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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Let me educate you about American Sports history...I will answer the highlighted sections: NY Yankees (MLB): 1936-1953; 12 Championships in 18 Years NY Yankees (MLB): 1943-1962; 11 Championships in 20 Years As the above periods are overlapping, if we combine them we get: NY Yankees (MLB): 1936-1962; 16 Championships in 27 Years Boston Celtics (NBA): 1957-1976; 13 Championships in 20 Years Montreal Canediens (NHL): 1956-1979; 15 Championships in 24 Years Also, before big money: Liverpool 72-73 to 89-90; 11 titles in 18 Years The NFL is an entertainment organisation, not a sporting one --its raison d'etre is to maximize revenues --sport is the means to that end. It ceased primarily being a sporting organisation many moons ago.
  2. Ashley Cole

    Ah yes, the carrier pidgeons and couriers tale.
  3. Ashley Cole

    Does anyone think that the same rules apply to goalkeepers? We all know what the discussion is about and this is just a too clever by half diversion. It is about FL; AC; JT and last year DD, and how long should 30+ year old core players get contract extensions for --PC has never been part of the discussion, because we all know about how great goalkeepers age. Even with Petr, if they think that Courtois is ready in a year, or two, then they would be wise to cash in on one or the other (probably Petr).
  4. Ashley Cole

    I am glad that the club have taken this stand --no more than a one year contract for anyone past 30, no exceptions. Cole turns 32 in a month, needs his ankles iced after each game, I am not offering him a multi-year deal as if he was 28. Good luck to him elsewhere. Sure he could be the next Cafu, but he could also be the next Maicon; the odds favour the club. It reminds me of a quote attributed to Bob Paisley "I'd rather let a player go a year early than a year late". I subscribe to that philosophy.
  5. Ashley Cole

    I demand that the FA immediately ban Roy from picking Ashley Cole to play for England. England cannot have a liar and perjurer (according to the FA's "independent commission") representing the nation. They need to act today!
  6. DWMH's post is nothing but a continuation of his vendetta against RDM and in support of his hero AVB --facts be damned. For him, RDM has replaced Kalou as his new figure of hate. Thus nothing he does is worthwhile, and all achievements were either trivial, lucky, or actually failures. So, what arguments are used to support such a preposterous thesis you ask? Why, belittle Chelsea's Champions League triumph. Go back in the CL threads and you will find the following claims: 1) We were very lucky to beat Barca, there was no plan well executed; no good selection; no good substitutions; no motivational difference between RDM & AVB. Ergo, no credit to RDM. 2) Bayern are a poor side, they would finish mid table in the EPL (really!), yet we were extremely luck to beat such a poor side! 3) Napoli, a Championship standard team; what was the big deal in beating them? 4) Benfica are a League 1 level side, of course we should have beaten them. In fact we should have thrashed them and, that we didn't, is a black mark against RDM. There is no joy in the CL win for some, because the new Kalou, our manager, was in charge!
  7. As for AVB, it will be interesting to see if he has really learned anything from his experience with Chelsea, particularly about man management. Incidentally, did any non-Portuguese speaker in the squad lament his departure? Yesterday I re-watched Sky's documentary about Mourinho and one particular comment struck me; Mourinho, speaking about man management, said that he took into account the culture of the league/country; the cultures that the players came from; also that each was an individual and so what made him tick. We know that Mourinho can be tough (see Mutu), but the intensity of the bonds that he has forged with players from a variety of countries and cultures demonstrates what makes him really special, and what clearly separates him from third rate wannabes such as AVB.
  8. Official: Chelsea Sack Di Matteo

    Congratulations RDM, well deserved. People going on about him not being first choice, a seat warmer, having to look over his shoulder etc. have short memories. Just look to last year and AVB --first choice; paid 13+M to get him; three year contract; out in nine months. At Chelsea, you succeed, you stay, otherwise you're out. For those with crystal balls, forecasting his demise, well, he has already beaten the odds by getting the job, whose to say he won't succeed enough to keep it longer?
  9. Gael Kakuta

