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  1. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    A good evenings entertainment at Pride Park. 4200 ish attendance which included around 50 or so Chels. Unfortunately dotted around the West Stand and a few in the South Stand, so we sang on our own Great to see a Chelsea team that really wanted it (for a change) Good bit of banter with the home support. Even got a stifled laugh from Adi on a couple of occasions. Looking forward to watching a repeat on CFC TV to see if we audible...
  2. Gianfranco Zola

    Excellent idea and a fabulous video. Thanks for sharing that one with us. Cheers!
  3. Official: Chelsea Sack Di Matteo

    Is that some sort of record? Coach of the year award whilst being unemployed.... Good for Robbie. It won't harm his cv that's for sure.
  4. I suspect that you might be surprised at how many that dont want Mourinho back. Jose took a fabulous squad and made it dull to watch in the end. Not for me thank you. Lightenning doesn't strike twice. The circumstances now are very very different to 2004 and the success will not return overnight without a massive change in squad as well as staff.
  5. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    A classic example of "a game of two halves" and never say die attitude. Don't know if they showed it on the TV but the team really seemed to appreciate our efforts in the stand. Good banter with the Forest fans too. "We're gonna win 4-3!" was started just before half time more in fun than any realistic hope. Good to see some of the chaps from CFCnet there too. £3 Ticket, some cheap beer nearby, bag of chips on the way home - football as it should be played.....and a very sore throat this morning! Looking forward to watching the repeat on Chelsea TV later.
  6. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Cannot see them winning all four, so hopefully you'll be spared that fate. Could see them winning two though unfortunately.
  7. Welcome Nando! Let's have reality check here. It's one player, world class is true but we already have two world class strikers in Drog and Nico. Let's not pile too much on the Kid to start with and I'm sure Carlo will save him from facing the Dippers in his first game. Although I'd love to see him score the winner at the Shed End in front of their fans!
  8. Sing Slower, Sing Louder & Sing Longer. FFS!

  9. some people on here need to get a grip!

  10. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Yes mate, it's being hailed as a victory for football. Apparently it will be bad news for us, L'Arse and the Dippers 'because SAF will now realise that his midfield is not as good as he thought and the Cheque book will come out. This can only be bad news for the rest of us according to Talk S**te. Had to turn it off in the end, especially when that plank Ronny Irani started asking how Chelsea fans felt about it. IF my Grandma had balls she'd have been my Grandad etc etc - just move on. F**K UEFA WE'LL WIN IT NEXT YEAR!!
  11. Didier Drogba

    Good read about our special enigma. Have mixed feelings about him still, always did and probably always will.
  12. Hi Mate

    How's it Going

    Write Back

  13. Musical Tastes

    Mate I don't particularly like all the downloading malarchy either but at least when it's in a computer file my kids can't scratch it. And it doesn't take up any room. The CD's: I just got fed up with them being almost as fragile as vinyl.
  14. Musical Tastes

    Good question The last "real Record" (Vinyl) I purchased was about 1996 and was Van Halen - Balance and Big Country - Why The Long Face? I'd just had my LP12 serviced and realised just how great it sounded and started to buy everything in Vinyl again. Now I just can't be bothered and it's all Mp3 format and played in the car
  15. Damn you Kristina! I was just about to do the same thing!!! *waves angry fist*

    Happy Birthday mate!