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  1. Saw the extended version of it on CTV online, was quite interesting.
  2. Wilshere mentioned him in this interview. Link should work this time.
  3. I like it.
  4. Or he could be quite important. Let the two full backs, and 5 other midfielders/attackers attack, him and the two CBs sit back with him building the play up and spreading the ball around.
  5. Think it was this one
  6. Didn't think he was going to get in the team but I thought he'd have a few sub chances and maybe play himself into the team. Duff is on form now, scoring quite a few goals, Dembele is arguably their best player and Dempsey is also very good. I would be surprised to see him get any starting opportunities, although I thought he may have been involved a bit more as a sub. Asks what was the point of this loan?
  7. Only difference is I reckon Wilshere and McEachran will prove to be far more versatile players than Gerrard/Lampard. Obviously Josh still has a long way to go if he wants to be considered at international level, and Wilshere is pretty much there. If it becomes the new Lampard and Gerrard debate then they will have both reached a brilliant level.
  8. He's had a poor season but it would be unfair to completely write him off just yet. It's hard to argue any of our midfielders/forwards have had a good season, and we shouldn't exactly be looking to get rid of everyone.
  9. 19 and 17.. not quite.
  10. Why are people so annoyed? I'm pleased the club didn't just say yes to everything.
  11. You make so many assumptions. How do you know the Dzeko deal was done in days? How do you know the Bent deal was done in 48 hours? How do you know this was a straightforward deal? Again, how do you know we didn't wrap it up for that reason? The reason Carlo didn't even talk to Pienaar about the move sounds far greater. I'm confident that this group of players will reach the Champions League again this season.
  12. Probably finish in 4th, have an equally good chance at winning the FA Cup and an equally good outside chance of winning the Champions League. Strengthen in the summer which is a much better time and then hope to challenge again next season.
  13. Er, is anything confirmed of this yet? They screwed up? How? If the case is that we're not willing to meet their valuation then that's not screwing up, it's just not meeting their valuation and there is nothing wrong with that.
  14. Just one, as we've recalled Bertrand back. Kakuta hardly made an influence in the PL either(although I thought a couple of his CL displays were good).
  15. Yes, Sunderland is probably the biggest (and 1 of 2) games where we needed another experienced CB that Carlo trusts, not necessarily a £20-25m one though. A lot of the Arsenal goals were down to the midfield giving the ball away, Tevez's goal was a brilliant finish, and Torres' first was probably Terry's only mistake in a Chelsea shirt this season. Luiz will make a few mistakes too. I agree with that, when the goals dry up it's paramount we don't concede, but when we play in a very attacking system as we do, it makes it even harder. So surely we should bring a couple good forwards in instead, meaning it's less likely we will have similar goal droughts in the future. We clearly need to strengthen in a couple areas, so it doesn't make sense spending big on one position.