 3 Watford 0

    Is the game being streamed?
  12. Chelsea 3 Watford 0

    I thought exactly the same. How did we lose 4-0 to them? Don’t answer that,I know.
  13. Chelsea 2 Burnley 2

    A midfielder rescues Spurs when the forwards have failed. Don’t need to say any more do I?
  14. Chelsea 2 Burnley 2

    FRUSRATION is the key word for Chelsea fans. Frustrated at a manager who admits publicly that he doesn’t know why the mentality is wrong or why we dip in the second half. Frustrated at a manager who appears not to be able to adapt tactics once the game is in progress (despite copious amount of notes). FRUSTRATION as to why we continue with the zonal marking system. It’s not that the system doesn’t work, it doesn’t work for us. Revert to man for man & let the players take responsibility for their man. FRUSTRATION on this site at referees & their decisions. Sorry but we ain’t going to change it, so let the football do the talking. FRUSTRATION at the time wasting. Again, we are not going to change it. It needs the governing body to introduce mandatory blue cards which instruct the 4th official to add 2 mins on. This can also apply to injuries, so that whether real or fake a realistic amount is added on to compensate. Substitutions add 30 secs unless it is made after 90 mins, then it is 1 minute. O.K. so we end up playing another 10 mins to start with but it will soon die down. However, it applies to us as much as anyone. The sad truth is that we don’t have good enough attacking midfielders, we don’t have a strong captain or leaders who will take responsibility on the pitch what is clearly lacking from the management . AS OTHERS HAVE SAID, WE WILL GET WHAT WE DESERVE THIS SEASON WHICH IS PROBABLY NAFF ALL! We have no divine right to Champions League. The club needs a shake up all round from top to toe & a proper strategy before we are dining at the top table again. RANT & FRUSTRATION NOW OVER (until the next game)
  15. Chelsea 2 Burnley 2

    The lack of any quality attacking midfielders has been our downfall. When the front 3 are drawing blank then nobody else opens the opposition up. The lack of good quality crosses into the box is another failure this season Let’s be honest & admit how many times Chelsea have failed to break defensive sides down, even going back to last season is the reason they get the fans frustrated. Add the time wasting of the opposition & your blood boils. When teams time waste, the introduction of a blue card telling the 4th official to add 2 mins would soon eradicate it. Then maybe the correct amount of time would be added on. However if you don’t break these sides down you don’t win.