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  1. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    From seing both on Sunday I can't really be much of a help, Uniai was small CD and sounded Italain... he didn't really speak much, was defiantly a trail list, as I was told before hand by Haydens dad that would be some trail lists on show. It came to supraise to not just me , that Sampayo and Uniai were playing CD as both were barely 6 foot, Hayden was taller then both. Strictland was playing CB He seemed average height , But being down the other end , I can't really comment tbh. Niki Ahmed btw was on the day for me best player. was used a lot , very good tbh , looked dangerous when getting the ball. Chelsea tv were there, so should see the goals, like to know who scored Chelsea 2nd. Juni the player I described as Nathon ? was that him? Or is that impossible with him being as the Nordic tournament..
  2. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Chelsea youth beat Rushden youth 2-1 I went to it, considering the conference team is literally at my door step... a 5 min walk. Goals from Bobby Devyne and I believe Saville but not too sure as I was down the end... look like came of him last. Here is the team sheet.. (Diamonds spellings not mine) 1.MAxhia 2.Ahmed 14. Sampayo 4.Uniai 17.Hayden 15 Saville 18 Clifford 10 Mceachran 12 Lalkovic 9. Mitrovic 16 Devyne 1 Walker 5 Conteh 6 Ashton 8 Rogers 9 Djalo 11 Prosenik 7 Mitrovic (there wasn't two Mitrovic.... 7 was The swedish Marko... I don't believe there was a 9, though got a weird felling could of been Pirez not 100%) 1st half team played 4-4-2 diamond, Walker, Ahmed, Strichland, Uniai or Sampayo (couldn't really tell to far out). Conteh, Ashton,Rogers,Josh and Kaby as tip of diamond, Prosenik and Mitrovic up front 2nd half, Haxhia, Ahmed, Uniai, Sampayo, Hayden (lb) Clifford, Rogers, Milan, Devyne , Mitrovic and the player who had to been number 9....(Edit) hmm Come to think of it it was a 4-3-3, makes more sense.. I don't thiink pirez was there, Milan on the left, Bobby on the right and when on Mitrovic and Prosenik down the middle, So in the middle it was Clifford, Ashton and Rogers. With Ashton coming off for Josh. (/edit) Josh,Kaby and Prosenik all came back on. Wish could be more of a help, but names are just confusing, Like to say two things, I saw Nathaniel Chalobah this kid didn't play... but he traveled.. I'm pretty sure it was him, from him being called Nathon , He is huge.. he is 15 still? must be in his 6"" I stood next to him and I looked small I'm just about 6"". I also saw Brendon Rogers as well, he looked snazzy in his leather jacket, but I couldn't believe how small he was. I'm pretty sure I saw Bob Kirobi? Is he still at the club? The game was pretty poor in the first half, conceded very late, from the corner, Diamonds player got in round the back headed it back accross to another Diamonds player to head in past Walker, who couldn't really do anything... But 2nd half was much better, Milan and Bobby providing much needed width , Bobby latched on from a long ball from Saville I believe to score his goal, was a good run from noting, he pinched it of a day dreaming Diamond defender... our 2nd came from a scrappy corner, headed in by Saville, But I couldn't really see it. I enjoyed it, I had the pleasure to watch it with Tom Haydens dad of all people! very nice person, who shared some great knowledge about the team hehe! was very pleased with his son performance! with all credit was good at lb, against diamonds most threating player who was causing Conteh problems all first half. But Tom had no problems atall was very comfortable. sorry for poor write up, not as good as the regulars! but I hope be good information
  3. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    I know it's quite small, but are sky sports really clueless? I emailed them straight away after they posted this, to tell them wrong picture... they had used Nikki Ahamed, please change it to Frank Nouble, even linking them with a useful pic. Now they have Gael Kakuta on the topic... It's reall Naive journilism. For me totally unexceptable, with them using the words "one of the best talents in English football." let they can't even be bortherd to get right picture? maybe just me, but does bring the point, is our youth system that Undermined? What a joke. to the topic, I thought he did sign? Really looking forward to him in reserve full time.
  4. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Go on the Juni ! left to right please ! on the academy players hehe! Say the reviews have been fantastic to read by all ! Actually wanted to know if there is any Scandinavians around and about in youth ranks?
  5. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Paim is in the under 20 squad to play Mozambique in a special trophy called "Trophy Mario Coluna" I believe.
  6. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    begging of the year, I remember a diagram of players in positions and Rajkovic was on it, so I think it's been known for a while.
  7. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    I got to agree, that Gueida Fofana was a real talent, my motm in the France game, Kakuta has a real hit or miss game, some good moments and some wastefull. Would of been a steal for ireland to get a point in that game, it was all France.
  8. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    England under 19 squad was announced today for next month elite Quallifying round , which we England will play Belarus, Serbia and Poland. Sinclair,Bertrand and Cork are in the squad. As allways, Mancienne is in the under 21 squad to play Wales.
  9. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Last Uefa championship under 17, late in the night they repeated the missed game and the days game in highlights show. But then again you could just watch the highlights on the Uefa under 17 home page, highlights section, like they did for the under 20 world cup.
  10. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Eurosport are showing Uefa under 17 championship this May, every game I believe. Good to see the 3 of our players on show.
  11. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    From report from Blues news, Stoch got 4 of the goals.
  12. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    I was very pleased I went, I meet some good chelsea fans in process, around 50 strong compared to Villa near 11k fans. Great atmosphere . I told my friend before kick off that Gael will do nothing , or score a great goal, what a great goal indeed, funny with Villa fans saying he was rubbish for couple bad touches, there jaws dropped. Stoch worse game me thinks in a chelsea shirt, marked out of the game, very poor. Both red cards were warranted, Foster goals for Villa were great, great talent, they have. Tejera was my motm, great performance.
  13. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    I will be going to the 2nd leg, I hoping I can just drive up there, if anyone has any good info about the travel let us know, be glad to me some of you guys on the forum. Really looking forward to seing the boys play today, especially Gael, behind the striker.
  14. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Was it just me , who drolled when they saw Gael assist pass to Danny P in youth cup game. He's making me stand up more then Stoch (huge raves) last season.
  15. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    I think the main down floor was our passing, it was very very poor, I could well name the coulprits but as a team is was very bad, for large parts of the game Worley or Rhyse where hitting long balls to Stoch or Cummings... against a very tall and strong defense line, we made it to easy for Villa, they rightfully spanked us.