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  1. AFC Bournemouth 2 Chelsea 2

    Whilst Willian has a lot of critics & I will agree that he is coming to the end of his time at Chelsea, let nobody forget that during JM’ s last spell he at times was the one player who did the business whilst others downed tools. So yes, while he is frustrating & he isn’t the player he was, I don’t fall in line with the abuse he gets because of what he did then. Move him on at the end of the season, along with others that have not performed, yes, but show the man some respect.
  2. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 1

    In regards to the VAR decisions both Man.U & Spurs, in previous times the linesman , now referees assistant would be involved as in both cases the incidents happened by the touch line. Now it seems that they stay silent , almost non committal. The referee is in charge of the game, his assistants are sometimes closer or have a better view but now someone sitting miles away has the say. The referee needs to look at the monitor when these sort of issues arise & consult his assistant. In both cases the players would have been shown a red card. VAR plays it’s part in marginal offsides & it’s something that we will need to accept but it shouldn’t have seen both these incidents go unpunished. As for retrospective action I have long believed that the player involved misses the next 2 games against the opponent that he is sent off against rather than a 3 game ban against Chelsea’s rivals who could benefit from the ban rather than Chelsea.
  3. Ajax 0 Chelsea 1

    Lille equaliser.Good night!
  4. Chelsea 1 Leicester 1

    An excellent post with some very good points. I would add that it was always unlikely that we would keep a clean sheet today. Maybe when Rudi returns we may have a chance. In the box I don’t think that we have a keeper who is dominating enough yet. I like you think Frank is articulate & will get us there, probably not this season but hold on & give him time.
  5. Chelsea 2 Bradford City 4

    Jose 'is ashamed'. So he should be & the all the players that represented Chelsea today. I hope that he gets that through to the squad not only for Tuesday & next week but for the rest of the season. Then remind them what an opportunity they are wasting for themselves , the club & the fans every time they slip into easy street mode. I've watched Chelsea since I was 12 (1965), this squad has talent & they shouldn't be tossing it away. A humiliating day for Chelsea. Well done to Bradford. Jose, earn your corn now & lets see something special from Tuesday on.
  6. Chelsea 1 Sunderland 2

    Rednapp look pumped up knowing is was the result his boys wanted. His opinion on the penalty was wrong & he made himself look silly & I think Hoddle knew it as well. No complaints if we don't win the league, it's not refereeing decisions but results like today, palace, stoke, west brom, west ham! Lets hope for a good CL semi & look forward to finding someone lethal up front. for next season.