    I think that you have misunderstood my point --see "Sleeping Dave's" post below yours. The idea is that the academy can help in two main ways towards meeting our FFP obligations, and that is apart from unearthing players that are good enough to be regulars. The two main ways are: 1) Providing cheap bench players to fill out the squad. This provides two fold savings: no transfer fees, and a much lower average salary. 2) Provide extra income for the club via selling. If we play them as and when it makes sense, and they are of adequate standard, just not Chelsea starter standard, we will generate income when we sell. Look at Ferguson's use of Gibson; Rafael; O'Shea; Brown; Butt; Macheda etc. The academy could make a 10-15M difference a year to the bottom line used towards FFP, while not leading to worse results, and probably generating a better Chelsea identity and vibe in the dressing room.
  10. Gael Kakuta

    Juni's article is spot on and so is the above piece. There are two additional points I would like to add to the above; apart from lowering the wage bill those squad player we develop can be sold on --if we sell a couple for 5M each, per year, that would be good. This is something else that Ferguson does well, though he usually had ready buyers in Moyes, and previously, Bruce. The other benefit is that youngsters associate Chelsea with both developing and giving youngsters a chance, and thus will find us more attractive.
  11. Ashley Cole

    Bliiy Gallas left us for Arsenal, and then Sp*rs, to win medals. Does anyone have a count of the medals he has won since he left? What a fantastic deal Jose made when he swapped Cole for Gallas (plus 5 million). Cole is the best leftback in our history, and he is another that has won nearly everything worth winning with Chelsea, eventhough he was not part of Jose's two title winning teams. I agree with others, he has another two years in him. Though, hopefully, the next manager restricts the number of games he plays to the 40-45 range --keep him fresh; give Bertrand experience; extend his career. The press can go on and on about his off field activities, but as long as they are not criminal, I don't care. The bigger the game, the better Cole plays. He has been a joy to watch.
  12. Didier Drogba

    Let me echo Chelsea-Till-I-Die, I agree with every word. It is a very bittersweet day. An absolute legend, warrior, and fine human being has left our club. Thanks for all the wonderful memories, and the trophies that you helped massively in winning. This is the right time for both him and for us to move on. He has no interest in being on the bench, and, as we transition from the old core to a new one, it would not help for the new players to have to look over their shoulders at the massive shoes that they are being asked to fill. He has, until recently, been the least appreciated of our legends. Go back in this thread and you will find folks wanting him replaced by such non-entities as James Beattie; Andrew Johnson; Jermaine Defoe; etc. Hard to believe now I know, but preserved for posterity for all of us to enjoy. Good luck Didier on your new challenge, I wish you the best. Comeback and visit regularly, Chelsea fans will show you how much you are loved and missed. God speed.
  13. Didier Drogba

    Of course, they won't. Why bother seeing if your opinions fit the facts? Being mindless is better than rationality and reason --all opinions have equal value, however bizarre, and counter to empirical evidence. Yea, he is not a midfielder either, after all how many tackles did he make, how well and often does he track back? Ronaldo doesn't have to score, do the dirty work in midfield, help out defensively on set pieces etc. but he is just better, take hughjars99's word for it. Weren't you the flake touting Andy Johnson, amongst others, as being better than Drogba at the start of the season?
  14. You're one of the most knowledgeable, analytical and witty writers on the entire board! You should post more often! :)

  15. Didier Drogba

    Not quite Ove, he has not signed an extension yet. I clarified as follows: quote:Originally posted by Nilesh Desaiquote:Originally posted by OveAre you sure Drogba signed a four year contract initially? If you look at this interview on TOCFCWS from 2004, it says that: "Drogba’s contract is for three years." id="quote"> id="quote">I seem to remember a report last year that those three's (sans Cole) contracts were actually three years with a club option for a fourth, which had been exercised. I can't seem to locate that report, so my memory maybe faulty, but I was pretty comfortable entering this off season knowing that only Duff, Gallas and Cole were about to enter the final year of their contracts and that the club were already deep into negotiations with their agents. id="quote"> id="quote">