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  1. Imagine what Man City, De Bruyne and Aguero will do to us.
  2. You would think, but I wouldn't hold my breath.
  3. Chill out lads I've got another Djilibodji up my sleeve ;-)
  4. Thank you Bob 😉
  5. Somebody please put my mind at rest regarding Kurt Zouma, surely we ain't letting him go?
  6. Absolutely pathetic, just think about what you have said for a moment.
  7. We are struggling to cement 1 defender, so I wouldn't expect 2 or 3 James.
  8. Would rather avoid trying to do business with Roma again.
  9. I can't wait for the window to shut, I literally can't bring myself to read any more rumours and links with players.
  10. I don't understand the opinion of some regarding Pedro. I think he has been a good player for us and can get even better this season with a year already behind him. He is certainly better than Schurrle, Cuadrado, Salah.
  11. Shame about Miazga as I think there is talent there. Working another season here rather than a loan, and learning from JT and a manager like Conte would probably be more beneficial than a pointless loan.
  12. Batshuayi is good enough to be Costa's back up or to play alongside him. So Lukaku not wanting to come now may be a blessing. Question is will Remy stay, or will we sign another forward? Shoot me down but I think Deeney could be a good option, I'm sure he wouldn't cost £75 million too.
  13. James isn't what is needed right now and at that price seems a risk we shouldn't really take, also I think Pedro is a better player and is already familiar with the Premier League.
  14. Yeah I don't like it and feel 33 players on loan is unacceptable. I'm sorry you don't agree.